Thursday, June 5, 2008

sure or not? she really wanna cough out $$$??

Coffee Shop Talk - wow! she really wanted to give money!
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you are right bro..

Saturday when I met up with them before Monday sentencing..
some of the guys wanted to chip in to see if they can help pay the fine for CSC so that she need not go to jail..she is after all..a lady..

CSC bravely refused..
she said the hard earned $$ of the supporters can be put to better use..
it pains her to see it being use to fatten the coffers of LEEgime...

the bravery of CSC is truly remarkable..
what she did, not even men can match up to let alone a lady..

I for one admit that I do not have the kind of bravery to do what she did..the little things I can only do is to give her support...


words nicely put to again 'glorifying' herself.

actually i observed during a brieft tv shot where hui leng was accompanying siok chin, the latter actually abruptly, but gently pushed her away.

how much truth is there?

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