Wednesday, March 26, 2008

protest that was just a disguise

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Letter to The Straits Times Forum:
20 Mar 08

I refer to the peaceful protest by SDP held on 15 March 2008.

I got to know about the protest through word of mouth and decided to exercise my constitutional rights as a Singapore Citizen by participating together with my two young children. My purpose was simple: to highlight the rising cost of living that is affecting me and my family.

Recent increases in childcare costs, milk powder, transportation and medical costs, are taking a toll on families like me with very young dependents.

What started out as a peaceful protest turned unnecessarily rowdy in the end because the police held up the group of protesters outside Funan Digimall and prevented them from moving.

The police intervention created a scene that attracted big crowds of passersby.

As a Citizen who is non-partisan, I will support causes I believe in, regardless of who the organizers are. In times of price hikes where we were told by our ministers to buy house brand bread, eat frozen meat, I do not think I have the spare cash to enjoy the luxury of junk foods. It's World Consumer Day on 15 March 2008, so what is wrong with protesting about the recent escalating price hikes?

What has become of our society if even speaking up has become a crime, and peaceful protests end up with arrest, yet limping terrorists are out on the loose?

Go Hui Leng

this is the notorius LAMEI who's always posting her kind of craps in sammyboy's coffeeshop. she was so bloody proud that she brought her kids , her teletubbies to attend some silly childish protest held by SDP. i wonder if chiatilik wasn't involved, would she be still so keen?

the increase of consumers' prices especially food is a WHOLE WIDE PHENOMENON. those idiots who were protesting were simply too ignorant and way too detached from reality. there were about 30 ding protestors there. that's maybe including kids they brought along. such irresponsible parents who brought their kids to protest really have to be charged for putting them in such a risk of being hurt should the whole scene turned raucous and ugly. Yet this mother of all thing could still brag that she wanted her kids to be "politically aware" while still sucking their pacifiers.


those kids might to taught to disregard the laws and that when police were arresting the protestors, the police were WRONG. how would these kids later grow up to be? lawless??

very sad .... that parents because of their personal waywardness are inculcating such moral into young innocent minds.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


this is an interesting thread. it's very subjective. if u believe, u will think the 'holy spirit' is with u. if u dun or to the bystanders or non believers, it appears like the masses were being possessed or hypnotised NOT by the Holy Spirit but by the power of principality.

so what's your view here? God's HOLY SPIRIT or satan's hooleey spirit?

in the buddhist text, it would simply be:


man creates the form, indulges in the form and finally get so attached into the 'form' that he originally created....

Coffee Shop Talk - MASS ORGASM @ CHC
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CHC ORGY: I WANT TO CUM... (Mass Orgasm)

Can anyone confirm how often CHC goers are given this MASS ORGASM party??

I mean, just look at their faces!! Kong Hee Fatt Choy is probably looking too, and thinking to himself, "Just look at how happily they are being fucked by me..."

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what was the protest all about? was it really for the citizens? was it really against consumers price increases? or was it another ploy to embarrass the gov and the country?
it was a suppose to be a 'peaceful' protest. even kids were brought there to participate. now take a look at this videoclip:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

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