Sunday, February 7, 2010

if singapura were once called BABIPURA......

THE MERLION - a cross between a mythical mermaid and a horny lion? u must be joking! this is so embarrassing!!

sang nila utama couldn't ve seen a lion or in malay a "singa". it was his aide who told him that that was a singa he saw during his hunting trip.

lions as we know only live in AFRICA's savannah plain. they do not inhabit any SE Asia countries.

this brings us to this point:

IF SANG NILA had named singapura as BABIPURA cos what he saw could be a wild boar (hutan babi), would muslims (with apology) still wanna live in this place?

history has to be exact and accurate. singapura is not really true to what it was name.


to enhance this flawed myth, singapore now even creates a MERLION.

question: how could a mermaid make love to a lion and produce a "merlion"?

before mermaid could copulate with the lion, it would be cat's food!!

there were many stray cats and pussies. perhaps it could ve been named kuchingpura.

pussipura would be quite X-RATED!

the trouble with the name kuchingpura sounded like "kuchingkurap" or peanuts.

maybe it should be called KACHANGPURA. then again, this name sounds like kachang puteh!

gosh!! every singaporeans should honor NOT sang nila utama but his nondescript aide who wittingly (or unwittingly) told sanny that what he saw was a SINGA and hence SINGAPURA was named.

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