Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the stripping of stuntpunkmonk

en though goh kah heng has been convicted which means all allegations against him were found GUILTY, his many "supporters" are still backing him.

why is that so? they even posted an increased bail of 450K for him to get out of sgp. would the rogue monk abscond and poof! there goes all the bailor's money?

Jan 27, 2010
Ming Yi allowed to leave
By Elena Chong

CONVICTED Buddhist monk Ming Yi was on Wednesday granted permission to leave Singapore - the second time he has been allowed to do so since his sentencing in November last year.

The monk, who turns 48 on Thursday, is to travel to several countries for a month to deal with temple matters.

His bail of $450,000 was extended by District Judge Toh Yung Cheong, who gave him leave of a month from Thursday.

Ming Yi, who is appealing against his conviction on several charges including fraud, and a 10-month jail term, will head for Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, said his lawyer Hamidul Haq.

Neither his bailor Sim Beng Chye nor the prosecution objected to his applying for leave.

Ming Yi, the former chairman and chief executive of Ren Ci Hospital and Medicare Centre, was convicted last October of four charges of fraud, falsifying documents, misappropriating funds and giving false information to the Commissioner of Charities. The trial lasted more than 20 days.

Read the full report in Thursday's edition of The Straits Times.

it is quite humbling to the extent fo humiliating that RENCI CHARITY SHOW without his daredevil stunts showoff could garner a total donation of more than $7M. the figure is now the record breaker for all charity show held b4.

it has proven that compassion is still alive and not really dependent on this monk's gimmicky. conversely, could it be this monk who had in the past exploited sgporeans' compassion and generosity and stole the credit for himself?

he is a monk, an abbot but much of his mannerism is not much different from an average person. the only difference is he dons on a yellow saffron and bald. other than that, he's as as fallible n vulnerable by temptation as anyone else.

then why a monk in the first place?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

the real fears of the land

it's definitely not the paps. in fact, the extremist troublemakers are more fearsome and u cannot anticipate what their antics might orchestrate to.

the real fears are neither about actually paps or the troublemakers. it's more of practical daily living matters. things like getting sick and not having enough money to seek treatment. having children and worry they might not make it through the stressful education system. when would one face the prospect of losing his job. or for those who have lost theirs, when would the next job be available to them. when it's available, would the pay be sufficient to provide comfortably for the entire family.....

the young have their fears. the working persons have theirs. the poor fear whether there would be a next meal. the sick fear dying from lack of money to treat their ailment and not really the sickness inflicted. the aged fear they might die alone without being discovered until the stench of their decaying corpse attracts some attention.

there are much anxieties, apprehension and FEARS. some are real; some unfounded.

2010 is a year of venturing into the unknown and unpredictable. the gov tries to re-assure us that growth could be 3 - 5%. that jobs availablity are increasing. that we must re-skill, upskill and multi-skill. now what if we are only singularly skilled? would one face the fate of redundancy. does being multi-skilled enable one to have an increased pay or better pay or just another pay cut or stagnant pay?

gov is putting many in a very disadvantaged position. all their exuberating sermons hide another unexplained FEAR. it sounded more like "if u don't heed our advices or follow our instructions, you shall get it!" Get it?

to overcome all such FEARS, it really depends on how you tune yourself. if you tune into the paps' channel, obviously the FEARs become very real. if you tune into your own inner channel, then all those FEARS seem irrelevant.

human beings are very versatile creatures. we are neither equipped with fangs or sabre tooth to hunt but we are given a very powerful brain to think. if we do not think too much and get ourselves over-stuffed with FEARS, we should remain happy and positive.

the secret to overcome all FEARS is to remain HAPPY, POSITIVE & SELF-SUFFICIENT. fear tells u that u cannot make it. well, that's FEAR. you tell FEAR, "I can make it cos i m human!"