Monday, February 22, 2010

a plead from an aggrieved husband....

found this posting in a forum. could that really be the aggrieved husband?? i wonder what was the drama that entails. divorced? remarried? split the kids? or what? heartlander drama is mesmerising. the lust of love and the love of lust giving rise to the torrential emotion of the hearts.

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谢智立(Chia Ti Lik): "不爱江山,爱美人!"

I'm coming online now to seek your supports and advice on my marriage problem.

I'm sure most of you have read the Shin Min Daily News front page news of 15 Nov 2007. Yes, I'm the man featured in the news.

My problem started when my company got into a business dispute with a major customer. The customer threatened to sue for damages for the inferior goods supplied. As I'm ignorant of business laws, I got worried that the lawsuit might ruin the company completely.

Luckily (or unluckily?), my wife and I found a lawyer in Tanjong Pagar who was willing to take on the case. As my wife was a director of my company without portfolio, this legal dispute was delegated to her to liaise with the lawyer. Fortunately we won the litigation, and I was very thankful to the lawyer.

After the legal dispute was settled, my wife continued to see this lawyer in the day time. At first I thought she was bored as a housewife, and it was good to keep contact with a lawyer who would be useful for future legal dealings.

Lately I discovered that she had been communicating with the lawyer using MSN. In one of many messages, she expressed that she wanted to marry him rather than being his mistress forever. Rumors started to appear that she was driving my car from my home in Queenstown to visit his home in Yishun during day time when I was busy at work. She even went to the extent of sending him to his office in Tanjong Pagar from Yishun. What she did in his home is everyone's guess.

Finally I felt that I must confront this bastard lawyer before my marriage is completely destroyed. So I visited his law firm in Nehson's Building. The rest of the story was reported in the Shin Min Daily News front page news of 15 Nov 2007.

I'm amazed that a highly educated lawyer would want an O-Level mother with 2 kids.

I regret that I didn't find out this womanizer lawyer earlier and I was made to wear green hat!

After this adulterous affair is exposed, this lawyer, who is already married, behaves like a typical playboy and does not want to marry my wife.

The question is: Should I divorce my wife?

The thought of divorcing my wife and giving her half of my assets and still maintaining her really makes me sick. What happens if she is stilling seeing him after gaining half of my assets and maintenance fees from me? I would be really looked like a fool of financing a mistress for the bastard lawyer!

What would be the best options for me? Please help!

PS: BTW, my wife and this lawyer are netizens of's Alfresco Coffee Shop using nicks LaMei and TiLik, respectively. Their photos are shown at the top.

Monday, February 15, 2010

mentalities of assean leeders

Some are smarter than others...

General Musharraf, Dr Mahathir, Gloria Arroyo & Lee Kuan Yew were sitting in a train.

The train goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark for the next 8 seconds.

Suddenly there is a loud kissing sound and then a slap!

The train comes out of the tunnel.

Arroyo and Musharraf are seated across each other, both looking perplexed.

Mahathir, seated across LKY, is bent over holding his face, which is very red from an apparent big slap.

All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything.

Musharraf is thinking : ' These Malaysians are all crazy after Arroyo. Mahathir must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel.

Very proper that she slapped him ! '

Arroyo is thinking : ' Mahathir must have moved to kiss me, but kissed Musharraf instead and got slapped. '

Mahathir is thinking : ' Damn it, Musharraf must have tried to kiss Arroyo ; she thought it was me and slapped me instead. Shit !! '

Lee Kuan Yew is thinking : ' If this train goes through

One more tunnel, I could make another kissing sound and slap Mahathir again !! '

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pastor called up by ISD

Pastor called up by ISD

Feb 9, 2010
Insensitive comments made
Pastor called up by ISD
Leader of independent church apologises to Buddhists and Taoists
By Yen Feng
What ISD said
'Pastor Tan's comments were highly inappropriate and unacceptable as they trivialised and insulted the beliefs of Buddhists and Taoists. They can also give rise to tension and conflict between the Buddhist/Taoist and Christian communities. ISD told Pastor Tan that in preaching or proselytising his faith, he must not run down other religions, and must be mindful of the sensitivities of other religions.'

The Home Affairs Ministry, on what the Internal Security Department told Senior Pastor Rony Tan

What pastor said

'I sincerely apologise for my insensitivity towards the Buddhists and Taoists, and solemnly promise that it will never happen again.'

Senior Pastor Rony Tan, in his statement posted on his church's website last night

The video clips, which first appeared on the church's website two weeks ago, showed Pastor Tan questioning two church members as they recounted their past experiences as Buddhists. -- PHOTO: YOUTUBE

THE Government called up a Christian church leader yesterday after receiving complaints about online video clips that show him making insensitive comments about Buddhism.

The Internal Security Department yesterday met Senior Pastor Rony Tan, founder of the Lighthouse Evangelism independent church, and told him that what he did was wrong.

Last night, he posted an apology on the church's website, promising to respect other faiths and 'not ridicule them in any way, shape or fashion'.

The video clips, which first appeared on the church's website two weeks ago, showed Pastor Tan questioning two church members as they recounted their past experiences as Buddhists.

In the exchanges, some of Pastor Tan's comments - on Buddhist precepts of rebirth, karma and nirvana - drew laughter from his audience.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said last night that his comments were 'highly inappropriate and unacceptable as they trivialised and insulted the beliefs of Buddhists and Taoists'.

Read the full story in Tuesday's edition of The Straits Times.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

if singapura were once called BABIPURA......

THE MERLION - a cross between a mythical mermaid and a horny lion? u must be joking! this is so embarrassing!!

sang nila utama couldn't ve seen a lion or in malay a "singa". it was his aide who told him that that was a singa he saw during his hunting trip.

lions as we know only live in AFRICA's savannah plain. they do not inhabit any SE Asia countries.

this brings us to this point:

IF SANG NILA had named singapura as BABIPURA cos what he saw could be a wild boar (hutan babi), would muslims (with apology) still wanna live in this place?

history has to be exact and accurate. singapura is not really true to what it was name.


to enhance this flawed myth, singapore now even creates a MERLION.

question: how could a mermaid make love to a lion and produce a "merlion"?

before mermaid could copulate with the lion, it would be cat's food!!

there were many stray cats and pussies. perhaps it could ve been named kuchingpura.

pussipura would be quite X-RATED!

the trouble with the name kuchingpura sounded like "kuchingkurap" or peanuts.

maybe it should be called KACHANGPURA. then again, this name sounds like kachang puteh!

gosh!! every singaporeans should honor NOT sang nila utama but his nondescript aide who wittingly (or unwittingly) told sanny that what he saw was a SINGA and hence SINGAPURA was named.