Sunday, August 26, 2007

our nanny gov :(

when we reached at such an age - our nation is already 42 yrs (independence age), yet our gov still treating us with milk bottles.

they tell us how many kids we would have, at what age is best to marry and now how long most of us would be living. and check this out: most will live past 85!! ARE THEY KIDDING OR NOT??

we need to flip to the OBITUARY PAGE of our shit times. this would be a more honest report to actually how many dead guys live past 85. very rare!...very rare indeed!

and by the way, why is our gov trying to shirk their responsibility in looking after old people who have once also contributed much to the progress and prosperity of the nation?

no one has lau lee's kind of good life where he got the power to hail an entire SIA plane should any of his famiLee member is sick and sick in another country.

does it mean that the prophecy in this saying is very true?


i m self employed most of my life. i do contribute to my cpf but not as much as i would like to. majority is already taken up by my hdb pigeonhole. now i m forced to retire. my garden was bulldozed and my trusty pickup was brutally scrapped cos i couldn't cough up 24.5k just to extend its life for another 10 yrs. (good thing i didn't borrow that sum of money or it would be my turn to be scrapped!) that COE is another big parasite invented by our shrewd gov to suck on our blood! for that amount then, i could get a brand new vehicle now.

i m old now and chronic diabetic. when i look at my meagre cpf saving, it's depleted involuntarily yearly. i ve no control over my OWN saving. the gov just zap whatever they think it's good to me ...and not what i think it's good or matter for me :(.


i dun even know whether when would really be my withdrawal age. it used to be 55, then changed to 60, then 65(?) then 67 (?).....then how old in the end can i withdraw?

by the way, would my very little lifesaving money still be there?? why all these funny dunno what schemes just to deplete unnecessarily at our savings?

no wonder the poor becomes poorer and the rich, richer especially our gov......:(

Coffee Shop Talk - the rare 85 y o dead in OBITUARY PAGE

25-Aug 00:48
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whether u wear black or pink, what the clown said will be what that clown would do.
the target now is to sap our cpf. the annuities payout part is just a farce!
HENCE COMPULSORY ANNUITIES WILL BE LEGISLATED. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND ...the prophesy is coming true too good and too soon!....;9(
turn to the OBITUARY PAGE. look closely. how many deads there are over 85 y.o.
in today's 25 aug, sat. shit times, practically NONE!
the oldest dead was a female aged 79.

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i think the gabramen is just trying the shirk the responsbility of looking after the aged and the sick.
i believe their next target would be the sick.
EVERYONE TO BUY HOSPITALISATION SCHEME HS plan in AIA. maybe again, zap that from our cpf and give the explanation that our medi-save, shield I, II & dunno how many aren't enough to handle medical costs.
then how?
in today sunday times 26-08-07, only one dead guy is above 85. he died at 86. meaning if the annuities r now in effect, it only pays him a year of pathetic montly amount which he had to pay for like 30yrs counting from 55 y 0.
the very very limited minority who have such long life beyond 85 is very uncommon. even that the gabramen also wanna play kiasu and kiasee to cough up that little welfare to look after those rare longlife folks.
now do we really believe our reserves are really that exaggerated bombastic TRILLIONS??
i believe the cpf is foolish loss making foreign investments. that's why the need to come up with serfs' blood letting plan to close that big hole if not it shall be exposed sooner than we think as many are approaching to the cpf withdrawal age soon. hence the delaying of our withdrawal entitlement....;9(

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