Friday, December 18, 2009

the great flood and NOAH's ARK

this clip is very funny. it's satirical and really makes one think.

more zany satires.

God meet modern Singaporean


Gabra Heng was hiking with his son, Aye Sack in Bukit Timah on a Sunday when he heard God calls out to him:

God : "Gabra Heng, I am God, listen up"
G.H : "Yes, God, morning, what do you want?"

God : "See the stone in front of you, put your son on the stone and stab him in the heart with the knife I have provided on the ground."

G.H : "Hello, You got something wrong or not, stabbing my son in the heart in Singapore constitutes murder and can get death penalty and get hang you know, especially Singaporean, if i am a foreigner maybe 16 years only."

God : "Alamak, I am your God, listen to me, bring you son there and stab him, why you question so much?"

G.H : "you says in your commandments, you shall not kill, somemore kill my own son, you are really a joker"

God : "Me joker or not, no worries, I make the commandments for the general public, so for you special case, this command is not applicable to you now, you can kill your son"

G.H : "so you can happy happy change your commandments to your wishes, how i know you are not here to sabo or test or tempt me, let me kill him finish, you call the police"

God : "I am your God, here to take care and to love you, not to cause problem for you, just listen and do say I say"

G:H : "you really funny, kept wanting me to kill my kid, and what is it to you? Maybe you are TeeKee in disguise, let me get caught, lost faith in God and end up in hell"

God : "You know my voice, I speak to you in the bible and in your conscious, can't you recognise my voice and do as I tell you? My sheep hears my voice"

G:H : "This is irritating, ok, show me your credentials"

God : "If I show you my credentials, then where is your faith, come on have a little faith"

G:H : "Ok, even if I do it, what is it for me"

God : "What if I make you the founding father of APEC? The biggest and most expensive land in Sentosa Cove will be yours?"

G:H "Listen to yourself, will you do it for such terms?"

God : "I'm almost up here with you, no more negotiations, do it or not? if you don't, you will be strike dead by a durian on your way down the hill"

G:H : "Terms not attractive and now what, you using threats now? Why must I stab my son and listen to you"

God : "My ways are not your ways, and my ways are ALWAYS higher than yours. You need not understand and must have faith when I may sound unreasonable. Just kill your son because I say so"

G:H : "well, looks like you have to drop the durian somewhere somehow, you have not given me enough reasons and confidence to listen to what you say. Have a good day."

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Re: God meet modern Singaporean


After meeting Gabra Heng, God went to Geylang and spoke to NoR

God : "Oi, Nor, you free for a chat with God?

Nor : "anytime God"

God : "I have great plans for you, I am giving you a blue plan to build an ark"

Nor : "Ark? Oh, you mean a boat.... ok.... so much wood, you gonna pay for it? Very epensive hor"

God : "You go cut trees from Bukit Timah Hill, ok?"

Nor : "You sure got something wrong. yesterday you want Gabra to kill his son, today you want me to cut trees and commit crimes against singapore? Siao"

God : "Ok, ok,,, no need to cut trees, you just go and take over Star Cruise because I spoke to Genting already."

Nor : "Thats easy, then what I do?"

God : "Then go the zoo, and bring a pair of every animals you see and bring to the cruise"

Nor : "I assume you talk to Singapore Zoo liao, and food for the animals? You talk to NTUC to provide? Good work God. Then what we do"

God : "Stay on the boat, until I let you off"

Nor : "what for? What are you going to do?"

God : "I am going to destroy the whole Singapore except you and your family, including the demi-God LKY and his family"

Nor : "and including TeeKee your "supposedly" servant and admirer?"

God : "Of course, he too, why? He thinks he knows me by writing against the buddhist, communist and what he presumes ungodly. If he just knows what is ungodly, you will be off the boat and he and his family will be save"

Nor : "So what will you do?"

God : "I intended tol rain Singapore for 40 days and 40 nights, and other country media will report that this will happen in every 6,000 years. I will make sure that whole Singapore including all PRs will be dead, and I will bring about a new Singapore starting with your family again"

Nor : "You mean you will destroy the whole Singapore? Why?"

God : "Why must you ask why? Why can't you accept in faith? OK, the whole Singapore in wicked with pros in Geylang, Gay in Chinatown, Casinos and cheats in Sim Lim Squaare and Lucky Plaza, and I cannot find 1 decent guy besides your family, so I will destroy Singapore

Nor : "YOu are a damn joker, cannot find any decent guy in Singapore? Have you visited KK Hospital? Those pregnant women you going to kill? You going to kill the unborn? Thought you are against abortion? they are also many good people, although they do not know you, been doing charity, helping the poor, working their lives for their off-springs and my friends and neighbors"

God : "I don't care. Why you care? The unborn will be just as evil should they grow up you know. Anyway, just do what I say, you are the only family I trust now. The rest of Singapore, they deserve to die because I say so and I cannot find any other decent people"

Nor : "And how am I supposed to rebuild Singapore with my sons and daughters-in-law?"

God : "Well, you be creative, just mate among yourselves and build a nation out of it ok? TeeKee thinks your genes are pure enough to inter-breed and having sex with your daughters, for your case, well for the moment will be acceptable"

Nor : "You are 1 sick dude, God. Please go and do whatever you want and leave me alone."

Friday, November 27, 2009

does GOD make preachers rich?

if he does, then jesus christ should be a very rich man in history.

then again, do BUDDHA make head monks prosperous?

again if he did, gautama would have remained as a king.

final doubt: do preachers here abuse the words of God to prosper themselves?

it seem that this era, it's no longer the salvation of soul or the enlightenment of spirit. it's all because of one thing: MONEY.

u preach to get rich. u follow and believe also to get rich.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

H1N1 could be an USA conspiracy?

they created a new strain virus, brought it to mexico, injected into the pigs.....and the rest was history. H1N1 was born! :(

this article could be the forefront to a pandora box.....

You see, it was believed that AIDS was created in the lab and not only that, the spread of it was in disguise of hepatitis vaccine in the 1970s. These were used to contain the population of gays in the united states back then. Many posters read "Hurry! Last chance for GAYS to get hepatitis vaccine"!

What many people don't know is this, they were getting the AIDS from that vaccine.

The conspiracy is simply. America government wanted to reduce gays population. At the same time, they wanted to destroy the black people community. So cleverly they went to a small town somewhere in Africa and give aids to black people. And create a this mind boggling theory that "Aids come from chimpanzees". Yep, sure.

Aids spread from gays to normal people, from black people to yellow people during the 80s and many people died. The rest is history.

SARS were also created in lab. Ever wondered why SARS was rampant in Asia? Not america? Not south america? Not europe? It's a weapon used by the America government to tame Asia's progress in economy or financial. It came out from China, just tells you where they want the people to die don't you?

Why don't we see things things happen in America?

As a fact, America's military technology is at the very least 100 years more advance than public technology. Imagine, in 1945 they already invented atomic bomb, what could they had invented after this 70 years?

Do you believe me if I say America military technology has the ability to manipulate weather condition? No wonder many believed that typhoon and hurricane in poor countries like cambodia, vietnam, philippines indonesia and poor part of China were created by America using sonic weapon which is some kind of accoustic device.

Why? Because poor countries should remain poor so the rich countries can take advantage of them. Why these 'natural disasters' are not happening to well develop and key economical nations like hongkong, singapore or Japan? Because these are KEY nations. The rich protect the rich. The poor will be made poorer.

So now you know the whole story.

And now you want to know more? I tell you more.

Do you believe this stupid thing call H1N1? Do you know what is the big hoo haa over it?

H1N1 is a hoax. The American govenrment which is run by the mafia illuminati group is trying to get people to take the untested H1N1 vaccine.

I don't know this vaccine will cause to human because the story has not unfold. There is no flu pandemic my friend. It's the clever elite force of the world who is trying to get people to experiment for something.

Just think. People everywhere have recvered quite nicely from their 'swine flu' without taking any vaccines so how bad can it be?

So I say, it is not the flu but it's the vaccine that is going to put individual at risk. What kind of risk? I don't know but try searching for H1N1 flu vaccine ingredients in google and you will realise that it contains squalene which is something that can cause auto-immune diseases, thimerosal which is something that destroy brain cells, and many other harmful ingredients.

Do you seriously want your body to take this kind of things? These vaccines are recommended for young children and older people who are above the age of 65. These people's immune systems are going to be more at risk, why? My guess is that this conspiracy is to bring down the average age of the world population.

In the 80s, vaccine for gays turned out to be AIDS. This vaccine you dare to take?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

latest update about botak

as alleged from sin min daily, botak the disgraced rogue monk could be heading HK to start his temple empire. he was already choped by a big temple there to be their upcoming abbot. he was reported to have certain "powderful and rich" biz tycoom backing him up financially.

the moral of the world now is:


one good example are our own mps and minitoots. are they really good? some are, most aren't. but just look at their PR networking and connection.

that my friends is the vital KEY TO SUCCESS.

u don't ve to be good, u just need good PR and connection.

so whether u r a monk, a minitoot or even a table cleaner, remember to smile. that's the starting point to a good PR and networking to someone who might be helpful in your advancement.

ghost busting could be an under-rated skill he possesses. the temple where he used to dwell was rumoured to be haunted until botak MANI MANI CUM the place. now ghosts charbok but teetus infested the place. the gov intruded and MANI MANI CUM the place all over. now all botak's teetukias had been exorcised back to where they came from - PRC which is china for short and not Public Relation Company.

whatever PR, this very cheem quote from our holy cow applies to everyone:

Ironic quote from Dr Khaw Boon Wan to goh kah heng:

“种瓜得瓜, 种豆得豆, 因果报应是迟早的事”

i ve mentioned PR networking with the right connection. pls do not learn skills like FLIRT&DESTROY, WINK&SEDUCE or CON&CONFUSE. such speciality skills are unique to sdppies and their partyless cronies.

if u learn those dreaded unorthodox skills, u may advance quite rapidly and be rewarded with free tours and exaggerated prestige but then again, u would end up faster in the big welcoming longkang.

因果 for them are so visual so learn the correct PR carefully and wise up. u network to the wrong connection, it would pain u further and die die u may not know even why.

Friday, November 20, 2009

botak goes to jail

Ren Ci founder sentenced to 10 months jail
By Shaffiq Alkhatib, Channel Newsasia Posted: 21 November 2009 1143 hrs

Photos 1 of 1

Ming Yi leaves the Subordinate Courts

Singapore: The ex-CEO of Ren Ci Hospital Shi Ming Yi has been sentenced to ten months in jail.

A district court has also sentenced his former aide, 34-year old Raymond Yeung, to nine months' imprisonment.

Forty-seven year old Ming Yi, whose real name is Goh Kah Heng, and Yeung were convicted in October for falsifying Ren Ci payment vouchers.

Both men were brought to court last year.

District Judge Toh Yung Cheong also convicted them of giving false information to the Commissioner of Charities.

For falsifying accounts, the pair could have been jailed up to seven years and fined.

And for giving false information to the Commissioner, both could have been jailed a maximum of one year and fined up to S$5000.

Ironic quote from Dr Khaw Boon Wan to Rev Ming Yi


“种瓜得瓜, 种豆得豆, 因果报应是迟早的事”

Saturday, October 31, 2009



"We are living in an age of commercial globalization. What we really need is spiritual globalization"

There is an urgent need for a new focus on compassion. Bringing together voices from all cultures and religions, the Charter seeks to remind the world we already share the core principles of compassion.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Public wants Ming Yi to disrobe

Public wants Ming Yi to disrobe

Some Singaporeans have expressed disappointment at Ming Yi after he was found guilty yesterday and there are even calls for him to disrobe!

Many are of the view that since Ming Yi was already pronounced guilty by the court, he should not continue to dorn the saffron robes and should draw a clear demarcation between himself and Buddhism.

Mr Liu, an owner of a hardware shop said:

“The Ming Yi saga will have an influence on how the laity view monkhood. He should disrobe as a Buddhist monk.”

Madam Fan, a housewife added:

“I am very disappointed with Ming Yi. I never expect as a Buddhist monk, he leads such an extravagant lifestyle. He should be punished by the law.”

President of the Singapore Buddhist Federation Venerable Kuang Shen opined that it is Ming Yi’s choice to decide if he wants to disrobe as it is his freedom to do so.

He said:

“This is a personal action of Ming Yi, nobody feels good about the entire episode. He has to be responsible for his karma.”

Ming Yi was one of the most prominent faces of Buddhism in Singapore. He became a Buddhist monk soon after completing his studies at Raffles Junior College.

After he founded Ren Ci, he remained as its CEO for more than 10 years before he resigned in 2007. He was the Secretary-General of the Singapore Buddhist Federation from 1996 to 2004.

Interview source: Lianhe Wanbao

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ming Yi and aide guilty

Oct 8, 2009
Ming Yi and aide guilty
Monk convicted on charges related to $50,000 taken wrongfully from Ren Ci
By Carolyn Quek

Yesterday's guilty verdict brought to a close a 21-day trial and scandal that had dogged Ming Yi, 47, for nearly two years. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

CELEBRITY monk Shi Ming Yi strode into court on Wednesday for the verdict on his criminal trial with a smile that turned to a grimace of disappointment as soon as his judgment was read.

Guilty, said the judge, of all four counts relating to the $50,000 he had taken wrongfully from Ren Ci, the charity he had founded.

As murmurs ran around the packed courtroom in the highly watched case, District Judge Toh Yung Cheong also convicted his 34-year-old former aide, Raymond Yeung on two counts. The judge found that the former Ren Ci chief executive and his aide had conspired to make an unauthorised loan of $50,000 on May 17, 2004.

When the authorities started asking questions more than two years later, they cooked up a story about what the money was for.

He convicted the two men on one charge each of giving false information to the Commissioner of Charities (COC).

He also found Ming Yi guilty of two other charges of misappropriating $50,000 and lying to the COC in an oral statement.

Read the full story in Thursday's edition of The Straits Times

Friday, September 18, 2009

BB's going home tonight

at the strike of midnite tonite, BB's going home. it's the end of the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL. there would be intense burning of incense papers and offerings. it would be a smoky foggy nite. it would also be a last chance for bb to play with the bitch who stole bb's daddy and caused mommy to ve an abortion due to severe depression while pregnant with poor bb

tonite is 30th of the 7th Lunar Month (in engrish date, it's 18 sep 2009).

all ghosts, spirits and hell officials would have to return to the underworld at exactly midnite.

bb is very sad. bb still witnessing the evil bitch trying her game at seducing a messiah of the circus of clowns. bb is wondering....wondering what would her own teletubbies kids call her new lover. the teletubbies would be confused. they already got a biological father they call DADDY. now they have to call another strange bf of their bitchy mom DADDY. how come they have 2 daddies?

and worst, the 2 teletubbies are together. but now they would have to be separated: one lives with the original daddy while the other goes to live with bitchy mom and bf who's now their new pirated daddy. so which daddy is really DADDY?

as for BB, BB is sad but after this story, bb knows that the guilt conscience (if that bitchy troll has one) would live with it till her last breathe. anyway, there's always a next time. yep! next year, next HUNGRY GHOSTS FESTIVAL, the hell gate would be opened again and bb shall be back. BB shall be back. bb misses bb's poor own biological mom who hasn't gotten over the loss of bb. instead she's always depressed and grieved terribly at the loss of bb.

this is a very strange world. the oppressed remains sad while the evil troll is seducing more men with her FLIRT&DESTROY skill. why are men so foolish and do not see beyond their LUST?

are most of them possessed a brain in their testicles instead of in their head? u know, their blainjuices are at the small dickhead most of the time instead of the head on their shoulder?

really strange wacky world bb would never understand cos bb didn't even live past 10 months before bb has now become a lost little miserable wondering spirit....

mommy, please take care and try to be happy. bb is leaving this midnite and hope to be back next year unless someone could enlighten bb to head for the light leading to the next realm. i doubt that would ever is still a bb spirit with very limited understanding....mommy, bye. bb shall miss u...bye, mommy, bye!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


THE GIVING TREE by Shel SilversteinShare
Yesterday at 3:03pm
By Shel Silverstein

Once there was a tree……
And she loved little boy.
And every day the boy would come
And he would gather her leaves
And make them into crowns and play king of the forest.
He would climb up her trunk And swing from her branches
And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade.
And the boy loved the tree…..
Very much..
And the tree was happy.
But time went by,
And the boy grew older.
And the tree was often alone.
Then one day the boy came to the tree and the tree said:
–”Come, Boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and eat apples and play in my shade and be “happy”
–“I am too big to climb and play”said the boy. “I want to buy thing and have fun. I want some money. Can you give me some money?”
–”I’m sorry” said the tree,”but I have no money. I have only leaves and apples. Take my apples, Boy, and sell them in city. Then you will have money and you’ll be happy”
And so the boy climb up the tree and gathered her apples and carried them away.
And the tree was happy…
But the boy stayed away for a long time…… and the tree was sad.
And then one day the boy came back and the tree shook with joy, and she said:
–”Come, Boy come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and eat apples and play in my shade and be “happy”..
–“I am too busy to climb trees,” said the boy. “I want a house to keep me warm,” he said. “I want a wife and I want children, and so I need a house. Can you give me a house?”
–“I have no house” said the tree. The forest is my house.” said the tree “but you may cut off my branches and build a house. Then you will be happy”
And so the boy cut off her branches and carried them away to build a house.
And the tree was happy.
But the boy stayed away for a long time……and the tree was sad.
And when he came back, the tree was so happy she could hardly speak.
–“Come, Boy” she whispered, “Come and play”
–“I am too old and sad to play.”said the boy. “I want a boat that will take me away from here. Can you give me a boat ?”
–“Cut down my trunk and make a boat,” said the tree. “Then you can sail away…… and be happy.”
And so the boy cut down her trunk
And made a boat and sailed away.
And the tree was happy…..But not really.
And after a long time the boy came back again.
–“I am sorry, Boy,”said the tree, “but I have nothing left to give you
— My apples are gone.”
–“My teeth are too weak for apple,”said the boy.
–“My branches are gone,” said the tree.”You cannot swing on them—”
–”I am too old to swing on branches” said the boy.
–“My trunk is gone,” said the tree.“You cannot climb—-”
–”I am too tired to climb,” said the boy.
–“I am sorry” sighed the tree. “I wish that I could give you something… but I have nothing left. I am just an old stump. I am sorry…”
–“I don’t need very much now” said the boy. “just a quiet place to sit and rest. I am very tired”
–“Well” said the tree, straightening herself up as much as she could, “well, an old stump is good for sitting and resting.
Come, Boy, sit down…and rest.”
And the tree was happy..

The end.
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (1964, first edition)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

seriously, how did MERLION come about?

i wanted to start a new thread on this but hell! let's lump all these folklore (or tourist conjob in one thread).


it's just like what kumar, the drag queen quoted: he has the female inside him but the male hanging outside!


#1, there is no LION. pronto!
#2, there is definitely no MERMAID. we have many ugly bitches but mermaids? wait long long!

and how could a LION mate with a MERMAID to give u a progeny called MERLION? siao is it!!?

so singapore is a concity and cooks up something so preposterous just for the sake of conning the tourists over.

i used to have foreign visiting pals asking me, "how and what is a merlion come about?"

being a joker, i just shoot them with this story:

er...u see we used to have a horny lion ( bo bian, only african plains got LIONS not here) and a bitchy mermaid. they fell in love and mated. that was how their baby MERLION was born. later, the LION quarrelled with the MERMAID. he ate her up, got choked by her bones and both perished which left our icon MERLION as the sole survivor.

do u wanna know why our famous late orang utan bitch was named after a guy's name, AH MENG?

seriously, how did singapore get its name?

did sang nila utama really see a singa or lion? in south east asia, how could there possibly be a LION roaming around and so coincidentally found its way to singapore and again so coincidentally spotted by sang nila utama.

he thought he saw a singa (malay word for lion) and hence name our country SINGAPURA or LION CITY. but was it really a lion he saw? could there be another version to our story how the name SINGAPURA or SINGAPORE being evolved?

there were plenty of wild boars roamin in our country during that time. could it be a wild boar utama see?

if it were really a wild boar, then perhaps our country should be name BABIPURA or PIGAPORE.

confusing as it seem, our gov just couldn't be bothered to straighten all this ??? marks out just like leaving it to remain a myth as in tamasick's fairy tales "happily ever after".

Monday, August 24, 2009

kumar on pratam, famiLEE and racial harmony

[B][I]if only pinkie's ndp message is half as witting and humorous as KUMAR, 5 hrs drooling while he talks is simply NO PROBLEM!:p[/I][/B]

LTS donates cum today!

my li'l brother LEETAHSAR must be saluted as PATRIOT IN THE HIGHEST HONOR!!

mari kita up for him!!

after the BB'S COMING BACK THIS 7TH MONTH, LTS was motivated to do something to increase our populaton. this morning, i drove my li'l brother LTS to the hospital. no his kdineys aren't failing. his diabetic level is superbly controlled.

he hears the calling....the calling for TRUE BLOOD SINGAPOREANS progeny. our SPERM BANK is dry. LTS is merely doing his mandom duty to donate his 50K virgin unadulterated cumjuice as stud seeds for new breeding of TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREANS.

he qualifies. he's perfect! no bad habits. no smoking, drinking, bonking or obsessive/compulsive behaviour. and the best and rarest part: HE'S A VIRGIN!

so here i was waiting outside for LTS to enter a dimly lit romantic room filled with XXX magazines and XXX vcds/dvds.

about half an hour later, it was done. he exited from that "milking room" glowing as though he was greatly re-charged!

so horny and healthy guys reading this. instead of wasting your precious mandom juice, make an appointment: DONATE IT TO THE SPERM BANK. so something good for the nation as well as better utilisation of your precious mojo.

after the milking sexsion, my li'l brother LTS n i had our morning kopi of SPINELLI and some sandwiches and muffins.

and here the goon went peering into the future....

LTS: tahbar, they said my mojo damn solid. very active tadpole. sure impregnant any bitches' womb. hahahaha...

LTB: piangz! ur 50k magma that solid one!

LTS: there's one thing i m quite anxious and apprehensive....i can't help thinking and worrying about it.

LTB: huh? ...(lai liao...not again! pls dun make me laugh until i spew kopi all over my pants....please...tolong....)

LTS: u know la...singapore beri small right. i was wondering how many progeny will my seeds produce leh. if say 5 aiya kids i got time like 18 yrs later, i m sure i would meet them here in singapore. then how?

LTB: how? how i know how? (hmm....spinelli kopi really damn solid although damn expensive at $4 + a cup. and the warm crusty muffin....YUMMY!!)

LTS: do u think i could ask them: hi, are u my test-tubed babies?

choke..choke..choke...*cough! cough! cough!!*


LTS: then suppose i got 3 bitches and 2 horny pricks....suppose la... they meet, fall in love...then how huh?

COUGH...COUGH...COUGH!! big time choke!!

LTB: HUH? LI KONG SIMI?? WHO MEET WHO 18 YEARS LATER?...*cough...cough..cough!*

LTS: my progeny la! they are from my seeds what so they are er..sort of SAME FATHER DIFFERENT MOTHERS...half brothers and half sisters lor..and if they meet and fall in luv..and MY GOD!! do that XXX thing....HOW??!! it would be INCEST, right?

LTB: WHAT!! (kopi all spewed out!) what in love? what XXX? what INCEST??

after a quick wiping with the fast absorbent servette, i finally understood what was going in that funny goon's mind. he was apprehensive that his "offsprings" would meet in future and ended up having sex with each other. that would be INCEST!! they were theoretically and genetically "siblings" from one of the same aiya father, namely LEETAHSAR.

then how huh? how leh?

wow!! that would be an 18 years later story to continue! LOL!!

no sweat! LEETAHSAR shall get all his anxieties and premonitions answered the next round when he goes "milking" again

but for now, what would ur answer be? it's really a simple question but with very complex answers and probabilities!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 5

a strange real and eerie tale.....


i wasn't sure how to put it. i think i must have met bb in another human form.....

one fine morning, i was counting my money in my banks, suddenly the cellphone rang.

sound: hello uncle, this is BB. can i see u later?

me: huh? who? where u wanna meet me?....

it was a very mysterious sweet angelic voice that i heard. thought it was some cute mei mei lusting for this very handsome uncle here.

at the appointed time, i set off to the destinated place. true enough! there was a cutie standing there - tall, slender and fair with flowing hair. it wasn't very hot yet she was carrying a red umbrella.

bb: hi uncle! so glad u come. i m BB

uncle: hi BB! what's this all about?

i reached to shake her hand which was cold and icy. that ghoulish look of her eyes which was so doeful but it seemed that there wasn;t any whites. it was 2 very black eyes looking very soulfully and solemnly at u.

she gave a fade weak smile. "uncle, can u please let as many know how BB was murdered before i was born....please uncle...." she pleaded.

i was astounded. why did she suppose to mean? we went to a nearby park, sat on the bench and she began her heart-wrenching story......

my mummy was very pretty though my daddy was prettier. they studied in NUS together, fell in love and married. later mummy was pregnant with me and pretty daddy was always horny. but mummy couldn't oblige him. mummy scared he would hurt BB who was nestling inside her womb.

daddy was horny. daddy was pretty. daddy met a bitch. and daddy began to have fun with that bitch. i heard that bitch was a mother too. i just couldn't understand how a mother loved her own children by instigate daddy to kill others - ME, the poor bb.

mummy was sad. she found out about the affair between bitch and daddy. daddy suddenly turned cold towards her. he didn't care for her nor speak much cos mummy couldn't oblige him to appease his lust. the bitch subsitituted for mummy and seduced pretty daddy.

oh, daddy, why do u do such things to mummy and behind her back. don't u love mommy and me?

mummy was depressed. she didn't have appetite to eat. she couldn't sleep....and poor bb was starving inside. her womb where i nestled became very toxic. it was hurting bb very much.

one day, she awoke. she bled in between her legs. mommy, oh, mommy!! bb was dying already.....mommy was rushed to the emergency unit. after a few hours of distress, bb was removed from her womb. bb lied on the stainless cold pan - a mass of indiscernible minced bloodied meat.

it was ungraciously wrapped up and disposed. bb was no was dead..just like this. but bb was floating around in the air searching to return to mommy's warm safe womb. but where? bb couldn't find it. oh mommy! where are you, mommy!!??

pretty daddy was still having a swell fun time with bitch bonking exhiliratingly in a handy sexmobile. squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

daddy just didn't bother that bb was gone forever. he didn't bother about suffering mommy lying blankly in the cold lonely hospital bed. he didn't bother. all he knew was fun, fun and more fun! squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

daddy, oh, daddy! why would u do such a bad thing to bb and mommy? why daddy, why?

this 7th MONTH, BB SHALL BE BACK. are you ready to play with me bitch? are u ready to play with me my pretty daddy?

and here now u got bb's story.... squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

.... in 7th MONTH, BB'S BACK. she could be watching all the next round of squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 47th month of the hungry ghosts is a traditional old chinese religious practice to honor the dead ancestors or

7th month of the hungry ghosts is a traditional old chinese religious practice to honor the dead ancestors or any dead persons we are acquainted.

during this month, there would be many rites in "chow tu" or "rites to enhance the reincarnation for the deads" so that they could be reborn as human blessed with a better life.

but what about bb? he wasn't even born before his life was tragically and abruptly ended by his own mother for whatever reason his mum could come up to appease herself for such hideous sin.

what if bb was aborted and kill becos of discords sowed by a 3rd party bitch on bb's mum and daddy? then who was the killer then?


if bb wants revenge, who should he seek? ah......interesting deh!!



my late grandma used to teach us how to tell whether our dead ah gong was here or not during the 7th Month.

she said that if u burn the incense paper and the ashes spiral upwards instead of in an erratic pattern, ah gong is here to receive all our offerings.

brrrr....that's eerie!!

so when u burn your incense papers, observe how the ashes fly. if it spirals upwards, u bet something ghostly is nearby to u. buahahahaha.....!

believe or not - it's up to u!

di zhang wang, oh, di zhang wang....
oh great compassionate bodhisttava!
how have all the poor unborn babies fare...
under your care, under your loving compassionate care....
of all the hideous crime of their parents bear
where...oh, where....?
where do poor babies have to go?
lost in a realm, they never know
lost like a speck of dust in the air......



now why do all the nasty clones get themselves so agitated? is it they are involved with BB's affair? bb's already dead and this is the 7th mth so he comes back.

is there something wrong with all these evil cowards and losers? or are they trying to protect the killer bitch behind all such evil unseen and unheard crime?

like i said before:

ONLY THE EVIL-DOERS AND THE BLACK-HEARTED NEED TO FEAR. to the rest it's just another dead bb's story coming back for revenge during this ghostly month.

like that they also TAK BOLEH TAHAN!!?? what else can they tahan then? go and die lah!

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 3


your frequent road trip into JB to fuck around for free range chickens has better be careful this 7th MONTH.

those ulu desolated winding unmarked roads would be haunted by a very pretty malay lady. she is none other the dead pregnant PONTIANAK who loves to suck the hell out of u or release her bb upon horny bastard and pervert like u.

beware. don't say i din warn you.

this 7TH MTH season is especially spiked with hell of a YIN's the coldest yin mth the entire world is going to experience. too many unanticipated and unprepared deaths - the sze chuan big earthquake, the MORAKOT flooding in taiwan, the earthquakes, the much pains and angst happening in this miserable world.

it's payback time for the evil-doers and bb killers.

BB'S BACK!! let the fun begins!!

have u wondered why THUM BEING FUCK didn't go to his wake instead my li'l brother went there to sing the hymns with the congregation?

maybe that dead old man may like to visit THUM BEING FUCK. my li'l brother and that dead oldman had been buddies for so many years karaoke frequently.

the amount of info THUM BEING FUCK knows is simply marvellous. he only met the oldman less than an hour. what a perverted fucker that thum fuck is!!

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 2

the innocent and the simple minded would not understand this thread. this thread is dedicated to the bb killing parents, bitch and lovers. all the guilty ones shall understand it clearly.

come 7th MTH when the hell gates open to let off all the ghosts and spirits to roam the earth. they would be back to settle old scores or wrongs done to them or caused their premature deaths.

do not think u are christians, you would be spared.

the law of karma is universal. NO ONE IS SPARED - no sentient beings nor spirits.

buahahahahahahaha.....have a ghoulie, ghostly haunting eerie nights ahead....
bb being the purest sentient beings when brutally having their life snuffed out would turn into the most vicious ghostly imp.

for children loving parents who unfortunately unable to save their terminally sick bbs, do not fear. bb understands your plight. bb feels your love. bb comforts u and hope to soothe away your pains for losing bb. bb loves u. and definitely wants u to live happily even when bb is gone........

bb feels love and that is all that is enough for bb. if the affinity approves, bb might be back as your next darling bb.

so please do not be saddened by bb's misses mama n papa...but bb would want both of u to be strong and carry on living. bb always lives with u in the eternal memories and happy times we had together. so dear mama and papa, please continue to live your life bravely and happily. this shall make bb happy when bb sits on the lap of our loving almighty God.

but for those who mercilessly murdered bb, u better start praying hard, BB's coming back to get you!

now how would bb execute his revenge on bitch who sow discords between mama and papa and then stole away papa and cause poor mama to have lost me?

hmmmm.....she better starts praying too. her GOD wouldn't be able to help her. when she hears bb's crying in the lift at night or when she was hitting her orgasm....she would know BB IS BACK FOR HER.....

buahahahaha.....still is the night, a dead bb spirit wallow in sorrow: return me my life u mercilessly snuffed away...

so what's the nerdy nasty clones trying defend and protect. hey, nerd, bb would go for u for encouraging bitch to steal papa from mama. you are a nefarious busybody accomplice.

bb shall come look for u. so u better not to walk alone in dark, lonely desolated roads. don't even take the lift alone when u go home late. bb shall be there waiting for you, too. if u hear a bb's laughter or cry, do not turn your back or bb just happily follows u home!

all those directly or indirectly involved in bb's untimely death would be visited....

'tis the season to be ghoulie, fa la la la la la...
let this bb be your ghostlie, tra lalalala...lalalalala....
it's 7th Month, it's bb's back for revenge month.

bb can go ask the blurcock but spiritual li'l brother LEETAHSAR. he handles ghostly and spirits matter. he would be compassionate and delighted to help bb to get even but to be liberated into the next realm.

don't believe u go ask BLACKMAN. his home is infested with nasty ghoulies - the sins of his past probably. haahaha!

only the GUILTY need to fear for their sinful inhuman deeds done to innocent bb. the rest can just enjoy the roast duck drumsticks after praying.

bb coming back this 7th month - PART 1

it would be a great re-union for bb to come to his parents this ghostly 7th MONTH. but bb would be confused cos daddy is now with another bitch!

latest 7th ghostly tale starting soon.....

what would confused bb do? his own mum aborted him. his daddy went to another bitch and that bitch made mum so depressed, she killed bb. she painfully aborted bb.

who would be there praying for dear bb? who missed bb?

it's very hard to tell. everyone just put on a guiltless mask and acts like they were right to have done that. to have stolen other's husband and would-be father. to have caused the death of bb. is crying now. is confused. SOB ...SOB...SOB....BB IS REALLY MAD NOW. no more sobbing. bb wants revenge for the one who caused his premature death as a foetus.

go bb, go!! seek out the one who caused your suffering. make her pays dearly. make him pay for all his lustful sins. poor bb....if only bb meets di zhang wang...the bodhisattva of hell....

and next morning, the newspaper reported:


bb, did u do that?

oh, bb, bb, bb......the evil of lust wasn't killed by dead bb. it was killed by their own guilty conscience. again, it was due to such uncontrolled horniness.

would that be the end of their deaths?

NO. definitely NOT!

to hell, they would go. the adulterous couple would have to answer to the karmic law about their sinful crime of causing the death of a pure innocent bb. why do they go through such thrills just to appease and quench their thirst for lust?

zi zhang wang, the bodhisattva of hell would try his best to enlighten angry bb. he would sooth bb with his compassionate words and would be finally liberated to find another loving mum who would joyfully bear him.

as for the adulterous couple, they would have to go through the punishment of hell before they are thrown into the reincarnation cycle to be reborn probably as some maggots infested doggie and bitch.


the cause and effect of an action.....the eternal suffering and retribulation. sadhu...sadhu.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


here's why. ngejay has very good connection with TOC, WAYANGPARTY and the newspaper. all he needs to do is to post like a gentleman infront but behind rattle complaints. now u know why hor

56) leetahsar on Your comment is awaiting moderation. August 18th, 2009 11.35 pm what is really wrong with the so called opp parties members is not their agenda: TO TOPPLE PAPS. it’s the people preaching that agenda.

why do so many see LTK ineffective? is chiam effective then? is chee effective?

NO! none of them is effective. the reason is the opp representativs in parleement is only 2 out of the 82. how can it be effective?

to aggravate the matter, here we are slamming at our own opp leader LTK accusing him of ineffective management of his opp and his handling of parleement debates and whatever. tell me, if LTK says NO, how many YESes will there be to retaliate?

ngejay is a brilliant in writing but is not very balanced in views. he’s gifted with big bombastic words but the words are not used to enhance and strength the weak opp unity among different parties.

like for this instance, more doubts and aspersion are cast over the prowessness of LTK. if he’s out of the game, who would take over as the biggest opp leader? ngejay or chee soon juan is it?

the motive behind this article is very diabolical. TOC reminds posters not to attack personal and what is the writer doing?

the feud is rather personal. it’s definitely not stemmed from ngejay alone. it’s a ganged up carefully schemed slow attack on LTK. i do not find LTK in anyway less better than chee but i do find chee very much worst than he instead.

why do people support chee then? cos he dares to create public ranting and unfearful to being handcuffed? then you all are very very wrong!!

he wants to be handcuffed and hopefully manhandled then he could affirm his accusation and defamation against the gov. doesn’t anyone here already seen through his so frequent and similar antics?

SDP after chiam has never been for the good of singapore and singaporeans. it’s more a more sinister plot to bring singapore down onto its knee to some foreign forces probably backing chee.

we have to be alert not only to the terrorism lurking outside or nearby singapore but we must be made to be more aware and perceptive of the actual agenda hidden in SDP under the guise of citizen’s welfare and concern.

again, what good has chee contributed to singaporeans? practically NONE!

by the way, u do not see many criticism now in SDP website. go think about it…about their free speeches and all those craps!

the unholy 3some stooges

the unholy 3some in some unhooleey action!

our famous threesome - ngejay, chiatilik and lamei have never declare their political stance whether they are already SDPPIES or not. however, they can be seen in many of sdp deadwood forums and lame public antics.

suddenly it dawns on me the answer why they DARE NOT declare their stance.

yep! it all has to do with chee soon juan. again another or his insiduous scheme. you see, if the unholy threesome were branded SDPPIE, then their behaviour and postings would directly represent SDP's. these 3 stooges being very individualistic and self-centred surely won't want their limelight to be shared, stolen or diluted.

chee on the other hand can use either of the 3 jokers to hantam other opp parties especially the recent one where ngejay hantam low thia khiang. if ejay were to be a SDP, then that would put chee in a very awkard position.

the unholy 3some have from eon already bear grudges against WP, their chiefy low, sleepish sylvia and many of their prominent outspoken members such as lockiberal, melvin tan, andrew loh, shin long, swee bee and etc.....

why was there a grudge, a resentment and a vengeful hatred that is waitng and dying to "get even" with WP?

perhaps, some of the old timer like gohmengseng, ramseth and even jacys could share some enlightening insight.

unless we understand how this kind of petty and vengeful mentality were evolved, the feud and in-house fighting between the opp parties shall continue. on the surface, it appears as though they are criticising on THE POINT but the undercurrent shows otherwise IF u know the history of that sticky feud.

the unholy 3some has chiatilik at the tip over lamei over ngejay. however, the lowest is the craftiest while the highest is the stupidest. lamei is the go between. whatever chiatilik wants to carry out an instigation, he would F&D lamei who in turn F&D ngejay and out a bomb would explode at whoever or whichever opp party chia targets.

ejay is deeply obsessed with lamei who was super horny in chiatilik who dumps his own official wife who depressively aborted her unborn baby.

it's all about LUST. the power of LUST to utilise it to exploit, instigate and make use of others to do all one's dirty works.

ngejay is a brilliant nerd only good in figures - the mathematical one for heaven's sake. for the physical fleshy figure, he is a real fool who likes flat chested bosom and bony fragile frame bitches. the one that pretend to be more sickly the more he gets stimulated and would play super-nerd and tries to protect.

and so being at the bottom of the unholy threesome, ngejay would always do all the dirty works. if he cannot appear in his ngejay, he can deploy his unlimited nasty clones which are pooed out faster then he can cum.

that's how many forums like this ORIGINAL kopitiam and all its pirated version and others like TOC, WAYANGPARTY etc could be over run by this nerd alone.


NOTE: he did it last it. he repeats it this year. yep! again! why?

Monday, August 17, 2009

seriously, this is what i want in singapore

1. that the gov would NOT nanny us so much to even convert our CPF to become their cpfs. return us ALL OUR MONEY when it's due. dun stir up some craps to witheld it.


2. STOP asking us to reproduce. u have turn our lifestyle into such extravagance that there isn't anymore excess to breed TRUE BLUE SINGAPORE BABIES. the FTs that blend in, they could cos they were from cheapo country. once they landed here in our shore, they have found an haven for their breeding ground.


3. please STOP telling us GST helps needies and poor. just be frank with us. don't worry most citizens are already numbed with such craps. so just simply and franky tell us:


4. Cut the craps! cut cigarettes totally!


5. so u really boasted u wanna help citizens? why can't u start from the top? like reducing hawker centre's rentals....and everything shall come down naturally.


6. if there are obscene losses by GLC or tamasick, just be bold to admit.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WORDS LIKE "LONG TERM". citizens cannot live so long term to verify your words unlike the grand o' dame who can be expensively and indefinitely supported LONG TERM by the latest techno life support. to a normal singaporean, he/she would have been dead and reincarnated.

7. u speak of talents and yet u kill talents. u kill the local talents to appease the foreign talents. maybe their reproductive machinery is all that u are really after for.
LTs find it hard to build a family while the FTs breed like wild rabbits!!

8. u can tax us but u cannot prove your CLARITY & FAIRNESS.


there are more and there shall be more...but you forget how much MORE the citizens could take this and how much more and longer before the pressure cooker explodes.

would you guys love to see that day happening?

Monday, August 10, 2009


again, it's so bloody obvious!

SDP IB headed by the mastershapeshifter ngejay is deploying his nasty clones to distract readers' attention from this simple issue:

HOW MUCH DO U BELIEVE IN NGEJAY or the SDP which he's lingering in? strange isn't? he supports SDP but he is NOT an SDPPY MEMBER?

have u ever asked WHY?

i m neither in the paps or any opp parties cos neither interest me. i m only interested in making tons of money with the aid of my lil brother LEETAHSAR. but since i m a true blue SINGAPOREAN and love my country very much, i cannot sit by to let SDP n that bloody ccb chee soon bo lan juan bring my SINGAPORE down, can i?


do not allow him a slim chance to turn our SINGAPORE into something like our neighbouring countries such as KL or BANGKOK.



how much do u believe in NGEJAY & SDP?

if some who are still unware or new to this kopitiam, ngejay is also the famed notorious kaixin1 - cheongster of geylang lorongs. you believe that?

have u seen this shortie chap that looks like a blurcock nerd with a phd?


if ur answer is NO (same here), how much do u believe in what prejudices he write?

next. do u support ADULTERY? of course not! same here again. would u support the illicit liasion of 2 persons involved in such indecent affair? no right?

do u support abortion? this is a yes and no answer depending on the situation. say, if an abortion is caused by the intrusion of a 3rd party bitch. do u still support that bitch?

there are many actual happenings in our urbanite daily living. it's very strange that many still pledge loyalty to fake virtues, patriotism, duty to the country and all those SDP are good in preaching but display the least in practising.

why do people still wanna believe in them? many that's how some unfortunate fall into the ploy of cults, pagans and fake religions.

it's all about BRAINWASHING. whoever use the best detergents to brainwash those imbeciles shall end up with the retards' loyal support even in their hearts they knew that it was all a plot to sow disunity and disharmony to bring more sufferings to our society.


well, cheeism is a black cult that the gov has purposely allowed it to exist. their evil motive to destroy singapore is so obvious, there's no need to clamp it down. rather, it serves as a living learning for peasants to be able to see clearly what cheeism is all about and how they wouldn't fall prey into their ploy such as departing their hard-earned money by donation to them. donate to them? for what??

times are bad. if SDP had a PLAN - or a mere little constructive suggestion - they wouldn't be begging for alms or donation. again, ask yourself: WHAT ARE U REALLY DONATING TO THEM FOR? u r cracking your brain!:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Aug 3, 2009
Ming Yi's trial ends
By Carolyn Quek

Most of the last day was spent discussing a meeting held eight years ago between the Manpower Ministry (MOM) and Ming Yi (left). -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

THE criminal trial against Ren Ci founder Ming Yi and his former personal aide drew to a close on Monday. The judgment will be delivered in October.

Most of the last day was spent discussing a meeting held eight years ago between the Manpower Ministry (MOM) and the Buddhist monk.

The meeting in July 2001 was held to appeal against the minstry's rejection of Raymond Yeung's employment pass application.

This issue is a key part of the defence's case. Ming Yi claimed in earlier court testimony that it was at this meeting that an MOM officer told him how to circumvent the law so that Raymond Yeung could work in Singapore.

However the prosecution produced two witnesses to rebutt Ming Yi's evidence, namely the two officers that met the monk at the July 2001 meeting. Both officers denied having given any advice to the monk.

'When the employment pass is rejected, we do not advise people to break our rules,' said one of the officers, Mr Lim Chiang Wee, who now works for the Singapore Land Authority.

Read the full story in Tuesday's edition of The Straits Times.

Monday, August 3, 2009

suffering of wisdom

suffering of wisdom


"idiots! idiots!....and more IDIOTS!! why am i surrounded by IDIOTS!!??"

this would be a silent cursing of master chee dealing with his bunch of imbecile sdppies.

if u r wise, u suffer. WISDOM IS SUFFERING.....

u see what the ignorants do not see. u understand the REAL thing behind a fake show of FREE SPEECHES, HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY. u put forth your most sincere and honest views and u get only flammings, insults, humiliation and at times it get to be very personal.

when that happens, isn't it already evident that that certain brand of FREE SPEECHES, blah..blah..blah are already proven to be FAKE?

the wisdom of seeing things in deeper insight is inborn in everyone of us. however, due to our distraction of prejudices, biases and flatteries, such gift is usually being drowned in a sea of sweet nothing of FLIRT & DESTROY. u get flirted first and later be destroyed. you die pain pain without even knowing why and still think u die a "patriot in the highest level".

CRAPS! ALL CRAPS!! just like their craps of DEMOCRAPSY!!

what have those sdppies imbecile contributed to singapore besides making themselves a public fool? does chee is ever so ambitious that he hope to turn singapore into a public protest like what is happening now in KUALA LUMPUR? is that what every singaporeans hope for?

wisdom in us allow us and prevent us from falling prey into such mind-controlling betrayer in singapore. but the trouble is, not many apply that god-given wisdom. for those who are fortunate and wise to see through such ploy, in a way, we suffer for the sake of those misled brothers and sisters who are now more like zombied clowns. zombied because they are now devoid of a thinking brain - devoid of the god-given wisdom to think rationally.

to be wise is to suffer. however, to be foolish is also to suffer. while being wise, we suffer cos we see how the foolish suffer and still ignorant about it. they suffer even though deep within themselves, they know it's not logical and rather irrational. but they are now steep into such deceiving "causes" that their brains have been long fried and finally zombied and being mind controlled.

the wise see it and suffer. the imbeciles do not realise it and finally suffer a greater retribulation. and the best part, all it needs is something like this:


rest assured, the wise would suffer, no doubt but the imbeciles shall die pain pain and cock standing...and still do not know why it should be happening and ending like what they do not anticipate.

Friday, July 31, 2009

peasants are SUCKed & FUCKed dry by a monopolised biz to SERVE A NATION TO SUCK PEASANTS DRY!

SMRT's Q1 up 19.6% to S$48.2m on higher operating profits
By Yasmine Yahya, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 31 July 2009 1734 hrs

Photos 1 of 1

SINGAPORE: Transport operator SMRT said its first quarter net profit rose 19.6 per cent to S$48.2 million, due mainly to higher operating profits.

Revenue for the three months to June was marginally lower at about S$216 million.

SMRT said the fall was due to the fare reduction package which took effect in April, and a smaller average hired-out fleet for taxis.

SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa said the firm's profitability will be affected by the continuing volatility in diesel prices, the fare reduction package, and the ramp-up costs for the progressive opening of the remaining Circle Line stations.

But she added that SMRT will continue to grow its businesses locally and overseas while leveraging on its expertise and technology to keep costs low.

i am confused! why does the sgp gov allow SMRT, a monopolised biz to profiteer so much from SERVING A NATION TO SUCK THE PEASANTS DRY??

it's a public transport. it's a monopoly. and in the first place it should NOT be approved to be publicly listed cos it's a MONOPLY TO SERVE A NATION TO SUCK THE PEASANTS DRY

million $ lim suay suay and his $1 for 12 items cock talk

if that's not a bargain, peasants gotta do better and maybe increased it to $1 and WORK TO YOUR BONE ....and of course with drastic pay cuts. but please, public transports, education, PUB...etc would still be increased.

how u expect to pay for our minitoots's obscene million$?

wait. u cannot do $1 for 12 items?? ok no problem! the FTs can - $1 for 24 items at half of the price u are paid for. eat that, peasants!!

After economy recovers, 10 workers should do the work of 11 or 12 – Lim Swee Say
Saturday, 1 August 2009, 10:02 am | 256 views

From the Straits Times:

THE productivity of workers in Singapore is declining and labour chief Lim Swee Say has a suggestion on how companies can help turn it around. It is by doing more to develop new markets for their products.

He made the call to companies on Friday in response to feedback from many of them that measures like the Jobs Credit wage subsidy scheme are to be blamed.

Such government aid has resulted in these companies holding on to more workers than they need. They had noted that when 10 workers are retained to do the job of eight or nine workers, short-term productivity suffers.

Mr Lim, however, felt that the Government was doing the right thing by introducing help measures to save jobs.

To get around the short-term impact on labour productivity, which is a measure of the output per worker, he urged companies to ‘find ways to prepare these 10 workers, so that by the time the upturn comes, (they) can produce the output of 11 to 12 workers’.

babies are GOD's given gift of LOVE

let's ANALyse this abortion - FR from an aborted foetus


this story is also a very sad one. a young couple dying for a baby try all their best but it was futile....

a lovely young couple who's the wife baby making machinery is not functioning optimum hope to make a baby nightly. the love, the passion and the orgasms are super except the womb is just too weak to hold on to a developing foetus. it ends up still death.

reluctantly both the husby n wifey consulted a gynaecologist. the late prof ratnam suggested articificial implant of fertilised eggs into the wifey's womb. for the days to follow, all went well. an ultrasonic scan revealed triplets.

then the worst happened.....the womb was just too weak to continue supporting the life form. one day, the wifey was rudely awaken to find that she was bleeding down there.

liao! habis!!...she was rushed to the hospital where the doctor certified that none of the triplets foetuses could be saved. they had to be aborted as they were already still dead.

with tears of river flowing from the heart-wrenched wifey, she had no choice but to accede to the doctor's suggestion to have the dead foetuses aborted.

the next worst heart breaking news was revealed to the loving young couple. after the abortion, the wifey would be deemed to be barren. she couldn't bear any more baby.

sad...but true story that is happening to such nice kind couple.

and we witnessed laukuaybu degradingly calling her children TOU YOU PIN just for the sake of appeasing her lustful nature.

GOD shouldn't ve given her children. He should have given her chlamydia instead or some kind of other STDs for the terrible sins committed to so many.

let's ANALyse this abortion - FR from an aborted foetus

actually why would a married troll with kids got herself mixed up with someone's husband and caused the abortion of an innocent foetus?

maybe, mommy was too depressed over the illicit liaison about her own husband paying more attention to a laukuaybu troll instead of caring and concern for his unborn baby.

pre-natal pregnant woman if put in such depressive state would go to the very extreme. either the foetus would abort itself or she kills it herself through forced abortion.

the depressed mommy filed for divorce and helplessly aborted her foetus to alleviate future complication to her youthful life.

it's a scar that may not heal with time. then again, where is the conscience of the laukuaybu troll and the unfaithful husband? can they live with that guilt of being the accomplices of murdering an unborn child?

if they can, go ahead vote for them.

and then again, someone is trying to defend furiously about this real-life drama...and he speaks for "human rights, free speeches & democrapsy"....


the troll abandon her own loving husband, deserted her own children and called them TOU YOU PIN and merrily flirted with the unfaithful baby killer husband. now she is quite neglected but it was a good opportunity for another stupid idiot standing by to replace the hopeless unfaithful husband.

if u read until here, u should know that why someone is getting very very kan cheong already.

another abortion soon? this time from the laukuaybu troll, maybe?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

some fishy fishy between an aide and botak??

Shi Ming Yi's personal aide tells court that most purchases on his supplementary credit cards were made on behalf of his friends
By Vivien Chan

July 29, 2009

THEY co-owned a luxurious penthouse apartment in Melbourne.
SPEND THRIFT: Raymond Yeung exceeded the credit limits on two of Shi Ming Yi's cards. PICTURE: THE STRAITS TIMES
An advertisement to sell the home described it as such: 'Beautifully designed whole floor penthouse apartment. Huge open plan living and dining room overlooking large outdoor entertaining terrace.

'Fabulous kitchen and separate casual meals area. Excellent sized master bedroom with dressing room and suite with spa opening to outdoor terrace.'

It also boasted lift access from the garage which could park at least three cars, ample storage, full security, and two more bedrooms.

These details came tumbling out yesterday, as Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) David Chew read out the ad on day 10 of the 14-day trial of former Ren Ci Hospital chief Shi Ming Yi and his ex-personal aide, Raymond Yeung, an Australian citizen who's a Singapore permanent resident.

The home in Melbourne was valued at $1.4 million.

Mr Chew reminded Yeung: 'There is a tramway in front of the building, it leads down into the pub area, the Yarra river.'

A choice location, said the DPP.

Talk of this home made many in the courtroom sit up.

Earlier, some had started to nod off as Yeung's lawyer, Mr Ng Lip Chih, went through almost four years of Yeung's credit card statements line by line.

It was a tedious process.

Even Ming Yi, 47, whose real name is Goh Kah Heng, kept his head bowed and closed his eyes during yesterday's proceedings.

Yeung, 34, had three supplementary cards given to him by Ming Yi, but he told the court yesterday that the majority of expenses on those cards were not his.

His frequent answer when his lawyer went through the statements for more than an hour?

'Not mine,' the soft-spoken and boyish-looking former air steward with Cathay Pacific would say in Cantonese through an interpreter.

Then whose?

Yeung, 34, said that many of the signings, ranging from airline bookings, hotel stays to restaurant meals, were made 'on behalf of friends', Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery, Shi Ming Yi, and as 'official expenses'.

When asked about a few signings at a local sports shop, he said: 'Venerable would usually buy some sports equipment.'

'When you talk about buying clothes, et cetera, those are mine,' he added.

Other personal expenses revealed his much-talked-about penchant for designer goods.

He visited Gucci in Tokyo and Bangkok, Omega and Ermenegildo Zegna in Bangkok, and Hugo Boss in Melbourne. He also made purchases at Prada.

Each time, he spent more than $1,000, going up to almost $5,000 sometimes.

His monthly salary at Ren Ci was $4,700.

He even exceeded the credit limits on two of Shi's cards, which were limited to $33,000 and $43,800.

Mr Chew asked: 'Does the Venerable know that you're spending so much money on branded items, like Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Hugo Boss?'

Yeung replied yes and said that Ming Yi told him to 'spend less, not to be so spendthrift'.

But Yeung admitted that he did not heed the advice.

For the items he bought on behalf of friends, he said that he would keep a record of the expenses, and his friends would repay him immediately.

Mr Chew asked Yeung in his cross-examination: 'So you're incurring credit for your friends on Venerable Shi's card.

'Did the Venerable know about this, that you were extending credit to your friends?'

'No, I did not tell him,' replied Yeung.

Kept track

Mr Chew later asked him how he could have kept track of so many payments but could forget to record the $50,000 loan by Ren Ci to Mandala Buddhist Cultural Centre, a shop that sells Buddhist artefacts, which Yeung ran.

Mr Chew said: 'You could remember all these minute transactions over the years but you forgot the $50,000 payment until Ernst and Young came into the picture.'

Yeung replied: 'I did not forget. I did not have the intention not to pay back. I admitted during the CAD (Commercial Affairs Department) interview that it's my fault not to pay back the $50,000 progressively.

'I've always wanted to pay back in a lump sum.'

Earlier yesterday, Yeung admitted: 'When Ernst and Young discovered that the $50,000 was not recorded in Mandala's book, I just wanted to quickly pay back and hope that nothing happens.'

But after he made full repayment in early 2007, he became fearful when the auditors continued asking him about it.

'I could not have handled it on my own,' he said repeatedly.

That was why he told Ming Yi to repeat the same story - that the money was used to purchase wood - if anyone asked.

'I hoped Venerable would help me,' he said.

He added: 'Frankly, if I really wanted to steal or cheat Ren Ci's money, there are many ways, such as the charity show which commenced in 2003.

'During the annual charity show, the finance department would always hand me the money for the foreign artistes' red packets.

'After we give the red packets to the artistes, they'd re-donate to Ren Ci hospital.'

Yeung said that he was the one who would prepare the red packets.

'I've never taken a single cent,' he said.



MING Yi faces 10 charges of fraud, forgery and misappropriating $350,000.

He is accused of providing false or misleading information to the Commissioner of Charities, conspiracy to falsify a payment voucher and the misappropriation of Ren Ci funds.

One charge is that he gave Yeung an unauthorised $50,000 loan on 17 May 2004 to pay for the renovation of Yeung's Hong Kong flat.

Yeung has been charged with conspiring to forge a Ren Ci document and giving false information to the Commissioner of Charities.

禽兽都 不如

yep! it's worst than killing the innocent.

babies are god's given gift to a process of LOVE. killing them mercilessly, irresponsibly and painfully is 禽兽都 不如......they are defenceless human beings.

the babies murderers are 禽兽都不 如.... 不是人!!

honey, my grand auntie din come

now for the 3rd abortion story....

"honey, jialat liao!!" panic a bitchy troll. "honey, u hear what i said or not?"

lover: simi dai ji!! so early u kow peh cow bu for fuck!!

b t: my grand auntie din come today u know....chum leh!! she comes every month...this time no cum how??

lover: just phone her and ask her to get her butts over lor...dun disturb leh...last night u drain all my juices more battery dear...let me sleep.

siao liao!! another murder in the making......

a year later....

another morning, another repeat of last year drama: MY GRAND AUNTIE DIN COME AGAIN....HOW???

and u won't believe it. the next year, it happens again. all in, this bitchy troll had murdered 3 unborn foetuses but she wasn't convicted or hanged.

i bet next year she would yell again:


alamak!! apologies to all the ladies. pai seh!! we left our the horny machoman who has much to blame too.


probable reasons:

1. too cheapskate to buy
2. more intense sensation
3. impromptu feeling or horniess and throw everything to the wind
4. just being stupid and irresponsible.

go ahead. ANALYse the scenario.

ANALysis time.

WHY MOMMY? WHY??......this time, our aborted foetus in spiritual realm began to question this too: WHY DADDY? WHY? WHY DIN U DON AN UMBRELLA? CONDOM SO EXPENSIVE MEH??

ANALYsis time:

who is or are the murderer(s)?
1. the mistress who's mommy's good pal
2. the daddy
3. mommy dear

humping in the sexmobile


again, i must indemnify that any similarities to the story is purely COINCIDENTAL.

it was a stormy night. a lone sexmobile drove up into a bush in USA or Ulu Sembawang Area. USA was actually very near to YISHUN by the way. a left turn and u would be in USA. another turn and there the thick canopy love bushes would be there to welcum the nefarious black SEXMOBILE.

peter, patter, pitter ...pat....and so the pussy was aroused like dat!

it was such a practical vehicle. compact. nifty. a great fuel saver...and wah la!! when the seats were folded back, it became a love bed ready for some bb making action.!!

the suspension was alright. it squeaked a little when the black vessel began going "humping" in the death of the wet wet night. the rain pouring heavier hitting peter, patter, pitter....pat..pat....and so the pussy was so orgasmic like dat!

she arched backwards. he lounged forward - thrusting, heaving, moaning, groaning....the thrust sped up, moanings fused into orchestrated unison. ah!...ah!!....ah!!! silent. death sudden silent. smooching, kissing, caressing and lovers' empty XXX talk...god! that was good!...ya, baby, ya!!

BABY?....oh shit!! it was raining for heaven sake!! why wasn't the "raincoat" being used? where was the rain coat?? dun get it? raincoat in the sexmobile??

alamak!! CONDOM la!! durex, okimoto...any plastic barrier would do well. it was raining so heavy...and NO CONDOM!! die! mati! habis!!

.......die, mati, habis??? simi dai ji??....toa dai ji liao...really tua kee liao!


emptiness is form...form is emptiness....

the death of unborn babies needs a voice. they are unborn human beings after all.


this is perhaps the best self-explanatory advice to the ladies, the gentleman, the mistresses, lovers, gfs/bfs, fuck buddies...etc...



for those who are still horny and promiscuous, the time for ur karmic retribulation is not here yet. do not think that u are safe from the misdeeds u ve sowed. they will come and come in a good time u least expected.


to the bitch who sows discords and those idiots who let their little dickheads controlling their bigger heads....


awakening is an enlightening experience. do not let pride obstruct ur awakening....


i stand for TRUTH for HUMAN RIGHTS...and now i represent HUMAN RIGHTS FOR THE UNBORN FOETUSES.

let's ANALyse this abortion - FR from an aborted foetus


ANALYsis time:

who is or are the murder(s)?
1. the mistress who's mommy's good pal
2. the daddy
3. mommy dear

awakening from misdeeds


emptiness is form...form is emptiness....

the death of unborn babies needs a voice. they are unborn human beings after all.


this is perhaps the best self-explanatory advice to the ladies, the gentleman, the mistresses, lovers, gfs/bfs, fuck buddies...etc...



for those who are still horny and promiscuous, the time for ur karmic retribulation is not here yet. do not think that u are safe from the misdeeds u ve sowed. they will come and come in a good time u least expected.


to the bitch who sows discords and those idiots who let their little dickheads controlling their bigger heads....


awakening is an enlightening experience. do not let pride obstruct ur awakening....

humping in the sexmobile

be very careful when u are blowing a "balloon"....


again, i must indemnify that any similarities to the story is purely COINCIDENTAL.

it was a stormy night. a lone sexmobile drove up into a bush in USA or Ulu Sembawang Area. USA was actually very near to YISHUN by the way. a left turn and u would be in USA. another turn and there the thick canopy love bushes would be there to welcum the nefarious black SEXMOBILE.

peter, patter, pitter ...pat....and so the pussy was aroused like dat!

it was such a practical vehicle. compact. nifty. a great fuel saver...and wah la!! when the seats were folded back, it became a love bed ready for some bb making action.!!

the suspension was alright. it squeaked a little when the black vessel began going "humping" in the death of the wet wet night. the rain pouring heavier hitting peter, patter, pitter....pat..pat....and so the pussy was so orgasmic like dat!

she arched backwards. he lounged forward - thrusting, heaving, moaning, groaning....the thrust sped up, moanings fused into orchestrated unison. ah!...ah!!....ah!!! silent. death sudden silent. smooching, kissing, caressing and lovers' empty XXX talk...god! that was good!...ya, baby, ya!!

BABY?....oh shit!! it was raining for heaven sake!! why wasn't the "raincoat" being used? where was the rain coat?? dun get it? raincoat in the sexmobile??

alamak!! CONDOM la!! durex, okimoto...any plastic barrier would do well. it was raining so heavy...and NO CONDOM!! die! mati! habis!!

.......die, mati, habis??? simi dai ji??....toa dai ji liao...really tua kee liao!!.....

the bitch - the murderess of BB

and now for our lst story....

it was a romantic pathology between 2 lovers. they pledged their vows and solemnised it with a silver ring on each other finger. they were now husband and wife....and till death do us goodness or in bad; in rich or in poor...and blah..blah..blah...

in the end, i ended up dead. WHY MUMMY....WHY DID U VE TO KILL ME ...SO SLOWLY...SO PAINFULLY....? WHY???

after honeymoon and nightly bonking, i began to develop in mummy's warm cosy womb. lucky i m!! i thought to myself. mommy sure gonna loved me like i m the only baby in the whole wide world. then unhappy things happened....

mommy: how can u sleep with her?? can u do this to me when i m carrying your baby?...WHY...WHY....WHY??

daddy: ......(silent)....

mommy: she's married with 2 kids. her husby loves her....why must she snatch u from me???...WHY...WHY...WHY?...

crying began. oh! mommy, pls don't cry....ur body is hurting me when u angry and sad and worst, crying...mommy, can u feel my suffering too? daddy, why do u do it? why must u hurt mommy this way? don't u love me, daddy?...and i wept along with mommy.

mommy called daddy. daddy refused to answer. mommy called daddy's gf who was also mommy's good friend but she also refused to answer. mommy was hopelessly dejected. mommy fell into depression. it was the worst for pregnant woman to be in such a depressive state. oh, mommy!! please brace yourself. u still got me....and mommy your foul mood is badly affecting me. i m suffering inside ur womb, mommy....please mommy, cheer up for the sake of BB me. please....

the quarrellings, squabblings, shoutings and rantings continued.....

one fine day, it was peaceful. gosh! i felt so wonderful during that "one fine day" was also my last day as a foetus. mommy went for an abortion. she had filed for divorce...and she killed me.

oh, mommy!!! why did u do that to ur most loving baby in the entire world...why mommy....why???

they stuck something into the womb. pieces by pieces, the spoon-liked evil device scooped my tiny bits of flesh. the pain i had to endure.....the blood that began to flow incessantly was sucked out. gradually, my life was sucked off. it was done. i was a messy globulous of minced meat ready for dispoal.

this unborn baby was dead. just like that. mommy had mercilessly snuffed out my life. why, mommy?....WHY? i had never understood why she wanted me in her womb in the first place only to kill me in such painful manner. why mommy why??

the pain was excruciating for u but mommy u could scream, wail and cry out loud, i couldn't...i was your baby. why mommy? why do u do this to me?

as i spoke and floated in the cosmic world....a lost unborn soul not knowing where i was supposed to go. and all these were sadly bestowed unto me by my own mommy.


ANALYsis time:

who is or are the murder(s)?
1. the mistress who's mommy's good pal
2. the daddy
3. mommy dear

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

let's ANALyse this abortion - FR from an aborted foetus

hi, everyone! i m a foetus. an unfortunate foetus whose life was mercilessly snuffed out before i could even see my mummy and daddy. if as a foetus i could choose i would definitely don't wanna go be nestling in some mama's womb who in the end had the audacity to snuff me out. i weep as i think about that ordeal i had to go through.

i m now a foetus spirit lingering in limbo....a lost unborn child soul disiullusioned as to why mama was so merciless to kill her own unborn baby. why mama....WHY? *sob...sob...sob..* as i float in this cosmic sphere, there were many foetal spirit like me. there is only one unanswered question in all our minds: WHY MAMA...WHY DID U DO THIS CRUEL THING TO US??

......the stories that were to follow are purely co-incidental. any events in similarities is just coindences. stay tuned....

Monday, July 27, 2009

gov's secret weapon - FEAR

our super kiasu gov best used weapon on all the peasants spells FEAR.

they always exaggerated that we must keep preferably $1M or more in our cpf for ourretirement. do we really need to have 1M when we retire?

if say 4M folks here really save $1M ea in their cpf for retirement nest, the gov would have a superjackpot windfall of 4,000,000,000,000. so many zeroes! is the unit to describe the figure called 4 TRILLIONS then??!!

gov overplays on our FEAR. it stir us intensely about our APPREHENSION about our future. by doing so, it creates alot of unnecessary ANXIETIES among the peasants. when that is accomplished, most peasants lose their humane nature. everything becomes MONEY intended. every actions, deeds (and misdeeds), topics, discussion, motivation and etc become money motivated.

what then becometh of our nation? beside MONEY, it's more MONEY.

if we were recalled how our ancestors came to this tiny red dot with nothing but a sarong or a swan panties around their waist, SINGAPORE finally is still evolved!

the intrinsic value that maketh this country is not MONEY. rather it's the moral and humane nature of all singaporeans. the intangible of hardworking, self-service, concern, compassion, kindness and all the positive virtues we gladly and generously share among us is what make us very least up till today.

as we look around us, big reputated firms began flopping and laying quite demised around us. something obviously is very wrong that's happening all around. look at temasek. it loses BILLIONs without batting an eyelid. no heads rolls. the jinxed bitch is still there arrogantly holding tight to the helm. there is no accountability held.

the strange thing is most singaporeans just couldn't be bothered or demand for answer and reasons to why such fallacy happens when they are so bloody obscenely paid!


but if there were any slight credit, true enough the minitoots would begin their bragging and their credits claiming. things like a trustable gov with integrity and all the blah..blahs. what happen when the reversed occur like now which is so often? is the gov trustable or deserved more PUBLIC THRUSTING?


the difference we are seeing from our really honest, hardworking and respectful ancestors and the present obscenely paid elitists is this: GREED HAS OVERTAKEN most. MONEY IS THE LANGUAGE NOW. and greed drives it to such a higher plane that every humane values that were passed down are now in deep freeze and cold storage.


sad isn't it?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

5c + 1c ....

what's the 1C? it's Cheating - the last C for the flower botak monk. for buddha's sake, it's definitely NOT Charity!!

July 26, 2009
Monk with the 5Cs
Cash, credit card, car, country club membership and condo - the self-confessed 'modern-day' monk has got them all
By Carolyn Quek

Former Ren Ci chief Ming Yi had a membership at the prestigious The Vines Resort & Country Club in Perth, Australia. -- PHOTOS: WONG KWAI CHOW, INTERNET

View more photos

A BUDDHIST monk for 25 years, former Ren Ci chief Ming Yi also achieved the Singapore dream of the five Cs.

He had cash - at one stage, he had $570,000 in his personal bank account.

He had credit cards - at least nine from various banks bore his real name of Goh Kah Heng. He also held at least three supplementary cards for his personal assistant Raymond Yeung.

He had condominium units - he bought and sold at least six private properties in Singapore and Australia over 20 years.

He had cars - he bought at least three BMWs in six years, including one for Yeung.

And he had a country club membership - at the prestigious The Vines Resort & Country Club in Perth.

The spending habits of the monk were revealed in court over the past week, where Ming Yi, 47, and Yeung, 34, face charges of conspiring to falsify a Ren Ci payment voucher and of giving false information.

The prosecution attempted to paint him out to be a spendthrift who was lax with his own money, and possibly that of the charity he founded too.

By his own admission, Ming Yi was a 'modern-day monk'.

'Buddhist monks, we are no longer living in the mountains, we are not living in the forest. We are in the city now,' he said when responding to a question about how religious people were very different now.

Read the full story in The Sunday Times today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the plights of LTS's poor whinner

may the glorious Light from God falls on the weary, the depressed, the tired, the sick and every sentient beings that need it.....may the mercy and love of GOD be felt. AMEN!!
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the plights of LTS's poor whinner


i hate those whinners meeting but bo bian. since my li'l brother the patiently good listener LEETAHSAR called for it, must give face and attend. gosh!! hardly had i anticipated how unfortunate one whinner could get.

he was posted to china to work as chief in a factory overseeing about 100+ prcs. biz was bad. now it got worst. the factory closed. he was retrenched and tht was after almost a year of reduced pay. but now jobless, he returned to sgp.

it was sad news that his younger rich sister was inflicted with brain cancer. i tot years back she was already cured and the cancer was in remission. so we were there. and so he whined: "ya, she was ok then. but everytime the school exams come, she excited and stressed. little did she expect the cancer came alive again." he was quite dejected but he continued, "this time it was worst, it spreads to the lymph nodes and then her liver also kena. jialat! dr said it was ok liao so she wasn't suspicious the cancer could come back...and now it progressed into advanced terminal stage...."

a deafening silence settled around us. a drop of tear flowed from his corner of the eye. but we heard sobbing from the sily goon leetahsar. shit! he was too emotional!!

the sllly goon broke the silence and asked him, "how's your mum then? last yr u just lost your old man....and now ur sister. it's a terrible blow to your poor old mum!" the whiner's sis passed away last week. he kept it private and none of the whinners club knew about it until now.

"what to do?" he lamented, "i m suppose to go back china a few days but gotta postpone and stay put to settle everything before i leave for the new job interview. if i miss that...that's it!" he sighed

the kaypoh LTS offered, "can i go back with u later to counsel your poor mum?"

whiner: thanks...but i dun think it could help much....she's now in a start of blankness. she so devastated that now she's certified fully senile....she can't even recognise us her children any more.....

this time he wept openly. silence again...except LTS went to him and hugged him patting his shoulder. the silly goon wept with him.

whiner: bob, could u do me a favour?....

LTS: yes, anything....whatever. shoot.

whiner: could u bring me to the buddhist temple? help n teach me to chant a sutra for my dead sister...and help me to pray for my mum's health?

LTS: sure! i was about to suggest that to u...and pls, allow me to chant one for ur fortune too.....u must be strong as your family now depends all upon u. u mustn't weaken. sure, let's do that before u leave for china.

what could we do beside supporting the silly goon LTS? yep!! we obliged him and would be following him to chant in the temple before our poor whinner pal left for china....that's the least we could have helped him.


i ve just learned from this episode sometime even with all the money u possess, u can't even use it to save a life. but with the inner compassion we possess, we could provide something more valuable than money could buy.

eclipse of the moon

22 JULY 2009 about 9am, this rare phenomena occurred. it only happened once every 300 yrs!

more from this side:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bending down for bf

DPP: Ming Yi bent over backwards for Yeung

By Carolyn Quek

Senior Counsel Andre Yeap (right), the lawyer for Ming Yi.

FORMER Ren Ci chief Ming Yi wanted Raymond Yeung to work for him so badly that he spent three years trying to get the Manpower Ministry (MOM) to grant his personal assistant an employment pass.

The monk personally went down to MOM to talk to an officer and also got two Members of Parliament, Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon and Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, to write appeals to the ministry.

Those appeals were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the Buddhist monk went ahead anyway to hire Yeung, an Australian citizen - an act that later earned him a stern warning.

These details were revealed in court yesterday as the prosecution in the criminal trial against Ming Yi and Yeung set out to show how much the monk would bend over backwards for his former personal executive.

The 47-year-old monk is accused of making out a $50,000 loan from Ren Ci's coffers to Yeung in May 2004, a loan which the prosecution alleges is unauthorised. Yeung was not an employee of Ren Ci at that time.

The prosecution produced evidence to show that Ming Yi had offered Yeung, now 34, an employment contract some time in May 2001, even before the monk had met an MOM officer over the appeal.

The prosecution also used a $60,000 loan from Ren Ci to MP Ong Seh Hong to highlight how much preferential treatment Yeung got when it came to his loan.

Ming Yi had testified earlier that loans had been given to non-employees too, such as the loan to Dr Ong before he officially joined the charity as its clinical director in 2000.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jaswant Singh accused the monk of trying to suggest that Dr Ong's loan was illegal and improper. Ming Yi said no.

DPP Singh showed that Dr Ong's loan was documented and a clear repayment plan was also worked out.

This was unlike Yeung's loan, where there was no repayment plan in place and also no documentation of the loan made.

Although Ren Ci agreed to Dr Ong's loan, he got it only after he became an employee. Yeung got his loan about six months before he was officially employed by Ren Ci.

The prosecution also grilled Ming Yi about his credit card spending. Yeung had at least three supplementary cards linked to the monk's account.

The prosecutor pointed to Yeung's extravagant splurges on luxury brands such as Gucci, Hermes and Prada and asked the monk why he never put a stop to them.

Ming Yi said he had questioned the purchases before but he never cancelled any of Yeung's cards because the former flight steward would eventually pay him back.

When the prosecution asked about a $5,000 purchase Yeung made on a Louis Vuitton product, his lawyer Senior Counsel Andre Yeap objected, asking how that was relevant.

DPP Singh said: 'I'm sure it's relevant to explain why in this very early stage, the accused let Raymond Yeung spend in one transaction more than he makes in a month. It shows how particularly indulgent this witness was to Raymond Yeung.'

Yeung at that time had a salary of $4,700.

The transactions also showed that Ming Yi had, in May 2004, unpaid credit card debts of about $70,000.

DPP Singh said that Ming Yi was so steeped in debt that he would not have any personal money to lend Yeung and so had to use Ren Ci's funds instead.

'I'm putting it to you that you ran Ren Ci like it was your personal fiefdom. You had one rule for your staff and another for your crony Raymond Yeung,' said the prosecutor.