Monday, October 27, 2008

it had ended - well, almost....

as can be seen, the sdppies clones and whinners cannot even tolerate other's posting - namely mine - they expect the gabramen to tolerate their sdppies' bigger public nonsense.

just think if such bunch of clowns have their right of way and rule the martial world......

the chee's clan had once again mortally being defeated. maybe it's time for them to check into mt. changi and go into recluse to recharge themselves. they would eventually recover fr their internal injuries, fine tune their CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW, descend fr mt changi and again try to dominate the martial world.

another duel in the very near future again?

really it's a pity that chee's clan is being crippled now. if not they could really exploit the dire situation of another current martial's world turmoil using the LEHMAN BROTHER'S deadly darts to hit the kangaroos.

what a waste!!

the martial arts coming from the chee's clan would never end. just like chia sai mentioned about "chopping up the piggy to split the porky" while he was in wp, the whole scenario repeats here.

there isn't firm UNITY. there isn't selfess sacrifices. there isn't even sincere caring among each other. it was already a battle lost before it even got started.

strangely, they never learn. if they have learnt, i believe the peasants would be tuned into their wavelength and feel for them, feel with them and even fight along with them.

sadly, they are just a bunch of "clowns" to many. ask around. see what kind of response u get from a neutral man-in-the-street. again, i doubt the sdppies would accept the authentic answer that is not listed in their 10 TOP CLASSIFEDS LIST.

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