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Coffee Shop Talk - GMS behavior expected of an opp leader ?

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You should hear what LKY has say about sinkies. GMS is mild in comparison.
* "We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two... We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellecually and culturally anaemic." -Lee Kuan Yew in 1967.
TRANSLATION - Singapore peasants are dumbfucks.
"If you don't include your women graduates in your breeding pool and leave them on the shelf, you would end up a more stupid society...So what happens? There will be less bright people to support dumb people in the next generation. That's a problem." -Lee Kuan Yew in 1983 National Day Rally
TRANSLATION - All Sinkie non grads are morons.
We have to lock up people, without trial, whether they are communists, whether they are language chauvinists, whether they are religious extremists. If you don't do that, the country would be in ruins." - Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, 1986
TRANSLATION - I can treat you sinkie peasants like shit and there is nothing you can do about it.
"I am often accused of interfering in the private lives of citizens. Yes, if I did not, had I not done that, we wouldn't be here today. And I say without the slightest remorse, that we wouldn't be here, we would not have made economic progress, if we had not intervened on very personal matters - who your neighbour is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think." - Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, 20 April 1987
TRANSLATION - You sinkies are so fucking dumb you need to be treated like the animals.
"If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it." - Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew evoking the ghost of Deng Xiaoping whilst endorsing the Tiananmen Square massacre, Straits Times, Aug 17, 2004
TRANSLATION - Sinkies will be culled like wild horses if they don't behave themselves.
Anybody who decides to take me on needs to put on knuckle dusters. If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, try. There is no other way you can govern a Chinese society." - SM Lee Kuan Yew, The Man and His Ideas, 1997
TRANSLATION - Chinkie Singaporeans are the biggest dumbfucks of all.
There is no way that GMS can catch up with LKY's insults even if he tried for the next 100 years. :)
Get a Mac.. You won't look Back!

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the froggies and the tower

one cool morning, a group of frogs gathered for community croaking. they noticed a high tower was build nearby. one froggy suggested, "hey, let's climb this tower to the top and view our surrounding from there." the rest croaked in agreement and in unison.

off the group of froggies climbed up the tower.

soon, the sun came out. it was getting hotter. everyone was wondering why were they climbing this tower. 2 dropped off. then 5.....then 7....then all descended back to the ground.

they looked at each other and burst out laughing. they started commenting how silly each other had been and asked who was the idiot who suggested it in the first place.

suddenly, it dawned onto them that one little froggy was still up there...climbing persistently and slowly. finally it reached the top of the tower. after a brief rest, the little froggy began descending.

as soon as it reached the ground, all the froggies were cheering and applauding him for successfully making to the top of the tower. they asked him what motivated him to continue so.

the little froggy who was quite deaf and it replied, "oh, i didn't quite hear everyone discouraging everyone else so i continue to climb as what someone initially suggested."


FAITH is what keeps one going even though other may fail along the way.....so with FAITH in you, always believe that u will definitely make it!!

section 377A - one of the best i ve read!!

A first-year law student tears Thio Li-Ann's speech to shreds. Shame on you, Li-Ann!
[Quoted excerpts from Thio's speech in red]
Hiding Behind Rhetoric: A Rebuttal of Thio Li-Ann
Dear Ms Thio
I am not as learned as you in law. I am but a first-year law student. A law student who happens to identify as queer, and has spent the last two years working in the queer activism scene, who now loves a woman, who now wishes to rid this country of the blight known as section 377A.
Ms Thio, I am sure you know this section very well… in fact, you dedicated an entire speech to the impassioned defence of it, not even touching on things like marital rape immunity. I am surprised… I thought an educated, feminist woman like yourself would have some feelings on this section which effectively takes away the right of married women to their bodies…. but I digress. You expounded in detail upon the merits of retaining this law. You showed us all how much you hate us gay people - like we couldn’t tell from the letters to ST. When I read your speech, my first impulse was to laugh. Then as I read on, cringe at the leaps of logic, and wince at the palpable hatred pouring out of the paper.
I will now proceed to rebutt you: point by point.
These flawed arguments are marinated with distracting fallacies which obscure what is at stake – repealing 377A is the first step of a radical, political agenda which will subvert social morality, the common good and undermine our liberties.
Ma’am… what exactly is a “radical, political agenda”? A radical political agenda would to be overthrow the Singapore government. A radical political agenda would be terrorism. A radical political agenda would be what the fundamentalist Christians are doing in the US, pulling the weight of the church in influencing elections and infiltrating the education system. What we are doing, ma’am, is none of that - what we are asking for, is our rights. In fact, madam, if you have studied human rights at all, you would know that rights are ordained by creation - it is the establishment which takes them away through rule of law. Does anyone question that the Africans under apartheid in South Africa had their basic human rights? Is their campaign to end the apartheid and reclaim their rights a radical political agenda? No ma’am, it is not… it becomes a radical political agenda when you impose your values on everyone else, in a way that takes away their rights. Not unlike the right-wing Christian crusade.
Which comes back to your point about “undermining liberties”. I ask you in all humbleness… how does removing section 377A infringe on the liberties of the average heterosexual person? Let’s take it one step further - how does gay marriage take away the rights of the heterosexual person? Is he any less entitled to marry, any less entitled to procreate, get a job, withdraw his CPF when he retires and in short, go about his life like any normal person?
‘Conservative’ here is not a dirty word connoting backwardness; environmental conservation protects our habitat; the moral ecology must be conserved to protect what is precious and sustains a dynamic, free and good society.
Ma’am, you abuse the English dictionary for your own purposes. Yes, conservative is what you use to protect something that is already there - but you never stop to question whether in this case, what you are protecting is worth protecting, and whether in not protecting, you create a better world. The world will change, ma’am, in case you haven’t noticed. You can scream and yell all you want - but all you can really do is stand by and watch while it changes. Seasons will change, people will change, administrations will change. You mention a dynamic, free and good society… are you not contradicting yourself? You do not want things to change, yet you want society to be dynamic.
We should reject the ‘argument from consent’ as its philosophy is intellectually deficient and morally bankrupt.
Ma’am, once again, to advance your own political argument, you are throwing away the fundamental concepts in law. Consent is an all-important philosophy. Let’s go back to first-year tort law course - is consent not a defence against negligence? Is consent not the fundamental precept in determining whether sexual assault has occured? Concept is not morally bankrupt at all… please do not try and mask your opinions through senseless rhetoric.
The real question today is not “if” we should repeal 377A now, or wait until people are ready to move. This assumes too much, as though we need an adjustment period before the inevitable. The real question is not “if” but “should” we ever repeal 377A. It is not inevitable; it is not desirable to repeal it in any event.
Ma’am, I direct you to the paragraph above: the world will change. Whether you like it or not.
Not only is retaining s377A sound public policy, it is legally and constitutionally beyond reproach.
Rhetoric, once again, I see… how is it legally and constitutionally beyond reproach? Would you like to point me to the relevant section?
Responsible legislators must grapple with the facts, figures and principles involved; they cannot discount the noxious social consequences repeal will bring.
That’s what I should be saying to you, ma’am.
First, to say a law is archaic is merely chronological snobbery.
Second, you cannot say a law is ‘regressive’ unless you first identify your ultimate goal. If we seek to copy the sexual libertine ethos of the wild wild West, then repealing s377A is progressive. But that is not our final destination. The onus is on those seeking repeal to prove this will not harm society.
Ma’am, we have proved conclusively that it does not. I point you to the extensive articles on Yawningbread.org, to the volumes of research done by scientists to prove that gay marriage and gay parenting does not harm society. Massachussetts, the first US state to legalise gay marriage, suffers no damage from the rights they have granted their citizens. You choose to ignore the evidence, for your own purposes.
Third, to say a law which criminalizes homosexual acts because many find it offensive is merely imposing a “prejudice” or “bias” assumes with justification that no reasonable contrary view exists… The liberal argument which says sodomy is a personal choice, private matter and ‘victimless crime’ merely asserts this. It rests precariously on an idiosyncratic notion of “harm” – but “harm” can be both physical and intangible; victims include both the immediate parties and third parties. What is done in ‘private’ can have public repercussions.
What harm, ma’am? Once again I ask you… what harm do heterosexuals suffer when such “sodomy” occurs? Even intangible harm… what harm? I keep hearing this from you and the other homophobes… but I still haven’t heard what harm we are causing you, with our private activities. And may I politely dissent… it is not an idiosyncratic notion, but a solid, practical notion. If you wish to talk about third parties… ma’am, then as we say in civil law, the liability is indeterminate. Where do we draw the line where I stop owing the duty of care? At my great-grandfather? At yours?
They urge legislators to be ‘objective’ and to leave their personal subjective beliefs at home, especially if they hold religious views which consider homosexuality aberrant.
This demand for objectivity is intellectually disingenuous as there is no neutral ground, no ‘Switzerland of ambivalence’ when we consider the moral issues related to 377A which require moral judgment of what is right and wrong - not to take a stand, is to take a stand!
Ma’am, apparently you live in a binary world, because there are indeed people who are neutral. If you have taken the time to read through the comments on repeal377A, there was a specific comment which stated that he was a staunch Christian, but did not believe in imposing his values on other people. Some people are indeed capable of divorcing their religious views from objective analysis of issues, as shocking a concept that might be to you.
Religious views are part of our common morality. We separate ‘religion’ from ‘politics,’ but not ‘religion’ from ‘public policy’. That would be undemocratic. All citizens may propose views in public debate, whether influenced by religious or secular convictions or both; only the government can impose a view by law.
I refer you to the above paragraph. And apparently, you are not familiar with the concept of secular values. Nor of the idea that our country is made up of more than one religion. Hinduism and Buddhism do not hold homophobic views. Wikipedia, ma’am, may help you here.
Incidentally, one does not have to be religious to consider homosexuality contrary to biological design and immoral; secular philosopher Immanuel Kant considered homosexuality “immoral acts against our animal nature” which did not preserve the species and dishonoured humanity.
And I am bothered by what he thinks, because? Have you not considered that it is the views of his times that influence him… the man was born in the 18th century. If you asked him whether women should be allowed to vote, I doubt the answer would be yes.
The issues surrounding s377A are about morality, not modernity or being cosmopolitan. What will foreigners think if we retain 377A? Depends on which foreigner you ask. Many would applaud us!…. A group of Canadians1 were grieved enough to issue an online apology to the world “for harm done through Canada’s legalization of homosexual marriage”, urging us not to repeat their mistakes.
Ma’am, morality is also what compels us to be fair to our neighbour, morality is what dictates that we agree to live and let live. Indeed, not all foreigners are gay-friendly… the same problems that exist here exist there too. But one day… perhaps one day, we shall rid the world of people who are racist, sexist or homophobic.
If a group of people from USA issued an apology to the world for legalising interracial marriage, would you hold that as evidence of its immorality? What precludes me holding the hand of another woman in love, when I am not precluded from holding the hand of a man who is not the same race as me? Incidentally, ma’am… in the 1950’s in California, when this issue was raised, many people reacted exactly the same way as you and other people are doing. They were disgusted by the possibility of removing the ban on interracial marriage, because it was just so wrong in their eyes, so disgusting to imagine a white man and a black woman holding hands. They raised the same points… citing public morality, and the harm to society. They gave dire predictions of how the society would collapse, how having ethnically-mixed children running around was just unthinkable.
Human rights are universal, like prohibitions against genocide.
Contradiction, once again. If they are universal, ma’am, why are we denied sexual freedom as opposed to heterosexual people?
Demands for ‘homosexual rights’ are the political claims of a narrow interest group masquerading as legal entitlements. Homosexual activists often try to infiltrate and hijack human rights initiatives to serve their political agenda, discrediting an otherwise noble cause to protect the weak and poor. You cannot make a human wrong a human right.
I am saddened you think so… because there is no such thing as homosexual rights, only equal rights. We ask for the same entitlements as everyone else - nothing more, nothing less. If asking for the right to be treated equally under law is hijacking human rights… ma’am I see nothing wrong with it.
Second, while homosexuals are a numerical minority, there is no such thing as ‘sexual minorities’ at law. Activists have coined this term to draw a beguiling but fallacious association between homosexuals and legally recognized minorities like racial groups. Race is a fixed trait. It remains controversial whether homosexual orientation is genetic or environmental, perhaps both. There are no ex-Blacks but there are ex-gays. The analogy between race and sexual orientation or preferred sexual preferences, is false. Activists repeat the slogan ‘sexual minority’ ad nausem as a deceptive political ploy to get sympathy from people who don’t think through issues carefully. Repetition does not cure fallacy.
Ma’am…. have you taken a good look at the track record of ex-gay people? Do you have any idea how many of them, many famous, are caught in gay clubs afterwards? A deceptive ploy, is it? I had no idea we were so clever and ingenious… and I had no idea it was such a fallacy. If you have taken the trouble to search the internet, there is much highly accredited research which backs up the idea that sexuality is an inborn trait.
Science has become so politicized that the issue of whether gays are ‘born that way’ depends on which scientist you ask. You cannot base sound public philosophy on poor politicized pseudo ‘science’.
But I see no research that proves sexual orientation is a choice - at all. What you are faced with is an overwhelming amount of evidence, when put together, points to the existence of homosexuality as either a genetic or an inborn trait, and very few, if none at all, accredited research otherwise. Even the Spitzer study that ex-gays like to quote does not support your position, because Spitzer himself has come out and said that is not what his research meant.
Homosexuality is a gender identity disorder…
With all due respect, ma’am, last time I checked, you were a lawyer, not a psychologist. So on what basis are you declaring this, when APA itself has removed it from the DSM?
…there are numerous examples of former homosexuals successfully dealing with this.
And just as many who choose to come back after trying to go straight. Just this year, two high profile US activists left the homosexual lifestyle, the publisher of Venus, a lesbian magazine, and an editor of Young Gay America. Who are influenced by the scare-mongering and propaganda of the fundamentalist religious groups. It is a religious move, not a sexual.
An article by an ex-gay in the New Statesmen this July identified the roots of his emotional hurts, like a distant father, overbearing mother and sexual abuse by a family friend; after working through his pain, his unwanted same-sex attractions left. While difficult, change is possible and a compassionate society would help those wanting to fulfill their heterosexual potential. There is hope.
I don’t think I need to repeat my arguments. By the way, that theory about distant father? So Freudian, and already discredited. Research has shown that those who try to become “ex-gay” usually suffer immense psychological hurt, guilt, shame and emotional trauma because they can’t stop being who they are.
Singapore law only recognizes racial and religious minorities. Special protection is reserved for the poor and disadvantaged; the average homosexual person in Singapore is both well educated, with higher income – that’s why upscale condo developers target them!
Maybe it should recognise more than racial and religious minorities - how about women? And are we not disadvantaged? You speak of this stereotype of wealthy gay man, but ma’am…. there are many of us who are just common folk, and are not rich. You conflate economic wellbeing with legal protection. A wealthy man is equally culpable under the law as a poor one.
Homosexuals do not deserve special rights, just the rights we all have
That’s exactly what I have been saying so far, ma’am… may be we are on the same page after all.
‘Sexual minorities’ and ‘sexual orientation’ are vague terms – covering anything from homosexuality, bestiality, incest, paedophilia – do all these minority sexual practices merit protection?
No, ma’am… it does not cover all this. For one, bestiality and paedophilia are crimes because there cannot be consent. Animals can’t consent, and children are deemed not to have the capacity to consent until a certain age. Paedophilia is enacted to protect children - what is homosexuality enacted to protect? Other adult gay individuals? The key difference is harm - homosexual acts between two consenting adults does not harm anyone or anything unlike the other crimes. As for incest, there is a strong biological basis, which is inbreeding.
Criminalising same-sex sodomy but not opposite-sex sodomy is valid “differentiation.” S377A does not target any specific actor; it would cover a heterosexual male experimenting with male sodomy.
And that makes a difference?
Both these practices are efficient methods of transmitting sexual diseases and AIDs / HIV which are public health problems.
Ma’am, have you heard of a thing called the condom? It is designed to protect the person against sexually transitted diseases - straight or gay. Unprotected, heterosexual sex is equally efficient in transmitting HIV/AIDS… you could ask the virus whether it prefers gay men, but I doubt it is going to give you an answer.
These are not victimless crimes as the whole community has to foot the costs of these diseases.
I have worked in the HIV/AIDS prevention field long enough to know that the cost is exarcebated by the fact that we are not allowed to reach out to the MSM legally. We have to operate on a tenuous basis, because we are faced with the difficulty of having to tell the practicing MSM to be safe, but to step carefully so that it is not aiding and abetting a crime. Unless you have worked in the sector, ma’am… I think you are highly unqualified to make the comments about public health. With all due respect.
Anal-penetrative sex is inherently damaging… with adverse health implications like ‘gay bowel syndrome’, anal cancer.
‘Acts of gross indecency’ under 377A also covers unhygienic practices like “rimming” where the mouth comes into contact with the anus. Consent to harmful acts is no defence – otherwise, our strong anti-drug laws must fall as it cannot co-exist with letting in recreational drugs as a matter of personal lifestyle choice.
Oh, and I do suppose the act of smoking, which carries much greater risk of cancer, is not legal. Neither is driving, which I am sure, kills more people than this supposed ‘gay bowel syndrome’. Neither is unhealthy food - imagine biting into a McDonalds burger and being charged with the crime of consuming fat.
Ma’am, the difference between drugs and gay sex is that the former can kill - very fast, and very potently. The pictures of heroin addiction death are not pretty.
Opposite-sex sodomy is harmful, but medical studies indicate that same-sex sodomy carries a higher price tag for society because of higher promiscuity and frequency levels.
Ma’am, promiscuity is a loose term - by employing this term, you choose to ignore that there are gay individuals and couples who are monogamous, or non-promiscuous. You choose to ignore that there are people in the heterosexual community who are promiscuous too.
A British Study showed that the legalization of homosexual sodomy correlated with an upsurge of STDs among gays.
Did you inquire whether they have good public health programmes in place? Britain’s public health, as we all know, is a big crisis.
The legal issue is not whether the state should be concerned with heterosexual sodomy but whether it is reasonable to believe same-sex sodomy poses a distinct problem. Medical literature indicates that gays have disproportionately higher STDs rates, which puts them in a different category from the general public, warranting different treatment.
No ma’am… medical literature puts promiscuous gay people as a different category. See my point above. And might I add, the difference in numbers also due to the fact that gay people go for testing more frequently than straight people, who are more likely to believe that they will not get infected. Also, might I add… just because they have higher rates doesn’t mean we shut them off and shut them down. All the more, we have the responsibility to help them. And not by criminalising it, because that then drives the activity underground and makes it more difficult for public health programmes to target them. If you are willing to invest money to help the heterosexual community who, according to your logic, apparently acquired AIDS out of their own fault, then why are you not extending the same privilege to gay people?
Sir, the power to legislate morality is not limited to preventing demonstrable harm. The Penal Code now criminalizes the wounding of both religious and racial feelings (s498)…. S377A serves public morality; the argument from community reminds us we share a way of life which gives legal expression to the moral repugnancy of homosexuality.
The wounding of racial and religious feelings through words uttered or printed in a public domain is a completely understandable offence. However - when an act does not occur in public domain, and is confined to the bedroom, am I supposed to accept your argument that the average person loses sleep thinking of a faceless gay man having sex with another, when he sees or hears nothing?
Public sexual morality must buttress strong families based on faithful union between man and wife, the best model for raising children. The state should not promote promiscuity nor condone sexual exploitation.
Public sexual morality can buttress it all they want… but supporting that is very different from preventing other forms of family from forming. In other words - the government can give third-child bonuses, but that is a different thing from slapping single mothers with fines. And once AGAIN, you slap the community with a stereotype that we are all promiscuous. Many of us are actually monogamous. Many of us would like to start families, buy a HDB flat together - our dreams are not different from yours. The law promotes nothing, ma’am… it prevents harm. And how exactly is sexual exploitation tied into this? I am completely mystified, since we are talking about consensual adult sex.
The ‘argument from consent’ says the state should keep out of the bedroom, to safeguard ‘sexual autonomy’. While we cherish racial and religious diversity, sexual diversity is a different kettle of fish. Diversity is not license for perversity. This radical liberal argument is pernicious, a leftist philosophy based on radical individualism and radical egalitarianism. It is unworkable because every viable moral theory has limits to consent.
Why is it a different kettle of fish? And why are you talking about perversity? Ma’am, with all due respect - you do not determine what is perverse and what is not. [Neither do I, for that matter.] But I am assuming that you make this judgement based on a judeo-christian notion. Ma’am, consent is not radical - it is actually the basis of law, as I’ve stated at the beginning. By all philosophical standards, what is happening here now is nowhere close to “radical individualism” and “radical egalitarianism”. Indeed there are limits, but by all secular standards, once again… this falls into the acceptable ambit.
Radical egalitarianism applied to sexual morality says the state should not morally distinguish between types of consensual sex. It exudes a false neutrality but actually sneaks in a substantive philosophy: Hedonism which breeds narcissism. This extols satisfying desire without restraint as a matter of autonomy. But some desires are undesirable, harming self and society.
I don’t see the connection between the neutrality stance and hedonism, ma’am… hedonism is a loaded word, and it is not to be misused to refer to the pursuit of simple pleasures which all individuals are granted. Is it hedonism, to spend a lazy afternoon at the beach? Is it hedonism, ma’am, to try and be happy? Individuals do not owe a duty to the society to be productive and act with respect to the interests of society 100% of the time. And with all due respect, you don’t decide what is undesirable.
The argument from consent ultimately celebrates sexual libertine values, the fruit of which is sexual licentiousness, a culture of lust, which takes, rather than love, which gives. This social decline will provoke more headlines like a 2004 Her World article called: “Gay guy confesses: I slept with 100 men…one of them could be your hubby.” What about the broken-hearts involved?
Ma’am - the culture of lust is not invoked by gay people, but it is a consequence of loosening sexual mores and media portrayals. That particular headline from a tabloid magazine can be met by a thousand other headlines about heterosexual scandals. “Tao Kay loves and loses $24,000 to 2 China women”. And since when is it the Law’s job to prevent broken hearts? When is it the law’s job to prevent tabloid headlines? Ma’am, I don’t see your logic here.
Sir, government policy is not to pro-actively enforce 377A. Some argue that just keeping this law on the books will erode the rule of law. I disagree. It is not turning a blind eye on the existence of homosexuals here; it is refusing to celebrate homosexuality while allowing gays to live quiet lives. This is prudent, as it is difficult to enforce ‘bedroom’ offences; such intrusive powers should be judiciously used anyway….
…A non pro-active policy does not mean 377A will never be enforced – who knows what another season may require? Policies can change.
In other words… ma’am, you have no idea how we live.
Sir, it is true that not all moral wrongs, such as adultery, are criminalized; yet they retain their stigma. But adulterors know they done wrong and do not lobby for toleration of adultery as a sexual orientation right.
Ma’am - what is there to lobby for? It is not a crime in the first place, and they do not experience any legal discrimination. And it is precisely because we think what we are doing is not wrong, that we lobby for our rights.
Step 1: repeal laws criminalizing homosexual sex. They consider this “pivotal” to… push for government funding and support for special programmes, such as the New York Gay High School. Governments don’t promote criminal activities. You need to change the criminal law before changing civil law.
Wow - I never thought of that.
Step 2 is to equalize the age of consent for heterosexual and homosexual sex; in some countries, this is as low as 13. Do we want to expose Sec 1 boys to adult sexual predators? To be sexually creative?
Ma’am the age of consent is 16 here - so why are you talking about 13 and bringing in a fallacious argument? And furthermore, are these boys not vulnerable to advances from female predators?
Step 3 is to prohibit discrimination based on ‘sexual orientation’. But would this not include all sexual behaviour? “Sex before 8 or else it’s too late” is the motto of the North American Man Boy Love Association. Should we judge pedophilia or be relativist and promote “anything goes” sexual experimentation?
Refer to my point above - 99% of the gay community is against paedophilia - we have sisters and brothers too, nieces and nephews, and for some, kids.
Sir, to protect homosexuals, some countries have criminalized not sodomy but opposition to sodomy, making it a ‘hate crime’ to criticize homosexuality. This violates freedom of speech and religion; will sacred texts that declare homosexuality morally deviant, like the Bible and Koran, be criminalized? Social unrest beckons. Such assaults on constitutional liberties cannot be tolerated.Ma’am - is it not a assault on liberty to be not able to speak our mind against these religions? And furthermore, there are conflicting religions, most of which prescribe that the other religions are false. By applying rule of law, then such declarations would be mutually offensive, and in sum total, all the religious books should be banned. But no ma’am, nothing like that has happened. We learn to live in harmony, sooner or later. Or simply live and let live.
Steps 4 and 5 relate to legalizing same-sex marriage or partnerships, child adoption rights. This subverts both marriage and family, which are institutions homosexuals seek to redefine beyond recognition. Will MOE then commission a book copying the US, “Heather has 2 mummies” called “Ah Beng has 2 daddies?” What if parents disagree with their kids studying homosexual propaganda?
Ma’am, what is wrong children learning to accept diversity? Does the MOE not take pains to issue books with racial and religious diversity to teach the kids about that? So if a religious parent was opposed to seeing the portrayal of someone from a different religion treated equally in a text… are we to concede his wishes?
Repealing 377A will further batter the institution of ‘marriage’ which we must bolster!
The institution has already been battered many times, and not by us. We pose no threat - in fact, we enforce it, because, really… gay people seem to honour the institution of marriage more than straight people. Heterosexual people take it for granted, but we know what is at stake. Not only that, having marriage to look forwards to, will possibly reduce promiscuity, which you so seem to be concerned about. But we are not talking about marriage, but section 377A.
Legalising sodomy would set a bad example; by signaling approval, it may change both attitude and conduct; coupled with sexual hedonism, it makes a mockery of strong family values. 377A helps to protect against this harm.
What exactly are family values? Would you like to tell me what values we are harming through wanting to love and cherish someone for life? Ma’am… the institution of family is what we grew up in as well, and it is something we honour and desire as much as straight people. We have families too[in case you thought we dropped from the sky] And we want families of our own as well. Sexual hedonism is a universal trait, not a gay trait. Please do not equate the two.
To slouch back to Sodom is to return to the Bad Old Days in ancient Greece or even China where sex was utterly wild and unrestrained, and homosexuality was considered superior to man-women relations. Women’s groups should note that where homosexuality was celebrated, women were relegated to low social roles; when homosexuality was idealized in Greece, women were objects not partners, who ran homes and bore babies. Back then, whether a man had sex with another man, woman or child was a matter of indifference, like one’s eating preferences. The only relevant category was penetrator and penetrated; sex was not seen as interactive intimacy, but a doing of something to someone. How degrading.
Ma’am - you are drawing a false analogy. Those were the days when women were not given equality. Those were the days when men freely did whatever they wanted, with disregard to their marriage vows. Those were the days when women and children were treated almost as property. We are not living in those times now, and things have changed radically.
Homosexuals as fellow citizens have the right to expect decent treatment from the rest of us; but they have no right to insist we surrender our fundamental moral beliefs so they can feel comfortable about their sexual behaviour. We should not be subject to the tyranny of the undemocratic minority who want to violate our consciences, trample on our cherished moral virtues and threaten our collective welfare by imposing homosexual dogma on right-thinking people. Keep 377A.
Ma’am - we don’t do that. It is often the homophobes who do so. In trying to fight for the right to live our lives, unfortunately we are made to convince the majority of our entitlement - which by right, we should not be, because it should be given automatically.
Instead of reasoning, some have resorted to name-calling to intimidate and silence their opponents. People with principled moral objections to the homosexual agenda are tarred and feathered ‘homophobes’, ‘bigots’, to shut them up. This strategy is unoriginally imported from foreign gay activists, which stifles creative thinking and intellectual enquiry….
I believe in free debate but this oversteps the line. I was distressed, disgusted, upset enough to file a police report. Does a normal person go up to a stranger to express such irrational hatred?
I am sorry you and your compatriot has received such vitriol - but the actions of the individual is something we cannot control. However in this speech, you have called us perverse, radical, immoral, promiscuous, licentious, hedonist, subversive, a threat to public health, mental patients and more… ma’am, irrational hatred is not professed only by those who have insulted you.
I rest my case, ma’am. I only hope that you will read this in the spirit of your own philosophy of free debate and speech.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...and along comes the superglue turd

if the wedge chooses to unite instead of splitting the 2 pieces of bigger kayu apart, the unity of the 2 kayus can be further enhanced and reinforce.

that would be the job of the superglue. in this case our superglue is none other the turdy nerd ejay ng.

however, if superglue turd chooses to be playful, soon its turdy glue would be hardened up dry and renders itself a useless turdy blob.

when wedge serves its purpose to unite kayus. turdy superglue strengthens the unity. the united kayus can now take on the paps and spank their BUTTS properly.

then only it's kick the PAPS' butts time can begin........;9)

to join or to split, the fate of the wedge

actually during my school day's woodwork class, i had also learned that a WEDGE can also be a small piece of kayu that keeps 2 bigger kayus together firmly.

it all depends on this WEDGE whether to disunite or to unite 2 pieces of kayus.

to be practically positive or to be diabolically negative and causes more disarray of confusion among the kayus, it lies entirely on this little piece of kayu called the WEDGE.

chiatilik, gohmengseng and a wedge

ctl and gms were suppose to be ex comrades from the WP. whatever transpired between these 2 jokers is really quite interestingly and mysterious.
how come both were from the same party and after each going separate ways, they seem to be always at loggerheads.
this brings us to the 3rd lead in my thread title, that is the WEDGE.
the wedge is a small piece of wood that keeps 2 pieces of wood apart by driving itself in between them.
the woods or 2 pieces of kayus involved now is none other chiatilik, right kayu and gohmengseng - the left kayu.
then who is the WEDGE?....
she is none other the desperate housewife la mei.
now analyse the whole situation. what does a cbl or cho bo lan auntie housewife who professes that I M NOT INTERESTED IN POLITICS turns herself into a WEDGE and disunite opps candidate camaderie??
any idea any one?

Monday, October 15, 2007

horror MRT suicide......;9(

anything more horror than this clip?


sinkie man sliced into two by oncoming mrt in suicide bid.

CAUGHT LIVE!!...my god!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

working hard; working blind

to simply persist in working hard, but working blindly, does not necessarily lead to success.
one who does not know how to contemplate will learn nothing, even when he has spent all his life.
we earn money to live, but WE LIVE NOT JUST TO EARN MONEY.
only the cool-headed thinker can grasp the truth of life.

silent contemplation is the key to successful living.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

loving paps, tyrants & serfs

PAPS to serfs: this policy is good. that policy is even better for u....so just take the bitter pill and shuddup!!

...so serfs shuddup.

TYRANTS to serfs: u better do this...and do that. u make noise, we chop heads....so bleed and shuddup!

....so serfs shuddup.

any difference here?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the moral of my dead tienlor water snail...

i really cannot understand....why like that??

my last tienlor....i loved it very much. care for it. fed it with expensive water plants. it had grown quite large. yet it always tried to escape.once it went missing for weeks only to be found hidding inside a inverted pot. was so surprise it was still alive after i threw it back into the goldfish bowl.

after a couple of weeks it had fatten itself up, it crawled out again during the night. found it. threw it back. next day it crawled out again. this was its last escape cos it fell and cracked its shell....and that was the end of my last longest surviving tienlor.

i threw it back into tht goldfish bowl. it came out of its shell...but only one long feeler. it was liked waving goodbye to me and retrieved back into the shell never to come out again.a few hours later, the water smelled. the tienlor was dead...*sniff*...

it was finally dead!


why did the tienlor choose freedom knowing that it couldn't survive outside this goldfish tank? still it escaped, fell, broke its shell and died....


it does relate to our situation of serfs living in sinkieland. serfs are like my tienlor and sinkieland is like the goldfish bowl except serfs does not possess the dexterity of my escaping tienlor which yearned so much for freedom....even it means death to it.

oh...i love my demised tienlor...for its persistant spirit of freedom

Friday, September 14, 2007

all the fools that gather for a pagan image....

when GOD is really among us, we choose not to accept and recognise him....

the darkness in the hearts of all these fools is really a mystery they themselves do not understand......

and all the fools gathers to pray to the god created by their deluded illusion conjured up by their lost minds.

pray, burnt, pray...what do u think they asking for?

for wealth...for health...for money...and for more money.....

god, god...everywhere but is the one who's real?

the images of the Chinese goddess Guan Yin and a girl on this tree, next to the famous 'Monkey God tree' in Jurong West, Street 42.. mind you!...this is the MONTH OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS FESTIVAL.

the formation of a monkey-liked protusion at the base of the tree set many people to illusion that as a reincarnation of a 'monkey god'.

when there is GOD, people choose not to recognise him.
when there isn't, they created their own god.

emptiness is form...and form is emptiness....

this is one fine example of this sutra saying.

then again, a quote from this joker:

"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." - Karl Heinrich Marx.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

runaway tienlor...

this last tienlor ran away again.

found it the next morning. threw it back.

the next day it ran away. sadly this would be its last escape. it must had fallen. there was a cracked tiny hole in the shell.

i threw it back into a pail of shallow water. it emerged briefly. it was back into its shell and hadn't emerge. wonder if it's dead. but if it's dead, the water would smell. so i m hoping it would recover. but chances is slim.

should i steam it with garlic and slurp it up??

i love my poodle

i tot poodle is the dog.

i love my poodle. it's fluffly like a cotton ball. when it's FAT, we really cannot tell it whether it's the meatiness or the fluffiness of it's luxuriant fur.

i love my poodle. i can trim his fluffiness into ballie shape. from head to ears. from legs to tail.
only when i trim it, then i realize how FAT my poodle has gotten itself to be.

the tail is as thick as it's legs!!!

but fat it maybe, the head still remain small sized.

i love my poodle. i love training it to do SIT, STAND, COME, FETCH...DOWN and PLAY DEAD.
now i m trying to train it to cross my legs like the circus.

i m pinkyclown. i just loooooooove my poodle!!


let there be LIGHT......

although now i m more into buddhism, GOD still lives in me.

once, a person rejects GOD, who is representation of Go(o)d, then (D)evil will just take over. then SATAN would have just won over ur soul.

it's pride that makes us to be blind to GOD'S presence. in doing so, we create other gods we churn up from our depths of imagination which is why this world now is so messy.

everything is man-made - even the gods they are worshipping.



we are in a crossroad. it's either LIGHT that we choose and love or it's DARKNESS we foolishly tempted to follow to eternal death.

so let not our pride over rides our compassionate heart to follow wisely the LIGHT which will guide us to GOODNESS.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the meaning of NO ONE'S LEFT BEHIND

this famous quote from pinkie le clown, ruler of sinkieland is quite true.


everyone is bending INFRONT of him...
and be SCREWED pain pain with the aid of KY.

hail to pinky le clown!! kiss his butt!!

we must all LOVE the paps. bow to pinkie le clown for he is always BEHIND us.....in pain, in tears, in sufferings we bear...

HE'S ALWAYS BEHIND US....generously with his KY....

love him! adore him!!



Light Is God

when there is LIGHT, there is GOD.

when they lost that, only darkness looms in their heartS. ask the lame FANTASICK 4 personally whether they are happy or suffering??

ask why do they need to hide themselves in darkness when pointing accusing fingers if they are in the LIGHT?

when will all this feuding childish nonsense stop?


- quote from the original SILVER SILVER

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

act simple; think uncomplicated

yes...make our thought uncomplicated to act in simple ways and happiness would follow you always....

those with very complicated thoughts usually act with hidden motives or agendas. when those sinister aim couldn't be achieved, all their evil shall be revealed and released.

SATAN always tries to deceive, confuse and trick many to divert their attention away from the LIGHT.

when many - christians included - fall for this trap, DARKNESS empowers and sufferings or death follow.

simple and uncomplicated soyabean.....

she was an old lady.....a total stranger to me. she was with another old lady. they seem to be very good pals.

as i sat and was still waiting for my burmese prince who had this bad habit of being late, i ordered another small cup of sugarless soyabean. got myself a you cha kway or dough fritter. returned to my table and began to savour the piping hot deep fried dough.

before i did, i pressed the oil you cha kway with the wax paper that wrapped around it. gosh! tonnes of oils oozed out and now it was a piece of greasy oily paper.

you cha kuay or you tiao dipped in hot soyabean drink was really a simple pleasure anyone could enjoy best in the morning. it was really a humble meal by itself costing only $1: 40c for the small cup sugarless soyabean (50c if with added syrup) and 60c for the evil oily deepfried fritter.

very soon, a pair of indians sat beside my table. presumably they were FT labourers. each holding a small bowl of soyabean curd, they sat and they slurped their beancurd.

as i watched, i smiled. the way they ate they food was a sight to behold too. one of them held up the spoonful of the piping hot beancurd (must have been just cooked), gently blowed at it and gracefully slurped the curd. he was liked letting the mess 'gargled' in his mouth only finally to swallow it in an orgasmic delight after which he let out a smile at me. he was aware i was looking at the way he enjoyed his soyabean curd.

i smiled back. he returned another bigger toothy pearly set of satisfied grin.

it was a joy and delight for them indulging in their 60c piping hot soyabean curd.

it was another simple and uncomplicated happiness.........;9)

simple and unadulterated joy

...yes, it could be found in our MALAY community. the chinese should learn from them in this video clip:


Sunday, September 9, 2007

pure joy and happiness

a forummer responded to my posting in sbf kopitiam:

Coffee Shop Talk - simple & uncomplicated

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152134.18 in reply to 152134.1
Give her Sgd 50 and explain to her that her life need not be collecting aluminum cans. Explain to her citizens power and give her a pink armband to wear for 1 month.
Tell her next month you will be back to support her with another Sgd 50 and give her education on citizens power.

my reply:

i don't think u understand what's happening here.
ur $50 cannot exchange their pleasant glow of joy which is gradually rubbing into me looking from a nearby table.
they were happy cos they are simple and uncomplicated.
they won't be like what the gabramen mentioned about growing beyond 85 still living on...only to worry what would come the next day.
i m beginning to understand the pattern of FEAR the gabramen in this land instills in serfs. they created disillusioned fears and apprehension.
they tell us we shall live very very long...even past 85. hence, they want our money. they give themselves a very vital reason to implement COMPULSORY ANNUITY so that everyone will get hit.
but look again at the 2 happy old ladies. do u think they understand what's that all about? do u think they care? and do u think they would even know how to retrieve that kind of 'give away' from the gabramen's pocket even if they are entitled?
they were just happy...simple and uncomplicated happy. ALL IN ITS PUREST SENSE - unadulterated by any fears of living past 85 or even tomorrow may never come.

i m singapura

this song described it all:


i m singapura

this clip by hossan leong. does it mean it's 'seditious'?


happy not sad

they seem to be enjoying looking out for patrons who left empty cans on their tables.

everytime, they noticed the eaters had left and there were empty cans there on the table, they gleefully rushed there to retrieve them.

everytime they did that, she would smile so bright!

would we be able to appreciate their inner glow of happiness?

Saturday, September 8, 2007


was at mei ling market. suppose to meet burmese prince. the church where i brought him to attend once wanted me to relay an invitation to him to attend the closure of ALPHA sessions. there would be a great dinner held on that last day meeting. everyone there missed him and hope i could bring him there during the last meeting.

ordered the bak chor mee with lots of vinegar. then a cup of teh si siew dai or less sugar...and waited...and waited...what was wrong with this joker? totally no percept of time?...and waited.

while waiting, like many lives of strangers just passed me by. i sat sipping my warm sugarless soyabean drink.

at a nearby table, there were 2 old ladies, sitting there observing other tables. then one of them gingerly ran to a table. she returned cheerfully smiling with 3 can of soda. one of the GREEN TEA pokka still contained some fluids. she happily empty it by sucking it out with the straw.

3 empty aluminium cans, how much could it worth to the 2 ladies? a few cents? yet the joy on both of their faces were such a glow....

simple and uncomplicated. i realised they understood better the feeling of joy and happiness than i do.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


i just can't help feeling the suffering this female forummer was going through daily. suddenly there was this inspiration to reply her in such a manner. i share with u now and hope everyone who faces such dilemma could do the same to overcome their misery.

pinkyclown unread
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150718.25 in reply to 150718.24
From: pinkyclown 01:33 To: tsr111 24 of 24 150718.24 in reply to 150718.23
hahaha....emptiness is form...form is emptiness..
nothing lost; nothing gained in this entire cosmo universe.
everything is just a impermanence cycle of life. so better to live happy than being vengeful petty HIMALAYA molehill...hahaha....;9)
take care girl.....have faith in the LORD...and u will definitely be alri
Wei! Are u talking about me making a small matter into a Himalaya? Then who's the rich guy? There is no rich guy......just ghost......alot of ghosts. All die already and forming from nothing to something very fast wan..............different persons ........... later the govt of the world will chip us all with digital angel then they regret fooling around.
impermanence cycle of life only meh? no repeat over and over again like in twight-light zone, meh? then why i feel like i'v been through a repeated cycle of life more than one time already? alot of dejavus......next time i come back after dieing, i want to be happy with loving parents (i'm their only child) and a loving life partner (i fantasize now and wish upon a star lol).........i can wish for it, but they the power people will always make sad and depressing senarios wan...............don't know why...........
hmmmmmmmm..............so u really dead or just change nick name only? a ghost now too? am i the only one talking to ghost.........?
leetasar ghost...u gone back to bed? so soon?
Edited 30/08/2007 12:48 ET by tsr111
Edited 30/08/2007 13:01 ET by tsr111


tsr111 unread
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150718.26 in reply to 150718.25
[leetasar ghost...u gone back to bed? so soon?]
my dear friend girl, ghost needs to roam during the night. when there is light, their spirits shall disperse.

but the really nasty ghosts even when there is LIGHT, they remain doing their havocs. example, those lost spirits from the lame FANTASICK 4.

it seem that gaylord is in control but really the yao jin is the real puppet mistress. the nerd and the sotong(who might not be there even) are just pawns deployed to do all the flamings and dirty works of creating multiple nicks.

when i reply to u, i sense misery and personal torment in u. why girl?
very easy. just let whatever things that are bothering u be detached. u can chant OM MANI PADME HOM...repetitively until u experience a certain tranquility glowing within u.
OR: u pray this:


either way, ur sincerity and faith must be there when u chant or pray.

all the suffering u think u r going through now is created from EMPTINESS.
from all the emptiness, we create forms, get attached to it and hence we suffer. if we learn to detach ourselves - like instead of carrying the raft over our shoulder after crossing the river, it should be discarded, we shall feel a deep sense of lightness.

when one feels lightness, happiness results.

u must learn not to let the mind controls ur spirit. u must instead use ur spirit to control ur mind.

if the mind controls over the spirit like some of the clowns here do, they either become evil or they go crazy! and sometime do not know why they are doing things to hurt others.

if the spirit controls over the mind, u have gain enlightment to being mindfulness. with that, u can say u ve grasped ur compassionate heart and happiness entails.


this message is specially for u, my dear....so take care of urself. to be living is to learn to be happy!...and make others happy too.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



THIS is a very simple and at the same time very chim short phrase.
i ve attended a christian meeting and i preached that to them. i think hor...all quite blurred by it. some may be enlightened....:D

this was what i told them:

the bible was written by man, hence a FORM was created from a total EMPTINESS. after the form, bible was written, believers the christian adhere strongly to it. live by it. preach by it. even die by it.

and who is GOD?

another form created from emptiness??

who is BUDDHA?.....it's not a form. it's US! everyone of us is a unawaken buddha.

a BUDDHA is simply a man who is awaken and mindful about his environment and surrounding. he is an awaken man who appreciates everything around and tries to live harmoniously. he tries all his best to live as happy as one can be and let his happiness overflows so that it shall touch all those around him.

by doing so, he hopes that all who have been touched could also awake their buddha nature within.

JOY WILL THE THE DAY when all sentient beings are awaken to their true inborn BUDDHAHOOD. this day will come and all lost spirits in HELL will be set free and di zhang wang would be a full fledge buddha.

again, when the day comes, it would also be the arrival of the second coming of the buddha of future - MAITREYA BUDDHA. his coming signifies the end of the world is near.

so have u grasp ur compassion today to bring forth ur inner BUDDHA??.......... ;9)

Monday, August 27, 2007

and this horrifying news: true???

Friday, July 27, 2007

Be Careful !
Hello,As I have always mentioned here and also in my other websites, never trust HYIPs, Ponzi scheme and high returning programs like SwissCash and if you want to take risk, do it only with the minimum amount of the money and invest the money that you can afford to lose.Although SwissCash website is still up and running and I receive my monthly payments regularly, some bad news about this program is being heard which means this program is getting so close to the end and will get closed very soon like what that happened to 12DailyPro and other scams.So be careful and don't invest in SwissCash if you don't like them to be disappeared with your money.I have also heard that the main Malaysian SwissCash investors are arrested and this program is banned by the Malaysia Security Commissions. Malaysia has the highest number of SwissCash investors. I don't know why.If you have any question you can reach me at v dot chaychi at gmail dot com.


i was intro to invest in this mutual fund exactly one month ago. now the website just couldn't log in. and i found this comment in another blog. does it mean my $$$ has just flown away?


Sunday, August 19, 2007

What Is Going On?!
I noticed that the traffic of this blog is increased dramatically. I thought it is ranked with some other popular keywords and receives more traffic from search engines but I was wrong.There is no new resource of traffic to this blog. The only reason for traffic increase is that people search for SwissCash and related keywords like SwissCash Scam more than the past. Why?Because it is about a few days that SwissCash investors can not login to their accounts and I also noticed that their website is not online today.I don't know if they are gone and we are at the end of one of the other scam programs or it is just a temporarily problem. But what I do know and learnt from the increasing of the traffic of this weblog is that most people don't investigate about the companies that they want to invest with them or join their program before they invest and join. They dive to join the high paying programs when they see it has a lot of money for them. They get scared and start investigating only when they can not login to their accounts or the company website is not online.That's why the traffic is increased.It is so stupid, isn't it?Why don't you think and investigate properly before you join?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

our nanny gov :(

when we reached at such an age - our nation is already 42 yrs (independence age), yet our gov still treating us with milk bottles.

they tell us how many kids we would have, at what age is best to marry and now how long most of us would be living. and check this out: most will live past 85!! ARE THEY KIDDING OR NOT??

we need to flip to the OBITUARY PAGE of our shit times. this would be a more honest report to actually how many dead guys live past 85. very rare!...very rare indeed!

and by the way, why is our gov trying to shirk their responsibility in looking after old people who have once also contributed much to the progress and prosperity of the nation?

no one has lau lee's kind of good life where he got the power to hail an entire SIA plane should any of his famiLee member is sick and sick in another country.

does it mean that the prophecy in this saying is very true?


i m self employed most of my life. i do contribute to my cpf but not as much as i would like to. majority is already taken up by my hdb pigeonhole. now i m forced to retire. my garden was bulldozed and my trusty pickup was brutally scrapped cos i couldn't cough up 24.5k just to extend its life for another 10 yrs. (good thing i didn't borrow that sum of money or it would be my turn to be scrapped!) that COE is another big parasite invented by our shrewd gov to suck on our blood! for that amount then, i could get a brand new vehicle now.

i m old now and chronic diabetic. when i look at my meagre cpf saving, it's depleted involuntarily yearly. i ve no control over my OWN saving. the gov just zap whatever they think it's good to me ...and not what i think it's good or matter for me :(.


i dun even know whether when would really be my withdrawal age. it used to be 55, then changed to 60, then 65(?) then 67 (?).....then how old in the end can i withdraw?

by the way, would my very little lifesaving money still be there?? why all these funny dunno what schemes just to deplete unnecessarily at our savings?

no wonder the poor becomes poorer and the rich, richer especially our gov......:(

Coffee Shop Talk - the rare 85 y o dead in OBITUARY PAGE

25-Aug 00:48
1 of 28

whether u wear black or pink, what the clown said will be what that clown would do.
the target now is to sap our cpf. the annuities payout part is just a farce!
HENCE COMPULSORY ANNUITIES WILL BE LEGISLATED. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND ...the prophesy is coming true too good and too soon!....;9(
turn to the OBITUARY PAGE. look closely. how many deads there are over 85 y.o.
in today's 25 aug, sat. shit times, practically NONE!
the oldest dead was a female aged 79.

halsey02 unread
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150458.8 in reply to 150458.2
i think the gabramen is just trying the shirk the responsbility of looking after the aged and the sick.
i believe their next target would be the sick.
EVERYONE TO BUY HOSPITALISATION SCHEME ...like HS plan in AIA. maybe again, zap that from our cpf and give the explanation that our medi-save, shield I, II & dunno how many aren't enough to handle medical costs.
then how?
in today sunday times 26-08-07, only one dead guy is above 85. he died at 86. meaning if the annuities r now in effect, it only pays him a year of pathetic montly amount which he had to pay for like 30yrs counting from 55 y 0.
the very very limited minority who have such long life beyond 85 is very uncommon. even that the gabramen also wanna play kiasu and kiasee to cough up that little welfare to look after those rare longlife folks.
now do we really believe our reserves are really that exaggerated bombastic TRILLIONS??
i believe the cpf is depleted....by foolish loss making foreign investments. that's why the need to come up with serfs' blood letting plan to close that big hole if not it shall be exposed sooner than we think as many are approaching to the cpf withdrawal age soon. hence the delaying of our withdrawal entitlement....;9(

sad country. dumb serfs. idiotic nation!

the trouble with our pinky is that he tot he could foresee the future for us. he loves to wayang and pretend his great concern and 'love' for the serfs.
many years back, CPF already set up. now after so many years, the harvest is ripe to reap cos the aging population most have reached their entitled withdrawal age to their saving.
but what do we get?
withdrawal age keeps pushing forward. from 55 to 60 to 65 to soon to be 67.
now they annouced that many serfs here actually are longlife and can live to 85 and beyond. this means later all withdrawal age would be push to even beyond 70.
as if that's now enough, ambiguous dubious scheme such as the current COMPULSORY ANNUITIES is going to be implemented after much wayanging and faked up debates where mostly the idiots, lembus, zombies and the entire ball carriers species would support vehemently for it.
what does that leave the serfs? for every $1000k left in cpf maybe after we hit the new withdrawal age of maybe 67 or 70 n above (who knows later they might push it further), perhaps only less than the amount we have saved for so many years.
most would be siphoned out: for medisave, medishields, eldershields, whatever nonsense dunno what shields and then this bloodsucking ANNUITIES which only benefit one who outlives 85. if not, then good luck to u and ur 'compulsory' payments.
why are our gabramens doing this? why cannot they allow us to manage our own saving and our own money? can we tell them to sack ho jinx cos to the serfs she is throwing away our good blood money for bad planned investments?
surely not right? then why are they meddling with OUR money. can't they allow serfs the rights to use OUR money for whatever we love simply becos IT'S OUR MONEY AND NOT THEIRS?
this is a very strange cuntry. everyone is silent even when their savings are slowly parasitised off by the so called 'concerned' gabramen.
sad county. dumb people. idiotic nation!


they love my rotound tummy!!

in calif gym where i have been there for a year now, a very strange phenomena is happening to me.
no i didn't drop soap, towels or undies. but uncle, aunties, PTs...and jus about everyone loves to rub my rotund tummy.
dun ask i dunno that's why i ask u.
maybe they knew i m quitting soon and my tummy looks so appealing 'fortunate' cos most know i was there after striking toto.
they try to rub some luck from me, maybe?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ah seng aka imelda marcos

that's my tenant's boy-next-door's name.

he is also a mini imelda marcos - the ex lst pinoy lady who owned innumerable pairs of shoes. just a second....i go count how many he got - latest figure...

at the current count: 11 pairs of shoes; 8 pairs of sandals. that's for my weird FT IT tenant, ah seng. i think he got another pair of more exquisite shoe in his room.

every weekend he would do his laundry. he would fully utilise all the bamboo poles. after washing, there would still be another 2 pails of worn clothings in his room which he would laundry again the next day.

all these clothings are what he wears in a week. just the colorful undies alone hanging out on the poles are about 20 pairs.... whatever colored undies u name it, he has it. this means he changes an average about 2.6 pair undies a day....shorts about 8 pairs, long pants about 8 too....shirts....many...about 18. i think he has 3 to 5 costumes change per day. he doesn't wear the same clothing twice in a day, u know.

that still hasn't counted those that he still have in the 2 pails of clothings waiting to be washed in his room.

do i have a very vainpox hiao teh teh weird tenant??

next the hair creams....and the facial wash...and the shower gel....and the toothpaste...

finally his handphone. the last count, he has 6 units and is subscribed to all 3 telcos with each individual bills running up to hundreds a month.

i have been receiving telcos girls calling for him to remind him about late payment. worst, there were numerous lawyer letters from all the 3 telcos threatening legal action if he doesn't settle their bills - all running up to thousands!

he told me he sponsored for his gf (s) and they didn't and refuse to pay up for all the yakity yak yak airtime accumulated. true? dunno leh....guan wo pi shi?

next question: could he be a part time gigolo??

Monday, August 20, 2007


i will intrigue u more about my weird FT IT tenant who has a tremendous pay hike recently.
he did his laundry last nite. my goodness!!....red undies...not again!!
but this time, it was different. it was branded red undies. IT WAS CALVIN KLEIN!!!
this morning he just whizzed past my room. i was waken by his scent. gosh!! smelled damn shiok! no longer cheapo perfume...smelled like something exquisite.
when the pay is up, so is his weirder taste.....;9)

the original red undies story is in my UPHEAVAL OF LEETAHSAR blog:


it created a stir in the sammyboy coffeeshop forum and like a RED UNDIES CULT was unofficially formed. forummers there still bring it up once a while. really funny!......;9)

actually he showed it off to me. i even tried it on.
shiok! is the only word i can describe ck undies. i think if i strike the next 4D, i would be getting a pair too. rather expensive at $48!!
this tenant sure know how to taste life when he has the means.....;9)...and he's very young only barely 24.
all his hardworks has finally see fruits now. he once was so stressed, he even asked me to bring him to my ex-temple to pray.
i counselled him to bear with his present job. it's just a matter of time before he get used to the routine. once he overcomes that, everything shall be less stressful.
true enough! he's now enjoying his job. he can even suka suka go...suka suka comes home. in fact, he's now the only vital personnel in his dept. the rest of his colleagues had resigned.
really must give it to him and admire him for his resilient and perserverance.
we got lot to learn from our FT from matland...such young chap some more who has also graduated from his part-time degree computer course.
kudos to him!!......;9)

after malaysia, it's taiwan's ah bian's turn


my oh my!!....this guy is gutsy and bold...and really very creative!

this song is rather bold....


remixed by a malaysian called wong min tzi or namewee.... he studies in taiwan at 15 and wrote over 300 songs and raps. (check his kind of music from that U TUBE site)

and someone put up this to help defending for him.


the definition of LAW:

L ocally
A greed
W hatever

and it ends with THOSE 'DON'T KNOW WHO' LIKES....
...and of course every knows who the 'DON'T KNOW WHO', right?

when we think singapore is really tight-assed, well....look at our neighbour, malaysia. worst! they are even clamping down on bloggers.....;9(

Saturday, August 18, 2007

where's your mum, pussy??

TRILOGY OF MY JAP TIENLOR or fucking water slugs

it had been almost a month since my last jap tienlor or fucking water slug ran away.

to recap the earlier 2 parts.....

PART I: i was given a pair of japanese tienlor or water snails. surprisingly, they were rather hardy and very active. the trouble was both kept crawling out of my goldfish ceramic handcrafted bowl. one committed suicide when it slipped, broke its shell and ended up steamed and ingested by me. very nice qq flesh! was so tempted to eat up the other surviving slug.

PART II: my cid pal who had a pond loved the water slug. it was cute when all its prods shot out of its soft whitish body. one fine day, i was at AH YAT located at TURF CITY. was there having dimsum - as usual - with my bunch of laukuaybu fans gang.

we passed by the collection of aquariums of live seafood. i saw the tank full of jap tienlors.....so why not? the slugs were on offer - half price!

my powderful shoot bak(eye) at the boss who was succumbed by my electric gaze to gave me a couple FREE more of those lovable water crawlies which in turn i passed a fucking pair to my cid pal which in turn ended up on his dining table instead of his algae infested pond......;9(

i had another one for my lonely tienlor. the pair spent the whole 24hr fucking each other!! then one fine night, the newly introduced slug eloped. it fell as it crawled out of the bowl. the shell broke which mean it would die. what to do? put it to sleep by steaming it with garlic and ate it up as a cooked appetiser. YUMMY!!

PART III: well, the same old very first original water slug was there ...presumably feeling sad missing its dead lover. one morning, it was gone, too!!

hell!! i searched high and lo and on four limbs for it - all to no avail. it was gone! vanished!! kaput!!

weeks later, i was about to transplant a pot of plant into a bigger pot. PLOP!...that missing fucking water slug popped out. it was hiding there for almost a month. i couldn't believe it! it must have gone into hibernation. its hard foot pad was tightly closed. it kinda felt light. i thought it could be dead and empty inside so i threw the shell into my goldfish bowl.

later when i was about to feed my solitary black goldfish, the fucking water slug was already greedily devouring my water plants which i just bought and placed it in.

it was alive!!!....after so many days, it didn't die. my goodness! i was amazed at the strong life force of the fucking water slug......and now i admired it.

a lesson learned here:





Thursday, August 16, 2007

here comes the bulldozers...yes again!

this time it was worst.

the original tenant who occupied the land sublet the place to us. he was like renting the entire area for only $200 a YEAR with a 25 yrs lease as a commercial orchid growers. we were now renting from this avaricious old fuck for $800 a mth. beside that we had to pay him about $900 just to sit around the nursery selling our plants when we go out for our landscape projects.

neither johnson nor i mind about this arrangement because we still considered the price to be ok.

hardly did we know that the lease for the land is expiring. the old man didn't inform us or tell us anything in advance to allow us to prepare for shifting our plants or hunt for another place or any other backup plan....

and one fine morning....the bulldozers came!.....we weren't even aware. we were out to do our daily maintenance chores. when we returned, humps of muds were piled up high along the path leading to the nursery's entrance. we were shocked out of our balls!

for the next few days, after clearing a passage we tried to salvage as many more expensive plants as we could and hunt for a new location. the old man had vanished into thin air as though he hadn't existed.....;9(

again, good times usually does not last long. soon, i realised the flaws of human character.

was rich, am poor and going to be poorer.....:)

was rich? am poor? ...and going to be poorer??

then why a smiley face :) ?

well....here goes. my long windedness of lo sohing starts....

long before my time, i was a freaking rich horticulturist happily sowing my seeds, propagating my cuttings and happily selling my own homegrown plants.

misfortune struck! the land at mandai was marked for widening for the expressway. hence, the bulldozers visited my garden. thence, leaving a trail of destruction.....;9( . there went my plants, my sheds....my pride, my efforts.....my dreams......:(

i just love gardening to give up so easily. along came JOHNSON. by some uncanniness, this fatso resembled me in shape, size and even the face! when we stood next to each other, we were like identical twins!

we hit on very quick. he was a good man. a person with a big heart. so am i. it was like HEY! I FOUND MY LONG LOST TWIN!! we went into partnership and found ourselves another garden in jalan dedali. this is a very ulu or remote place to find after winding snaky kampong road of left and right turns, then u would be able to locate this very secretive garden of mine.

acquainting with JOHNSON was the best thing to happen in my horticultural business. he was an even more resourceful chap than i. he got for the company some jb guys to help in running the nursery. soon i acquired landscaping projects for which i designed the landscapes, liaised with clients, proposed and implemented my designs. finally get bitchy and chased after stinky clients for payments.....;9(

times was really good then. i was having so many landscaping projects and my bank accounts was swelling.....;9). after the done up a landscape, i would undertake the montly contract to maintain it. this provided my daily income when for months, there won't be any new landscape projects to involve.

my garden maintenance contracts were so good, it was like 5-figures. it was a very relaxed and enjoyable activities for me. so good that i never considered myself working. i was truly enjoying every moments of it just to be mingled with plants.

johnson got a piece of land where we rented to run our plants business for very cheap. it was like $800 per month for a hectare of land in jalan dedali. (i hope i got that area right). this place was a run down orchid farm and also a rotweiler breeding farm. those monster dogs always gave me the creep. i even had nightmares being chewed up alive by them!

well...u couldn't expect everything to be perfect, can u? here, i started all over again....merrily doing what i loved best - GARDENING my days away...and selling my self grown plants.

one find day......without warning, the bulldozers came - oh no! not again!!

COMPASSION...forgive and forget

the important thing is NOT to be rich materialistically ..steady hah lst i time i use so many alphabets in a word.

we ve to train ourselve and teach ourselves money is not everything. if we think money is, then we can stop cursing the paps cos we have mutated to be a paps too. everything's about money. nothing but money.

we must learn to be compassionate, forgiving, tolerating and loving....all these r very very invaluable intangibles that make money look miniscule...once u can be like that, i think hor..pai seh...money will come and look for u instead. money wants to friend u...me...pai seh again...is a living example. ;9)

my long winded page

or in hokkien, we call it lo soh...very very lo soh!

am banned now quite permanently from sammyboy kopitiam. this is a very lame forum with a equally lame UNamerican hostmaster. the irony about this forum - it's registered in the USA but with a NORTH KOREAN kind of communistic mentality. sad....;9(