Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the moral of my dead tienlor water snail...

i really cannot understand....why like that??

my last tienlor....i loved it very much. care for it. fed it with expensive water plants. it had grown quite large. yet it always tried to escape.once it went missing for weeks only to be found hidding inside a inverted pot. was so surprise it was still alive after i threw it back into the goldfish bowl.

after a couple of weeks it had fatten itself up, it crawled out again during the night. found it. threw it back. next day it crawled out again. this was its last escape cos it fell and cracked its shell....and that was the end of my last longest surviving tienlor.

i threw it back into tht goldfish bowl. it came out of its shell...but only one long feeler. it was liked waving goodbye to me and retrieved back into the shell never to come out again.a few hours later, the water smelled. the tienlor was dead...*sniff*...

it was finally dead!


why did the tienlor choose freedom knowing that it couldn't survive outside this goldfish tank? still it escaped, fell, broke its shell and died....


it does relate to our situation of serfs living in sinkieland. serfs are like my tienlor and sinkieland is like the goldfish bowl except serfs does not possess the dexterity of my escaping tienlor which yearned so much for freedom....even it means death to it.

oh...i love my demised tienlor...for its persistant spirit of freedom

Friday, September 14, 2007

all the fools that gather for a pagan image....

when GOD is really among us, we choose not to accept and recognise him....

the darkness in the hearts of all these fools is really a mystery they themselves do not understand......

and all the fools gathers to pray to the god created by their deluded illusion conjured up by their lost minds.

pray, burnt, pray...what do u think they asking for?

for wealth...for health...for money...and for more money.....

god, god...everywhere but is the one who's real?

the images of the Chinese goddess Guan Yin and a girl on this tree, next to the famous 'Monkey God tree' in Jurong West, Street 42.. mind you!...this is the MONTH OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS FESTIVAL.

the formation of a monkey-liked protusion at the base of the tree set many people to illusion that as a reincarnation of a 'monkey god'.

when there is GOD, people choose not to recognise him.
when there isn't, they created their own god.

emptiness is form...and form is emptiness....

this is one fine example of this sutra saying.

then again, a quote from this joker:

"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." - Karl Heinrich Marx.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

runaway tienlor...

this last tienlor ran away again.

found it the next morning. threw it back.

the next day it ran away. sadly this would be its last escape. it must had fallen. there was a cracked tiny hole in the shell.

i threw it back into a pail of shallow water. it emerged briefly. it was back into its shell and hadn't emerge. wonder if it's dead. but if it's dead, the water would smell. so i m hoping it would recover. but chances is slim.

should i steam it with garlic and slurp it up??

i love my poodle

i tot poodle is the dog.

i love my poodle. it's fluffly like a cotton ball. when it's FAT, we really cannot tell it whether it's the meatiness or the fluffiness of it's luxuriant fur.

i love my poodle. i can trim his fluffiness into ballie shape. from head to ears. from legs to tail.
only when i trim it, then i realize how FAT my poodle has gotten itself to be.

the tail is as thick as it's legs!!!

but fat it maybe, the head still remain small sized.

i love my poodle. i love training it to do SIT, STAND, COME, FETCH...DOWN and PLAY DEAD.
now i m trying to train it to cross my legs like the circus.

i m pinkyclown. i just loooooooove my poodle!!


let there be LIGHT......

although now i m more into buddhism, GOD still lives in me.

once, a person rejects GOD, who is representation of Go(o)d, then (D)evil will just take over. then SATAN would have just won over ur soul.

it's pride that makes us to be blind to GOD'S presence. in doing so, we create other gods we churn up from our depths of imagination which is why this world now is so messy.

everything is man-made - even the gods they are worshipping.



we are in a crossroad. it's either LIGHT that we choose and love or it's DARKNESS we foolishly tempted to follow to eternal death.

so let not our pride over rides our compassionate heart to follow wisely the LIGHT which will guide us to GOODNESS.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the meaning of NO ONE'S LEFT BEHIND

this famous quote from pinkie le clown, ruler of sinkieland is quite true.


everyone is bending INFRONT of him...
and be SCREWED pain pain with the aid of KY.

hail to pinky le clown!! kiss his butt!!

we must all LOVE the paps. bow to pinkie le clown for he is always BEHIND us.....in pain, in tears, in sufferings we bear...

HE'S ALWAYS BEHIND US....generously with his KY....

love him! adore him!!



Light Is God

when there is LIGHT, there is GOD.

when they lost that, only darkness looms in their heartS. ask the lame FANTASICK 4 personally whether they are happy or suffering??

ask why do they need to hide themselves in darkness when pointing accusing fingers if they are in the LIGHT?

when will all this feuding childish nonsense stop?


- quote from the original SILVER SILVER

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

act simple; think uncomplicated

yes...make our thought uncomplicated to act in simple ways and happiness would follow you always....

those with very complicated thoughts usually act with hidden motives or agendas. when those sinister aim couldn't be achieved, all their evil shall be revealed and released.

SATAN always tries to deceive, confuse and trick many to divert their attention away from the LIGHT.

when many - christians included - fall for this trap, DARKNESS empowers and sufferings or death follow.

simple and uncomplicated soyabean.....

she was an old lady.....a total stranger to me. she was with another old lady. they seem to be very good pals.

as i sat and was still waiting for my burmese prince who had this bad habit of being late, i ordered another small cup of sugarless soyabean. got myself a you cha kway or dough fritter. returned to my table and began to savour the piping hot deep fried dough.

before i did, i pressed the oil you cha kway with the wax paper that wrapped around it. gosh! tonnes of oils oozed out and now it was a piece of greasy oily paper.

you cha kuay or you tiao dipped in hot soyabean drink was really a simple pleasure anyone could enjoy best in the morning. it was really a humble meal by itself costing only $1: 40c for the small cup sugarless soyabean (50c if with added syrup) and 60c for the evil oily deepfried fritter.

very soon, a pair of indians sat beside my table. presumably they were FT labourers. each holding a small bowl of soyabean curd, they sat and they slurped their beancurd.

as i watched, i smiled. the way they ate they food was a sight to behold too. one of them held up the spoonful of the piping hot beancurd (must have been just cooked), gently blowed at it and gracefully slurped the curd. he was liked letting the mess 'gargled' in his mouth only finally to swallow it in an orgasmic delight after which he let out a smile at me. he was aware i was looking at the way he enjoyed his soyabean curd.

i smiled back. he returned another bigger toothy pearly set of satisfied grin.

it was a joy and delight for them indulging in their 60c piping hot soyabean curd.

it was another simple and uncomplicated happiness.........;9)

simple and unadulterated joy

...yes, it could be found in our MALAY community. the chinese should learn from them in this video clip:


Sunday, September 9, 2007

pure joy and happiness

a forummer responded to my posting in sbf kopitiam:

Coffee Shop Talk - simple & uncomplicated

18 of 20

152134.18 in reply to 152134.1
Give her Sgd 50 and explain to her that her life need not be collecting aluminum cans. Explain to her citizens power and give her a pink armband to wear for 1 month.
Tell her next month you will be back to support her with another Sgd 50 and give her education on citizens power.

my reply:

i don't think u understand what's happening here.
ur $50 cannot exchange their pleasant glow of joy which is gradually rubbing into me looking from a nearby table.
they were happy cos they are simple and uncomplicated.
they won't be like what the gabramen mentioned about growing beyond 85 still living on...only to worry what would come the next day.
i m beginning to understand the pattern of FEAR the gabramen in this land instills in serfs. they created disillusioned fears and apprehension.
they tell us we shall live very very long...even past 85. hence, they want our money. they give themselves a very vital reason to implement COMPULSORY ANNUITY so that everyone will get hit.
but look again at the 2 happy old ladies. do u think they understand what's that all about? do u think they care? and do u think they would even know how to retrieve that kind of 'give away' from the gabramen's pocket even if they are entitled?
they were just happy...simple and uncomplicated happy. ALL IN ITS PUREST SENSE - unadulterated by any fears of living past 85 or even tomorrow may never come.

i m singapura

this song described it all:


i m singapura

this clip by hossan leong. does it mean it's 'seditious'?


happy not sad

they seem to be enjoying looking out for patrons who left empty cans on their tables.

everytime, they noticed the eaters had left and there were empty cans there on the table, they gleefully rushed there to retrieve them.

everytime they did that, she would smile so bright!

would we be able to appreciate their inner glow of happiness?

Saturday, September 8, 2007


was at mei ling market. suppose to meet burmese prince. the church where i brought him to attend once wanted me to relay an invitation to him to attend the closure of ALPHA sessions. there would be a great dinner held on that last day meeting. everyone there missed him and hope i could bring him there during the last meeting.

ordered the bak chor mee with lots of vinegar. then a cup of teh si siew dai or less sugar...and waited...and waited...what was wrong with this joker? totally no percept of time?...and waited.

while waiting, like many lives of strangers just passed me by. i sat sipping my warm sugarless soyabean drink.

at a nearby table, there were 2 old ladies, sitting there observing other tables. then one of them gingerly ran to a table. she returned cheerfully smiling with 3 can of soda. one of the GREEN TEA pokka still contained some fluids. she happily empty it by sucking it out with the straw.

3 empty aluminium cans, how much could it worth to the 2 ladies? a few cents? yet the joy on both of their faces were such a glow....

simple and uncomplicated. i realised they understood better the feeling of joy and happiness than i do.