Tuesday, October 28, 2008

arrival of ang mo kao from mt canada


chia sai had sent a homing pigeon from ang mo hill to appeal for help. the distress SOS signal was picked up by another ang mo kao from the canadian range. he is here now. could master chee be saved by the presence of the foreign kungfu master?

[[Canadian lawyer Mr Robert Amsterdam is acting for Dr Chee Soon Juan on the international stage and assisting him in the on-going trials. As many of Dr Chee's prosecutions involve international customary law, Mr Amsterdam's experience in this area of the law is especially helpful. He is also the legal counsel for the SDP.]]

by the way, must pay money one or not huh? if must, where to get more M$PILLS? c'mon donate generously....and wisely

if cannot get queen counsel fr eng kok, then get amsterdam from canada!

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