Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cute purple sexmobile for SALE

the sweet purple sexmobile

her clean beige innards

if leetahsar aided gohmengseng with his purple sexmobile... this

multi-functional purple sexy cute beauty is left with 3 mths lifeline. after that the gahmen would brutally rape, kill and scrap it. it's now being held ransom by gahmen for the price of $30k +. if i couldn't cough out that ransom money, they would butcher my poor sexy pie into a lump of waste iron.

would wanna adopt it for $25,600 cash?

her interiors:

solid sensurround and stereo sound system. play music machiam u were there in the concert LIVE!
matching beige cushion 7 seaters
crystal-liked hugh handle steering ROD
when reversing, she would yelp in hokkien
innards are multi-voiced effect. one of which is radiokar noises: pee por pee por...mata chia lai liao...pee por ...pee por.
if u stuck in behind roadhog, fear not. built-in special effect speaker allows u to shout expletives to the roadhog to give way.
all back seats could be reclined, withdrawn and turned into instant lovebed. hence, the name SEXMOBILE
complete with curtains for greatest privavy when humping begins. great suspension. no squeaking. only groaning, moaning and maybe suddenly yelping: YES...YES...OH GOD...YES!!

good huh? save u lots of money checking into expensive hotel. just think of the instant convenience when the horny bug strikes u!

so make an offer quick!

fixed price: $25,600. lst cum, lst served!

also available for rental on special occasion. negotiable price depending of activity or "activity".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the sincere words from a true humble gentleman...

how i wish many pap's mps could emulate george yeo and learn from his humility, graciousness and sincerity. although there is now a bigger but not necessary louder opposition voice in parliament, a true gentleman and a representative of the voters is lost through the unfair system of pap's own kiasu machinery of GRC. time to change, time to scrap GRC and return single member constituency to voters.
Press Statement by George Yeo on 10 May 2011 at MFA

Thank you for waiting a couple of days for me to rest before meeting you.

I would like to make some remarks before taking questions.

Aljunied voters have decided and I respect their decision. Having committed 23 years of service to the residents, it is only natural for me to feel disappointed but this is politics.

It has been my privilege to have served them all these years and they have enriched my life. They have also enabled me to serve in various capacities as a Cabinet Minister in MITA, Health, MTI and MFA for which I am grateful.

Why did we lose Aljunied?

Mr Low Thia Kiang himself said that they won Aljunied not because the Aljunied team did not do a good job, but because the voters wanted WP to be their voice in Parliament.

Mr Low’s analysis is fair and I agree with him. This desire for a strong WP voice in Parliament was a political tide which came in through Aljunied which we were unable to withstand despite our very best efforts. Right from the start, the Workers Party made Aljunied a national battleground.

The fight became one between a Workers Party voice in Parliament and an Aljunied team with two ministers, a potential Speaker of Parliament, a potential minister and a most effective Town Council chairman.

Though I wish the outcome had been different, Aljunied voters have made their choice.

Many of my supporters asked me to stay on to win back Aljunied in five years time. I wanted to level with them and told them last night that it is better for a younger person to take on this important task. I’m already 57 years old and would be 62 by then. Naturally I would help to ensure a smooth handover.

As we ended our campaign on 5 May, I talked about the importance of transforming the PAP. This is a belief I’ve held for some time. It was not something I felt I could say when the campaign started. But, as the campaign went on, as we heard the growing cry from the heart, I decided to make it plain. Like it or not, we are entering a new phase in Singapore’s political development. How we respond to it will decide Singapore’s destiny in the 21st century.

I would help in whatever way I can to bring about this transformation of the PAP. I wish I had a mandate from the people of Aljunied to be a strong advocate of such transformation. But I don’t.

As for remaining in public life, I will contribute in whatever modest way possible.

Many young people have stepped forward to help me in this campaign. Even more have cheered me on. It is not good that so many of them feel alienated from the Singapore they love. I look forward to continue working with them so that the Singapore we struggle for is the Singapore they feel is their own. As to the actual role I can play, I’ll be happy to respond to them. In the last few years, I have learnt much from my young friends. Often they led me rather than I led them.

A younger generation has been politicized in this GE.

Since the GE results came out, there has been a flood of support for me expressed personally, through friends and relatives, on email and, in an astonishing way, on Internet and FB. The words expressed are heartfelt. Many wrote me long passages, some in tears. I’m grateful for the kind and comforting words and the many good wishes. It will be an honour for me to be an advocate of their cause.

As for what I’ll do professionally after stepping down as Minister when the new Cabinet is sworn in, I’m not rushing to make a decision. My wife and I thought we should take our time to think this over. We also need a break to spend more time with the family.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the people of Singapore for the honour of serving them in the last 23 years.

Sunday, May 8, 2011



believe it or not, after wp gang went to watch THOR, the thunder god, ALJUNIED finally belongs to them.

lucky, the FLASH wasn't shown yet. if the pap see that, it could be a landslide victory to them. LOL!!

now we gotta wait for CAPTAIN AMERICA, GREEN LANTERN, SPIDERMAN 4 AND XMEN 4. dón't forget that IAMFOUR followups. there would be a IAM5, IAM6....until they run out of IAMSICKABOUTIT

green lantern should be very interesting to jaslyn go. she loves making her husband "green" like wearing green hat. chiatilik should see SPIDERMAN 4. with all his teetu c, he should start building an army of his gayboys once again to help him in the next GE, i.e, if he's running.

as for CAPTAIN AMERICAN, that's for goh meng seng. he should start losing weight cos his elder brother david had sadly been a fatal casualty of cardiac arrest. it's about time he looks after his health. capt AMERICAN should be his idol. if he achieves that kind of physique, TAMPINES gay and lesbos votes shall be his in the next GE run.

there u have it. each comic hero is affinated to each opp party. THOR's mighty weapon is the HAMMER and that in a way brought in the heavenly luck for WP which won 6 seats and now ascended to be sgp's more powderful opp party.

keep it up!

if there's a WONDER WOMAN, sylvia should date someone like my li'l brother leetahsar to watch it. avoid ramseth if she doesn't wish for abortion later.

sex, lies and million $ pays

sex, lies and million $ pays

it has come to a conclusion that the real purpose of GRC is NOT ushering minority representatives into parliament. rather it's being abused now to intro pretty young cute mei meis such as TIN PEI LING in. can u understand what's the hardup on lau goh? could he been tired about peanutz and now needed little xiao long pao?

then look at the other adversed effect of GRC. many cute young sugar-candy geges also got ushered in. why like that one huh? we have super lollipops such as TEO SER LUCK who's face looks as blank as a drugged gang-raped victim. then the ever smiling baey ayam king. smiles are all he is best at. what else could voters expect from him? yep! insatiable droolings from lau aunties, uncles, mei meis and especailly the gays. somewhere in a gay site, both teo n baey rank on the top list in the gay's favorite choices.

the lies have been recently exposed as predicted by goh meng seng who mentioned in a tv interview: "what if michael palmer got elected? does GRC still necessary?" michael is by himself another cutie pie but he's a minority eurasion. he won. so that reasoning about sgporeans shunning minority candidates is a big fat LIE!!

sex....hmm. this is taboo. but looking at the likes of other so many young cuties, sex may rule!

above all things, definitely the MILLION DOLLAR$$ awaiting to fatten pockets of the more mellow ex-cuties like vivian, teo ser luck and that horribly ugly no-porn ass-shit lui.

there u have it folks, why GRC? it's all about SEX, LIES and million $ payouts. the minority representation and all those reasoning are just CRAPS! lau goh had done it with introduction and persistent defending of TPL. what more could it be clearer?

GRC now backfires against the paps. if the opp parties who had put up a spectacular performance should continue all their good groundworks.


if the opps keep up all their good works, their sincerity would eventually shine through. come 5 yrs later, u bet the sorry arses of the paps many of them shall be booted out!

Aljunied GRC had lost. obi good! the powderful georgie yeo had lost. ok, OBI THE VERY GOOD!! (he's a good man. shortie mah should be the one to go )

what does that tell us? and what does that tell the pap especially the dirty old man who plays tricks of mental intimidation such as REPENT FOR THE NEXT 5 YRS if u dun vote the pap?

yep!! obi obi good!! the pap and the dirty old man must be repenting now. pinky's strategic preGE sorry is now translated into a real SORRY. u think his dirty old man would admit that he's partly to be blamed? of course, not.

old man's tough old school politics is abusing all the instruments available to him such as ISD to shut up dissidents. if he could, he would even do a TIAN AN MEN here if there were more unexpected loses.

to all the aljunied GRC residents.



after sex, lies and million $ pays, what's going to be pulled out from the pap's evil of treats and tricks - mainly more tricks to be expected.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



During my visits to the hospital in Ah Yan's final days (Ah Yan being the endearing term that was used to address my paternal grandmother), she would hold my hand and wistfully plead that she doesn't want to live with the pain any more.

The life of a once... strong-willed, robust woman has wilted away in tears, anguish and misery. Despite my assurance that she's going to get better, Ah Yan didn't. When I promised her that I'll visit one evening, I decided to delay it till the next day as I was tied up with other commitments. The visiting can wait, I told myself.

The very next day, Ah Yan died- and because I was too caught up in work, I missed her by a few mere minutes. When I finally get to see her, she was wrapped in a shroud of crisp white linen from neck to toe. I held her hand one last time and had never felt more remorse and regret in my life.

I never spoke to mum and dad about what happened, but we talked about other things during the wake. Mum cautiously approached the topic of me wanting to go overseas for my education, and that how much she and dad has saved up. Despite being a failed grandson, I felt it was Ah Yan's blessing that propelled my parents to talk to me about my future.

Seven months later, I left Singapore with a small box of old coins in my luggage. Ah Yan wasn't very well-to-do and didn't leave much behind- except for the box of coins. But it was more than enough for me to survive three years of university life on unfamiliar shores. But the lingering regret of not being there where Ah Yan died alone never crept away.

There were so many "if only"s and "what if"s- but they will only remain hypothetical because I'll never get the chance to say goodbye to Ah Yan. The unfortunate thing is that regret isn't about something you can do to fix it- it's a done deal. And it was precisely the word 'regret'- in my opinion an immensely powerful word- that got me all riled up and forced me to look at the recent events in a different perspective.

The flashpoint: a young politician from the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) has declared that the biggest regret she ever had was not bringing her parents to a local theme park (when her folks are clearly still alive). But if there's still a chance for you to right a wrong- surely you cannot call that a regret. But the technicality and the inappropriate usage of the word is besides the point. What concerns me is that this young politician represents a part of the society which I find increasingly dominant.

These people appear in the form of members of parliament (MPs)- largely ignorant of the things that are taking shape in the lives of commoners like myself, and like to claim that they understand how we feel, when clearly, they don't. Simply walking among us doesn't mean any thing. By introducing energy saving light bulbs to a sea of people who are worried about where their next meal is from is hardly useful. By offering an anecdote about mushrooms and trees isn't going to solve the crippling transport system.

The governing party is at best defensive, condescending, arrogant that has blatantly asked the voters (the masters of the country, mind you)- to repent if they vote for the opposition.

The comic book V for Vendetta has correctly pointed out that '[p]eople should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people'. What we see today is the stark opposite.

I am surprised, if not saddened, that a much-respected elderly statesman has resorted to such deplorable threats and fear-mongering. Tell me why I should continue to support the ruling party when I still see elderly and frail seniors collecting used cardboards and cans while our ministers give themselves a huge pat on the back and get rewarded with huge paychecks.

Tell me why I should be grateful to our ex-Home Minister for stupidly placing a few smoking cars in the city so that he can turn around and accuse us of being complacent.

Tell me why I should support a minister who gives absurd reasons for banning bar-top dancing and use slime tactics against his opponents. Has he no credibility himself to speak of?

Tell me why I want to have a MP in the parliament who had infamously said that the reason for identifying 'White Horses' in the military is to prevent preferential treatment- then why even identify them in the first place?

Tell me why the ruling party are sending bus-loads of senior citizens and offering them cash and free food to their rallies when they clearly know these are despicable methods to drum up their embarrassingly low attendance. And the very same government that promises a fair and equitable election uses the state-controlled media to propagate poisonous and twisted half-truths.

After moving from being nation-centric to self-centric, the PAP today is a far cry from what it was fifty years ago. But there is hope for now. The voters now have an opportunity to turn the tide.

But whoever you choose on May 7, do not live to regret it, for we are at the turning point of our young nation and never before has so much been wagered on our country's future.

You can't unlike a government away after May 7.

After my grandfather died in the early 1950s, Ah Yan had made the conscious but difficult decision of bringing up five kids single-handedly in the then-tumultuous Singapore. She had never once complained about rooting herself in this country.

While she may not live fully to enjoy the fruits of the nation's success, it was clear that she wanted to leave all of that to her future generations. So don't let the country be hijacked by the overwhelming greed for more power and money that our founding fathers have so painstakingly warned us about.

Let May 7, 2011 be the day that you will not live to regret. Vote wisely.

By: Gavin Moey

Monday, May 2, 2011

leetahsar almost brought tears to Josephine buck-toothed yeo

what can i say about my li'l brother the abdominal LEETAHSAR?

LTS was sipping his teh-see siew dai (tea wtih cream n less sugar) at toa payoh hawker centre. buck-toothed josephine had to come and shake hand with him. it became a very interesting dialogue .....

josephine: Hi! nice to meet u. remember vote for pap! ( hand stretched to shake)

leetahsar: (reached out his hand to grab josephine)...can i ve 3 minutes of your time please?

J: sorry bz....(smiled with glistening colgate commercial buck-teeth)

LTS: (held on firmly to her hand) then why come shake hand with me...just by pass me or anyone would be ok. i just wanna pour my displeasure with the pap. so u pap guys aren't really interested lah?

J: (jialat liao and bo bian, smiled and sat down) ok i listen to your unhappiness for awhile.

LTS: u see...there are many old folks hanging around in hawker centres nowadays. many are not buying hawkers' food. some are eyeing at food leftover by others so that they could feast on it. some are counting their coins so that they know they ve enough for a bowl of noodle......

i m saddened. why are all these happening in my ward and many other places when the pap claims that they are looking after all these poor old folks?

J: but we do look after them.....

LTS: (snapping in) you do? then there shouldn't be all these poor old guys behaving like that. the fact that i m also angry at why pap doesn't control the rental of hawkers'stalls? why do they upgrade n then raise all the rentals? and worst, why do they allow the hawkers to sublet and then raise the rentals further to another sub-tenanted hawker. in the end, the bowl of noodle ends up very expensive cos we have to bear all those unreasonable rental costs. why...i really wanna know why aren't the mps looking into this and control the prices...or control the rents and also for the food prices? why is subletting allowed?

u look at some of those stalls there. so many closed. why? either they ve made enough or they are closed for good? why does this allowed to happen?

hawker centres were built to provide affordable food to residents. many just couldn't afford such foods any more. doesn't the pap have the decency to feel shameful that they have allowed such sorry state to happen and persist?

J: sorry uncle. those hiccups are not under our jurisdiction. they belong to NEA.

LTS: (temper brewing and almost shouted WTF!!) but u and the paps always boasted that u look after the poor and the needies, the aged and sick and blah ...blah. so that's not true isn't? u just passed the ball to another statboard...and if i were to go to that statboard, the ball would be passed to the next...and the next. ultimately, it's the pap's administration that is allowing such a irresponsiblity to be passed along like a musical chair.

J: not like that uncle....that's not very fair comment.

LTS: that's inconsequential...whether it's fair or not. the fact that such a sad sorry phenomenum is happening all over many hawker centres. doesn't the pap bear some responsibility that they are the CAUSE? they could easily control the rental, prevent subletting or even control the prices of food sold. if they legitimatise all food prices to be sold at say, $2.... half of the residents' unhappiness over expensive hawker foods would have been solved.

why doesn't the pap administration do that? why allow food prices in hawker centres to escalate like nobody's business? do u call that a "concerned and caring" gov? i doubt so.

J: that's not fair again the comment. we already have social welfare implemented to help the poor and the needies.

LTS: THAT'S INCONSEQUENTIAL AGAIN, MY DEAR.....(louder and sterner tone) pap likes to push the problem...push the blame....claim all the credits but when come to such basic, they are quite ignorant and almost done nothing much to bring down food prices. why is it like that? the miserable welfare dished out is really pathetic. have u tried before to survive on that miserable amount?

J: we have more important things and problems to deal with... and lacking in manpower....

LTS: ya, right! how much is ur mp's pay...and your regular job's pay? mp's i believe is about $14.5K and your regular monthly pay might be even more. so i believe u could engage maybe an assistant capable to help u solve all these pesky problems. u can spare a mere $3 or $4k to engage me....n i see i bring all the prices of all the hawker food down. of course i must be equipped with all the necessary jurisdiction and power to handle the rentals and fix all the irrational rules.

......and it went on and on. by the time, josephine buck-toothed knew it, she had already spent almost an hour talking to the super lo so LTS. she was quietly fuming. her face was blushed and if one looked carefully, she felt humiliated and almost close to tears.

LTS - u big fat idiot!! now why u go and bully such a sweet buck-toothed lady mp? LOL!!