Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ultraman hanuman

for the little nephew :)



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

dog saves dog

we heard of "dog eats dog", now watch this video...

the injured dog died and many viewers who watched this over the news wanted to adopt the stray dog who so bravely trying to save its already demised doggy pal.

Friday, November 28, 2008

comparison of salaries of PMs around the world

does size of a country matter? if it does, ours is definitely the most expensive in the world!

does intensity of the PM's job matter? again, if it does, ours must be the easiest to rule over the very submissive and sheepish peasants. LOL!

(courtesy fr kojabt from 3IN1 kopitiam forum)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

3 stooges of chee clan jailed!

Nov 27, 2008
T-shirt trio jailed

THREE men who wore T-shirts depicting a kangaroo dressed in judge's robes and found to be in contempt of court were sentenced on Thursday.

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) assistant secretary-general John Tan Liang Joo, 47, was jailed for 15 days, while the other two - full-time national serviceman Muhammad Shafi'ie Syahmi Sariman, 20, and activist Isrizal Mohamed Isa, 33 - were sentenced to seven days jail each.

All three also have to pay the Attorney-General costs of $5,000.

The Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) initiated contempt of court proceedings against the trio for having 'scandalised the Singapore Judiciary by publicly wearing identical white T-shirts, imprinted with a palm-sized picture of a kangaroo dressed in a judge's gown, within and in the vicinity of the New Supreme Court Building'.

They wore the T-shirts between May 26 and May 28 at the Supreme Court.

This was when they attended hearings before Justice Belinda Ang to assess defamation damages that the SDP, its leader Chee Soon Juan and his sister Chee Siok Chin had to pay Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

At Monday's hearing, Deputy Solicitor-General Jeffrey Chan sought stiff jail terms and cited two reasons.

Firstly, the worst insult that someone can level against the judicial system is to call it a kangaroo court, he said.

The term is generally understood to mean a court that is characterised by unauthorised or irregular procedures, or sham and unfair legal proceedings.

Secondly, the men's refusal to apologise reaffirmed their contempt of court.

Mr Chan urged Justice Prakash to pass a sentence that would denounce such a show of contempt and deter others from acting in the same way .

The men argued separately that they had no intention of publicising their actions, which they said were merely a form of self-expression

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

laukuaybu chee vs master chee

an aged laukuaybu kungfu auntie's revelation about master chee's misdeeds


LETTER TO EDITOR: Singapore and human rights

Singapore's constitution and laws are different from the U.S. ("The Singapore 18," Op-Ed, Friday). They have ensured law and order, stability and prosperity for Singapore. We do not seek to impose our laws on others, nor do human rights groups have the right to impose their values on Singapore.

The writer, Timothy Cooper, says that 18 Singaporeans have been unconstitutionally indicted for taking part in a peaceful assembly. They were charged with taking part in an assembly without a permit as required under Singapore law. There is nothing unconstitutional about this long-standing law, or the charges against the 18.

Mr. Cooper refers to a report by a subgroup of the International Bar Association (IBA). In 2007, the IBA held its annual conference in Singapore, despite being lobbied by Chee Soon Juan to boycott Singapore.

In his opening speech, the president of the IBA, Fernando Pombo, said the IBA had done so because of Singapore's "outstanding legal profession" and "an outstanding judiciary."

Mr. Pombo is not alone. The latest World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report rated Singapore 19th out of 131 countries on independence of the judiciary from political influences, ahead of Japan, France, Luxembourg and the U.S.

Mr. Cooper also says that Mr. Chee has been imprisoned seven times.

On five occasions the courts had imposed fines on Mr. Chee for various miscellaneous offenses, but he deliberately chose not to pay the fines and to go to jail instead. Twice he was committed for contempt of court for alleging judicial bias.

As for the defamation suits against Mr. Chee, he had accused the prime minister and ministers of lying and financial malfeasance involving billions of dollars. He has also freely made claims of corruption, nepotism and dishonesty, without any basis. They had to sue to clear their names or have the false allegations believed and their integrity impugned.

We believe that it is important to keep the public discourse honest, and that when individuals, especially public figures, have been defamed, the truth can be established in court, one way or the other.

Republic of Singapore

so is this laukuaybu chee more honest than master chee?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


from the late teresa teng

....and the original from SIMON & GARFUNKEL

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Sept. 24, 2008
The day John McCain lost the election.
By Daniel Gross
Posted Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, at 10:05 PM ET
For Bill Clinton in 1992, it was the economy, stupid. For John McCain in 2008, it was the stupid economy. Exit polls showed that 62 percent of the electorate said the economy was the most important issue.

when, precisely, did John McCain lose the narrative on the economy? Was it last July, when economic adviser Phil Gramm, discussing the "mental recession," noted that "we've sort of become a nation of whiners"? Perhaps it was back in December 2007, when McCain said, "The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should." Or was McCain's economic goose cooked long before the campaigns started? Ray Fair, the Yale professor who plugs macroeconomic data into an election-predicting model, said that "since November 2006, the model has consistently been predicting that the Democratic candidate would get about 52 percent of the two-party vote."

McCain managed to give Obama a run for the money through mid-September. The polls began to turn (decisively, it turns out) against him when the global financial system suffered a run on the money. And with the acuity bestowed by six weeks of hindsight, I think it's possible to pinpoint three dates—Sept. 15, Sept. 24, and Oct. 15—that mark crucial turning points in the campaign.

On Sept. 15, Lehman Bros., having failed to convince the government it was worthy of a bailout, filed for bankruptcy. The same day, McCain proclaimed: "I think, still, the fundamentals of our economy are strong." A twin killer. Lehman's failure triggered a ferocious and unpredictable series of events—the freezing of money-market funds, a global credit seizure—that made it clear that 1) the fundamentals of our economy were anything but strong and 2) volatility was here to stay. McCain's ill-timed line, a longtime presidential staple, showed he had no intuitive feel for how to talk about the economy at large or about the crisis at hand.

Share this article on DiggBuzz up!Share this article on BuzzOn Sept. 24, as talks about a Washington bailout intensified, McCain announced he would suspend his campaign and fly to Washington. The theory: McCain would put country first, force Obama off the campaign trail, forge a bipartisan compromise, and alter the dynamics of the race. But McCain didn't have a game plan to triangulate effectively between the Republican gentry (the Bush administration, Wall Street, corporate America), who ardently demanded a bailout, and the pitchfork-toting peasants (House Republicans), who opposed it. He ended up leaving town and resuming campaigning without an agreement in place.

While McCain seemed detached, Obama caucused with financial graybeards and kept his campaign plane on the tarmac to get updates from his new speed-dialing buddy, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Self-serving? You betcha. But doggone successful. And the passage of the bailout bill, which McCain grudgingly supported, neutered the increasingly ideological economic warfare McCain waged in the closing weeks. At a time when the Bush administration was nationalizing big portions of the (grateful) financial services sector, charges that Obama was a socialist, the redistributor-in-chief, the second coming of Eugene V. Debs, failed to gain traction.

The third fatal date? Oct. 15, when the third debate took place. Throughout the fall, Obama had rounded up financial icons such as former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and Warren Buffett to serve as surrogates. They could reassure Wall Street and Main Street that Obama could steer the nation through treacherous financial waters. Rather than enlist a respected businessperson such as Mitt Romney or former eBay CEO Meg Whitman as his chief economic surrogate, McCain turned to an unlicensed plumber from Ohio. McCain mentioned "Joe the Plumber" seven times in the Oct. 15 debate. In the ensuing weeks, McCain routinely trotted out Samuel J. Wurzelbacher's economic folk wisdom as gospel.

Warren the Investor and Paul the Central Banker vs. Joe the Plumber was never going to be much of a fair fight. Given the macroeconomic backdrop of recent years and the microeconomic disasters of recent weeks, neither was the presidential campaign, which is why Obama has won the White House.

Monday, November 3, 2008


poor fattie john, one of the 3 stooges in pirated kangaroo Ts was sabotaged by his own student. inevitably, his rice bowl was being broken and he might be going on a crash diet soon. sad

all new events related to this martial arts duel would be condensed here.

James Cook University (JCU) has suspended Mr John Tan from his position as a lecturer. This is because Mr Tan, who is also the assistant secretary-general of the Singapore Democrats, is being charged with contempt of court by Attorney-General Walter Woon.

Mr Tan was informed of the decision on 21 Oct 08 when he was called in to the Dean's office and abruptly handed the letter informing him that he was suspended with immediate effect.

Mr Tan subsequently went to see Dr Dale Anderson, CEO of JCU. In that meeting, Dr Anderson showed Mr Tan an email that was sent to the university by a "Collin Lim".

The CEO admitted that he did not know who this Collin Lim was or if he was, in fact, a student at the university. The email noted Mr Tan's political activities and said that the psychology lecturer was associated with Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Dr Anderson also drew Mr Tan's attention to the fact that Collin had copied the email to the Minister for Education, Dr Ng Eng Hen.

When Mr Tan appealed to the academic principles of JCU, Dr Anderson replied that "half of the school is owned by Singapore" and implied that there was nothing he could do because he was under the employment of Singapore.

In response, 28 of Mr Tan's students and former students wrote letters of support of Mr Tan to the university to which Dr Anderson replied: "I cannot enter into a discussion on this matter until it is clear of court action."

in the sdppy's manual, they were always right. never argue with them. even if they were wrong, it was always RIGHT to them. they were the LAW!!

someone in the martial world was incensely pissed with their unabated arrogance. he started a manual to counter-act their nonsense:


IS SDPPY HONEST? if they were, how come they publicise a "PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL" letter to fattie john.

mati lah!! the uni now sure couldn't mend back fattie's rice bowl liao!

PTE & CONFIDENTIAL LETTER for everyone to read

important note: The university's chief executive officer, Dale Anderson, said Mr Tan was not a staff member at the university but was contracted to teach Psychology.



Friday, October 31, 2008

heartbroken from FLIRT&DESTROY


[排骨精 inflicted u badly with deadly DARLING stance so it's up to 蜘蛛精 to suck u dry the poison off ur 2 especially vital points.

孙悟空 and 牛魔王 are the monkey and ox spirit. still i think they are better than a 狐狸精 (vixen spirit) who is best at destroying married couples.

let's stick back to our martial arts drama.] - a reminder to ramseth, a victim of F&D

ramseth was then also a disciple in WP CLAN ruled by master TK and his sidekick SALIVA. he was in cohort with chia sai, lamui, saikong seng and a few renowed senior disciples like andrew, melvin, jacys and EH BO. the last one, EH BO now seconded to RP CLAN. with the demised of kungfu senior master JBJ, EH BO now ruled over there.

even when all of them were together in WP, there was already dovey-lovey going on.

ramseth was a romantic. he loved SALIVA. he loved lamui who was always winking at chia sai. he loved glenda and scared the hell out of her. in the end, she left WP CLAN and lived in recluse in mt. HK.

SALIVA couldn't return her love or feeling to ramseth cos she was after all the 2nd in command in the clan. one fine day, a despondent ramseth was feeling miserable cos glenda suddenly left him, he received a F&D wink from lamui. it was actually meant for chia sai who was coming from behind the dejected ramseth. the F&D wink hit ramseth instead and there was music in the air...yes....*THE HILL WAS ABLAZED...WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC..." followed by "LOVE WAS A MANY SPLENDOUR THING".

from that day on, ramseth was madly obssessed with lamui. they were using the telepathic feat called MSN to secretly communicate with each others. his feeling was real while her was FLIRT, EXPLOIT & DESTROY. she was gathering sensitive info for chia sai who was planning to usurp WP CLAN.

in the end, after the martial tournament which was held once every 5 yrs, chia sai lost miserably. his first step to overthrown master TK flopped. he left in a gruff tugging behind lamui who had stolen much of the clan's top secret skill.

many WP's disciples fell victims to lamui's F&D which was improving by leap and bound. in the end, when ramseth who was trying to plead with her to stop was grievously injured by her deadly DARLING stance.

he finally was too ashamed to stay on with WP clan and decided to leave for thai temple to be a monk wannabe. (maybe he could find the other monk wannabe leetahsar there in the thai forest temple).

that was why he needed the thai teetujias (spider spirits) to suck out all the poison accumulated from every F&D winks dispensed by lamui.

meanwhile, the duel in kangaroocourt hill had taken a breather. each side was preparing their formidable strategy and stance. the kangaroos were scheming how much to fleece the chee's while the chee's were scheming how much $MPILLs they could tease out from the peasants.

from the look of the events, the wager that kangaroos winning this no-bar-hold duel was increasing...unless the peasants could rise up to aid the losers master chee and his CRAZY DRAGON DEADLY 18 BLOW. give them your support!!! donate your $MPILLS!!....donate generously...and wisely.

more to come, later

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

which is cheaper: peanuts or fines?

ang mo kao from the faraway canadian mountain is here. any more foreign kungfu masters coming? does it mean the local law kungfu experts are hopelessly lost??

by the way, must pay ang mo kao (red haired monkey) with peanuts or not? what about our local kungfu lawyers - enough peanuts for them? donate generously....and wisely.

if peanuts are cheaper than fines, then obviously their TAK BOLEH TAHAN still can tahan.

but if fines are cheaper than peanuts, then i think many peasants sure tak boleh tahan their TAK BOLEH TAHAN. could we recall our donations? we need peanuts too, you know.

of course the cheapest would be check into changi holiday resorts and squat there for a couple of weeks. suppose to be 6 days all-expenses paid packaged holiday. but now, the judge sure would recommend a longer and more pleasant stay there. again, all expenses paid with insurance included.

now for the lovey-dovey drama.....

what's a kungfu story without all the "he loved her. she loved him but he didn't love her but loved another she..and that she loved the first he..." wow!! very confusing.

so side-track to the lovey-dovey drama......

lamui was fedup with Uncleyap. she winked at him but was shrugged off. instead UY winked at chin chin cos after being grievously injured, chin chin really resembled his beloved demised bulldog bitch! however, chin chin was undecisive cos she got hots for chia sai and he - alamak - was deeply infatuated with lamui.

as the lovey-dovey circle rolled......

if u shunned lamui, it would be a hell-knows-no-fury thing. if she couldn't have UY, the next best thing for her would be to destroy him. her deadly FLIRT&DESTROY skilll went into action - DISCORDS SOWING started.

chin chin was furious with UY. in a rabid fury, she bit his forearm. gosh!! UY treated it as a love bite - of all thing!! his admiration for her grew stronger and loving it when she bit even harder, deeper and shakier. when she bit tightly, her bulldogged face would shake violently. UY just loved it!!

this mean F&D from lamui failed miserably. it stimulated UY to be more obssessed with chin chin. bo bian, she applied on chia sai. well, it worked fine with him. he executed a blow to UY and snapped, slapped and whacked the moonlight out of him until he could see stars. LOL!!

poor turdy nerd was feeling neglected and sore after cowering out from the CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW with injunboy who was another important component in the stance formation. lamui noticed his vulnerablity. she flashed a F&D deadly wink at him, the nerd became fully charged. he was orgasmic and became under her spell which she would be waiting for the right opportuned moment to exploit him for her next evil scheme. the nerd now bowed to her as the EMPRESS DOWAGER!! ...and that was precisely her insiduous plan all along.

arrival of ang mo kao from mt canada


chia sai had sent a homing pigeon from ang mo hill to appeal for help. the distress SOS signal was picked up by another ang mo kao from the canadian range. he is here now. could master chee be saved by the presence of the foreign kungfu master?

[[Canadian lawyer Mr Robert Amsterdam is acting for Dr Chee Soon Juan on the international stage and assisting him in the on-going trials. As many of Dr Chee's prosecutions involve international customary law, Mr Amsterdam's experience in this area of the law is especially helpful. He is also the legal counsel for the SDP.]]

by the way, must pay money one or not huh? if must, where to get more M$PILLS? c'mon donate generously....and wisely

if cannot get queen counsel fr eng kok, then get amsterdam from canada!

she loves to go to court to have fun!

Re: Martial arts in local politics

[It was a thursday morning. I actuall went to Court excited and looking forward to have fun in the court.]

no wonder she likes WARRANT OF ARREST for not settling petty parking summons.

SHE LOVES TO HAVE FUN WITH THE KANGAROOS!!i think by the end of this duel, lamui could be DARENIA PAO the female version of DAREN PAO or justice pao, the black faced magistrate with a cresent on forehead.

this means DISCORDS SOWING ALREADY STARTED within. this suppose to help them win the duel against the kangaroos?

the LAN-SEEness (silly little stubborn arrogance)was suppose to ehance their chances? good grief!!

those who donated M$PILLS, good luck to ur money. those who didn't - thank goodness for it!!

maybe going to jail and share cell with chin chin is more FUN!! she could learn from her speciality skill: YU NU ZHENG JIN (virgin maid real stuff kong fu). chia sai could share with master chee and learn more secret skill YU LANG SHEN JIN(virgin male crazy skill).

in a couple of weeks after discharge, they would be the latest martial art hot couple yu nu & yu lang zheng jin-shen jin. wow!!

could someone translate those into more comical chinese words.

Monday, October 27, 2008

it had ended - well, almost....

as can be seen, the sdppies clones and whinners cannot even tolerate other's posting - namely mine - they expect the gabramen to tolerate their sdppies' bigger public nonsense.

just think if such bunch of clowns have their right of way and rule the martial world......

the chee's clan had once again mortally being defeated. maybe it's time for them to check into mt. changi and go into recluse to recharge themselves. they would eventually recover fr their internal injuries, fine tune their CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW, descend fr mt changi and again try to dominate the martial world.

another duel in the very near future again?

really it's a pity that chee's clan is being crippled now. if not they could really exploit the dire situation of another current martial's world turmoil using the LEHMAN BROTHER'S deadly darts to hit the kangaroos.

what a waste!!

the martial arts coming from the chee's clan would never end. just like chia sai mentioned about "chopping up the piggy to split the porky" while he was in wp, the whole scenario repeats here.

there isn't firm UNITY. there isn't selfess sacrifices. there isn't even sincere caring among each other. it was already a battle lost before it even got started.

strangely, they never learn. if they have learnt, i believe the peasants would be tuned into their wavelength and feel for them, feel with them and even fight along with them.

sadly, they are just a bunch of "clowns" to many. ask around. see what kind of response u get from a neutral man-in-the-street. again, i doubt the sdppies would accept the authentic answer that is not listed in their 10 TOP CLASSIFEDS LIST.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

MONEY$PILL to the rescue??

the lost skill of CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW must be executed with precision. only 18 DEADLY BLOWS. excess 1 or less 2 and the whole stance crumbled. all involved executing the feat would suffer irreconciable internal injuries.

chia sai only aggravated the situation. what they need most now is the illusive M$PILL or MONEYDOLLAR-PILLS; legal fees payable to private lawyers not included

speaking about "leegal fees". would it be cheaper to pay the fines or the lawyers?

they have chosen to stand trial which means the cheapest of all would be to go to JAIL

uncle yap was always seen in activism event with chee. obviously it would be hard to shake off that impression.

by the way, SDP all along have uncleyap first way before chia and his looney F4 gang. accordingly, uncleyap is more senior in status and his past efforts to SDP should be appreciated.

why the discord is happening now? strangely, if we recall another clan WP, there was discord there too in the past. now, who could be the missing link here?

uncleyap has called for more M$PILLs to heal the injured disciples:

What can the public do to help? Donate & Support if you can not take part.

Donate to the legal defense funds or help some activists to pay fines, so that those can not afford to go to jail can still take part in protests.

if chee's clan had the supporters, the peasants' endorsement and even the dubious foreign forces, this shouldn't be a problem.

just for the record:


by this alone, they have already contradicted their own protest of TAK BOLEH TAHAN to high prices. then what about the M$PILL donation to them? all this worth for an intrinsic cause??

very confusing indeed!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Discord among defendants
By Jeremy Au Yong, Political Correspondent

THERE were disagreements in court on Friday as the first prosecution witness took the stand in the ongoing trial of 17 people charged with taking part in an illegal assembly outside Parliament House on Mar 15.

However, this came from among defendants themselves, as they could not see eye-to-eye on a number of matters.

Chief among these was the line of questioning of police photographer Nor Hidah Ali Jinnah, the witness.

At one point, lawyer Chia Ti Lik, a defendant, interrupted fellow defendant Yap Keng Ho's cross-examination to say: 'Your Honour, I do not see the relevance of this line of questioning. And I wonder why the DPP (Deputy Public Prosecutor) has not objected.'

Yap had been questioning the police photographer on the type of flash she used to take pictures of the scene. He said it was to establish the authenticity of the photos.

Staff Sergeant Nor Hidah had been tasked to take pictures of the area where the assembly and procession had allegedly taken place, to establish the setting.

Half an hour of questions from Yap delving into technical details of her camera equipment made his co-defendants lose patience.

it seems that CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOWS could easily go haywire when another "extra" blow was included.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

a typical singaporean day

like that, sbs still got cheek to increase fare!! ;9(

kangaroos won, HE ruled!

as usual, kangaroocourt won the showdown. peasants weren't really there to back chee's clan with their peoples' power.

and so HE continued to dominate the martial world. more comments from:

From: PAPbest 2:14 pm
To: ALL (1 of 1)


SDP Activists belittle Civil Disobedience and Tak Boleh Tahan Campaign

In its latest article "AGC cannot decide whether to use video or not", SDP reporting seems to become a laughable joke. Let's take a look at some excerpts in quotes:

"The morning started off with Mr Ng E-jay pleading guilty to the charge of taking part in an assembly outside Parliament House. The second charge of participating in a procession was taken into consideration. Mr Ng was subsequently fined $600."

Compare this to the article "Come and support the activists during the trial" which read, "We are proud of being able to come together to defend and push for the rights of our fellow citizens, for without these rights we are at the mercy of the PAP. We know that we are guided by the truth and righteousness."

If SDP knows it's righteous, why did its activist pleaded guilty in the morning?

"In the end, Mr George pleaded guilty as this was the only way for him to get back to his work. He was fined $1,200."

What's more, one of the SDP activists pleaded guilty just to go back to work! Seems like career is more important than political stand.

The Best Job Insurance: SDP calls out for supporters to donate to its legal defence fund, which will be used to keep Mr George's job.

With the guilty pleas, SDP has lost its legitimacy among its supporters. This is because SDP has gone back on its civil disobedience action. Remember how Dr Chee claimed to be on hunger strike but secretly drank glucose water?

Oscar Award for the most illogical statement of the YEAR:

"I understand what was read out to me," Mr Jufrie replied, "what I don't understand is why are we being charged. You see groups of tourists and other people everyday in front of Parliament. Why are they all not charged?"

This either shows the naivity of Mr Jufrie to law, or that he's trying to say the SDP did not campaign at all in front of Parliament. So wasn't there a demonstration?

In conclusion, SDP doesn't really care about the poor in Singapore as much as they say they are. It protested outside Parliament House but said they were just like tourists walking pass Parliament without intention of demanding more to be done to alleviate poverty in Singapore. All else said, after the bankruptcy of SDP, it could consider joining the Entertainment industry.

so it's not really a ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE unity here but then again, it's FREEDOM OF CHOICE. the 2 who pleaded guilty instead of standing trial had made a "wise" decision.
one question though: did they ever anticipate this final verdict to happen to what they were made to think they had participated in a "peaceful" public protest??


blogger Ng E-Jay, who said that he was pleading guilty

Oct 23, 2008
19 on illegal assembly trial
One pleaded guilty

By Jeremy Au Yong

IT WAS a lively start to the first day of court proceedings for 19 people accused of demonstrating in front of Parliament House in March this year.
The 19, who include Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan and his sister Chee Siok Chin, have been charged with taking part in an illegal assembly and a subsequent procession.

The group piled into Court 5 of the Subordinate Courts at 9.30 am on Thursday, and extra chairs had to be brought in to accomodate all of them. The public gallery was filled with about 20 people, including supporters of the SDP and those on trial.

Amid the noise and commotion as the defendants were taking their seats before proceedings started, one of them, blogger Yap Keng Ho, 45, remarked to the rest: 'This is the largest pasar malam in the history of Singapore'.

During the course of proceedings before District Judge Chia Wee Kiat, several of those who were charged rose to ask questions or make applications.

There were requests for copies of video clips taken by the police of the Mar 15 event; one accused sought an adjournment as he wanted to get back to his job; and one asked for the Court to observe a minute's silence for the late opposition polition JB Jeyaretnam, who was to have represented several of the activists.

But the first order of formal business on Thursday morning for Dstrict Judge Chia was to deal with the decision by one of the accused, blogger Ng E-Jay, who said that he was pleading guilty.

He told The Straits Times that he had decided to do so just on Wednesday.

Proceedings were then adjourned so that his case could be dealt with before the trial of the remaining 18 accused begin. They will return to the court at 3.30pm on Thursday.

Ng was fined $600, or six days in jail in default, after he admitted to the charge.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SHOWDOWN, SHOWTIME at kangaroo hill

today's the day. CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOWS was ready for showdown with kangaroocourt clan. their names were finally revealed. this time the number was correct: lucky 18.

The TBT 18:

1. Gandhi Ambalam
2. Chia Ti Lik
3. Chong Kai Xiong
4. Jeffrey George
5. Jaslyn Go
6. Chee Siok Chin
7. Govindan Rajan
8. Chee Soon Juan
9. Jufrie Mahmood
10. Jufri Salim
11. Surayah Akbar
12. Ng E-Jay
13. Seelan Palay
14. Shaffie
15. Carl Lang
16. John Tan
17. Francis Yong
18. Sylvester Lim

their last frantic SOS call to peasants:

In times such as these, we urge our fellow Singaporeans to show your support to the activists. Democracy should not just be the cause of the few, but the noble effort of all who care and love Singapore.

Put away your fears. Make time for your fellow citizens who have been courageous enough not just to complain but actually do something for our rights and freedom. Let them know that you care and want to support what they do.

This is no time to look away. Please make your way down to Subordinate Court No. 5 at 9:30 am on 23 Oct 08, Thursday and let them know, "I'm here with you."

what would be the outcome? it would definitely be a FINE day for them. would they have enough $M pills to survive?

SHITS SMEARING TIMES would report it the next day. i don't think mediacorpse would air coverage for this trial until after they meticulously edit it so that not to provoke emotion of peasants.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

martial world domination scheme



Singapore's shame: ordeal of Chee Soon Juan
Posted: October 21, 2008, 8:00 AM by Diane Francis
Litigation, China, Human Rights Abuse, dysfunction, india, economy
Singapore's Shame
Singapore represents itself as a democracy with the rule of law and a good place to live and do business.
But Singapore is a bully and its strong-arm tactics against critics, domestic or foreign, is unrecognized by the rest of the world, thanks to its carefully crafted public relations strategy designed to show the city-state as a model of government, democracy, economic development and the rule of law.
“The frustrating thing is that people continue to see Singapore as a rules-based society. I want the international community to realize the abuses,” said opposition leader Dr. Chee Soon Juan in an exclusive telephone interview yesterday from his home in Singapore with the National Post. “Fortunately, International organizations are getting involved like Lawyers Rights Watch, the International Bar Association, the International Commission of Jurists. All have criticize Singapore.”
Dr. Chee should know. His saga since 1992 reads like the Book of Job and shows that the reality is the city-state of five million people is an autocracy whose leaders use dafamation lawsuits and other court techniques to harass Chee or any other democratic activists, the media or corporate entities which fall out of favor.
This Thursday, Dr. Chee, secretary-general of the Singapore Democratic Party, will be on trial for the eighth time in a handful of years. This time he is accused of the “crime” of holding a meeting with more than five persons without a permit. The Singapore constitution guarantees freedom of opinion, expression and assembly.

“Every time we applied for a permit we have been turned down and the minister said that he would never grant a permit,” said Dr. Chee.

His ordeal began after he joined the opposition party and criticized the cronyism and secrecy of the Singaporean government. Since then, lawsuits have bankrupted him personally, are about to bankrupt his political party, have sent him to jail because he is unable to pay fines anymore, have cost him his university position as a lecturer and denied him basic legal rights such as legal representation or the right to cross-examine or present a defense.

And every time he criticizes such unjust treatment he is sued for defamation, then fined huge amounts or sent to jail.
Singapore also muzzles the press. Local media is government-owned and foreigners have been harassed.
“International newspapers, the Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review, Time, the Economist, International Herald Tribune, Bloomberg have all been sued and/or prosecuted for making statements about these matters,” said Dr. Chee.

International effort underway
Fortunately, a team of lawyers, led by Canadian law firm Amsterdam & Peroff in Toronto, has been set up in order to help Dr. Chee defend himself in court and to embarrass Singapore before the world for its failure to uphold the rule of law. The team is headed by Bob Amsterdam (who defended Mikhail Khodorovsky and other high-profile Russians against the oppressive Putin regime), UK defamation expert Anthony Julius (who represented Lady Di) and American law professor William Burke-White.
"The Singaporean authorities are using the law to repress political rivals and as punishment,” said Amsterdam in a phone interview from his headquarters in London. "It's a myth that Singapore is a democracy, a complete myth.”
The team is going to help Dr. Chee represent himself in court and also intends to bring the injustice to the attention of the United Nations and others. They also intend to register the Singapore Democratic Party in their jurisdictions so that it may continue its work as an exiled entity.

The next ordeal
On Thursday, Dr. Chee will have to represent himself, with help from this team. The Singapore court will not give standing to a foreign lawyer and local lawyers have been frightened away from his case. There is no Legal Aid representation provided either. He knows he probably faces jail because he cannot pay any more fines.
“I survive financially by selling books. I peddle them on the street. I was trained in academia but after I joined the opposition in 1992 I was sacked and since then nobody will want to work with me. They are frightened of guilt by association,” he said.
He was fired by a person who was a Member of Parliament with the ruling party.
“When I said my sacking was politically motivated, he sued me for defamation. I went to court, lost and the court awarded damages of US$350,000. My wife and I sold our house, car and everything to pay this fine,” he said.
Another two defamation lawsuits resulted in US$400,000 in fines after Dr. Chee raised questions about Singapore’s secret financial support for the corrupt Suharto regime in Indonesia.
“The significance of those cases was we didn’t even go to trial. It was a summary judgment, decided by the judge in chambers without any right to cross examine,” he said.
“A third case in 2006 was a defamation lawsuit by former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his son, the current Prime Minister, over an article written in our party’s newspaper. Fines were huge [US$610,000] and the judgment was delivered in the judge’s chambers again.”
When Dr. Chee criticized this, the judge said this constituted contempt of court and jailed him this June for 12 days. And his failure to pay fines will also result in more contempt convictions and imprisonment.

Dr. Chee's motivation
“I’ve been convicted on seven occasions already and have another nine charges outstanding. I can’t afford to pay any fines so I will have to go to prison. The only way out is to leave, but if I leave the government wins and if the government wins the people lose. Singapore is my home and lack of transparency and accountability will simply result in huge problems down the road for my country and for my children.”
“I hope to see democracies like Canada, the U.S. and others in the world pay attention to these matters before it’s too late. Ultimately, their interests are going to be affected as well.”

The interview in full
Q. Do you have a family and are you frightened of violence?
A. “I’ve got three kids, 9, 6 and 4 and a wonderful wife. I do not feel in danger in that way."

Q. How do you survive financially?
A. "I sell books, peddle them on the street. I was trained in academia but after I joined the opposition in 1992 I was sacked and since then I haven’t been nobody will want to work with me. It's guilt by association. I can't a lawyer to represent me for that reason too."

Q. What international organizations are you contacting for help?
A. "Lawyers Rights Watch, the International Bar Association, International Commission to jurists all have criticized and that helps because I want the international community to realize the abuses."

Q. Is the business/financial community also at risk by such court activities in terms of contracts and litigation?
A. “Ironically, there was a case here involving a Canadian co. Enernorth which signed with a Singapore company. There was a dispute over commercial matters, the matter settled in Singapore courts. Enernorth was frustrated and appealed in Canada's courts, saying that Singapore's courts were not impartial. But the Canadian court was not convinced unfortunately. It's diffiult to get other jurisdictions to look into this matter.”
"I want to alert the international business community there are problems with the rule of law. The Singapore government lavishes these companies. They operate tax free, can repatriate all profits and Singapore keeps wages very low. There is suppression of wages because there are no independent labor unions. So companies love Singapore and wouldn’t say anything to jeopardize their situation."

Q. If Singapore drives your party into bankruptcy is there any opposition parties left?
A. "The only opposition party that’s called for a reform of the system is ours. This is an offense against reforms."

Q. What is their strategy against you?
A. Keep levying fines and lawsuits that I cannot pay and put me in jail for contempt.

Q. What about the Singapore Strait Times and local press dissent?
A. "It's all biased. the media is owned by the government. The person in charge of publications is the former deputy Prime Minister himself. The internet is all we've got."

Q. How many people live in Singapore and how would you describe their form of governance?
A. "There are about five million, one-quarter are non-Singaporeans or guest workers. It is a dictatorship. In the last 10 years half the workforce has not gotten an increase in real wages. There are significant layoffs and many homeless living on beaches, on the streets, in government housing blocks. They don’t have a voice. There are free food lines at temples and they are getting very long. This is contrasted with the ministers of the government which are the highest paid politicians in the world. The Prime Minister makes six times' more than the President of the United States. And yet when we bring up these matters -- no transparency which breeds corruption -- we get sued."

Q. Why should the world care?
A. "Singapore is too small to register concern but look at China and Russia. They are emulating and admiring Singapore as a model of an autocracy that doesn't live by the rule of law. The world's democracies should pay attention to the situation because it is catching on in Vietnam, Burma, Latin America, Ukraine, India. Singapore is proposing itself as an alternative to the democratic way of life."

Q. Are NGOs helping?
A. “Now and then. We are really hoping to at least be able to come up with a sustained campaign whereby more information can get out to the international community, try to get a network among the international community. We have had some help from Canadian teachers unions and the Canadian branch of Amnesty International.”

Q. What happened on June 2008 at the trial involving Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister?
A. "We cross examined Lee Kwan Yew at that trial. He kept hiding behind his counsel, the judge kept ruling all our questions irrelevant. In the end, we were charged with contempt of court. It got so egregious at one point that Lee brought in all his body guards, eight of them. They barged into the courtroom, right in the middle of the hearing when his son was on the stand. The door flung open. Justice should be blind to the status of all litigants but here was the leader of Singapore. He insisted that his testimony last through lunch and for only two hours because he was busy. Then he left and the judge was fine with that."
“We said that was unforgiveable and then were convicted of contempt of court. The judge came up with a ruling ordering us to pay both Lees (father and son, past and current Prime Ministers) US$610,000. There is no way I can personally or the other executives of the party but they named the party as a defendant so they can move against the party and push it into bankruptcy."

Q. How many members in your party?
A. "About 40 or 50 people dare to walk with us in public."

Q. Is autocracy a cultural matter?
A. "We were very democratic when we first became independent from the British in the 1950s, but since the first prime minister came into power he’s usurped the constitution and clamped down on everything for the better part of the last half a century we’ve been this way. There is no civil society, no opposition, no fundamental freedoms of speech, assembly or media."

Monday, October 20, 2008

华山论剑 in Kangaroo Hill...SHOWTIME!!





the signatory supports were gradually increasing. but was it TRUE? we had seen how clones multiplied themselves. we witnessed how POLLS were maniupulated.

if one day, a call for all the "supporters" to do battle in a final showdown, how many would appear?....NOT THE SAME 18 OR 19 OR MAYBE 20

just how many really would put words into action.........hopefully NOT the same captured 19.

what would be their fate? this would be revealed soon.

the chee clan still boasted about themselves but read what some of the comments:

chobolang - Sun, 19 Oct 2008 8:41 am

As far as I'm concerned, the so-called brain, bravey and beauty as described here are just bunch of simple-minded clowns being made used by others. Sigh!

when all else fail, lamui began training the chee clan disciples her deadly purrfected skill FLIRT&DESTROY. now they were using it to tempt more blurcocks and blurpussies to join them in their martial world domination scheme.

they cleverly disguised FLIRT, EXPLOIT & DESTROY into brains, bravery & beauty.....i think i need to puke!!
TBT 18 trial begins on Thursday
Sunday, 19 October 2008
Singapore Democrats

The trial for the 18 activists charged for protesting outside Parliament House in March this year will begin this Thursday in the Subordinate Courts in Court No. 5. It is scheduled to last till 7 Nov 08.

time to execute CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOWS?? anyway, thursday 华山论剑 in Kangaroo Hill...sure more materials for stories to come.

our last story stopped at the return of chia sai....

he had mounted flying tiger to ang mo hill searching for the lost CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOWS. he had found something along the way: GREASY FISH & CHIPS. oh my goodness!! no wonder he was bloated and poor flying tiger now suffered from a deformed spine.

he had also maybe found the lost pills M$. this not only would heal his aiya master chee ah juan's devastating injury, it could also re-arrange chin chin's bulldogged disfigured face.

wonder did he have enough to pass go around to chee's other 17 disciples this thursday for the showdown duel at KANGAROO HILL? the M$ PILLS would greatly enhance everyone's internal strength and made them impervious to deadly blows from the kangaroos.

we have to be patient now to stay tuned until friday when it would be leeported in the martial world: SHITS SMEARING TIMES.

gosh!! this is just a crazy martial arts story. would the kangarooscourt clan people be reading this?? then they might realise that 18 CRAZY DRAGON DEADLY BLOW would manifest the 18 goondus during that showdown.

time for them to change stance??

Thursday, October 16, 2008

part 6

although there was a senior lao ng who chaired over in RP, there was another junior ng EH BO. it seemed that lao ng saw junior EH BO no up. co-incidentally, eh bo and chia sia were formerly disciples from another clan, WP.

sub-plot to that episode.....

it all began when WP chief TK was considering a protege to take over him. it was an exclusive position. TK's very powderful sidekick and shi mei(kungfu sister) SALIVA decided to test all prospective seniors disciples out namely, chia sai, eh bo and saikong seng.

it was the grand martial world competition which only came once every 5 yrs. whoever won that would rule a territory and the clan winning the most territories would be crowned the ruler of the entire PEESAILAND.

saliva had hots for saikong seng and kept him by her side to fight a GRC territory. chia sai was left alone to challenge another zone. it was a closed fight for saliva which almost won that territory.

chia sai was envious and feeling sore about the outcome. lamui was a maid in WP. she was more like an undercover agent who's job was to sow discords. it was an opportunity to apply her weak FLIRT&DESTROY skill on the anguish chia sai.

at that vulnerable conditions, F&D worked. the couple fled WP after learning some restricted kungfu skills. they became the roving kungfu couple wandering in the martial world. secretly they were planning for big time and never stopped to annihilate solitary disciples from WP.

soon they joined SDP clan to be tutored exclusively under master chee ah juan and his sis, chin chin. it was their first step to their bigger martial world domination scheme.

the story continues......

how now how? will we be hearing more BOW WOW WOW war-cry from their highly trained doggies?

was this all along the motive of chee to end it all with the total annihilation of SDP??

if such inevitable event were to occur sooner than we think, where would the next target of the F4? what would happen to all the lost followers?

in other words, what's going to be the fate of SDP? is this the end of the road for them?


do ghosts really exist? watch the clips in cantonese from HK.

part 5 - new sagas

an uncanny bolt of lightning streaked through the stormy sky. somewhere from another clan RP, their leader was dead! JBJ was dead...he had just rebuilt his clan and renamed it RP...but it was now more than R-I-P. :(

an invitation was sent to chia sai on his return. he was asked to continue what JBJ planned to do - plan a rebellion to usurp JURONG GRC cos one of their leeders also kong off suddenly.

dropping dead was such a frequent phenomena fashion happening in PEESAILAND.

wow!! more sagas coming soon !!:D

part 4 - the end?

Re: Martial arts in local politics


it was the country's PARDONFUL DAY. all the captured chee's disciples were set free temporarily.

lamui wasted no time and began executing her newly acquired FLIRT&DESTROY skill. with the enchanced internal strength spittle from master chee, already 100+ had fallen victims according to her record in FACEBOOK.

she must be very proud of herself and her deadly F&D kungfu. there was a slight catch here: what if....say only hor, just pray pray - what if among the 100+ there were undercover spies from the kangaroocourt clan which was now the #1 arch-enemy and a powderful divison of the LEEgime? what then? now how, how and a BOW-WOW-WOW??

JJ, the powderful shapeshifting nerd wasn't skivving either. he was busy brushing stories to motivate peasants about the "injustice and tyranny" brewing in PEESAILAND.

all these heelos had forgotten that it was a PARDONFUL DAY that they were set free. it was a public gimmick. it was temporary. they would still be captured, charged and convicted and might be sent to the gallow to be decapitated en masse.

invoking more displeasure to the LEEgime didn't seem to be a wise strategy and might add to the intensity of their convictions and punishments.

chia sai was back now. poor flying tiger! its back was greatly deformed. chia sai had also greatly fatten up. he was now BLOATED!!

did he found the deadly CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW skill? did he master it?

SHOWDOWN & FINALE soon. the ending might take some time to conceptualise. you may like to fill your own perception to the story ending here.

part 3

Re: Martial arts in local politics


gosh!! thanks for responding!! almost forgot the minions, the lackeys, the clowns and the blurcocks and of course the turds spamming boring clones!

will add them in when the story continues.

stay tuned!....only exclusive in SBF ZANY THEATRE!!

as more and more characters - and clones - come a reporting, it going to get quite messy with more tears, blood, orgies and whatever the craps that might be juiced out!

actually fattie john and ahmad were trying to execute their own version of CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW in another duel with kangaroocourt clan.

why did they fail? read the following excerpt from the martial political news:

fattie john and ahmad are also facing separate charges in court, with 17 others, for their involvement in an illegal assembly and march on March 15.

you know why they failed miserably now? yep, it's the magical figure 18 but fattie john, ahmad and 17 others would add up to be 19. one extra blow and CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW would be critically crippled

beside fattie john and his other 2 stooges in pirate kangaroo Ts were badly injured, the other 17 suffered severe internal injuries.

CHEE clan was slowly being demolished. how now? HOW?? (sorry, no more BOW-WOW-WOW. their doggie killer howl had been abruptly muffled!)

no wonder chia sai needed to learn the authentic trick of CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW cos' all along he was mis-learning 19 blows instead of 18. he was one of the injured during that duel with kangaroocourt clan. lamui was one of the component for that stance. she escaped injury by of all thing - stripping her Ts in time.

this brings us to another expert martial arts character, JJ. no, no... not JJ the singer but JJ the nerd who's weapons comprised of immense shapeshifting capability, poison shooting from his paint brush and leaving his signature turds.

the happening of the duel then brought us to that 19 bozos chee's disciples who gathered to challenge beh mati lee, pinky against their tyrannic domination over PEESAILAND. pinky deployed his BLUE MAN gang to suppress the dissidents who were bestowed with red Ts by their master chee ah juan.

it was the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL then. master chee thought by wearing RED, it should ward of evil spirits during that period. he overlooked the prowess of beh mati lee and pinky - the father and son rulers who sent in their gang of lackeys wearing BLUE so in the end the BLUE overpowered the RED.

chia sai fended a blow meant for lamui and was mildly injured and captured. JJ and lamui in their quick witted action, stripped off their red Ts. with his shapeshifting ability, not only could JJ blend into the crowd of bystanders, lamui was quick to learn from his skill and did the same. hence, both escaped being captured.

they fled the scene in a flash faster than Usain Bolt, olympic runner champion. sadly, they were arrested in the middle of the night. they were given away by their captured comrades who couldn't tolerate the rib-tickling tortures and exposed their hide-outs.

what would become of them?

stay tuned to the official martial world news STS - SMEARING TIMES OF SHITS.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

part 2

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Re: Martial arts in local politics


another heart-wrenching news in shit times 15-10-08:

3 formidable disciples from the CHEE clan were hit with poisonous kangaroo darts after they wore their pirated kangaroo T-shirts to avenge for their 2 severely injured masters, chee ah juan and chin chin.

the highly skilled and ninja-liked 3 stooges - fattie john, ahmad and ali , senior disciples of master chee ah juan, thought that by wearing kangaroo Ts could damage internal strength of kangaroo exponents from the kangaroocourt clan.

how now?? HOW? (usually was BOW-WOW-WOW, the running dogs barking war cry before a kill.)

master ah juan already umm siong (internally injured). how could he heal his poisoned disciples? especially fattie john, he would need more internal strength battery to charge him up for his humongous size. the other 2 mat bodohs ahmad and ali could easily be replaced by injuns and form the new team HAIRY, DICK, TOM or maybe JOHN that is if the fattie survived the poison.

from the last episode, master ah juan already spat his last spittle of 80% internal strength to lamui while chin chin, ah juan's badly injured now bull-dog faced sister had also transferred the deadly skill of FLIRT&DESTROY to her too. both kungfu master and mistress were now fully depleted.

MATI....was the only word that fattie john, ahmad and ali could linger to in their spinning mind. yes...the poison had beginning to take effect. the excruciating pain was felt searing through their blains. would they turn on each other and lost their logic and morale killing each other out to stop the pain? would they find the magical pill - THE M$ PILL that could heal them? they really need alot of M$ PILLs now. chee ah juan and sis, chin chin also needed it....very very badly.

where was their beloved aiya newly found disciple chia sai? was he still mounting flying tiger searching high and low for the elusive lost deadly skill called CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW?

.....more happening coming soon. ONLY EXCLUSIVELY AT SBF ZANY THEATRE!! stay tuned!

martial arts in local politics

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Martial arts in local politics


sadly the news confirmed it: chee ah juan was severely injured after exchanging blows with beh mati lee. his sister, chin chin tried to sneak a blow from behind but was warded off by beh mati's son - the nefarious pinky lee.

she received a muting blow to her cheek resulting in a face that resembled a mad bull dog bitch.

reeling in agonising defeat, the chee siblings called their aiya newly founded disciples lamui and chia sai.

ah juan: chia sai, your master is quite seriously injured and need to find a safe hiding place to recuperate and regain internal energy.

chia sa: oh master....*sob, sob*..

ah juan: listen carefully lamui and chia sai....*cough, cough...a gush of spittle splashed onto lamui's face*.....i m going to say this only once...

lamui was relishing the spittle. it contained 80% of the master's last shred of internal energy.

ah juan continued: mui mui, i want u to lalala around using the special skill chin chin transferred to you...the deadly FLIRT&DESTROY. go out and gather all the humsup forummers. round them up and flirt until u can exploit them by a blink of ur beady ratty eyes...

lamui: yes master....your spittle splash has indeed increased my internal strength. it would be a breeze!

ah juan: good! chia sai, u ve a more important mission. i want u to take flying tiger and fly to LONDON HILL. search for the deadliest lost martial arts from the ang mo monkeys. learn the CRAZY DRAGON DEADLY 18 BLOWS....come back and avenge for me. i m afraid i m totally miamed this time...

chia sai: yes master....i set off immediately. please loon until my return....*sob, sob*.

after a hug, kiss and boo-hoo-hoo with lamui, chia sai mounted - don't get the wrong idea - flying tiger , not lamui and set off to LONDON HILL to find and master the lost martial skill.


would chee ah juan regain control of the martial world with his newest beloved aiyah disciple, chia sai? would lamui gather enough humsup heelos to tekan the tyrant who was ruling PEESAILAND? would chin chin recover to become chin swee to get married in time?

the newest kungfu event in town!! DON'T MISS IT!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

2 dramatic happenings....

1. Veteran opposition politician, Mr J.B. Jeyaretam, died of heart failure early on Tuesday morning. He was 82.

2. dow jone faced the biggest drop of 777.68 points overnight in wall street! latest update on local sgp market

STI: 2250.49 (-110.85) KLCI: 1002.15 (-17.57) * HSI: 16898.33 (-982.35) DJIA: 10365.45 (-777.68) NASDAQ: 1983.73 (-199.61) S&P 500: 1106.39 (-106.62)

10:28 Reuters TOPWRAP 1-U.S. bailout failure sends markets reeling
10:27 AFX FXNEWS-Asia FX down on U.S. bailout rejection
10:27 Reuters Siam United Services :Report to Share Repurchases for Financial Management Purpose
10:26 AFX Hong Kong shares plunge on Wall St selloff, fear of global recession

Friday, September 26, 2008

HDB - subsidized or speculative?

Priciest flats go on sale
FOR sale: the most expensive flats ever released by the HDB.

They are the remaining 111 five-room units at the iconic 50-storey Pinnacle@Duxton in Tanjong Pagar, which is due to be completed this year.

Prices start at $545,000 and go up to an eye-popping $645,800 for a 49th storey unit, making them Singapore's costliest new flats by a long shot. Forty-four cost more than $600,000.
Sep 27, 2008 Saturday
Updated 2.01 pm

the gov are supposed to provide "affordable" HDB flats. just look at the ridiculous prices. are HDB flats really being subsidised at such exorbitant prices? or it is the intention to speculate such value to spiralling high prices?

where does that leave us with our CPFs for retirement??

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the meaning of OM MANI PADME HOM


Explanation of this mantra

It is very good to recite the mantra Om mani padme hum, but while you are doing it, you should be thinking on its meaning, for the meaning of the six syllables is great and vast. The first, Om is composed of three letters, A, U, and M. These symbolize the practitioner's impure body, speech, and mind; they also symbolize the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha.
Can impure body, speech, and mind be transformed into pure body, speech, and mind, or are they entirely separate? All Buddhas are cases of beings who were like ourselves and then in dependence on the path became enlightened; Buddhism does not assert that there is anyone who from the beginning is free from faults and possesses all good qualities. The development of pure body, speech, and mind comes from gradually leaving the impure states arid their being transformed into the pure.

How is this done? The path is indicated by the next four syllables. Mani, meaning jewel, symbolizes the factors of method-the altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassion, and love. Just as a jewel is capable of removing poverty, so the altruistic mind of enlightenment is capable of removing the poverty, or difficulties, of cyclic existence and of solitary peace. Similarly, just as a jewel fulfills the wishes of sentient beings, so the altruistic intention to become enlightened fulfills the wishes of sentient beings.

The two syllables, padme, meaning lotus, symbolize wisdom. Just as a lotus grows forth from mud but is not sullied by the faults of mud, so wisdom is capable of putting you in a situation of non-contradiction whereas there would be contradiction if you did not have wisdom. There is wisdom realizing impermanence, wisdom realizing that persons are empty, of being self-sufficient or substantially existent, wisdom that realizes the emptiness of duality-that is to say, of difference of entity between subject an object-and wisdom that realizes the emptiness of inherent existence. Though there are many different types of wisdom, the main of all these is the wisdom realizing emptiness.

Purity must be achieved by an indivisible unity of method and wisdom, symbolized by the final syllable hum, which indicates indivisibility. According to the sutra system, this indivisibility of method and wisdom refers to wisdom affected by method and method affected by wisdom. In the mantra, or tantric, vehicle, it refers to one consciousness in which there is the full form of both wisdom and method as one undifferentiable entity. In terms of the seed syllables of the five Conqueror Buddhas, hum is the seed syllable of Akshobhya - the immovable, the unfluctuating, that which cannot be disturbed by anything.

Thus the six syllables, om mani padme hum, mean that in dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mind into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha. It is said that you should not seek for Buddhahood outside of yourself; the substances for the achievement of Buddhahood are within. As Maitreya says in his Sublime Continuum of the Great Vehicle (Uttaratantra), all beings naturally have the Buddha nature in their own continuum. We have within us the seed of purity, the essence of a One Gone Thus (Tathagatagarbha), that is to be transformed and fully developed into Buddhahood.

(From a lecture given by His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet at the Kalmuck Mongolian Buddhist Center, New Jersey.)

Om Mani Padme Hom

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

super kiasu! why our gabramen so like that one huh??

bt batok mp ong chit chung passed away due to a heart attack. bt batok was under JURONG GRC which was walkover fr the last GE. many singaporeans now call for a by-election.

however our bragging gabramen has unabashfully rejected this call. if they were so confident claiming themselves as lst class gov and all the lst class blah-blahs, why are they so scare for a by election.

i remember our "executive presidential election" where we SUPPOSE to elect the president for ourselves, the citizens but instead again it was the gabramen who actually directly decided who should be the one put as presidential candidate.

it has and SHALL never be the choice of citizens' rights to vote whoever WE want fairly and squarely.

it seems that all the mps voted into parliament just do not hold well to their own conscience as representing the people. i think none rendered their votes to pass the motion for the by election.

i admire nmp siew kum hong's speech. when could we really be a TRUE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. all the gabramen does is just empty bragging. THEY DO NOT PRACTISE WHAT THEY PREACH.

this is a sad county.......;9(

Friday, August 22, 2008

thousand arms & eyes guanyin dance

the chinese dancers are mostly dumb and deaf handicap. they dance in syncrhonises by feeling the vibration of the music and by their own inituition. amazing is it?!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

SDP cum activists in today's news ....again!

the government's at fault like what they insinuated? or they are the misguided bunch? do peasants really give a damn to their activism? do we really care??


Chee siblings, 5 others charged


National serviceman Teoh Tian Jing, 23, (right) and assistant treasurer Jeffrey George, 44, have been charged with taking part in an unlawful assembly and/or procession in 2006. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

SEVEN people were charged in a magistrate's court on Thursday with taking part in an unlawful assembly and/or procession in 2006.

Chee Soon Juan, 46, secretary-general of Singapore Democratic Party, his 46-year-old sister, Chee Siok Chin, and national serviceman Teoh Tian Jing, 23, each face two charges.

The Chee siblings are accused of taking part in an assembly near Raffles City Shopping Centre with a few others on Sept 10, 2006, and six days later, at a procession near the Speakers' Corner at Hong Lim Park.

Teoh allegedly took part in a procession near the Speakers' Corner as well as in front of Parliament House on the same day of Sept 16, 2006.

SDP chairman Gandhi Ambalam, 65, and assistant treasurer Jeffrey George, 44, are accused of the three incidents.

SDP supporter Yap Keng Ho, 46, and Harkirat Kaur, 29, who does freelance editorial work, are accused of one charge each involving the Speakers' Corner and Raffles City gathering respectively.

Harkirat indicated that she wished to plead guilty and her case will be mentioned on Sept 1.

Except for Teoh whose pre-trial date is on Aug 27, the others will appear in court again on Sept 3.

If convicted, they can be fined up to $1,000 each.

During the court session, most of them cited the Constitution which gives citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression.

what is your opinions to this clip?

personally, i think it didn't project a balanced view. they endorsed "civil disobedience" with disregard to the intensity and serious societal unrest it could erupt into. they disregarded that should the unforeseen (or the mischievious anticaption for the extremity to occur), would they have the capability to smother it if everything were to get out of control.

the important question here:


is there a "foreign force" manipulating behind all this and motivating them into active 'civil disobedience'? unless such a diabolical ploy is made known (which is very difficult), peasants would rather play safe and treat it that all these undesirable activities hide something more sinister behind the scene.

we have to really open our eyes, ears and hearts to see, hear and really feel the SINGAPORE we are living now. those senior folks who have lived through the tumultous period where riots were experienced shall appreciate the present peace and stability of our beloved land.

if chiatilik* and his little gang of activists really wanna improve peasants' lives, enhance democracy and preach their forever dunno what 'freedom', why can't they just get themselves into parliament as opposition candidates first instead of creating so much public nuisance and spoiling their chances to do just that as an opp mp wannabe?

*chiatilik is the one introducing at the beginning of this video. he's currently the defending lawyer for chee siok chin for her case against OFFICIAL ASSIGNEE for preventing csc. a bankrupt from attending a foreign seminar.

Monday, August 18, 2008

hilter and ERP - a very funny clip

the true spirit of OLYMPICS

What is the spirit of olympics?


never mind this month is the HUNGRY GHOSTS with lots of wandering spiritS.

what is the true spirit of the olympics?
may the best athelethe win or the best medals money can buy?

i think it's the testing of human physical ability to the limit. money and politics shouldn't be really be misused here just to gain a medal.

sadly, our country does that...and have no regret doing that..and will continue to exploit ways to ehance doing that.

the medals won this way have lost all its authencity and value. sad.

it's about li jia wei and feng tian wei by the china tv. after listening to them, it seems that MONEY is all that matters. that's why they chose to come over singapore cos here MONEY is really all that matters


Saturday, August 16, 2008

wow! leetahbar is even fiercer than leetahsar!!

the new sammyboy.com kopitiam forum is up and running. see what leetahbar, the more evil twin got all the unwarranted attention even from the forum host SAMLEONG. it would be qutie fair to assume that SAMLEONG now is siding with SDP and no longer the orginal unbiased host many forummers know.

this new kopitiam now really appear to be a SDP propaganda and extension of SDP website. maybe it coule be an alternative should one day SDP is compelled to clos shop as their idealism is really distorted and quite detrimental against the country.
they might be manipulated by "external forces" that are keen to see our country stumble. all these clowns just played nicely into the their invisible exploitation.

be careful and be awared that such "forces" are up to no good. they are up to their mischiefs and have nothing to lose while we stand to lose the peace, security and congeniality of nation....a task which took many years to build and could be destroyed in a moment of folly and short time.

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You have received an infraction at Sam's Alfresco Coffee


Dear leetahbar,

You have received an infraction at Sam's Alfresco Coffee.

Reason: Testing custom infraction - will be reversed later


This infraction is worth 15 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:

Originally Posted by NgEjay
It is amazing that my name gets mentioned in connection with forums that I do not even participate in.

No wonder I have had bouts of sneezing lately.

you would be even more surprised if u heard what the forummers meeting spoke and criticsed about u.

i think ur craftiness and overzelaouness backfire on yourself and the people who are associated with you.

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You have received an infraction at Sam's Alfresco Coffee


Dear leetahbar,

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Original Post:

time will tell whether one day u will face the bigger payback or reward at the end of your mischief.

All the best,
Sam's Alfresco Coffee
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Dear leetahbar,

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Original Post:

as long as there is the slightest potshot at ngejay and his cronies or even clones, he would silent leetahbar. FREEDOM OF SPEECH?? DEMOCRACY?? TRUTH?? and what else they can brag??

do take note that when his clones do the same, there would be passiveness.

all about ROBERT CONRAD ....

robert conrad was the original wild wild west actor from 1965 to 1979 (i think). he's born in 1935 and should be about 73 years old now.

it was priceless that i found him in YOUTUBE. here's to robert conrad who started in EVEREADY ad.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

hula hum....laughing my hums off!!

wow!! act cute and soooooo friendly!!

another display of FLIRT & DESTROY at its best! foreplay: act cute and pretend to be damn friendly...when victim falls into ploy, F&D applied. TARGETED ELIMINATED!!
excerpts from the comments:

Anonymous - Fri, 08 Aug 2008 5:43 pm

Even you guys dare not mention where this party will be held on the website. Still dare to ask the government to be transparent. Pot calling the kettle black.

Quote 1 3

Jaslyn Go - Sat, 09 Aug 2008 3:02 am

ahsayman - to jaslyn go Wed, 06 Aug 2008 12:00 am


try calling my line..
and if you can get me on the line..
you won't get a click..
instead..you will be getting a warm invitation from me to join us for the dinner on 30 Aug...

We can study your phone "line" issues in person..

Pls..go ahead and test my line :-)

Looking forward to hear from you..

Quote 3 0

WOW - GOT MONEY TO ORGANISE BUFFET Mon, 11 Aug 2008 11:52 pm


Monday, August 11, 2008

emptiness is form...form is emptiness

according to http://forums.delphiforums.com/sunkopitiam/messages, this picture is FALSE. here's the linke to it:

it's from the drawing by KIM JAE-HONG from the children storybook, CHILDREN OF THE EAST RIVER.

the power of the internet!! wow!!

is this really happening in singapore?

all the clips, copies and pastes.....ARE THEY REAL? or just snippets here and there to paint a untrue picture of our country?

it gives me mixed feelings....like real. like not. like our gov betrayed us....again like not. so confusing!!

but all around me, i m witnessing it....'9(. how then? how???

Saturday, August 9, 2008

right belief and faith in the religion we are practising

Kalama Sutra

"Rely not on the teacher/person, but on the teaching. Rely not on the words of the teaching, but on the
spirit of the words. Rely not on theory, but on experience.Do not believe in anything simply because you
have heard it. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do
not believe anything because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything because it is
written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and
elders. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is
conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."

- the Buddha
this was an excerpt from a posting in http://sgforums.com
so learn to believe correctly. many simply are just superficial and are deluded by prejudices. some are carried away by lust and delude it as 'love'. some thought they are righteous when actually they are the opposite. some preach so much craps freedom of speech when their behaviour is no different from tyrants.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

read it again, sam!

this interesting post from the new www.sammyboy.com says it all :)....the reason for the old kopitiam closing shop, maybe?

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Re: what will happen to all msgs from old forum


Originally Posted by pweesng
Actually true lah... there were heaps of notices and all... plus although this site is not as entertaining (no flames to read) at least i do see it as being more useful in terms of discussion and questions.

One burning question Sam..... did postnew come over? we need him here! hahahah

I really don't know. He may show up eventually.

I honestly got so sick of the content of the old forum and the characters that infested it I used to dread having to administer it on a daily basis. It was like walking into some ghetto combat zone.

The heated arguments weren't so bad. What got to me were the endless GMS comments repeated 100 times a day 7 days a week plus the Ti Lik did this.. Ti lik did that... WP...vote for them is a vote for the PAP on and on and on even worse than a broken record. Oh yes.. the Lamei stuff too.... lamei had an affair with so and so..blah blah blah....

I'd also have a ton of emails every morning with a torrent of abuse for being banned??? Me? ban them....when? Investigations almost invariably ended up with the culprit being Walt Howe.. the god of Delphi. Reason... violation of Delphi TOS! I got so fucking tired of hearing the term you I kid you not!

The coffee shop talk forum was NEVER intended to serve as a political platform for so called half baked "activists" Pappies or otherwise. It was started simply as a place where people from the sex forum could discuss non sexual issues which were deemed off topic in the sex forum. It was NOT for flame wars... bastion of freedom of speech and all that jazz. It was for simple easy going chit chat... what did you have lunch... what movies are good.... what do you think of the new Lexus etc etc.

Political stuff was welcome to but it was intended to be politics from the viewpoint of the average sinkie joe. I never wanted professional "activists" and the the various party "internet brigades" to invade the forum and do battle 24/7.

I was so sick of the old Delphi forum I let one of my staff handle most of the day to day shit whenever he had the time. I only popped in once in a while or when emails from the forum hit my inbox.

This new forum is an attempt to return the forum to its true roots. I don't need the traffic to be anywhere near what the old coffee shop attracted. As long as the number of messages per day exceeds 200+, I'm happy to keep it humming along. If the traffic dwindles and I don't see people enjoying themselves here, I'll shut it down or try some other theme related to my hobbies and interests. My hands are already full running the sex forum which is so big it's now running on 6 servers going flat out.

People come here and say .. "This forum boring.. no life.. no fun... etc". My answer is the same... any forum is what you make of it. This site is not my blog. It's a forum. YOU provide the content... not me. All I do is provide the software, the hardware and the technical support to keep it going.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

can this be the real SINGAPORE??

stumbled upon this videoclip....and wonder could our "lst world" singapore be really like this? this clip would be quite credible until the appearance of chee soon juan ;9(.

view it and gives your opinion about the authentic state of our nation. personally, i do not think our gov has done enough to help singaporeans in need. their "increase gst to aid the poor and needies" though still ringing in my head hasn't really shown much welfarism instituted or deployed to help the poor.

are they still entitled to their million dollars obscene pay?? i wonder.....