Tuesday, October 14, 2008

part 2

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Re: Martial arts in local politics


another heart-wrenching news in shit times 15-10-08:

3 formidable disciples from the CHEE clan were hit with poisonous kangaroo darts after they wore their pirated kangaroo T-shirts to avenge for their 2 severely injured masters, chee ah juan and chin chin.

the highly skilled and ninja-liked 3 stooges - fattie john, ahmad and ali , senior disciples of master chee ah juan, thought that by wearing kangaroo Ts could damage internal strength of kangaroo exponents from the kangaroocourt clan.

how now?? HOW? (usually was BOW-WOW-WOW, the running dogs barking war cry before a kill.)

master ah juan already umm siong (internally injured). how could he heal his poisoned disciples? especially fattie john, he would need more internal strength battery to charge him up for his humongous size. the other 2 mat bodohs ahmad and ali could easily be replaced by injuns and form the new team HAIRY, DICK, TOM or maybe JOHN that is if the fattie survived the poison.

from the last episode, master ah juan already spat his last spittle of 80% internal strength to lamui while chin chin, ah juan's badly injured now bull-dog faced sister had also transferred the deadly skill of FLIRT&DESTROY to her too. both kungfu master and mistress were now fully depleted.

MATI....was the only word that fattie john, ahmad and ali could linger to in their spinning mind. yes...the poison had beginning to take effect. the excruciating pain was felt searing through their blains. would they turn on each other and lost their logic and morale killing each other out to stop the pain? would they find the magical pill - THE M$ PILL that could heal them? they really need alot of M$ PILLs now. chee ah juan and sis, chin chin also needed it....very very badly.

where was their beloved aiya newly found disciple chia sai? was he still mounting flying tiger searching high and low for the elusive lost deadly skill called CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW?

.....more happening coming soon. ONLY EXCLUSIVELY AT SBF ZANY THEATRE!! stay tuned!

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