Monday, March 23, 2009

babaero11 is truly a sex pervert!

read what he posted in forum. tsk...tsk!

From: BabaEro11 10:49 am
To: axparadox unread (3 of 16)

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Recently, I visit a Sinkie 30+ yo woman's home.

While she went to her kitchen to fix me a drink, her male Pekinese poodle came to me and started to smell my that part.

She came over and chase her male poodle away.

I suspect something !

she live alone and sleep with her dog.

From: BabaEro11 10:51 pm
To: Spearmint000 (Spearmint888) unread (16 of 16)

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No,her name is not Sumiko. Her name is Veronica.

Veronica just moved into a new condo in river Valley Road area.

She was showing me around her living room, kitchen, utility room, balconies and her rooms.

What happened next made me very curious.

When we enter her masterbait room, her poogle barked furiously and showed signs of aggressiveness.

Why ?...

the misfortune of meeting this jerk is indeed creepy!

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