Thursday, October 16, 2008

part 6

although there was a senior lao ng who chaired over in RP, there was another junior ng EH BO. it seemed that lao ng saw junior EH BO no up. co-incidentally, eh bo and chia sia were formerly disciples from another clan, WP.

sub-plot to that episode.....

it all began when WP chief TK was considering a protege to take over him. it was an exclusive position. TK's very powderful sidekick and shi mei(kungfu sister) SALIVA decided to test all prospective seniors disciples out namely, chia sai, eh bo and saikong seng.

it was the grand martial world competition which only came once every 5 yrs. whoever won that would rule a territory and the clan winning the most territories would be crowned the ruler of the entire PEESAILAND.

saliva had hots for saikong seng and kept him by her side to fight a GRC territory. chia sai was left alone to challenge another zone. it was a closed fight for saliva which almost won that territory.

chia sai was envious and feeling sore about the outcome. lamui was a maid in WP. she was more like an undercover agent who's job was to sow discords. it was an opportunity to apply her weak FLIRT&DESTROY skill on the anguish chia sai.

at that vulnerable conditions, F&D worked. the couple fled WP after learning some restricted kungfu skills. they became the roving kungfu couple wandering in the martial world. secretly they were planning for big time and never stopped to annihilate solitary disciples from WP.

soon they joined SDP clan to be tutored exclusively under master chee ah juan and his sis, chin chin. it was their first step to their bigger martial world domination scheme.

the story continues......

how now how? will we be hearing more BOW WOW WOW war-cry from their highly trained doggies?

was this all along the motive of chee to end it all with the total annihilation of SDP??

if such inevitable event were to occur sooner than we think, where would the next target of the F4? what would happen to all the lost followers?

in other words, what's going to be the fate of SDP? is this the end of the road for them?

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