Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SHOWDOWN, SHOWTIME at kangaroo hill

today's the day. CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOWS was ready for showdown with kangaroocourt clan. their names were finally revealed. this time the number was correct: lucky 18.

The TBT 18:

1. Gandhi Ambalam
2. Chia Ti Lik
3. Chong Kai Xiong
4. Jeffrey George
5. Jaslyn Go
6. Chee Siok Chin
7. Govindan Rajan
8. Chee Soon Juan
9. Jufrie Mahmood
10. Jufri Salim
11. Surayah Akbar
12. Ng E-Jay
13. Seelan Palay
14. Shaffie
15. Carl Lang
16. John Tan
17. Francis Yong
18. Sylvester Lim

their last frantic SOS call to peasants:

In times such as these, we urge our fellow Singaporeans to show your support to the activists. Democracy should not just be the cause of the few, but the noble effort of all who care and love Singapore.

Put away your fears. Make time for your fellow citizens who have been courageous enough not just to complain but actually do something for our rights and freedom. Let them know that you care and want to support what they do.

This is no time to look away. Please make your way down to Subordinate Court No. 5 at 9:30 am on 23 Oct 08, Thursday and let them know, "I'm here with you."

what would be the outcome? it would definitely be a FINE day for them. would they have enough $M pills to survive?

SHITS SMEARING TIMES would report it the next day. i don't think mediacorpse would air coverage for this trial until after they meticulously edit it so that not to provoke emotion of peasants.

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