Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ah seng aka imelda marcos

that's my tenant's boy-next-door's name.

he is also a mini imelda marcos - the ex lst pinoy lady who owned innumerable pairs of shoes. just a second....i go count how many he got - latest figure...

at the current count: 11 pairs of shoes; 8 pairs of sandals. that's for my weird FT IT tenant, ah seng. i think he got another pair of more exquisite shoe in his room.

every weekend he would do his laundry. he would fully utilise all the bamboo poles. after washing, there would still be another 2 pails of worn clothings in his room which he would laundry again the next day.

all these clothings are what he wears in a week. just the colorful undies alone hanging out on the poles are about 20 pairs.... whatever colored undies u name it, he has it. this means he changes an average about 2.6 pair undies a day....shorts about 8 pairs, long pants about 8 too....shirts....many...about 18. i think he has 3 to 5 costumes change per day. he doesn't wear the same clothing twice in a day, u know.

that still hasn't counted those that he still have in the 2 pails of clothings waiting to be washed in his room.

do i have a very vainpox hiao teh teh weird tenant??

next the hair creams....and the facial wash...and the shower gel....and the toothpaste...

finally his handphone. the last count, he has 6 units and is subscribed to all 3 telcos with each individual bills running up to hundreds a month.

i have been receiving telcos girls calling for him to remind him about late payment. worst, there were numerous lawyer letters from all the 3 telcos threatening legal action if he doesn't settle their bills - all running up to thousands!

he told me he sponsored for his gf (s) and they didn't and refuse to pay up for all the yakity yak yak airtime accumulated. true? dunno leh....guan wo pi shi?

next question: could he be a part time gigolo??

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