Monday, March 30, 2009

how MANDARINISED can our army language get?

imagine if army talk were to be done in MANDARIN, much of the distinctive flavours we were so accustomed to would definitely be lost. listen to this before our traditional army language gets MANDARINISED permanently.

click on DOWNLOAD MP3 to listen.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


what has the world becoming now? has it become so devoid that they need to worship another human?

why are some of our local pastors being addressed as "Reveremce so and so", eg. REVERANCE LAWRENCE KHONG. is he being a pastor a higher mortal or greater human? then there are the "VENERABLES" such as VENERABLE SHI MIN YI. but now he's down and standing on trial for misappropriation and criminal breach of trust so does the title "VENERABLE" still applicable to be addressed unto him?

we have the POPE and DALAI LAMA both who are "revered" by many that it seems that one could be representing GOD and the other BUDDHA. have human beings become so devoid of their humanity that they must put faith in another human being?

then what are religions created eons ago? it seem that they have lost much of their essence to the new-age humans representing it or a spokesman of the religion.

in simple humans just love creating something to adhere to and put their faith in. something is not very right in us. we have become too reliance on things which our minds create and ended up "attached" to it.

emptiness is form....and form is emptiness. think about this. maybe we would be enlightened :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ORGANS TRADING HUB ....soon to be

what's becoming of singapore? now the rich could easily buy an organ from the poor? who are the lesser mortals now?

March 25, 2009
Kidney payment gets nod
One MP votes 'no', four abstain over key change allowing reimbursement
By Sue-Ann Chia, Senior Political Correspondent

They were all for three of the four changes - lifting the age limit on cadaveric donors, allowing recipients to swop donors for a better match, and increasing penalties for organ trading. But most were uncomfortable about allowing reimbursement of living kidney donors. Their main fear was that people would exploit it to induce donors to sell their kidneys, opening the back door to organ trading. --BT PHOTO: ARTHUR LEE CH

THE controversial legislation which allows reimbursement of living kidney donors was passed in Parliament yesterday after a heated debate.
Even after Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan assured the House that the new law did not seek to legalise organ trading, not all were convinced.

When the final vote on the amendments to the Human Organ Transplant Act (Hota) was taken, four MPs abstained and one said 'no'.

The four were Madam Halimah Yacob (Jurong GRC), Ms Denise Phua (Jalan Besar GRC), opposition Hougang MP Low Thia Khiang and Non-Constituency MP Sylvia Lim.

The dissenter was Mr Christopher de Souza (Holland-Bukit Timah GRC), who objected on the grounds that the Bill lacked details to ensure donations would be 'not-for-profit, transparent and devoid of abuse'.

'While I agree with the principle of reimbursement...the framework in the Bill could be the subject of abuse,' he said.

All in, a dozen MPs spoke passionately on the Bill over the past two days.

They were all for three of the four changes - lifting the age limit on cadaveric donors, allowing recipients to swop donors for a better match, and increasing penalties for organ trading. But most were uncomfortable about allowing reimbursement of living kidney donors. Their main fear was that people would exploit it to induce donors to sell their kidneys, opening the back door to organ trading.

They were also worried about an uneven playing field, with the rich finding it easier than the poor to obtain kidneys.

Questions they posed: Should there be caps on payments? Should foreign donors be excluded from receiving reimbursements? What role does the Government play to safeguard against abuses?

pap doggies and sinkie sheep in action

they bark left, sheep go left. when yelp right, they go right. follow the paps doggies, they are good for the sinkie sheep!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

babaero11 is truly a sex pervert!

read what he posted in forum. tsk...tsk!

From: BabaEro11 10:49 am
To: axparadox unread (3 of 16)

10079.3 in reply to 10079.2

Recently, I visit a Sinkie 30+ yo woman's home.

While she went to her kitchen to fix me a drink, her male Pekinese poodle came to me and started to smell my that part.

She came over and chase her male poodle away.

I suspect something !

she live alone and sleep with her dog.

From: BabaEro11 10:51 pm
To: Spearmint000 (Spearmint888) unread (16 of 16)

10079.16 in reply to 10079.13

No,her name is not Sumiko. Her name is Veronica.

Veronica just moved into a new condo in river Valley Road area.

She was showing me around her living room, kitchen, utility room, balconies and her rooms.

What happened next made me very curious.

When we enter her masterbait room, her poogle barked furiously and showed signs of aggressiveness.

Why ?...

the misfortune of meeting this jerk is indeed creepy!

coverup, smear and create prejudices....?

when allan ooi's report first surfaced, ST hinted that he could be a "gaming freak". this article says much about the intention. coverup, smear and create prejudices....
hey, Straits Times, where’s the gaming addiction now?

Oops, someone got caught with their pants down eh?

THE Defence Ministry has come out for the first time to address the issues surrounding the sudden death of Captain (Dr) Allan Ooi in Melbourne, Australia, earlier this month.

Its spokesman, Colonel Darius Lim, said Capt Ooi’s superiors were aware of his unhappiness over his work, and had offered him a different appointment. But he never got back to his boss about whether he would take the option.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force medical officer, 27, was found dead underneath Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge on March 3. In a note he left behind, he said, among other things(LIKE WOW?), that he was unhappy at work. He lamented that he spent more time doing administrative work such as writing articles for the air force in-house magazine, than treating patients.

Capt (Dr) Ooi, a Singapore Armed Forces scholar, had wanted out of the SAF.

Col Lim said in a letter to The Straits Times Forum Page that on Oct 3 last year, Capt (Dr) Ooi was offered ‘the option of posting to an appointment which he would be interested in’. He did not elaborate on what the appointment was.

Capt (Dr) Ooi was to get back to his superiors on the matter in two weeks time.

‘However, he did not do so,’ Col Lim added.

Instead, on Oct 15, when the two weeks would have been up, he was declared as having gone AWOL or absent without official leave.

It is believed that he left the country on Oct 13, leaving his family and his employer in the dark as to his whereabouts.

The note he left behind for family and friends had been circulating widely on the Internet, setting off much chatter in blogs and forums about the SAF’s scholarship regime and its inflexibility.

so well Straits Times, where’s the gambling addiction and gaming addictions now? What happened to those examples about how gaming and playing WoW can lead to life’s problems? Why did it take SAF so long to come clean, and they only come clean AFTER the note was leaked online? Does that mean that if the note wasn’t leaked online, the SAF will not come clean? oh never mind that question, everyone knows the answer. Dirty linen should never be aired right? Taxpayers do not need to know the truths about the biggest spender of our budget.

I’m still waiting for the admission that you defamed a dead person by baseless speculations and gross untruths. Whoever the reporter was, and the editor too, SHAME ON YOU. Sorry for the wrong language, but fuck you people for trying to lie to the masses and defaming a dead person. How low can you get? despicable.

oh and the explanation given smacks clearly of blame shifting to Dr Allan Ooi. It paints a picture of an organisation “being accommodating and kind enough” to give him another position. Please la, the person wanted OUT. O.U.T. and was willing to pay to get OUT. Obviously, either they don’t understand the word “out” or they are not “accomodating and kind enough”? Looks like they rather have a unhappy and unproductive person on their hands(joining a whole bunch of many other unproductive people in a inefficient and unproductive organisation), rather than a happy and productive employee. Somewhere, someone in there must’ve got their HR management completely wrong. I hope these people are happy now.

Nevertheless, if an officer wishes to leave the service early, he can submit an application through a proper process. Approval to leave the service will be granted only in strong and extenuating circumstances.

Looks like approval to leave the service has now been granted by the SAF in Dr Allan Ooi’s case eh? Is dying fit a “strong and extenuating circumstance”

May the guilt of causing someone’s death be forever on your minds.

guilt or more damage control?

March 23, 2009
SAF offered doctor alternative posting
THE Ministry of Defence (Mindef) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) extend our deepest condolences to the family of the late Captain (Dr) Allan Ooi Seng Teik.

Mindef wishes to clarify certain facts regarding media reports on Capt (Dr) Ooi's service in the SAF and his scholarship bond.

Capt (Dr) Ooi joined the SAF in January 2000 and was sponsored under the Local Study Award (Medicine) for his medical studies at the National University of Singapore, and completed his housemanship in April 2006. Thereafter, he completed the SAF's Medical Officer Cadet Course and was commissioned in August 2006. He then served for 11/2 years in the Air Force Medical Service. He was sponsored by the SAF for further specialist training in Aviation Medicine in Britain in January last year.

Upon completing this course in July last year, he was posted to the Aeromedical Centre to perform clinical and staff work. He was scheduled to go for his hospital posting at the end of this year.

While serving at the Aeromedical Centre, Capt (Dr) Ooi informed his superior that he was unhappy at work and was considering leaving the SAF. On Oct 3 last year, his superior offered him the option of posting to an appointment he would be interested in. He agreed to consider this option and get back to his superior in two weeks' time. However, he did not do so. He also did not submit any application to leave the SAF. He went Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) on Oct 15 last year.

Recipients of the Local Study Award (Medicine) are required to serve a 12-year bond after completing their housemanship. Of these 12 years, six years will be spent in hospitals to acquire clinical competency in fields needed by the SAF. The other six years will be spent in command and staff positions with the SAF Medical Corps, performing duties such as the clinical care of SAF servicemen and professional development of military medicine.

SAF officers who take up sponsorship have a responsibility to serve the full period of their bonds as substantial resources and time have been devoted to training them. Otherwise they will leave gaps in key positions in the SAF.

Nevertheless, if an officer wishes to leave the service early, he can submit an application through a proper process. Approval to leave the service will be granted only in strong and extenuating circumstances.
Colonel Darius Lim
Director, Public Affairs
Ministry of Defence

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it's that time of the year - MANGO FLOWERING SEASON!

everywhere hdb areas u go, u would notice proliferating blossoming of mango trees. yes! it's mango flowering season. in another couple of months, we would see fat juicy mangoes hanging on the trees.

beware! this mean MANGO FINING SEASON too.

the wickedness of towncoucils prevail in maximum degree - tempting peasants with fat juicy mangoes and summoning them. the record stands at $200 per mango plucked.

please warn the poor FT lowly paid bangalas and indians about the hidden juicy fat mango traps.

beside being a flowering city, we could be a fruiting one at the same time. i culdn't understand why are fruit trees planting in plentiful and yet citizens are prohibited from plucking it. the fruits look juicy and mangoes are really expensive! usually they are left to rot or food for birds.

what was the purpose of planting fruit trees if only they can be look at not touch or ingested?

it certainly becomes a fine trap for unwary FTs - the bangalas or maybe some tourists who thought this is indeed a very "fine friendly" cuntry.

during the kampong era, such peasants had so much fun helping themselves to the fruits. the owners of the fruit trees might rant and even let out the dog....but this just added to the fun and excitement!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dr Allan Ooi's Obituary - Government's Policy

this posting really mean "serious business" for the army. it's very contradicting and confusing. indirectly forcing hopelessness and then hypocritically sending their sympathies. truly unique indeed!!

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Dr Allan Ooi's Obituary - Government's Policy


Much have been said in the thread on "Dr Allan Ooi’s farewell letter and last word before his death: Questions for SAF" and the main thrust of blogger's views had been centred on the pros and cons of scholarship bond.

However, I have questions for Mindef or any government officials who can answer the undermentioned questions:

For the record, this is not meant to have any disrespect for the late Dr Allan Ooi nor to his family who are grieving for a loss son and family member.

It is a known and undisputed facts that Dr Ooi was an army deserter and went AWOL (Absence without Official Leave) for several months. As an AWOL personnel, he is wanted by the authorities and any police stop and search, his name will appear on the police wanted list as well as a warrant of arrest would have been issued against him.

In other words, he is wanted for a criminal offence under the SAF Act for going AWOL.

As a wanted man, he is going to face imprisonment if convicted in a court martial or maybe in a civilan criminal court. He would have faced shame and humiliation if he is convicted had he been alive as he would have to serve imprisonment.

My question to the government is this:

Why is Mindef Chief of various forces advertising in the Obituary Section of The Straits Times sending their condolences to the late Dr Ooi when he is a wanted criminal for AWOL in the army.

What message is the government sending to the general public that even a wanted criminal can be "celebrated" and condolences messages sent even for an AWOL personnel. Is the government going to put up an obituary sending condolences messages if the deceased had committed muder assuming he had been a high ranking military officer and a scholar as well.

Kindly clarify the government stand as it had been a hot topic in the public.

do your kids understand your own dialect?

[QUOTE=tinyplanet;196048]No matter how solid is our local production, such as The Little Nyonya, still NO FIGHT with HK drama, esp this following one ...


it's more realistic when the dialogue is in canto cos it's easier to express it more authentically. LITTLE NYNOYA is just a new gimmick in which baba & nyonya does not get much exposure until now.

have we ever asked WHY? why do they waited until now then they are put in the openness?

the answer: every dialect, PERANAKAN included, wants to learn more about their origin and their roots. we want to be proud about it and not ashamed to continue glorify it.

what the old spaceship goat is trying to do now is to compel us to trash it, bury it and hopefully forget it to become pseudo-MANDARIN cheena. doesn't that make as inferior as a hokkien singaporean or a cantonese singaporean or even a hakka singaporean?

SPEAK MANDARIN campaign is destined to fail. we are more deep rooted to our dialect origin then the old man could think to trash dialect out of our roots.

most can already speak mandarin. what is he expecting more about? it's time he returns us our rights to dialect origin.

SPEAK MANDARIN - how come beh sianz one?

canto soap operas vs tcs serials


remember chou yun fatt's MAN IN THE NET soap opera? it was pure tv enjoyment then. and tv license was even cheaper than now.

compare canto serials to local mandarin dramas, which would u prefer to watch? now there is an even bigger craze: the taiwanese lo so serials. i had watched them while in taiwan and they were really very addictive to watch especially the way they spewed those colorful hokkien. it really hit the satisfaction mental mode.

the hk canto serials are now dubbed so artificially in mandarin and much of the original flavour is lost. can u imagine listening to chow yun fatt splattering in funny canto accentuated mandarin. it's so forced and unnatural and doesn't do the superstar justice.

SPEAK MANDARIN has been around for so many years. if it had succeeded, it would have long ago. why repeating this every year? doesn't it look kind of stupid and redundant? it's just a waste of resources and it make the whole campaign so fake.


if the old man cannot speak good hakka, he shouldn't deprive true-bred hakka from promoting their dialect nor should he stops other dialect group from enhancing theirs.

some minitoots and mps should speak up on this. it's absolute infringement of our rights to preserve our dialect heritage - our own natural chinese roots.

this is absolute infringement to the type of entertainment that we pay to enjoy. definitely we are not getting out money's worth. this SPEAK MANDARIN is getting to be such an offensive obsession of the old goat in a spaceship.

just becos he doesn't understand a witty cantonese lines from such interesting serial and everyone has to be deprived of that rights to enjoy it.

when we do business with china, certain area like fujian, or guangzhou, hokkien or cantonese is mainly spoken there. beijing and shanghai mandarin are also quite different, so how far can singlish MANDARIN take us?

it makes us like counterfeit taiwanese which we are not. as for pure mandarin speaking chinese, we look a bit off tangent cos we are not communists china.

WHY CAN'T WE JUST BE PROUD OF WHAT WE ARE WITH OUR OWN UNIQUE CULTURE AND LANGUAGES OR DIALECTS? we should be proud about speaking SINGLISH cos that make us different from other country nationals.

it distinguishes our uniqueness and we should be very proud of it and not ashamed of. we should be ashamed of ourselves when we try to fake something that is totally unnatural to singaporean for which our old goat in spaceship can never understand. he cannot speak hakka and that's something he should really be ashamed of.
i especially love chou yun fatt's "cultured" expletive: kan lei lou mo chow chey pai....literally translated from canto, should be: follow your mother copy car number - which always leaves me in stitches after i realised what it really suppose to mean in XXX format. LOL!

or another from SHANGHAI BUND, "kui sek gai pao qi" or go eat chicken bun sharksfin which suppose to mean in canto GO TO HELL! or GO & DIE!

languages be it dialects or whatever spices our life with more colors and flavours. our gov shouldn't have meddled and controlled over it. they should leave that alone to let it evolves into a more interesting mode of life.

by the way, why is the old goat in spaceship still calling the shots? isn't he suppose to be partially retired? how is it always he demanding this and that?
try speaking mandarin when doing business in HK. either u get pissed or ur business associates get freaked out.

singaporean is a very versatile people blessed with linguistic skills which the gov should leave language alone. how come this one doesn't fall in the "seditious" category? our linguistic skills come from the multi-blending of dialects beside the 4 major languages. hkies or taiwanese or even the ang mo don't even get any closer to our linguistic skill. that's something we should be very proud of!

old goat in spaceship should also try the indian languages which have even more different kind of indian dialects. we are also doing lots of business with INDIA. just look around us, so many indian FTs now flooding our market.

so what's next? SPEAK TAMIL campaign? unify all indian dialects and force them to speak only official TAMIL?
try to speak to a hkies in mandarin next time u have a chance and u should know what i mean by forcing something that is unnatural to them.

alternatively, just pay attention to some of the hk artistes speaking mandarin. GRASSHOPPERS would be performing soon in town. just listen to their mandarin when they r singing and a different version of mandarin when they are talking. it's ludricous!
any language is useful. but our old goat in spaceship is trying to kill all dialects just becos he cannot speak his own root dialect of hakka.

look at some of the minitoot like georgie yeo, cock talking hen and many others, he should be forcing them to speak MANDARIN. they are getting obscenely paid and they should be the ones setting the examples.

if they can't do it, u expect "lesser mortal" or lowly paid peasants to lead? has anyone ever heard georgie yeo speaking teochew before? he spoke it more beautifully than when he stammers in MANDARIN! and yet listeners understood his teochew better than his forceful MANDARIN. now that's funny is it?
Originally Posted by Frankiestine
u dun have to watch the dub version can always get the canto version...and i get mine fresh by downloading the latest series..

mediacorpse forces down that at every peasants' throat. maybe it's about time we stand up for our rights to our very own entertainment and enjoyment.
the past sins of the old goat in spaceship, he hasn't really faced up to it yet and he dares to commit more.

From: singabagus Mar-18 9:23 pm
To: chorut (27 of 43)

9554.27 in reply to 9554.17

dear chorut,

frankly i'm quite shocked by what u said...." it's only his don't have to follow..."

when a leader of a country expresses an opinion, it's almost like a decree....

so please don't pretend that it's just an opinion...

stop at two is also an opinion....see what happened now

graduates should marry graduates to produce premier kids...see what happend

speak mandarin campaign...see what happened to our society

we need foreign talents...see what had happened today

we need demographics balance.....see for your eyes now

means testing is just an opinion.....see what is happening...

you don't need three meals at a restaurant or foodcourt or what....

sending old folks to jb and batam....
there're many opinions and opinions expressed by our world class don't have to follow....but the whole machinery will start to run to ensure that the opionion is heard...and be carried out at all levels...'s only my don't take it too seriously....cheers!
the newer post 65 would have lost all their dialect roots. perhaps, it may signal the falls of paps as many suddenly love flying spaceship i.e off the ground than with the ground. if u know what i meant

if dialects can be turned into their advantages, who bothers about speaking MANDARIN? old goat wanna be pseudo-cheena man, pseudo ang mo and got one time he even praised the japs so much, i bet he would also wanna be pseudo-jap and promote jap speaking campaign too.

we are singaporeans and we should be proud of our dialect groups. singlish should be our official language! it's a blend of our unity and our culture. kill it and it destroys our identity.
the gov should just run their bureucracy. when it comes to culture, languages and traditionals which are things close at hearts with citizens, they should try and leave that alone.

burning incense during 7th mth is really bad. why don't the gov stop and prohibit that?

maybe they should even probit wayang operas which is in dialects. why don't they dare?
Originally Posted by yansen84
not true. ch48 on starhub, for instance, beams programmes from HK TVB. granted, the serials they show are not the latest from HK, but still nothing is curtailed. ditto the taiwanese channels, I think there's one hokkien channel now showing exclusively hokkien dramas from taiwan.

if all else fails, there's always the net you can turn to to download the shows you wanna watch.

actually we do not have time for all those, it's the elders who are kept glued to those serials. if it's in dialect, they would easily understood it. didn't many singaporeans also picked up the very colorful "qi sin" or the canto word for "crazy"? this was popularised by the late cheong yin from the serial THE CHAMELEON.

the older generation like us gotta enjoy it but why then the young are now being deprived of that wholesome enjoyment?
Originally Posted by yansen84
haha uncle you're right la. among us 'youngsters', i think i'm the only one who knows who is and watches 豬哥亮.

豬哥亮 runs road liao. his daughter is pretty chio though and nothing like his ugly hokkien comical father who's jokes are really classic XXX in gentlemanly manner.
Originally Posted by char_jig_kar
because of one man, who thinks, he know it all.

these are little endearment that glue citizens together - the uniqueness of dialects and not MANDARIN. those who are not educated, what's mandarin or even english to them?

we are born of our individual dialect group which consists of individual rich culture and tradition behind it. our spaceship old goat doesn't know how to appreciate or endear it, doesn't mean we must be forced to be like him and trash our dialect root.

how would one say HUAT KUEH in mandarin? FA sounds like canto of FXXK U! now that's funny isn't it? if there's misunderstanding in communicating, there would be misunderstand in whichever language or dialect used.

the old spaceship goat simply still half way in space and not landed to the ground yet. when he's landed, he could be overlanded, i.e., beneath ground level.

he should have used his limited time to pass on the virtues of HAKKA , a dialect which belongs to a special group of chinese who are famed for their resilient and endurance to times.

infact, instead of SPEAK MANDARIN, we should be teaching our children how to appreciate their dialect group and well-informed about the beauty and marvel of each of the dialects.

SPEAK MANDARIN is simply a waste of time and resources. it does make our gov looks stupid. after so many years, they are still wasting time at it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new update about murder-cum-suicide case

Prof Chan said he was bewildered by nasty speculation over his character and sexual inclination in the aftermath of the stabbing attack. --PHOTO: INTERNET

View more photos

The Nanyang Technological University professor who was stabbed by a final year student earlier this month has broken his silence to respond to vicious talk on the Internet.
In an exclusive interview with The New Paper, Associate Professor Chan Kap Lup, 45, who teaches in NTU's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, said he was bewildered by nasty speculation over his character and sexual inclination in the aftermath of the stabbing attack by Indonesian student David Hartanto Widjaja, 21, who later fell to his death on that shocking March 2 morning.

Some netizens have suggested on sites such as that Prof Chan was attacked because he wanted to give the student a poor grade for his final year project. Some others even went so far as to imply Mr Widjaja and Prof Chan had a homosexual relationship, said the TNP report on Thursday.

Prof Chan, who is married with two young children, told TNP: 'My goodness, there's no such thing. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet, because people can write whatever they want.

'I never read these Internet forums because the postings can't be taken seriously - anyone can write anything.'

Refuting allegations on the poor grading, Prof Chan, who was Mr Widjaja's project supervisor, said with a laugh, that his role was to help students do well.

'We are not to fail the students and that's why I'm laughing at the suggestion that I wanted to give David a poor grade. Ask any professor if they wish to help their students do well and their answers are the same.'

The don, who suffered injuries on his back and right hand, was discharged from the National University Hospital on March 4 and is on medical leave for a few weeks.

Prof Chan added that all students 'have the same experiences of meeting deadlines and coping with other modules', but would not say if Mr Widjaja was slack with his project. 'If David had any problems with his project, he certainly didn't tell me. It's very sad he ended up like that,' he said.

He declined to talk more about the stabbing, saying he had given a police statement.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Found this on Harwarezone:
Originally Posted by SAF doc
Hi there,

I am a colleague of Dr Ooi and it is truly saddening. What he wrote there was similar to what he confided in me as well. He was unhappy and desperate to leave.

Whatever he wrote in the letter about having his bond extended against his will etc is true. It has happened to many saf docs¡­ there are many of us stuck in this system now. Locked in at age 18, promised the moon and given excrement instead. Some are not unhappy, some are. The problem is, no one is allowed to resign. Dr Ooi¡¯s family has more than enough $ to pay his bond but the SAF is afraid that if one is allowed to leave, all their docs will leave and they will have no-one left to work for them.

Some of us have tried to leave, but even after they sending resignation letters and talking to the highest levels of superiors, the answer has always been ¡°no, we don¡¯t want to discuss the bond¡± or simply ¡°no, you cannot break¡±. No further discussion. Short of employing expensive lawyers to fight the gahmen¡­ we¡¯re stuck for 18-21 years after signing the bond.

It is truly saddening and SAF should be ashamed of bullying and deceiving young, bright doctors into a permanent sad future.

is NS really killing our own talents instead of "protecting" it? or is it an excuse to cover up their own embarrassment to public about their lame bureaucracy?


frog in the well

anger and all the attachments.....

if only our soul could jump out from our body shell and look at what is going on in our life......maybe we would see clearer, treasure dearer and live life fuller...

sadhu, sadhu.....ornitoufo....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

why do the rich clamber for public scholariship?

i know scholarship is meant to be awarded to the creme de cream but why are the rich who could afford it for their elite bright kids still wanna compete against lesser well-off peasants who have bright scholarly kids but may not have the resources to excel them to the fullest?

is this greed? or is it fame and more elitism showoff they are aftering for?

if dr. allan ooi hadn't taken the scholarship, would he still be alive today? his family could afford it. why took it and then made himself unhappy and maybe caused the abrupt end to a life which was full of hopes and promises?

mystery shrouds over the sudden death of this young NS doctor

Capt (Dr) Ooi sent his sister birthday greetings on Oct 13, the day he left Singapore. -- PHOTO: FACEBOOK

March 9, 2009

Family of SAF doctor lost touch after Oct

He had sent them e-mail message a month after leaving to say he was well and not to look for him

By Jermyn Chow

THE family of Captain (Dr) Allan Ooi, who was found dead under a bridge in Melbourne on March 3, heard from him a month after he went absent without official leave from the armed forces last October.

The 27-year-old ignored their cellphone calls as well as their text and e-mail messages for a month before finally sending a short response by e-mail.

By all accounts
By all accounts, Capt (Dr) Ooi was a sociable young man who was often featured in high-society magazines here. His friends knew him as an 'all-rounder' who excelled in his studies and sports.
'He said he loved us and he was doing well, and he told us not to look for him,' his sister, Ms Lynette Ooi, 24, told The Straits Times yesterday.

The family had been in a tizzy since they received a call from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) informing them that he had not turned up for work.

Ms Ooi said their parents, obstetrician and gynaecologist Alex Ooi and general practitioner Lucy Ooi, were then in London with her. Their brother, Adrian, 28, was working in the Singapore General Hospital.

Private investigators were hired and a missing persons report lodged with the police, but all they knew at the end was that he had left Singapore on Oct 13.

That day was the last time Ms Ooi heard from him before the AWOL incident. He had sent her birthday greetings via a text message.

'I thought it seemed a little strange because usually he would call me and we would catch up a bit,' said Ms Ooi, a lawyer.

Family and friends flooded his e-mail inbox, pleading with him to return or asking what help he needed to start a new life. They received no word from him.

In 2000, Capt (Dr) Ooi, then 18, took up an SAF scholarship to study medicine at the National University of Singapore. In return, he was to serve a 12-year bond.

This bond was extended by a further three years after he went for a six-month aviation medicine course in London last year. He returned in mid-June and went back to work at the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF's) Aeromedical Centre in Paya Lebar.

Ms Ooi said he was unhappy at work. 'He was seeing or treating very few patients. Instead, he was doing administrative work, including writing articles for the air force's in-house magazine,' she said.

He had considered quitting his job because of this. His parents backed him, offering to pay off his bond, but he never pushed ahead with the matter, said Ms Ooi.

By all accounts, Capt (Dr) Ooi was a sociable young man who was often featured in high-society magazines here. His friends knew him as an 'all-rounder' who excelled in his studies and sports.

'He would always be the first to cheer us up when we were down, flashing his trademark cheeky grin,' said one close friend.

They turned up in force for his wake yesterday at the family's Moonbeam Terrace bungalow.

In the room where the coffin had been placed, a keyboardist played mournful strains on a piano while snapshots of the young man in happier days - mostly at parties and holidays, and flanked by family and friends - were shown on a television set.

The family was upset at speculation that he might have rung up gambling debts or that he was addicted to online games.

Ms Ooi said: 'My brother would never be that foolish. He always knew what he was doing.'

She said the family was still in the dark about what he had been up to in Melbourne over the past five months.

They went to identify his body and flew it home last Saturday. They also collected his belongings from an apartment in a Melbourne suburb.
Melbourne police are still investigating the circumstances of his death.

NS really killing our boys?

an interesting posting from the sbf forums about a personal letter written by the late DR ALLAN OOI who was found death under a flyover bridge in oz.

read with discreet. if it's true, our NS could be unwittingly murder to many of our compulsory army serving boys. by the way, is there a need really for NATIONAL SERVICE? or it's just an excuse for our gov to flaunt their wealth and their capability to "amass latest weapons for mass destruction"?

Monday, March 9, 2009

the sadistic bus stops

since i ve done a SADIST SBS BUS, might as well continue with more sadism.

this time, it's the sadistic SBS BUS STOPS!!

there is one particular bus stop along orchard that really both amuses n pisses me off. it's located just outside LUCKY PLAZA. when u rush there to have a good look - and if it's still there, take a pic and post it here.

this sadistic luckyplaza bus stop is always crowded as its location is busy orchard rd. however, the bus stop is designed in such artistically but impractical manner.

there are many advertisement boards which obstruct the smooth flow of the heavy human traffic and commuters. worst, on one end, u will see one ad panel boasting CIVIL DEFENCE. this obstructs the already very narrowed pathway.

now WTF do those SBS idiots put that up for? ads money?? then wtf again does CIVIL DEFENCE waste resource to boast about themselves? too much money??

this bus stop is dreadfully blocked with more ads panels obstructing people from walking conveniently to access into lucky plaza for a smooth human passage. speaking about those ads, guess what were put up there?

"SEXYTONOTHING".....well, have u guessed it?


when u ve really noticed that, it's flag raising ceremony time in between your legs. and the bus u ve waited for so long gotta arrive at this crucial moment! u can't get up and board, rite? your "flag is rising". u ven't finished singing ur "national anthem". so u sit. trying to lower that "flag" of yours. by the time, it's lowered, ur bus has long gone!

u see, SBS could be dominated by a bunch of sadists who are both avariciously hurting ur pockets and love to torture commuters. first they replace buses that jerk and cause "90% injuries" to commuters. next, they put up ads panels that obstruct. and inside those panels they put up SEXYTONOTHING lacey bra-ed big boobs bitches to encourage national patriotism in "raising the flag" in our pants which causes the flag raiser to miss the long overdue bus which finally arrives and zooms off before the flag raiser could unabashfully stand up and board.

and yes, SBS maybe haven't finish the sentence they started:


the conitnuing phrase should be:


literally, it means wait long long for the next bus.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

another death in NTU

The Straits Times, AsiaOne

NTU staff found hanged

AN NTU infocomm project officer was found hanged at a staff apartment at the university's Boon Lay campus on late on Friday.

Zhou Zheng, a 24-year-old staff member of the Division of Information at the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) was found hanging in the balcony in his apartment at Block 101C Nanyang Heights where staff and graduate students reside.

Police said they received a call at around 10.30pm last night and when they arrived, the body had been brought down to the floor.

An NTU spokesperson said the university's support systems have swung into action to ensure that those who found the body are not traumatised, reported a local radio network.

Professional counsellors and senior university officers were immediately on site to offer support, help and counsel where needed. The man's next-of-kin has also been notified, according to a press statement released by NTU.

According to a statement released by NTU on Saturday, the late Mr Zhou Zheng, 24, from Hubei, China, graduated with a 2nd Class Upper Honours from NTU Electrical and Electronic Engineering in July last year.

He started work with a company upon graduation, but was laid off after two months.

He then joined NTU as a Project Officer on March 2 this year.

Said NTU's President, Dr Su Guaning: "All of us are deeply saddened by the loss. The Board of Trustees, management, the NTU community and I offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family."

This is the second death reported in NTU this week.

On Monday, Indonesian final-year student, David Hartanto Widjaja, 21, stabbed his professor before taking his own life soon after.

Widjaja, an Asean scholar also from EEE, had his scholarship revoked because he had not been performing well academically.
This island getting more interesting every day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

there was no wounds on his wrists.....

this suicide cum attempted murder by david against prof. chan kap luk from NTU is getting to be very intriguing as more opinions are posted in the STFORUMS.


Yesterday, 02:40 PM


@ blackblacksheep1

Straight from google translator:

There are in fact not in the slice David Hand
News article from, a well known newspaper in English, that states that the cause of David's dead is still a mystery and many people are doubting what was reported by the Singapore media.

Thursday, 5 March 2009 | 08:59 WIB
SINGAPORE, WEDNESDAY - The death of David Hartanto Widjaja (21) is still mysterious. Initially, the Indonesian students studying in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, be it suicide after puncture pembimbingnya lecturers. Now, the news began to doubt that many parties.

Initial information is circulating through various mass media coverage of Singapore, both online and in print, said that Professor David puncture Kap Luk Chan (45) along with a kitchen knife 10 cm, and slice right wrist and a field of 4-storey building of the campus, on Monday ( 2 / 3) at 10:35.

After viewing the corpse David, both his parents, and Widjaja Hartanto Li Chai Kim, says there is no wound in the wrist David.

They were even taken aback, because it is wound in the neck pricker their second son is. No official explanation about the cause of the injury. In fact, appear that it is wild speculation Professor Chan who attacked David.

Professor Chan, who has left yesterday the National University Hospital, became the key witness in this case because he is the only person who together with David in the room when the work was bloody.

Until now, Singapore's police are still tracking what motive Prof David Chan attack so traumatic spine and hand. And still just allegations that David completed the task of finally being stress. Moreover, according to the daily Straits Times, David has just lost the school since 4 years ago. According to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian embassy), David catastrophe investigation cases take 4-6 months.

Does not plunge

Speculation about David's death triggered the debate in the Straits Times website on Wednesday (3 / 3), titled Knife attack at NTU: Student Lost Study Award. In the comment column, a berinisial edwin2026 criticize coverage of Singapore that seems memojokkan David.

Man named Edwin Lesmana that include e-mail address and its ready to be responsible for any statement. He also said e-mail Tribun Batam, but refused to further explain its statement. Following comment on Edwin Straits Times.

"I was one of close friend David. I am here to give some facts and assumptions about this case. In fact, Lok Tat Seng, Dean of NTU, collects all the students from India in the International Student Center on the evening after the incident. He says there are only witness in a body to see David in the sprawling land, died. Dean said that the witness did not see David's balcony plunge.

The only official statement from the police, David was found dead. (According to the police, estimated David died at 10.45). They did not mention whether he was doing suicide.

They also only mentioned the 'professor is believed to be stabbed'. But it does not say that the 'professor who has been stabbed'. Where this assumption come from? Why do not they say about it?

I and some students gathered at the International Student Center at 8 pm after the incident and spoke to parents David. They claim to not see the wounds on the hands and circle the police have also confirmed the problem. Assumption I, David parents will not lie. Means that all the news media that David cut off hands is untrue.

According to her parents, have also injured in the head of David (it is assumed that injury from falling), and slice wounds on his neck. According to my opinion, injured his neck in very suspicious. How can he be hurt like that? Once again, according to parents David, the police suspect it's because his head injuries strike the ground during fall. If so, surely dagunya injured. The reality is not. My question, from which the original injury in his neck "?

David attacked

Following assumptions presented by Edwin. (1) David stabbed professor. How do you know? Crimes that occur in a closed room with only a professor, and David. No one shall see what happens. Witnesses only saw David walking out the room.

(2) When David was suicide, how can someone do that suicide can fall to the new glass roof fell to the ground, not directly sink to the ground. (3) David pergelangannya slice. I do not know where this story originated.

According to Edwin who had two years in one room with David, the information that David has the motivation because Prof. Chan gives a value that is not satisfactory because David has not submitted a report. Moreover, there are policies in the NTU not to inform the students about the value of their value before the exit.

"I suspect it is Prof. Chan who attacked David. There are several points about the reasons for me. First, according to various reports, filled with clothes David blood. If the circle of blood from his hands, he may not clean the blood in the hands of her wearing clothes. Can be more understandable if the injury was derived from his neck, "wrote Edwin.

Second, David tried to escape out of the room after the attack by professors. However, with a neck injury, he finally fell from the top balcony. Maybe he does not panic and realize after losing a lot of blood so that he fell, "Edwin pungkas. (Edy)

let's play sherlock holmes

Solve this recent crime


I am responsible for what I have written here, and contact me at if you need any clarification.

david was very lucky to have kaminari who is brave and chilvarous enough to probe into his "suicide" and deeper aspect of this unfortunate and untimely death.

SALUTE TO YOU KAMINARI...whoever u are! i salute u!!


when i read about this tragic news, i was quite puzzled. it was a misfortune and yet the SHIT TIMES and tv media reported more about the credentials of that professor involved.

very strange kind of leeporting. does it mean to provide an referral "alibi" - something like a "pre-protection shield" and enactment of a "good citizen kane" image prior to police investigation?


5. God is with those that speak for justice, dead men do speak too.

how many here have the conscience for TRUTH, JUSTICE AND SIMPLE MORALS?

or maybe we should ask: DO WE REALLY HAVE GOD WITH US?? IN FAITH....AND IN TRUTH??

before i m being SABOTAGED and BANNED again by the gang of nasty cowardly clones.....i hope the people involved, witnessed or know some other untold info or related to david could shed some light.

david was some parents' endeared son. as parents, we do not wish to raise our kid just to watch them painstaking committed suicide ...just like that, and it's all over.


LIFE shouldn't be meant to end in such a way. feel the parents' pain and please stand out for them if there is a HIDDEN TRUTH somewhere in this unfortunate drama.
emptiness is form...form is emptiness

Solve this recent crime

let's play detective to this sudden "suicide" of an indo student.


Today, 02:37 PM
I am one of David Hartanto's close friend and I am here to give you some facts, assumptions, possibilities about this case


1. Lok Tat Seng: Dean of Student of NTU gathered all Indonesian students in
International Student Center on evening after incident and he just said there was witness on the spot who saw David's body lying on the ground, dead. Dean did not said that witness saw David jumped from balcony. And that is, according to him, all he has saw.

2. The only official statement from police is: David was found dead at
the crime scene, they did not mention whether he commited suicide.

The link:

They also just mention 'The professor was believed to be stabbed'. The police
did not say that 'the professor was stabbed'. Where this assumption come from? Why they did not say about it?

3. I and some Indonesian students gather tonight, 3 March 2009, at 8 pm,
at International Student Center and talked to David's parent.
They have seen his body. There was NO WOUND whatsoever on his wrists and police also has confirmed it. I assumed that his parent would not lie it means that all media news about
'David slashed his wrist' was FAKE.

4. The wounds found on David's body, according to his parents,
were on his head (It is assumed due to fall injury),
and slash wound on his neck. The wound on his neck is very suspicious, in
my opinion. How he received that wound?? Again, according to his parent,
police guessed that it may be happened when the bottom part of his head smashed the ground. In that case, his chin will have broken and it did not.

1. David stabbed professor. How did you know? The crime scene is closed room, only David and that professor. No one see what has happened. Eye-witness only saw David run out from that room.

2. David commited suicide. How could someone who commited suicide drop himself into glassed roof, instead of directly drop himself to ground.

3. David slashed his wrist. I do not know where this news came from...

4. David's motivation.

4.1. He pissed off since his prof did not give satisfactory grade The grade has not been released and he even has not submitted the report. It is also NTu policy not to inform the student about the grade which they got
before release of the result.

4.2. He has mental problem

No record in Student Counselling Centre about his attendance. For bright student
as him, I did not believe that he did not attend counseling if he has some
problems. Also, he still brought bag with usual daily stuff, on incident day,
such as drink bottle, towel, etc. If David planned to kill someone why would
he prepare to bring such things. It is easier for him to just bring one knife
and stab his prof on spot.

4.3. He pissed off because his scholarship has been revoked
I knew David since I was his roommate for 2 consecutive years during Mathematical Olympiad training camp. He almost did not qualify for IMO, only managed to get at 14th rank from 15 people selected. He still joked and laughed to me at that time. He also did not get anything from IMO and still fine, not seemed depressed whatsoever, and according to his parents, he said 'At least, I managed to represent Indonesia at IMO' He also still play Hammerfall game in Facebook at 2 am on the incident day. My friend saw his Facebook account online. How come a murderer played game in the night before incident? If I was him, I will seriously think how would I prepare myself tomorrow


1. Professor attacked David. I deduced this thing for several key points.
According to many reports, David's cloth was soaked on blood. If the blood is
the result from slashing his wrist, it should not soak his cloth since wrist is
far from body. If the wound is from neck, it is easier.

2. David tried to run from Professor. After he realized that he was attacked,
he resisted and run from that room, with wound on his neck.

3. David falled because of unconsciousness. He became panic and probably lose his common sense because of terrible bleeding, drop himself down into
glassed roof to escape from his Professor.

I am responsible for what I have written here, and contact me at if you need any clarification.

Today, 08:21 AM

1. the student's parents have declared to the indo medias that they
did not see any wrists wounds whatsoever on david's body, it was
basically a lie made by the singapore medias. They saw a stab wound
instead on david's neck

sources :,,, mid=6,,,, and many more.

2. Prof. chan kap luk wasn't eager to speak out about david's attack

sources :,

3. the carotid artery in the human's neck comes in bigger size than the ulnar arteries in the human's wrists. bigger size = brings more blood.

source :

4. David's shirt, pants and body were covered in blood

source : (see
picture) I've seen a clearly better picture of it though, but they may
have removed it.

5. blood flows when a human is alive (david did not die instantly).


1. If the singapore media is biased about david who stabbed the prof,
why can't they be biased about the prof who stabbed david too?

2. Why wasn't professor chan eager to tell about his part of story and
bring out his part of justice (if there's any?)

3. David's body, clothes and pants were soaked with blood. his hand
palms were too (if you see the picture above properly), was he holding
his injured neck to stop the blood flowing? in anguish and pain he ran
from sixth floor down to fourth floor and fell to the ground. Dean of
NTU said no witness saw david jumped, all they knew was a dead body
found on the ground which left blood trail on the glass roof top.

4. If the blood on david's clothes & pants were not his, then whose
blood did it belong to? why would he soak the prof's blood on his
clothes and why did the prof let him do so?


I'd give a lab check of the blood trail in front of the prof's office
& door, whose blood does it belong to? the prof or david? (hopefully
they haven't cleaned it up)


1. the singapore and indo medias are reporting 2 different stories.
the singapore medias have gone far and quick enough to report about
the motive of david attack which may be scholarship termination, while
the indo medias are still puzzled by the question "was david killed or
did he commit suicide?"

2. autopsy result will come out next month, court service 4 months from now.

3. let's not judge this problem based on nationality issue, it's
something more serious instead. the classic lecturer-student problem.
parents of ntu students and ntu student no matter what
race/nationality you are please do speak up for justice, don't wait
til it's too late to have you/your children as the victim/s next.

4. be sceptic to the media but think critically. no emotions involved.

5. God is with those that speak for justice, dead men do speak too.

6. more than 30.000 people viewed this thread. still counting and
spreading. the media is no longer powerful.

Today, 08:47 AM
and let's not be too quick to ask WHY david or the prof stab each
other, or what's the motive behind the stabbing. First thing to do is
to be clear of who stabs who first, and how did david die.

Today, 09:07 AM
just do not like what ST is trying to protray David as now..a trouble
youth that is addicted to a computer game suddenly....could anyone
from NTU give any clarification on this? Is it true that he shut
himself completely off?

For who stabbing who,,,that for the policeman to prove..what disturb
this layperson is how singapore media to painting the pic.