Saturday, September 8, 2007


was at mei ling market. suppose to meet burmese prince. the church where i brought him to attend once wanted me to relay an invitation to him to attend the closure of ALPHA sessions. there would be a great dinner held on that last day meeting. everyone there missed him and hope i could bring him there during the last meeting.

ordered the bak chor mee with lots of vinegar. then a cup of teh si siew dai or less sugar...and waited...and waited...what was wrong with this joker? totally no percept of time?...and waited.

while waiting, like many lives of strangers just passed me by. i sat sipping my warm sugarless soyabean drink.

at a nearby table, there were 2 old ladies, sitting there observing other tables. then one of them gingerly ran to a table. she returned cheerfully smiling with 3 can of soda. one of the GREEN TEA pokka still contained some fluids. she happily empty it by sucking it out with the straw.

3 empty aluminium cans, how much could it worth to the 2 ladies? a few cents? yet the joy on both of their faces were such a glow....

simple and uncomplicated. i realised they understood better the feeling of joy and happiness than i do.

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