Saturday, October 25, 2008

MONEY$PILL to the rescue??

the lost skill of CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW must be executed with precision. only 18 DEADLY BLOWS. excess 1 or less 2 and the whole stance crumbled. all involved executing the feat would suffer irreconciable internal injuries.

chia sai only aggravated the situation. what they need most now is the illusive M$PILL or MONEYDOLLAR-PILLS; legal fees payable to private lawyers not included

speaking about "leegal fees". would it be cheaper to pay the fines or the lawyers?

they have chosen to stand trial which means the cheapest of all would be to go to JAIL

uncle yap was always seen in activism event with chee. obviously it would be hard to shake off that impression.

by the way, SDP all along have uncleyap first way before chia and his looney F4 gang. accordingly, uncleyap is more senior in status and his past efforts to SDP should be appreciated.

why the discord is happening now? strangely, if we recall another clan WP, there was discord there too in the past. now, who could be the missing link here?

uncleyap has called for more M$PILLs to heal the injured disciples:

What can the public do to help? Donate & Support if you can not take part.

Donate to the legal defense funds or help some activists to pay fines, so that those can not afford to go to jail can still take part in protests.

if chee's clan had the supporters, the peasants' endorsement and even the dubious foreign forces, this shouldn't be a problem.

just for the record:


by this alone, they have already contradicted their own protest of TAK BOLEH TAHAN to high prices. then what about the M$PILL donation to them? all this worth for an intrinsic cause??

very confusing indeed!!

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