Sunday, September 9, 2007

pure joy and happiness

a forummer responded to my posting in sbf kopitiam:

Coffee Shop Talk - simple & uncomplicated

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Give her Sgd 50 and explain to her that her life need not be collecting aluminum cans. Explain to her citizens power and give her a pink armband to wear for 1 month.
Tell her next month you will be back to support her with another Sgd 50 and give her education on citizens power.

my reply:

i don't think u understand what's happening here.
ur $50 cannot exchange their pleasant glow of joy which is gradually rubbing into me looking from a nearby table.
they were happy cos they are simple and uncomplicated.
they won't be like what the gabramen mentioned about growing beyond 85 still living on...only to worry what would come the next day.
i m beginning to understand the pattern of FEAR the gabramen in this land instills in serfs. they created disillusioned fears and apprehension.
they tell us we shall live very very long...even past 85. hence, they want our money. they give themselves a very vital reason to implement COMPULSORY ANNUITY so that everyone will get hit.
but look again at the 2 happy old ladies. do u think they understand what's that all about? do u think they care? and do u think they would even know how to retrieve that kind of 'give away' from the gabramen's pocket even if they are entitled?
they were just happy...simple and uncomplicated happy. ALL IN ITS PUREST SENSE - unadulterated by any fears of living past 85 or even tomorrow may never come.

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