Tuesday, October 28, 2008

she loves to go to court to have fun!

Re: Martial arts in local politics

[It was a thursday morning. I actuall went to Court excited and looking forward to have fun in the court.]

no wonder she likes WARRANT OF ARREST for not settling petty parking summons.

SHE LOVES TO HAVE FUN WITH THE KANGAROOS!!i think by the end of this duel, lamui could be DARENIA PAO the female version of DAREN PAO or justice pao, the black faced magistrate with a cresent on forehead.

this means DISCORDS SOWING ALREADY STARTED within. this suppose to help them win the duel against the kangaroos?

the LAN-SEEness (silly little stubborn arrogance)was suppose to ehance their chances? good grief!!

those who donated M$PILLS, good luck to ur money. those who didn't - thank goodness for it!!

maybe going to jail and share cell with chin chin is more FUN!! she could learn from her speciality skill: YU NU ZHENG JIN (virgin maid real stuff kong fu). chia sai could share with master chee and learn more secret skill YU LANG SHEN JIN(virgin male crazy skill).

in a couple of weeks after discharge, they would be the latest martial art hot couple yu nu & yu lang zheng jin-shen jin. wow!!

could someone translate those into more comical chinese words.

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