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i just can't help feeling the suffering this female forummer was going through daily. suddenly there was this inspiration to reply her in such a manner. i share with u now and hope everyone who faces such dilemma could do the same to overcome their misery.

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hahaha....emptiness is form...form is emptiness..
nothing lost; nothing gained in this entire cosmo universe.
everything is just a impermanence cycle of life. so better to live happy than being vengeful petty HIMALAYA molehill...hahaha....;9)
take care girl.....have faith in the LORD...and u will definitely be alri
Wei! Are u talking about me making a small matter into a Himalaya? Then who's the rich guy? There is no rich guy......just ghost......alot of ghosts. All die already and forming from nothing to something very fast wan..............different persons ........... later the govt of the world will chip us all with digital angel then they regret fooling around.
impermanence cycle of life only meh? no repeat over and over again like in twight-light zone, meh? then why i feel like i'v been through a repeated cycle of life more than one time already? alot of time i come back after dieing, i want to be happy with loving parents (i'm their only child) and a loving life partner (i fantasize now and wish upon a star lol).........i can wish for it, but they the power people will always make sad and depressing senarios wan...............don't know why........... u really dead or just change nick name only? a ghost now too? am i the only one talking to ghost.........?
leetasar ghost...u gone back to bed? so soon?
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[leetasar ghost...u gone back to bed? so soon?]
my dear friend girl, ghost needs to roam during the night. when there is light, their spirits shall disperse.

but the really nasty ghosts even when there is LIGHT, they remain doing their havocs. example, those lost spirits from the lame FANTASICK 4.

it seem that gaylord is in control but really the yao jin is the real puppet mistress. the nerd and the sotong(who might not be there even) are just pawns deployed to do all the flamings and dirty works of creating multiple nicks.

when i reply to u, i sense misery and personal torment in u. why girl?
very easy. just let whatever things that are bothering u be detached. u can chant OM MANI PADME HOM...repetitively until u experience a certain tranquility glowing within u.
OR: u pray this:


either way, ur sincerity and faith must be there when u chant or pray.

all the suffering u think u r going through now is created from EMPTINESS.
from all the emptiness, we create forms, get attached to it and hence we suffer. if we learn to detach ourselves - like instead of carrying the raft over our shoulder after crossing the river, it should be discarded, we shall feel a deep sense of lightness.

when one feels lightness, happiness results.

u must learn not to let the mind controls ur spirit. u must instead use ur spirit to control ur mind.

if the mind controls over the spirit like some of the clowns here do, they either become evil or they go crazy! and sometime do not know why they are doing things to hurt others.

if the spirit controls over the mind, u have gain enlightment to being mindfulness. with that, u can say u ve grasped ur compassionate heart and happiness entails.


this message is specially for u, my take care of urself. to be living is to learn to be happy!...and make others happy too.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



THIS is a very simple and at the same time very chim short phrase.
i ve attended a christian meeting and i preached that to them. i think hor...all quite blurred by it. some may be enlightened....:D

this was what i told them:

the bible was written by man, hence a FORM was created from a total EMPTINESS. after the form, bible was written, believers the christian adhere strongly to it. live by it. preach by it. even die by it.

and who is GOD?

another form created from emptiness??

who is BUDDHA?'s not a form. it's US! everyone of us is a unawaken buddha.

a BUDDHA is simply a man who is awaken and mindful about his environment and surrounding. he is an awaken man who appreciates everything around and tries to live harmoniously. he tries all his best to live as happy as one can be and let his happiness overflows so that it shall touch all those around him.

by doing so, he hopes that all who have been touched could also awake their buddha nature within.

JOY WILL THE THE DAY when all sentient beings are awaken to their true inborn BUDDHAHOOD. this day will come and all lost spirits in HELL will be set free and di zhang wang would be a full fledge buddha.

again, when the day comes, it would also be the arrival of the second coming of the buddha of future - MAITREYA BUDDHA. his coming signifies the end of the world is near.

so have u grasp ur compassion today to bring forth ur inner BUDDHA??.......... ;9)

Monday, August 27, 2007

and this horrifying news: true???

Friday, July 27, 2007

Be Careful !
Hello,As I have always mentioned here and also in my other websites, never trust HYIPs, Ponzi scheme and high returning programs like SwissCash and if you want to take risk, do it only with the minimum amount of the money and invest the money that you can afford to lose.Although SwissCash website is still up and running and I receive my monthly payments regularly, some bad news about this program is being heard which means this program is getting so close to the end and will get closed very soon like what that happened to 12DailyPro and other scams.So be careful and don't invest in SwissCash if you don't like them to be disappeared with your money.I have also heard that the main Malaysian SwissCash investors are arrested and this program is banned by the Malaysia Security Commissions. Malaysia has the highest number of SwissCash investors. I don't know why.If you have any question you can reach me at v dot chaychi at gmail dot com.


i was intro to invest in this mutual fund exactly one month ago. now the website just couldn't log in. and i found this comment in another blog. does it mean my $$$ has just flown away?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What Is Going On?!
I noticed that the traffic of this blog is increased dramatically. I thought it is ranked with some other popular keywords and receives more traffic from search engines but I was wrong.There is no new resource of traffic to this blog. The only reason for traffic increase is that people search for SwissCash and related keywords like SwissCash Scam more than the past. Why?Because it is about a few days that SwissCash investors can not login to their accounts and I also noticed that their website is not online today.I don't know if they are gone and we are at the end of one of the other scam programs or it is just a temporarily problem. But what I do know and learnt from the increasing of the traffic of this weblog is that most people don't investigate about the companies that they want to invest with them or join their program before they invest and join. They dive to join the high paying programs when they see it has a lot of money for them. They get scared and start investigating only when they can not login to their accounts or the company website is not online.That's why the traffic is increased.It is so stupid, isn't it?Why don't you think and investigate properly before you join?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

our nanny gov :(

when we reached at such an age - our nation is already 42 yrs (independence age), yet our gov still treating us with milk bottles.

they tell us how many kids we would have, at what age is best to marry and now how long most of us would be living. and check this out: most will live past 85!! ARE THEY KIDDING OR NOT??

we need to flip to the OBITUARY PAGE of our shit times. this would be a more honest report to actually how many dead guys live past 85. very rare!...very rare indeed!

and by the way, why is our gov trying to shirk their responsibility in looking after old people who have once also contributed much to the progress and prosperity of the nation?

no one has lau lee's kind of good life where he got the power to hail an entire SIA plane should any of his famiLee member is sick and sick in another country.

does it mean that the prophecy in this saying is very true?


i m self employed most of my life. i do contribute to my cpf but not as much as i would like to. majority is already taken up by my hdb pigeonhole. now i m forced to retire. my garden was bulldozed and my trusty pickup was brutally scrapped cos i couldn't cough up 24.5k just to extend its life for another 10 yrs. (good thing i didn't borrow that sum of money or it would be my turn to be scrapped!) that COE is another big parasite invented by our shrewd gov to suck on our blood! for that amount then, i could get a brand new vehicle now.

i m old now and chronic diabetic. when i look at my meagre cpf saving, it's depleted involuntarily yearly. i ve no control over my OWN saving. the gov just zap whatever they think it's good to me ...and not what i think it's good or matter for me :(.


i dun even know whether when would really be my withdrawal age. it used to be 55, then changed to 60, then 65(?) then 67 (?).....then how old in the end can i withdraw?

by the way, would my very little lifesaving money still be there?? why all these funny dunno what schemes just to deplete unnecessarily at our savings?

no wonder the poor becomes poorer and the rich, richer especially our gov......:(

Coffee Shop Talk - the rare 85 y o dead in OBITUARY PAGE

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whether u wear black or pink, what the clown said will be what that clown would do.
the target now is to sap our cpf. the annuities payout part is just a farce!
HENCE COMPULSORY ANNUITIES WILL BE LEGISLATED. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND ...the prophesy is coming true too good and too soon!....;9(
turn to the OBITUARY PAGE. look closely. how many deads there are over 85 y.o.
in today's 25 aug, sat. shit times, practically NONE!
the oldest dead was a female aged 79.

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i think the gabramen is just trying the shirk the responsbility of looking after the aged and the sick.
i believe their next target would be the sick.
EVERYONE TO BUY HOSPITALISATION SCHEME HS plan in AIA. maybe again, zap that from our cpf and give the explanation that our medi-save, shield I, II & dunno how many aren't enough to handle medical costs.
then how?
in today sunday times 26-08-07, only one dead guy is above 85. he died at 86. meaning if the annuities r now in effect, it only pays him a year of pathetic montly amount which he had to pay for like 30yrs counting from 55 y 0.
the very very limited minority who have such long life beyond 85 is very uncommon. even that the gabramen also wanna play kiasu and kiasee to cough up that little welfare to look after those rare longlife folks.
now do we really believe our reserves are really that exaggerated bombastic TRILLIONS??
i believe the cpf is foolish loss making foreign investments. that's why the need to come up with serfs' blood letting plan to close that big hole if not it shall be exposed sooner than we think as many are approaching to the cpf withdrawal age soon. hence the delaying of our withdrawal entitlement....;9(

sad country. dumb serfs. idiotic nation!

the trouble with our pinky is that he tot he could foresee the future for us. he loves to wayang and pretend his great concern and 'love' for the serfs.
many years back, CPF already set up. now after so many years, the harvest is ripe to reap cos the aging population most have reached their entitled withdrawal age to their saving.
but what do we get?
withdrawal age keeps pushing forward. from 55 to 60 to 65 to soon to be 67.
now they annouced that many serfs here actually are longlife and can live to 85 and beyond. this means later all withdrawal age would be push to even beyond 70.
as if that's now enough, ambiguous dubious scheme such as the current COMPULSORY ANNUITIES is going to be implemented after much wayanging and faked up debates where mostly the idiots, lembus, zombies and the entire ball carriers species would support vehemently for it.
what does that leave the serfs? for every $1000k left in cpf maybe after we hit the new withdrawal age of maybe 67 or 70 n above (who knows later they might push it further), perhaps only less than the amount we have saved for so many years.
most would be siphoned out: for medisave, medishields, eldershields, whatever nonsense dunno what shields and then this bloodsucking ANNUITIES which only benefit one who outlives 85. if not, then good luck to u and ur 'compulsory' payments.
why are our gabramens doing this? why cannot they allow us to manage our own saving and our own money? can we tell them to sack ho jinx cos to the serfs she is throwing away our good blood money for bad planned investments?
surely not right? then why are they meddling with OUR money. can't they allow serfs the rights to use OUR money for whatever we love simply becos IT'S OUR MONEY AND NOT THEIRS?
this is a very strange cuntry. everyone is silent even when their savings are slowly parasitised off by the so called 'concerned' gabramen.
sad county. dumb people. idiotic nation!


they love my rotound tummy!!

in calif gym where i have been there for a year now, a very strange phenomena is happening to me.
no i didn't drop soap, towels or undies. but uncle, aunties, PTs...and jus about everyone loves to rub my rotund tummy.
dun ask i dunno that's why i ask u.
maybe they knew i m quitting soon and my tummy looks so appealing 'fortunate' cos most know i was there after striking toto.
they try to rub some luck from me, maybe?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ah seng aka imelda marcos

that's my tenant's boy-next-door's name.

he is also a mini imelda marcos - the ex lst pinoy lady who owned innumerable pairs of shoes. just a second....i go count how many he got - latest figure...

at the current count: 11 pairs of shoes; 8 pairs of sandals. that's for my weird FT IT tenant, ah seng. i think he got another pair of more exquisite shoe in his room.

every weekend he would do his laundry. he would fully utilise all the bamboo poles. after washing, there would still be another 2 pails of worn clothings in his room which he would laundry again the next day.

all these clothings are what he wears in a week. just the colorful undies alone hanging out on the poles are about 20 pairs.... whatever colored undies u name it, he has it. this means he changes an average about 2.6 pair undies a day....shorts about 8 pairs, long pants about 8 too....shirts....many...about 18. i think he has 3 to 5 costumes change per day. he doesn't wear the same clothing twice in a day, u know.

that still hasn't counted those that he still have in the 2 pails of clothings waiting to be washed in his room.

do i have a very vainpox hiao teh teh weird tenant??

next the hair creams....and the facial wash...and the shower gel....and the toothpaste...

finally his handphone. the last count, he has 6 units and is subscribed to all 3 telcos with each individual bills running up to hundreds a month.

i have been receiving telcos girls calling for him to remind him about late payment. worst, there were numerous lawyer letters from all the 3 telcos threatening legal action if he doesn't settle their bills - all running up to thousands!

he told me he sponsored for his gf (s) and they didn't and refuse to pay up for all the yakity yak yak airtime accumulated. true? dunno leh....guan wo pi shi?

next question: could he be a part time gigolo??

Monday, August 20, 2007


i will intrigue u more about my weird FT IT tenant who has a tremendous pay hike recently.
he did his laundry last nite. my goodness!! undies...not again!!
but this time, it was different. it was branded red undies. IT WAS CALVIN KLEIN!!!
this morning he just whizzed past my room. i was waken by his scent. gosh!! smelled damn shiok! no longer cheapo perfume...smelled like something exquisite.
when the pay is up, so is his weirder taste.....;9)

the original red undies story is in my UPHEAVAL OF LEETAHSAR blog:

it created a stir in the sammyboy coffeeshop forum and like a RED UNDIES CULT was unofficially formed. forummers there still bring it up once a while. really funny!......;9)

actually he showed it off to me. i even tried it on.
shiok! is the only word i can describe ck undies. i think if i strike the next 4D, i would be getting a pair too. rather expensive at $48!!
this tenant sure know how to taste life when he has the means.....;9)...and he's very young only barely 24.
all his hardworks has finally see fruits now. he once was so stressed, he even asked me to bring him to my ex-temple to pray.
i counselled him to bear with his present job. it's just a matter of time before he get used to the routine. once he overcomes that, everything shall be less stressful.
true enough! he's now enjoying his job. he can even suka suka go...suka suka comes home. in fact, he's now the only vital personnel in his dept. the rest of his colleagues had resigned.
really must give it to him and admire him for his resilient and perserverance.
we got lot to learn from our FT from matland...such young chap some more who has also graduated from his part-time degree computer course.
kudos to him!!......;9)

after malaysia, it's taiwan's ah bian's turn

my oh my!!....this guy is gutsy and bold...and really very creative!

this song is rather bold....

remixed by a malaysian called wong min tzi or namewee.... he studies in taiwan at 15 and wrote over 300 songs and raps. (check his kind of music from that U TUBE site)

and someone put up this to help defending for him.

the definition of LAW:

L ocally
A greed
W hatever

and it ends with THOSE 'DON'T KNOW WHO' LIKES....
...and of course every knows who the 'DON'T KNOW WHO', right?

when we think singapore is really tight-assed, well....look at our neighbour, malaysia. worst! they are even clamping down on bloggers.....;9(

Saturday, August 18, 2007

where's your mum, pussy??

TRILOGY OF MY JAP TIENLOR or fucking water slugs

it had been almost a month since my last jap tienlor or fucking water slug ran away.

to recap the earlier 2 parts.....

PART I: i was given a pair of japanese tienlor or water snails. surprisingly, they were rather hardy and very active. the trouble was both kept crawling out of my goldfish ceramic handcrafted bowl. one committed suicide when it slipped, broke its shell and ended up steamed and ingested by me. very nice qq flesh! was so tempted to eat up the other surviving slug.

PART II: my cid pal who had a pond loved the water slug. it was cute when all its prods shot out of its soft whitish body. one fine day, i was at AH YAT located at TURF CITY. was there having dimsum - as usual - with my bunch of laukuaybu fans gang.

we passed by the collection of aquariums of live seafood. i saw the tank full of jap why not? the slugs were on offer - half price!

my powderful shoot bak(eye) at the boss who was succumbed by my electric gaze to gave me a couple FREE more of those lovable water crawlies which in turn i passed a fucking pair to my cid pal which in turn ended up on his dining table instead of his algae infested pond......;9(

i had another one for my lonely tienlor. the pair spent the whole 24hr fucking each other!! then one fine night, the newly introduced slug eloped. it fell as it crawled out of the bowl. the shell broke which mean it would die. what to do? put it to sleep by steaming it with garlic and ate it up as a cooked appetiser. YUMMY!!

PART III: well, the same old very first original water slug was there ...presumably feeling sad missing its dead lover. one morning, it was gone, too!!

hell!! i searched high and lo and on four limbs for it - all to no avail. it was gone! vanished!! kaput!!

weeks later, i was about to transplant a pot of plant into a bigger pot. PLOP!...that missing fucking water slug popped out. it was hiding there for almost a month. i couldn't believe it! it must have gone into hibernation. its hard foot pad was tightly closed. it kinda felt light. i thought it could be dead and empty inside so i threw the shell into my goldfish bowl.

later when i was about to feed my solitary black goldfish, the fucking water slug was already greedily devouring my water plants which i just bought and placed it in.

it was alive!!!....after so many days, it didn't die. my goodness! i was amazed at the strong life force of the fucking water slug......and now i admired it.

a lesson learned here:





Thursday, August 16, 2007

here comes the bulldozers...yes again!

this time it was worst.

the original tenant who occupied the land sublet the place to us. he was like renting the entire area for only $200 a YEAR with a 25 yrs lease as a commercial orchid growers. we were now renting from this avaricious old fuck for $800 a mth. beside that we had to pay him about $900 just to sit around the nursery selling our plants when we go out for our landscape projects.

neither johnson nor i mind about this arrangement because we still considered the price to be ok.

hardly did we know that the lease for the land is expiring. the old man didn't inform us or tell us anything in advance to allow us to prepare for shifting our plants or hunt for another place or any other backup plan....

and one fine morning....the bulldozers came!.....we weren't even aware. we were out to do our daily maintenance chores. when we returned, humps of muds were piled up high along the path leading to the nursery's entrance. we were shocked out of our balls!

for the next few days, after clearing a passage we tried to salvage as many more expensive plants as we could and hunt for a new location. the old man had vanished into thin air as though he hadn't existed.....;9(

again, good times usually does not last long. soon, i realised the flaws of human character.

was rich, am poor and going to be poorer.....:)

was rich? am poor? ...and going to be poorer??

then why a smiley face :) ? goes. my long windedness of lo sohing starts....

long before my time, i was a freaking rich horticulturist happily sowing my seeds, propagating my cuttings and happily selling my own homegrown plants.

misfortune struck! the land at mandai was marked for widening for the expressway. hence, the bulldozers visited my garden. thence, leaving a trail of destruction.....;9( . there went my plants, my pride, my dreams......:(

i just love gardening to give up so easily. along came JOHNSON. by some uncanniness, this fatso resembled me in shape, size and even the face! when we stood next to each other, we were like identical twins!

we hit on very quick. he was a good man. a person with a big heart. so am i. it was like HEY! I FOUND MY LONG LOST TWIN!! we went into partnership and found ourselves another garden in jalan dedali. this is a very ulu or remote place to find after winding snaky kampong road of left and right turns, then u would be able to locate this very secretive garden of mine.

acquainting with JOHNSON was the best thing to happen in my horticultural business. he was an even more resourceful chap than i. he got for the company some jb guys to help in running the nursery. soon i acquired landscaping projects for which i designed the landscapes, liaised with clients, proposed and implemented my designs. finally get bitchy and chased after stinky clients for payments.....;9(

times was really good then. i was having so many landscaping projects and my bank accounts was swelling.....;9). after the done up a landscape, i would undertake the montly contract to maintain it. this provided my daily income when for months, there won't be any new landscape projects to involve.

my garden maintenance contracts were so good, it was like 5-figures. it was a very relaxed and enjoyable activities for me. so good that i never considered myself working. i was truly enjoying every moments of it just to be mingled with plants.

johnson got a piece of land where we rented to run our plants business for very cheap. it was like $800 per month for a hectare of land in jalan dedali. (i hope i got that area right). this place was a run down orchid farm and also a rotweiler breeding farm. those monster dogs always gave me the creep. i even had nightmares being chewed up alive by them!

well...u couldn't expect everything to be perfect, can u? here, i started all over again....merrily doing what i loved best - GARDENING my days away...and selling my self grown plants.

one find day......without warning, the bulldozers came - oh no! not again!!

COMPASSION...forgive and forget

the important thing is NOT to be rich materialistically ..steady hah lst i time i use so many alphabets in a word.

we ve to train ourselve and teach ourselves money is not everything. if we think money is, then we can stop cursing the paps cos we have mutated to be a paps too. everything's about money. nothing but money.

we must learn to be compassionate, forgiving, tolerating and loving....all these r very very invaluable intangibles that make money look miniscule...once u can be like that, i think hor..pai will come and look for u instead. money wants to friend seh a living example. ;9)

my long winded page

or in hokkien, we call it lo soh...very very lo soh!

am banned now quite permanently from sammyboy kopitiam. this is a very lame forum with a equally lame UNamerican hostmaster. the irony about this forum - it's registered in the USA but with a NORTH KOREAN kind of communistic mentality. sad....;9(