Sunday, March 22, 2009

it's that time of the year - MANGO FLOWERING SEASON!

everywhere hdb areas u go, u would notice proliferating blossoming of mango trees. yes! it's mango flowering season. in another couple of months, we would see fat juicy mangoes hanging on the trees.

beware! this mean MANGO FINING SEASON too.

the wickedness of towncoucils prevail in maximum degree - tempting peasants with fat juicy mangoes and summoning them. the record stands at $200 per mango plucked.

please warn the poor FT lowly paid bangalas and indians about the hidden juicy fat mango traps.

beside being a flowering city, we could be a fruiting one at the same time. i culdn't understand why are fruit trees planting in plentiful and yet citizens are prohibited from plucking it. the fruits look juicy and mangoes are really expensive! usually they are left to rot or food for birds.

what was the purpose of planting fruit trees if only they can be look at not touch or ingested?

it certainly becomes a fine trap for unwary FTs - the bangalas or maybe some tourists who thought this is indeed a very "fine friendly" cuntry.

during the kampong era, such peasants had so much fun helping themselves to the fruits. the owners of the fruit trees might rant and even let out the dog....but this just added to the fun and excitement!

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