Thursday, June 26, 2008

the piper, 18 mice and a big longkang

what we need is a little blurcock pied piper, a loudhailing flute, 18 bigger blurcock mice.....and all will fall into the longkang!

they haven't drowned yet but they should be if they are still so mesmerised by his loudhailing flute.

The 18 protesters were part of the Tak Boleh Tahan! campaign protesting against the crushing high cost of living in Singapore that has left many Singaporeans in financial misery and added to the growing number of homeless.

Those charged under the Miscellaneous Offences Act are Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Mr Chong Kai Xiong, Mr Chia Ti Lik, Ms Chee Siok Chin, Mr Ng E-jay, Ms Go Hui Leng, Mr Muhammad Shafi'ie, Mr Govinda Rajan, Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr Jeffrey George, Mr Carl Lang, Mr Sylvester Lim, Mr Muhammad Jufri, Ms Suraya Bte Akbar, Mr John Tan, Mr Seelan Palay, Mr Mohamed Jufrie, Mr Yap Keng Ho and Mr Francis Yong.

guess who is the pied piper in the story?

her evil wind's blowing again...

she wanna yayapapaya for the sake of appeasing bf. don't think she's really doing it so gloriously for peasant's sake. it's very prejudicial but one cannot help it when u see her kind of posting. u literally read into her deepest thought. it's a classic example of "wolf in sheep's skin" or "bitch in pussy's fur".

just like the date when the whole bunch would be charged in court co-incides with RP dinner, she claimed that it was a plot to stop them from attending. by the way, i was given a free seat from DR to attend that. something telling me that there would be more exciting dramas during that night beside the long winded boring speech given traditionally by jbj.....yawn! maybe a re-enactment of lawyer bashing night?? that would really be drama mama time!!

Coffee Shop Talk - Who Tak Boleh Tahan - PAPy or Activist?
From: LaMei 05:39
To: ALL 1 of 37


The saga started when we had Dr Chee and Siok Chin cross-examining our MM and PM in open court which has shown them to be a total disgrace

Then we had the judge charging CSJ & CSC for contempt of court and giving the harshest sentence for contempt in Sg history, despite the fact Siok Chin was a first time "offender"..

Next we have Gopanlan Nair arrested and taken to court for speaking the truth on our judge prostituting herself in LEEgime's court. Not to mention the original charge of sending email to the Judge is now amended to GN posting on his blog.

Today, we have MM in the news uttering nonsense and a load of rubbish about popular democracy not working and freak election results and people voting in the opposition out of sheer madness...

Now, the latest news I have just received, 17 Tak Boleh Tahan protesters will be charged for illegal assembly and procession. 17 + 1 (Uncle Yap who is not even part of the protest) will be appearing in court on 11 July to face the charges. (yes 11 July clashes with JBJ's RP dinner but it will not dampen our moods to be there to show our support to JBJ).


Civil disobedience from the activists is making papies tak boleh tahan.* Their overused tactics of intimidation, arresting, charging, jailing, will it work for them or against them?

*when will she realise, it's they who the peasants TAK BOLEH TAHAN. it's she who the hubby TAK BOLEH TAHAN. the meaning of LAN SEE really fully explained by her misbehaviour. sad ;(

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

why does he always have to intimidate the nation?

he doesn't allow opp. candidates much chances to get into parliament. rules keep changing. things like GRC from single ward is really ridiculous according to their explanation. it causes unfair walkovers. it deprives many voters the rights to vote. as if not enough, GRC is now enlarged to cover even more wards with weaker mp candidates being ushered into parliament without a fight or a drop of sweat. it's called SUPER GRCS. take TG PAGAR SUPER GRC for example. it stretches from tg pagar all the way to moulmein. so bloody ridiculous and preposterous!!

now read what the latest comment which sounded more like a silent threat to the nation. sad ;9(

Singapore - One freak election result is all it would take to wipe out Singapore's success in building up the city-state, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew warned Wednesday night. It could happen if voters became bored and decided to give the "vociferous opposition" a chance - out of "light-heartedness, fickleness or sheer madness," Lee told 650 participants in the World Cities Summit and International Water Week.

"In five years, you can ruin this place, and it's very difficult to pick up the pieces," said Singapore's founding father and first prime minister.

His remarks were published Thursday in The Straits Times.

There are only two opposition members in Parliament, controlled by the People's Action Party, which has ruled since independence.

More opposition members could result in an unintended change of government, Lee said.

Larger countries rich in resources can survive such a freak outcome, but not Singapore, he said.

"When you are Singapore and your existence depends on performance - extraordinary performance, better than your competitors - when that performance disappears because the system on which it's been based becomes eroded, then you have lost everything," Lee said.

The problem with popular democracy is that candidates are not judged during elections on how well they can govern, but on their persuasive powers.

Referring to the just-ended intra-party contest in the United States between presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Lee said that Obama won the nomination because he had a team of advisers who helped him strategize.

"Does that make a man who will bring change to the world? I hope he has a team that knows how to bring change to the world," Lee said.

He presented the first Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize to Dr Andrew Benedek for the 64-year-old Hungarian native's pioneering work in membrane technology for water treatment.

In a separate development, an informal network of 16 countries was set up to share ideas and expertise to pursue sustainable development. The network includes the 10 members of the Association of South-East Asian Nations, plus India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.


Monday, June 23, 2008

do not ignore our local singers....

they are just as good if not better. listen to peter hung and u will understand why....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

wow!! confirmed bangy is a trolling bitch!!

this is great! an exposure of who labitch could be appearing as in sbf kopitiam. wonder how many more clones those clowns and clownlets could appear. interesing!

Coffee Shop Talk - Singapore is getting COLDER by the day..
From: bangy 22:30
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181310.45 in reply to 181310.44

Eh hello Bob Sim.

Make up your mind can ? Am I Chia, the Palawan Bitch or Ben Tan ?

Anymore enemies name you wanna add ?


Go bash your father up la. It's more productive.


From: 4stooges1 22:35
To: bangy 47 of 50

181310.47 in reply to 181310.45


Eh hello Bob Sim.

Make up your mind can ? Am I Chia, the Palawan Bitch or Ben Tan ?


the last one is your used, abused and discarded poor guy. palawan bitch is ur most helpful victim of your notorious flirting and darlinging to do all your dirty works. chia is your latest toy. bob sim - too bad, you couldn't have him. so what u cannot have, you just have to destroy.

strange that the nerd now seem to be absent. has he lived past his expiry used-by date?

From: bangy 22:43
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181310.48 in reply to 181310.47

What the fuck are you blabbering about Bob Sim,

Steady abit don't panic. Go take your medicine first la.


From: 4stooges1 22:45
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181310.49 in reply to 181310.48

only the bitch will get so bloody angry and react this way.


confirmed la, bitch!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

used, abused and back-fired!

this really serves him right! use people. then abuse their trust...and finally backfired.

i had met chiatilik, ejay ng and jaslyn go aka lamei last time quite regularly for weekend morning brunch. treating them like good new found friends, i stupidly brought them home and served them like vip guests and continued chit-chatting for hours. anything good that i had in my home, i would gladly bring it all out to share with them.

things changed as soon as i thought there was good camaderie rapport. discords were sown between us by the bitch accusing me of prying into her private affairs. (like really there was alot of hush-hush going on).

later, chia deployed horde of gay boys to spam me in my handphone and even msn. strange that a lawyer could betray his ethic of professionalism in indulging such kind of actions.

and his sinister mischievious scheme backfired to himself. read what was posted in his own blog. these were the exact sms-es that i received...and many more from his other gay boys like andrea, joey, politikus and who knows what ....;9(

Dear All Readers,

Do you really need a leader like Chia Ti Lik leading Singapore? A womaniser leader? I was once his regular chatting mate in MSN and he did admit that he had an affair with a client age 30+ in his office. I guessed it was JaslynGo.
Yes, it might be his rights as a human being but we are given a brain to think as a human being. Sad to say he never use his brain wisely to think.
He admit to me, he love Jaslyn in our recent chat but why he need to do it secretly and hurts his wife (Michelle Yan) feelings and also Jaslyn’s husband at the 1st place?
Why all the secrecy relationship?
If both of them no longer love their partners, why not be frank to them?
Think fellow Singaporean, if he can cheat his love ones he can even cheat us.

Comment by nfirdaus | May 24, 2008

A fine post once again and please boycott Firdaus for spreading such shameless vicious slander.

Comment by phew! | May 24, 2008

In his sms sent to me on 23/12/2007 645pm thru hp number +6594508***
” I just fucked a pretty girl last week. What Can you offer me? Have you tasted and entered a good wet cibai before?”

and at 742pm he added somemore. ” The girl enjoyed it alot la. Very pretty somemore. For me easy with women”

Comment by nfirdaus | May 25, 2008

His latest sms dated 25/5/2008 0805pm “You are an Idiot. I want you to make unreserved apology on my blog”
Firdaus : Why should I apologise? those statement was nothing but the truth. Every opposition political activist should boycott him. We do not need such leader in opposition.

Comment by nfirdaus | May 25, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008


yes, but if u SPEAK UP against sdp, you shall be marked and mercilessly attacked. chee should rectify his followers' extreme mentality.

another lelong lelong ....TAK BOLEH TAHAN!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

sure or not? she really wanna cough out $$$??

Coffee Shop Talk - wow! she really wanted to give money!
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From: LaMei 4-Jun 04:19
To: metalslug84 15 of 16

179343.15 in reply to 179343.3

you are right bro..

Saturday when I met up with them before Monday sentencing..
some of the guys wanted to chip in to see if they can help pay the fine for CSC so that she need not go to jail..she is after all..a lady..

CSC bravely refused..
she said the hard earned $$ of the supporters can be put to better use..
it pains her to see it being use to fatten the coffers of LEEgime...

the bravery of CSC is truly remarkable..
what she did, not even men can match up to let alone a lady..

I for one admit that I do not have the kind of bravery to do what she did..the little things I can only do is to give her support...


words nicely put to again 'glorifying' herself.

actually i observed during a brieft tv shot where hui leng was accompanying siok chin, the latter actually abruptly, but gently pushed her away.

how much truth is there?

more update news on gopalan

Singapore News // Friday, June 6, 2008

Nair out on bail, hopes to leave
He has mattersto settle in US,lawyer tells court

Teo Xuanwei

ONE of the first things that former Singaporean lawyer and ex-Workers’ Party (WP) election candidate Gopalan Nair (picture) hoped to do after he was released on bail yesterday was to return to the United States to settle some personal affairs.
Fifty-eight-year-old Nair, an American citizen, had spent the past four days in custody after he was arrested on Saturday night for insulting a public servant.
During a court hearing yesterday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Francis Ng said there was “no need” to remand Nair further. But Nair had to surrender his passport and report to Central Police Division for further investigations, “as and when required” to do so.
In one week, the prosecution will “finalise charges” against him, DPP Ng added.
Nair’s lawyer, Mr Chia Ti Lik, told the court that Nair — who became an American citizen in 2005 — “might have to leave Singapore for a short while” to settle his affairs back home.
Nair’s car has been racking up parking charges at the San Francisco Airport since he came here on May 25. The lease for his law firm in California is also due soon, saidMr Chia, an ex-WP lawyer.
The judge asked Nair to apply to leave the country after he was released from bail.
Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) assistant treasurer Jeffrey George is believed to have paid Nair’s $5,000 bail.
Nair appeared to be in good spirits when he left the Subordinate Courts with several SDP members — including Mr George and party chairman GandhiAmbalam — about 90 minutes after the hearing ended.
But Nair became curt and declined to comment :when approached by reporters.
Nair was charged on Monday with insulting a public servant by allegedly sending an email to the Solicitor-General and Attorney-General, accusing High Court Judge Belinda Ang of “prostituting herself”.
Nair, who ran as a candidate under the WP ticket in 1988 and 1991, had flown back to attend opposition politician Chee Soon Juan’s libel hearing — presided over by Justice Ang — last week. The hearing was to determine the amount of damages due to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew who had sued Chee, his sister and the SDP for libel over after a February 2006 article in the party’s newsletter which compared governance within the old National Kidney Foundation with the Government.
On Wednesday, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) — a non-profit organisation championing press freedom — expressed its concern about Nair’s detention.
“Singapore’s detention of Gopalan Nair for public comments about such a highly-politicised case is completely unwarranted,” said CPJ Asia Program Coordinator Bob Dietz, who added: “Freedom to criticise the judiciary is fundamental to a modern society.”
Meanwhile, Law Minister K Shanmugam condemned attacks made on the Judiciary as “totally unacceptable”.
“To make sure that you protect the integrity of the judiciary ... you have to be very, very strict about anyone who attacks the judiciary in scurrilous ways, or calls into question its independence,” he added.
Nair will next appear in court on June 12.
He has mattersto settle in US,lawyer tells court

Teo Xuanwei

did chia default his professionalism?

he already defaulted his legal professional ethics. while handling and defending the 'seditious' charges for gopalan, he still wanna boast about what bo liao actions he had taken.

IS IT NECESSARY TO FIELD REPORT all his lame activities? what he ate? how he spilled his coffee? and who he ate with? (most probably lamei and ejay with the former neglecting her housewifing duties and gladly be the free driver.)

whatever he is doing now to get gopalan out of the shits should be kept confidential. chees are already jailed. what's the point of visiting them when he could just easily cough out $2k and help them to apply for the appeal? he didn't. none of the chees' loyalists did that too. what's the point of bragging so much now and visiting him for? awaiting for further chee's instruction to execute his evil scheme from the jail?

IT'S A PRE-EMPTED CONSPIRACY. what's left for the final jigsaw puzzle is the full involvement from the US embassy and it would be showtime and showdown!

this is what he blogged:

Coffee Shop Talk - Racist Gopalan Nair gets sedition charge
From: fuel4flame 19:02
To: ALL 1 of 4


My 3-day wild goose chase ended with Gopalan Nair’s phone call

Monday was a crazy day. Having spent the entire day outside office. I returned to office in the evening to find a pile of undone work. Tired as i was i had no choice but to leave for home after completing a pittance of it.

Tuesday was just as mad. Having to plough through the undone work in double quick time gave me a splitting headache by the end of the day. The activists were conducting a vigil in the evening. My phone went flat. I had a dinner to attend.

I managed to drop by the vigil being conducted at the pavement outside the Police Cantonment Complex. Candles were being lit. I met ST’s Kor Kian Beng and his accompanying photographer.

The photographer was incensed he asked if he was breaking any law by taking photographs. I replied that there were none though there were restrictions on photography in certain security restricted areas.

It transpired that the police had made their way out of the building and had warned the ST Photographer not to take photographs of the Police Cantonment Complex. Strangely enough, they had chosen to ignore the activists lighting candles outside the police complex but had chosen to home in to the poor ST Photog. For once activists were ignored!

The ST Photographer related how he flashed his press card at the police but the police nevertheless proceeded to take down his particulars. I rationalised that the did so because the JI member who took the Yishun MRT video was probably more innocent-looking as compared to our ST reporters. Furthermore, it was quite clear that they feared the terrorist threat more than the normal Singaporean which was why you can see that the Police Cantonment complex was basically like most new government buildings built and guarded like a fortress.

Carparks restricted to only their staff. Armed guards at the entry to the car park. Metal detectors and X-ray machines used on all persons entering the building. Driveways which people cannot use. Bollards and barricades and the sort are commonplace. Roads with double zig zag lines which meant people cannot stop their vehicles.

It is clear that the Home Team took the terrorist threat very seriously. In fact so seriously that they probably did not want any terrorist anywhere near their complexes - Whitely Road Detention Centre included.

I reassured the photographer that no law was being broken and that he had every right to take photographs in a public place. This must be contrasted with what that happened much later.

I then proceeded to go ahead with my dinner. What was supposed to be a leisurely dinner and chit chat became somewhat a half-island goose chase. Luckily for dinner the roasted chicken was good. Tasty and Tender. There was also some oily and tasty vegetable - don’t really know what that was called but essentially it was supposedly a famed Hainanese Restaurant. The food was not too bad overall.

I was lucky to be sent back to the area after the dinner. After making my way back to the vigil being conducted, i found that the numbers which attended at the vigil had grown. It also seemed that the police had finally matured and had begun to ignore us.

We then took out some cards and posed for a shot before we broke for home. This was the trick. Somehow or the other the police began stirring. I noticed that there was a flurry of activity in the police station all of a sudden. A photographer dressed in a white shirt. Middle aged man. Appeared out of nowhere and hastily took a number of photographs of us - not unobtrusively in the usual police fashion. As if the photographs were needed for some record of some event, perhaps to add to the number in their album which they have kept of activists.

We broke off for home at about 11pm plus. I ended up with a shoe soaked with coffee - the details of which are a little too difficult to describe but which Shaffiee would probably know :)

Today was a wild day as well. Some heavy reading up of the law in the morning. Off to High Court to send off Dr. Chee and Siok Chin near noon, thereafter a nice but quick lunch with two political associates and then back to office to complete the research. I managed to shoot a letter to the Central Police Division to request to see Gopalan Nair. The letter was faxed at 1439hrs. My secretary attempted to get hold of Investigating Officer Inspector Razak Jakaria in vain. Seeing that i was not likely to get to see Gopalan Nair until 9th June 2008, i prepared to file the notice of appeal against the order for remand.

Sometime after 640pm and near 7pm this evening, i receive a call from Gopalan Nair. He was calling from the police station. He called to inform me that he would be produced in Court tomorrow morning to face a fresh charge. At that point, my heart sank - another charge. And this one is for sedition. I asked if there would be further remand and the indication was there was no such indication.

Upon hearing that I then stopped my work. I had finished some research and completed the Notice of Appeal when the phone call came. The preparations for the appeal against remand can be put on hold but only for the time being - at least i could take a breather until 9am tomorrow morning.

The time is 2219hrs 4th June 2008. I shall now leave the office for home and prepare to appear for Gopalan Nair tomorrow morning. We hope for all the best for Gopalan Nair.

Chia Ti Lik

just for the record - the last GENERAL ELECTION (GE)

Constituency Candidates Votes Won % of Valid Votes
Aljunied GRC (5-seat GRC) Sylvia Lim Swee Lian
Mohd Rahizan Yaacob
Tan Wui-Hua
James Gomez
Goh Meng Seng
58,593 43.9%
Ang Mo Kio GRC (6-seat GRC) Yaw Shin Leong
Melvin Tan Kian Hwee
Lee Wai Leng
Gopal Krishnan
Glenda Han Su May
Abdul Salim Harun
49,479 33.9
East Coast GRC (5-seat GRC) Chia Ti Lik
Eric Tan
Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman
Brandon Siow
Perry Tong Tzee Kwang
37,873 36.1
Hougang (single seat) Low Thia Khiang 13,989 62.7
Joo Chiat (single seat) Tan Bin Seng 6,580 35.0
Nee Soon Central (single seat) Lian Chin Way 7,529 34.6
Nee Soon East (single seat) Poh Lee Guan 9,535 31.3

finally the appearance of chiatilik...

this drama is getting very exciting indeed! chiatilik had finally appeared to be involved in this intriguing court case that followed immediately after chees vs lees. he is now acting as the defence lawyer for another ex-singaporean lawyer gopalan nair who's now a practising lawyer and an AMERICAN in san is this a conspiracy? a kangaroo court in action like they had hinted? a ploy of paps to 'fix' SDP and chee?

one very simple question: why was gopalan so interested in this chees vs lees case? flew so far just to attend the case and now got himself into trouble with the laws here? there is more to meet the eyes......definitely more since now the US embassy was being dragged into this matter...stay tuned.

in chiatilik's own FIELD REPORT. god bless gopalan!!

I appeared in Court 23 this morning at 855am to defend Gopalan Nair.

Having learnt of his plight and arrest by the Singapore Police Force on 31st May 2008 for insulting Justice Belinda Ang Saw Ean on Sunday morning 1st June 2008 , i decided to appear in Court to defend him. I went to see that justice was being done. I was given more than what i could expect, more than what could meet my eye in the usual case. More than what i wanted to see.

The Court mention was fixed for 9am sharp. I saw Mr. Gopalan Nair in the dock, he waved to me. I spoke to him and he told me of how he was arrested. I reassured him that i would do my best for him. I met Ms Julie Kavanagh Counsul from the Consular Office United States Embassy. She was there to ensure that Mr. Gopalan Nair was given a fair trial. I explained in brief to her what to expect from the proceedings and Mr. Nair’s concerns which i found out moments earlier.

Police Prosecutor Wee Kim Chock was tasked to handle the case. Upon obtaining a copy of the Charge from him, i found out that the case would be stood down to 1030am because the Investigating Officer was conversing with the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

My My. What a serious case this was. Section 13D(1)(a) carried a maximum punishment of S$5,000/- fine or to imprisonment for up to 1 year. Yet it was found under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order & Nuisance) Act.

The Accused had been arrested on saturday night close to 9pm and kept in custody for the last 36 hours or so and at least one statement was taken in investigation, at least one cautioned statement was administered. At least also one charge was successfully drafted and readied for Court.

Many a time, prosecutional operations ran by the book. Glitches are sometimes seen. Many a time such glitches were more of papers not being ready and that the accused and his counsel were waiting in Court but yet the papers and the charges have yet to arrive.

Today however i learnt a new thing, that the prosecution needed its Investigating Officer to converse with the Attorney-General’s Chambers and seek more time for the prosecution to decide how to proceeded with the Accused.

The Court mentions started roughly at 915 in Court 23. After a while the turn came to me, i mentioned Gopalan’s case. The Prosecutor requested for a stand down for the reason stated. The matter was then stood down to 1030am. I went for breakfast with Seelan, Kaixiong and JG. In the midst of breakfast we sent Kaixiong running after Dr. Chee to pass a book which i had borrowed from him back to him.

At 1030am i was back in Court. The Police Investigating Officer had yet to return from his long chat at the AGC, the matter was then requested for stand down to 230pm. I acceded again. I however managed to get the prosecution to offer and the Court to agree to bail at S$5,000 in one surety. As we left the Court it was on my mind who would be willing to pledge property for the S$5,000/- bail.

I made a quick dash to the High Court where Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Ms Chee Siok Chin were being cited for contempt of Justice Belinda Ang Saw Ean. There i met Mr. JB Jeyaretnam who was arguing for Dr. Chee. Mr Ng Teck Siong was there as well.

As i made my way up to level 4 of the Supreme Court, i received a call from my office that Court 23 Subordinate Courts wanted to mention Gopalan’s case in 15 minutes and they had called to ask if i was able to make it there. I found that to be extremely untimely and ridiculous, having just set foot in the High Court for less than 5 minutes am i supposed to rush back to Subordinate Courts with such a short notice. I asked my secretary to inform that i could only be back at 230pm and so i went to witness the contempt proceedings against Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

As expected, Dr. Chee was found guilty of contempt and sentenced to 12 days jail. Siok Chin was given 10 days. I then decided to make my way back to the Subordinate Courts. I reached the Subordinate Courts early, i went for a milo at the Bar Room and thereafter proceeded to People’s Park for some food. I found none to my liking. I had decided to turn back and make my way back to the Courts when i heard someone call out my name. I looked up. It was Uncle Yap.

Uncle Yap sat through lunch with me watching me devour curry chicken with rice. Not something to die for but certainly beats the stuff in the prison for this i am sure. I bought Uncle Yap a drink. We enjoyed the lunch together and i was sure that it was not because of the food. We then made our way back to Court.

I ran into Mr Maurice Neo in Court, Maurice and Uncle Yap showed me two versions of the Today Newspaper. One carried an article of a Man insulting a public servant. One carred an article of a man threatening a judge. Talk about doublespeak and attempts to sway public opinion over here. I smiled to myself. Gopalan is making waves after all.

At 230pm in Court 23, DPP Francis Ng appears and the first thing he says to me is that they were making an application for further remand of Gopalan Nair for an additional 7 days. I told him that i would object to it.

When the Court sat at 230pm, the DPP made the application for a further remand for 7 days. I objected to it. The Magistrate Ms Miranda Yeo asked me to submit on the relevant Section 198 of the Criminal Procedure Code, i apologised for not being prepared to address the Court on the same at such short notice having known of the application to further remand the Accused only less than 10 minutes earlier. The Court then stood down the matter to 4pm for me to conduct some research and return to address the Court at 4pm.

As i was explaining the situation to Gopalan’s supporters outside the Court, i was informed by the Police officer that Gopalan wanted to speak to me. I then went back into court. As the Court was in session, i sought permission from the Magistrate before i spoke to Gopalan. The Magistrate directed the female police prosecutor to contact the DPP to ask if there were any objections. After some time the case was rementioned and the word was that the DPP had no objections.

I crouched on the side as i spoke to Gopalan. Gopalan rattled off a list of concerns. I tried to note down every single one of them, upon that being done and re-assuring him i left to Level 7 of the Subordinate Courts to do my legal research.

I am back at approximately half an hour later. I found the United States Embassy Consul Ms Julie Kavanagh waiting and i explained what i was doing for Gopalan to her.

In Court at 4pm, i stated my objections in law to the application by the Prosecution to further remand Gopalan Nair. My reasons were that Section 198 of the Criminal Procedure Code should not apply to this situation. The long and short of the argument was that Section 198 was found in Chapter XXII of the Criminal Procedure Code. Chapter XXII pertained to general provisions as to inquiries and trials. This was not a trial situation here and that there was no reasonable cause for an order for a further remand. The Detailed arguments will be set out in a separate post tomorrow morning.

DPP Francis Ng mde some rebuttals and I made a reply.

My arguments made little headway with the Magistrate. The Order for further remand was given. This was in stark contrast to the bail offered and granted in the morning only hours earlier. We ended the session probably close to 435pm.

A simple 1st mention for Gopalan Nair scheduled for 9am ended at 435pm. I spent my entire day outside office. For the 1st time in more than 9 years as a lawyer, i saw a criminal case being handled in this manner. Perhaps the case concerned Mr. Gopalan Nair. Perhaps the case centred on Gopalan Nair’s support for Chee Soon Juan and Chee Siok Chin. Perhaps it was because Gopalan had the audacity to insult / threaten a High Court Judge. Perhaps it was because of Gopalan’s open challenges to the Minister Mentor in his blog. Perhaps… Perhaps…..

Perhaps, it was defence counsel Chia Ti Lik appearing amidst all these. Was there more than meets the eye? You be the judge

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hints of ARMAGEDDON?

not if everyone makes an effort to save GAIA or our mother-earth first....

case closed, chees jailed

chee's supporters all take cover!
From: 4stooges1 10:42
To: ALL 1 of 1


Explaining their decision, they said they were unable to file their notices of appeal by the deadline because they could not pay the $2,000 administrative fee. -- PHOTO: AP

SINGAPORE Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan and his sister, Siok Chin, have decided not to appeal their sentences for contempt of court, they said on their party website on Tuesday.

They will present themselves in court on Wednesday noon to start their 12-day and 10-day jail terms respectively.

Explaining their decision, they said they were unable to file their notices of appeal by the deadline because they could not pay the $2,000 administrative fee.

They were sentenced on Monday and have up till the end of Wednesday to file their appeals, failing which they will have to turn themselves in to begin what is the stiffest sentence ever meted out in Singapore for contempt by scandalising the court.
The siblings were judged to have committed the contempt during a three-day hearing last week to assess damages in a defamation suit brought against them and the SDP by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

just when chee needs their support, every followers, idolisers and supporters just vanished into thin air. 2k isn't alot of money, how come no one help out when he most needs it?

bye chee, bye....

this forumer posted his opinion which best described the game over for chee and long with him, SDP. it's a sad day in our political history. SDP was founded by chiam see tong who later had to abandon the party he found due to the includsion of chee.
End of Chee Part 2.
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I see there were many responses to the thread I started earlier "is this the end of Chee" so let me summarise the views:

1. Chee had nothing to lose so he can only gain by fighting the Lees in court.

2. Chee gained nothing and was further damaged.

I will do an analysis as objective as possible.

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The argument is Chee by getting presecuted in court and later charged for contempt of court has now exposed LKY's ugly machinery and brought attention to LKY's approach of suppressing opposition. Because Lee was able to perpetuate a culture of fear in which the conventional opposition is willing to stay behind the yellow line and avoid the crushing equipment, the PAP govt gets what it wants without having to activate the heavy machinery. In other words, the PAP is able to retain its stronghold on power and some semblence of legitimacy....if not for Chee. Chee sacrificed himself by standing in front of the crushing equipment to show the world what the PAP does to the opposition. The case was reported in the international news and people are at least reminded about the climate of fear that exists in Singapore....and the tarnish in LKY's legacy increases.

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Chee himself suffered a loss of reputation and credibility in the eyes of Singaporeans because like it or not, the Singapore media will report events in a manner unsympathetic to the Chees. The paper reported Chees' behavior as bizarre, scandalous and outrageous. Chees claim about Dr Engels was debunked and that gave his opponents a chance to call him liar all over again. You might not like the Lees but they still command respect from the majority of Singaporeans and Chees' behavior in court towards them is considered unbecoming and unacceptable.

My View

I've often said this : Politics is the process of gaining and maintaining power. Whether what someone does is politically smart one has to go to the bottomline, has support for the Chees increased as a result of what they have done? Has the support for the Lees decreased after this episode in court?

If Chee's goal is not political but to sacrifice himself to expose the Lees' repressive ways, than I would say he has achieve his goals. But what is there to expose? Singaporeans already know how MM Lee operates and have never voted against what he did. In other words, Chee sacrificed himself to expose something that many Singaporeans have over time accepted. Chee is not the first person to be bankrupted ....there were many others and the PAP won election after election in spite of this.

Having said this, I believe the Lees and their system have suffered some damage in the eyes of younger Singaporeans who are seeing this for the first time. They are well travelled and probably well read and they know that leaders of other countries don't bankrupt their opponents with defamation lawsuits. However, for the majority of Singaporeans - it is business as usual. I have often said in my blog - the people of Singapore after 4 decades of PAP rule are different from people elsewhere. We mind our own business. Chee might have scored or lost a few points in court but he will never be able to overcome the apathy in Singaporeans. In any other country (say in Taiwan) Chee would have attracted a substantial following simply for having the guts to stand up to injustice....but in Singapore when they handcuff him to go to jail only a handful of faithfuls will show up. Chee is not defeated by the Lees, he is defeated by the widespread apathy among Singaporeans. ,....and that is the real story.