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there was no wounds on his wrists.....

this suicide cum attempted murder by david against prof. chan kap luk from NTU is getting to be very intriguing as more opinions are posted in the STFORUMS.


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There are in fact not in the slice David Hand
News article from, a well known newspaper in English, that states that the cause of David's dead is still a mystery and many people are doubting what was reported by the Singapore media.

Thursday, 5 March 2009 | 08:59 WIB
SINGAPORE, WEDNESDAY - The death of David Hartanto Widjaja (21) is still mysterious. Initially, the Indonesian students studying in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, be it suicide after puncture pembimbingnya lecturers. Now, the news began to doubt that many parties.

Initial information is circulating through various mass media coverage of Singapore, both online and in print, said that Professor David puncture Kap Luk Chan (45) along with a kitchen knife 10 cm, and slice right wrist and a field of 4-storey building of the campus, on Monday ( 2 / 3) at 10:35.

After viewing the corpse David, both his parents, and Widjaja Hartanto Li Chai Kim, says there is no wound in the wrist David.

They were even taken aback, because it is wound in the neck pricker their second son is. No official explanation about the cause of the injury. In fact, appear that it is wild speculation Professor Chan who attacked David.

Professor Chan, who has left yesterday the National University Hospital, became the key witness in this case because he is the only person who together with David in the room when the work was bloody.

Until now, Singapore's police are still tracking what motive Prof David Chan attack so traumatic spine and hand. And still just allegations that David completed the task of finally being stress. Moreover, according to the daily Straits Times, David has just lost the school since 4 years ago. According to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian embassy), David catastrophe investigation cases take 4-6 months.

Does not plunge

Speculation about David's death triggered the debate in the Straits Times website on Wednesday (3 / 3), titled Knife attack at NTU: Student Lost Study Award. In the comment column, a berinisial edwin2026 criticize coverage of Singapore that seems memojokkan David.

Man named Edwin Lesmana that include e-mail address and its ready to be responsible for any statement. He also said e-mail Tribun Batam, but refused to further explain its statement. Following comment on Edwin Straits Times.

"I was one of close friend David. I am here to give some facts and assumptions about this case. In fact, Lok Tat Seng, Dean of NTU, collects all the students from India in the International Student Center on the evening after the incident. He says there are only witness in a body to see David in the sprawling land, died. Dean said that the witness did not see David's balcony plunge.

The only official statement from the police, David was found dead. (According to the police, estimated David died at 10.45). They did not mention whether he was doing suicide.

They also only mentioned the 'professor is believed to be stabbed'. But it does not say that the 'professor who has been stabbed'. Where this assumption come from? Why do not they say about it?

I and some students gathered at the International Student Center at 8 pm after the incident and spoke to parents David. They claim to not see the wounds on the hands and circle the police have also confirmed the problem. Assumption I, David parents will not lie. Means that all the news media that David cut off hands is untrue.

According to her parents, have also injured in the head of David (it is assumed that injury from falling), and slice wounds on his neck. According to my opinion, injured his neck in very suspicious. How can he be hurt like that? Once again, according to parents David, the police suspect it's because his head injuries strike the ground during fall. If so, surely dagunya injured. The reality is not. My question, from which the original injury in his neck "?

David attacked

Following assumptions presented by Edwin. (1) David stabbed professor. How do you know? Crimes that occur in a closed room with only a professor, and David. No one shall see what happens. Witnesses only saw David walking out the room.

(2) When David was suicide, how can someone do that suicide can fall to the new glass roof fell to the ground, not directly sink to the ground. (3) David pergelangannya slice. I do not know where this story originated.

According to Edwin who had two years in one room with David, the information that David has the motivation because Prof. Chan gives a value that is not satisfactory because David has not submitted a report. Moreover, there are policies in the NTU not to inform the students about the value of their value before the exit.

"I suspect it is Prof. Chan who attacked David. There are several points about the reasons for me. First, according to various reports, filled with clothes David blood. If the circle of blood from his hands, he may not clean the blood in the hands of her wearing clothes. Can be more understandable if the injury was derived from his neck, "wrote Edwin.

Second, David tried to escape out of the room after the attack by professors. However, with a neck injury, he finally fell from the top balcony. Maybe he does not panic and realize after losing a lot of blood so that he fell, "Edwin pungkas. (Edy)

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