Monday, October 20, 2008

华山论剑 in Kangaroo Hill...SHOWTIME!!





the signatory supports were gradually increasing. but was it TRUE? we had seen how clones multiplied themselves. we witnessed how POLLS were maniupulated.

if one day, a call for all the "supporters" to do battle in a final showdown, how many would appear?....NOT THE SAME 18 OR 19 OR MAYBE 20

just how many really would put words into action.........hopefully NOT the same captured 19.

what would be their fate? this would be revealed soon.

the chee clan still boasted about themselves but read what some of the comments:

chobolang - Sun, 19 Oct 2008 8:41 am

As far as I'm concerned, the so-called brain, bravey and beauty as described here are just bunch of simple-minded clowns being made used by others. Sigh!

when all else fail, lamui began training the chee clan disciples her deadly purrfected skill FLIRT&DESTROY. now they were using it to tempt more blurcocks and blurpussies to join them in their martial world domination scheme.

they cleverly disguised FLIRT, EXPLOIT & DESTROY into brains, bravery & beauty.....i think i need to puke!!
TBT 18 trial begins on Thursday
Sunday, 19 October 2008
Singapore Democrats

The trial for the 18 activists charged for protesting outside Parliament House in March this year will begin this Thursday in the Subordinate Courts in Court No. 5. It is scheduled to last till 7 Nov 08.

time to execute CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOWS?? anyway, thursday 华山论剑 in Kangaroo Hill...sure more materials for stories to come.

our last story stopped at the return of chia sai....

he had mounted flying tiger to ang mo hill searching for the lost CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOWS. he had found something along the way: GREASY FISH & CHIPS. oh my goodness!! no wonder he was bloated and poor flying tiger now suffered from a deformed spine.

he had also maybe found the lost pills M$. this not only would heal his aiya master chee ah juan's devastating injury, it could also re-arrange chin chin's bulldogged disfigured face.

wonder did he have enough to pass go around to chee's other 17 disciples this thursday for the showdown duel at KANGAROO HILL? the M$ PILLS would greatly enhance everyone's internal strength and made them impervious to deadly blows from the kangaroos.

we have to be patient now to stay tuned until friday when it would be leeported in the martial world: SHITS SMEARING TIMES.

gosh!! this is just a crazy martial arts story. would the kangarooscourt clan people be reading this?? then they might realise that 18 CRAZY DRAGON DEADLY BLOW would manifest the 18 goondus during that showdown.

time for them to change stance??

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