Thursday, October 16, 2008

part 3

Re: Martial arts in local politics


gosh!! thanks for responding!! almost forgot the minions, the lackeys, the clowns and the blurcocks and of course the turds spamming boring clones!

will add them in when the story continues.

stay tuned!....only exclusive in SBF ZANY THEATRE!!

as more and more characters - and clones - come a reporting, it going to get quite messy with more tears, blood, orgies and whatever the craps that might be juiced out!

actually fattie john and ahmad were trying to execute their own version of CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW in another duel with kangaroocourt clan.

why did they fail? read the following excerpt from the martial political news:

fattie john and ahmad are also facing separate charges in court, with 17 others, for their involvement in an illegal assembly and march on March 15.

you know why they failed miserably now? yep, it's the magical figure 18 but fattie john, ahmad and 17 others would add up to be 19. one extra blow and CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW would be critically crippled

beside fattie john and his other 2 stooges in pirate kangaroo Ts were badly injured, the other 17 suffered severe internal injuries.

CHEE clan was slowly being demolished. how now? HOW?? (sorry, no more BOW-WOW-WOW. their doggie killer howl had been abruptly muffled!)

no wonder chia sai needed to learn the authentic trick of CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW cos' all along he was mis-learning 19 blows instead of 18. he was one of the injured during that duel with kangaroocourt clan. lamui was one of the component for that stance. she escaped injury by of all thing - stripping her Ts in time.

this brings us to another expert martial arts character, JJ. no, no... not JJ the singer but JJ the nerd who's weapons comprised of immense shapeshifting capability, poison shooting from his paint brush and leaving his signature turds.

the happening of the duel then brought us to that 19 bozos chee's disciples who gathered to challenge beh mati lee, pinky against their tyrannic domination over PEESAILAND. pinky deployed his BLUE MAN gang to suppress the dissidents who were bestowed with red Ts by their master chee ah juan.

it was the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL then. master chee thought by wearing RED, it should ward of evil spirits during that period. he overlooked the prowess of beh mati lee and pinky - the father and son rulers who sent in their gang of lackeys wearing BLUE so in the end the BLUE overpowered the RED.

chia sai fended a blow meant for lamui and was mildly injured and captured. JJ and lamui in their quick witted action, stripped off their red Ts. with his shapeshifting ability, not only could JJ blend into the crowd of bystanders, lamui was quick to learn from his skill and did the same. hence, both escaped being captured.

they fled the scene in a flash faster than Usain Bolt, olympic runner champion. sadly, they were arrested in the middle of the night. they were given away by their captured comrades who couldn't tolerate the rib-tickling tortures and exposed their hide-outs.

what would become of them?

stay tuned to the official martial world news STS - SMEARING TIMES OF SHITS.

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