Tuesday, October 16, 2007

chiatilik, gohmengseng and a wedge

ctl and gms were suppose to be ex comrades from the WP. whatever transpired between these 2 jokers is really quite interestingly and mysterious.
how come both were from the same party and after each going separate ways, they seem to be always at loggerheads.
this brings us to the 3rd lead in my thread title, that is the WEDGE.
the wedge is a small piece of wood that keeps 2 pieces of wood apart by driving itself in between them.
the woods or 2 pieces of kayus involved now is none other chiatilik, right kayu and gohmengseng - the left kayu.
then who is the WEDGE?....
she is none other the desperate housewife la mei.
now analyse the whole situation. what does a cbl or cho bo lan auntie housewife who professes that I M NOT INTERESTED IN POLITICS turns herself into a WEDGE and disunite opps candidate camaderie??
any idea any one?

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