Thursday, June 26, 2008

her evil wind's blowing again...

she wanna yayapapaya for the sake of appeasing bf. don't think she's really doing it so gloriously for peasant's sake. it's very prejudicial but one cannot help it when u see her kind of posting. u literally read into her deepest thought. it's a classic example of "wolf in sheep's skin" or "bitch in pussy's fur".

just like the date when the whole bunch would be charged in court co-incides with RP dinner, she claimed that it was a plot to stop them from attending. by the way, i was given a free seat from DR to attend that. something telling me that there would be more exciting dramas during that night beside the long winded boring speech given traditionally by jbj.....yawn! maybe a re-enactment of lawyer bashing night?? that would really be drama mama time!!

Coffee Shop Talk - Who Tak Boleh Tahan - PAPy or Activist?
From: LaMei 05:39
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The saga started when we had Dr Chee and Siok Chin cross-examining our MM and PM in open court which has shown them to be a total disgrace

Then we had the judge charging CSJ & CSC for contempt of court and giving the harshest sentence for contempt in Sg history, despite the fact Siok Chin was a first time "offender"..

Next we have Gopanlan Nair arrested and taken to court for speaking the truth on our judge prostituting herself in LEEgime's court. Not to mention the original charge of sending email to the Judge is now amended to GN posting on his blog.

Today, we have MM in the news uttering nonsense and a load of rubbish about popular democracy not working and freak election results and people voting in the opposition out of sheer madness...

Now, the latest news I have just received, 17 Tak Boleh Tahan protesters will be charged for illegal assembly and procession. 17 + 1 (Uncle Yap who is not even part of the protest) will be appearing in court on 11 July to face the charges. (yes 11 July clashes with JBJ's RP dinner but it will not dampen our moods to be there to show our support to JBJ).


Civil disobedience from the activists is making papies tak boleh tahan.* Their overused tactics of intimidation, arresting, charging, jailing, will it work for them or against them?

*when will she realise, it's they who the peasants TAK BOLEH TAHAN. it's she who the hubby TAK BOLEH TAHAN. the meaning of LAN SEE really fully explained by her misbehaviour. sad ;(

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