Tuesday, October 28, 2008

which is cheaper: peanuts or fines?

ang mo kao from the faraway canadian mountain is here. any more foreign kungfu masters coming? does it mean the local law kungfu experts are hopelessly lost??

by the way, must pay ang mo kao (red haired monkey) with peanuts or not? what about our local kungfu lawyers - enough peanuts for them? donate generously....and wisely.

if peanuts are cheaper than fines, then obviously their TAK BOLEH TAHAN still can tahan.

but if fines are cheaper than peanuts, then i think many peasants sure tak boleh tahan their TAK BOLEH TAHAN. could we recall our donations? we need peanuts too, you know.

of course the cheapest would be check into changi holiday resorts and squat there for a couple of weeks. suppose to be 6 days all-expenses paid packaged holiday. but now, the judge sure would recommend a longer and more pleasant stay there. again, all expenses paid with insurance included.

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