Friday, October 31, 2008

heartbroken from FLIRT&DESTROY


[排骨精 inflicted u badly with deadly DARLING stance so it's up to 蜘蛛精 to suck u dry the poison off ur 2 especially vital points.

孙悟空 and 牛魔王 are the monkey and ox spirit. still i think they are better than a 狐狸精 (vixen spirit) who is best at destroying married couples.

let's stick back to our martial arts drama.] - a reminder to ramseth, a victim of F&D

ramseth was then also a disciple in WP CLAN ruled by master TK and his sidekick SALIVA. he was in cohort with chia sai, lamui, saikong seng and a few renowed senior disciples like andrew, melvin, jacys and EH BO. the last one, EH BO now seconded to RP CLAN. with the demised of kungfu senior master JBJ, EH BO now ruled over there.

even when all of them were together in WP, there was already dovey-lovey going on.

ramseth was a romantic. he loved SALIVA. he loved lamui who was always winking at chia sai. he loved glenda and scared the hell out of her. in the end, she left WP CLAN and lived in recluse in mt. HK.

SALIVA couldn't return her love or feeling to ramseth cos she was after all the 2nd in command in the clan. one fine day, a despondent ramseth was feeling miserable cos glenda suddenly left him, he received a F&D wink from lamui. it was actually meant for chia sai who was coming from behind the dejected ramseth. the F&D wink hit ramseth instead and there was music in the air...yes....*THE HILL WAS ABLAZED...WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC..." followed by "LOVE WAS A MANY SPLENDOUR THING".

from that day on, ramseth was madly obssessed with lamui. they were using the telepathic feat called MSN to secretly communicate with each others. his feeling was real while her was FLIRT, EXPLOIT & DESTROY. she was gathering sensitive info for chia sai who was planning to usurp WP CLAN.

in the end, after the martial tournament which was held once every 5 yrs, chia sai lost miserably. his first step to overthrown master TK flopped. he left in a gruff tugging behind lamui who had stolen much of the clan's top secret skill.

many WP's disciples fell victims to lamui's F&D which was improving by leap and bound. in the end, when ramseth who was trying to plead with her to stop was grievously injured by her deadly DARLING stance.

he finally was too ashamed to stay on with WP clan and decided to leave for thai temple to be a monk wannabe. (maybe he could find the other monk wannabe leetahsar there in the thai forest temple).

that was why he needed the thai teetujias (spider spirits) to suck out all the poison accumulated from every F&D winks dispensed by lamui.

meanwhile, the duel in kangaroocourt hill had taken a breather. each side was preparing their formidable strategy and stance. the kangaroos were scheming how much to fleece the chee's while the chee's were scheming how much $MPILLs they could tease out from the peasants.

from the look of the events, the wager that kangaroos winning this no-bar-hold duel was increasing...unless the peasants could rise up to aid the losers master chee and his CRAZY DRAGON DEADLY 18 BLOW. give them your support!!! donate your $MPILLS!!....donate generously...and wisely.

more to come, later

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