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the actual IDEAL GOAL HERE is not being overly ambitious. for heaven's sake, just becos they are indulging in millions, they think we must catch up with millions so that we can retire richfully. what a joke!


don't be a victim who slogs his whole life only to realise u r inflicted with a dire chronic or even terminal sickness that zaps all the resources that u have accumulated through your entire life.

when u r hit, u will realise how foolish sinkies really are to have wasted all their life working like a dog and ended up with a life-threatening sickness as a reward for the hardship.

if u think life isn't fair. then we are dead wrong. IT IS FAIR!! we stress ourselves daily too much and hence our reward is that LIFE-THREATENING SICKNESS.

so people, live simple. LIVE HAPPY. be self-sufficient and not too overly greedy.


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the answer to your question is rather simple.

people are lonely because they cannot accept others. they cannot even accept themselves. they are always trying hard to 'be accepted' in the herd. they are afraid to be individualistic.

they are their own enemy and hence they are lonely.

it's an attachment to our own inferior complexity thought. if one just breaks free from it by telling ourselves:

accept our weakness like we accept our strength. be what we are and be honest about it. if we can do that, we have accepted ourselves as what we are. only when we can accept ourselves, then others would also be able to accept you. when that happens, WHAT IS LONELINESS?


Coffee Shop Talk - mas selemat shows us there are dummies
From: 3stooges4 23:31
To: ALL 1 of 1


just think.

WHITLEY ROAD DETENTION CAMP (wrdt)...its location is in DISTRICT 10 where most of the richest live. this place is also where all the branded schools like CHINESE GIRLS' SCHOOL, ST PATRICK etc are located.

then look again. wrdt is so close proximity to orchard road - the most happening tourist belt here.

in the beginning, it's already a disaster waiting to be happened to put lst class detainee in the calibre as "most wanted terrorist" in such an exclusive district 10 location.

doesn't that validate for the minitoot in charge a termination or a personal resignation?

MAS SELAMAT's drama has certainly proven the words of our wise old man:


and now who should be facing the music?


the question in every singaporean's mind: WHY IT COULD HAPPEN HERE, SINGAPORE?
IT'S ALREADY ABOUT 60 DAYS....and the whole nation still waiting for his capture.


Coffee Shop Talk - the last meal ...
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yesterday morning marked the last meals my makan kakis gang had in mei ling hawker centre.

LTS had given us the name slightly wrongly. IT WAS MEI CHIN HC and not mei ling.

it was indeed a very pleasant bright, airy and spacious hawker centre.

goodness!! yesterday was the last day for operation...and the queues of some of remaining operating stalls were a sight to behold!!

luckily we went in to makan operations. each agent took others for each other and set off to queue at the individuals stalls as SELF SERVICE was the rule of hc now.

it was priceless that we gotta try the corner hainan's kopi/tea. but too bad, all the charcoal grilled roti and their kaya was sold out. the soft-boiled eggs was too.

many of the stalls have given up. the hawkers had decided to call it a day. for those who still wanting to operate, u can find thme migrated temporarily for a year to margaret drive hc.

we had the IPOH kuay teow for the pui soh. it was a long long queue. we tried all the offerings they had there: shredded chicken/mushroom, chicken feet, duck, mixed meats(chicken & duck) and their even popular pai kut or pork rib noodle.


then the white and dark version of fried carrot cakes. it was very delightful and suprising that all the prices remained unchanged. the bak chor mee already wound up operation. but next door the $1 peranankan laksa by 2 fattie brothers were still selling.

the queue at the far end where the lor mee stall was was indeed a sight to behold. then the ECONOMICAL BEEHOON near the toilet, another queue was growing.

one of us joker, queued there. no wonder the long queue! the beehoon/mee/bee tai bak sold for only 60c/80c! peanut congee was at 80c.

the NO SIGN BOARD duck stall was no more. heard it had already shifted to margaret hc.

another stall selling traditional char tao kueh had already wounded up. what a waste! this stall sold their food for only $1.50 n had 35yrs + history.

it was a nice day that we makan kakis finally gotta savour good, cheap n honest to goodness prices.

we wonder what kind of new breed hawkers who congregrate here and what food prices it would be like one year later when the upgraded hc is completed.

OF COURSE, we all had a delightful time listening to the crabby zany stories from the man who's most notorious and hated here - LEETAHSAR!!


Did you know that eagles mate for life? Well one day Harry the eagle waited at the nest for Mary, his darling of ten glorious years. After a while when she didn't return, he went looking and found her. She had been shot...dead! Harry was devastated. After about six minutes of mourning he decided that he must get himself another mate but since there weren't any lady eagles available he'd have to cross the feather barrier. So he flew off to find a new mate.

He found a lovely dove and brought her back to the nest. The sex was okay but all the dove would say is "I'm a DOVE, I want to love! I'm a DOVE, I want to love!" Well, this got on Harry's nerves so he kicked the dove out of the nest and flew off once more to find a mate.

He found a very sexy loon and brought her back to the nest. Again the sex was okay but all the loon would say is, "I'm a LOON, I want to spoon! I'm a LOON, I want to spoon!" So, out with the loon. Once more he flew off to find a mate.

This time he found a duck and he brought the duck back to the nest. Again the sex was okay, but all the duck would say was, well, you know...

No, the duck didn't say THAT!!! You have a dirty mind! The duck said, "I'm a DRAKE; you made a MISTAKE!

yep! the duck didn't say: I'm a duck, i want to fuck!you have a dirty mind! :)

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aiyo! just how low these creeps would stoop??!!

mimicking another netizens to sow discords. these are the type of people now profliferating in forums now. sinkies really make the worst netizen with the most self-deprecating internet etiquette!
Coffee Shop Talk - now who would wanna do this -AGAIN?
From: 3stooges4 21:05
To: ALL 1 of 2


observe the 'q' and the 'g'. i did tell u people about FLIRT & DESTROY and discords sowing, hor? click on 3stooqes4's profile and be aware of such despicable behaviour here.

Coffee Shop Talk - I am disgusted with my MP Low TK
From: 3stooqes4 16:30
To: Raffles1823 unread 14 of 16

175047.14 in reply to 175047.1

LOW should look at the characters of the people he allowed into WP

Options Reply Delete Edit

From: 3stooges4 21:06
To: ALL 2 of 2

175165.2 in reply to 175165.1

From: 3stooges4 21:02
To: 3stooqes4 unread 16 of 16

175047.16 in reply to 175047.14

sowing discord by cloning me, 3stooqes4?

your 'q' cannot hides the 'g', my dear petty bitch.

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why 10 commandments only? here's why...

squeaky clean nation with lots of hidden squeaks

From: 3stooges4 09:40
To: max1421 unread 219 of 219

174741.219 in reply to 174741.213

so many incidents were a disgrace.

1. the fatal drowning by their own commando unit

2. the drowning of yet another commando in the open sea practice without anyone knowing until he was stiff dead at the sea base.

3. the collapse of the nicoll highway

4. the disapperance of PHEY YEW KOK - case not solved until now. (not even a terrorist and yet not solved - strange)

5. the nkf saga - weird biased punishment meted out after years of bloodsucking donors.

6. the suicide of TEH CHEANG WAN

7. the mistreatment of ex-people president otc and his final frivolous funneral prye compared to exiled devan nair.

8. the collision of RSS warship resulting in 4 premature deaths of other's children

9. the simplistic brushing aside of national accounts checking initiated by late otc.

10. the pending criminal breach of trust of RENCI and those involved.

11. accumulative losses in GIC - tony tan had unwittingly confessed.

12. more losses in investment like micropolis, SIP, shincorp, indo telcos and etc. were there any reported accountability and responsiblity for those playing with our national resources?

13. the latest but it definitely won't be the last : THE GREAT ESCAPE OF MAS SELAMAT....sorry, IT HAPPENS, LET'S MOVE ON...

14. any more?

move on where?? there is no accountablity of responsiblity. was there a satisfied answer for any of the above stated drama?

you call this a squeaky clean gov who left the citizens in a BLANK and in a darkened daze without any accountablity or forbearing of responsibility from the minitoots involved in their respective ministry? and they still entitled to their million dollars raise some more. if there were in private practice, they would have been sacked. EG: jackson tai which was cleverly put as 'resigned for personal reasons'

conversely, when there is credit to be claimed, the paps shall not hesitate to brag, highlight and exaggerate about it like "IT'S THE GOLDEN ERA NOW". well....is it really happening?

why then they do not dare to shoulder the responsibility when they goof?

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10 questions for intelligent christians to answer

is this the beginning of the rise of anti-christ? or is this for real?

EMPTINESS IS FORM....FORM IS EMPTINESS.... 色 即 是 空, 空 即 是 色。。。which one makes more sense?

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evil cock - the roots of all problems

a fake story full of mischief and lies by PAKLAOBEI

Coffee Shop Talk - Cursing A Dying Man
From: PakLaoBei 14-Apr 06:40
To: ALL 1 of 63


Would you curse a dying man on his deathbed?

Well, the story goes like this...

This guy was actually dying of cancer. Among his acquaintances, there is this particular fella (shall refer to him as H) who has been leeching on him for free food and drinks in the past. Since it is a few $ only, he doesn't think much of it. But H was plotting something more sinister and wanted to cheat him of his savings. However his plan was exposed, and he call H a "conman". From that time onwards, H bear this grudge in his heart. When the guy was hospitalised during his final days, H visited him in hospital and seeing that this man was dying, actually curse this guy and say that he is better off dying sooner. H then goes on to make laugh and make a joke out of it in online forums, repeating his cursing, even though the dying guy did nothing to him.

Now what do you think of H? Is his behaviour despicable? Do you all think it is right to curse a dying man?

Options Reply

From: Leongsam 14-Apr 06:44
To: PakLaoBei 2 of 63

174003.2 in reply to 174003.1

In a democracy, people are free to curse whoever they want regardless of the state they are in.

Get a Mac.. You won't look Back!

let's hope the dead old man would pay a visit to PAKLAOBEI during one of this misty nights.


Coffee Shop Talk - demise of the old man ...
From: leetahsar 15/06/2007 23:11
To: ALL 1 of 110


specially for KELVIN, the balless sotong:

YOUR TOXIC OLD MAN HAD PASSED AWAY THIS MORNING 16 JUN. his body is now lying in LAVENDER rd, s'pore casket.

you should visit him since u so concern about him.

the group of laukuaybus and i are having lunch meeting and will be paying our last respect to him.

OM MANI PADME HOM...may he rest in peace....ornitoufo....

one lau soh related the entire story how this toxic old man came to such a sorry state....sad...indeed...very sad....;9(

i recalled the days when he was healthier, the bunch of laukuaybus would drive me and this toxic old man for makan. then it was off to karaoke.

old man could really sing. he would even select 'difficult' high pitch songs and asked me to sing for them. it was happy days. we always 'toot' each other with sarcastic fiery remarks. however, it was all for the fun and laughter of such language.

when that balless kelvin sotong visited him, he was up to his usual verbal mischief. when the old man didn't realise was this bloody balless sotong was really up to no good.

i think if he realised that, he won't have said those 'nasty' sarcastic words. infront of me and the bunch of laukuaybus, we were already so used to his toxic words. we just took it in good sports...unlike that fucker kelvin!

now he's gone....forever....

PEACE BE WITH U Q T C or katek ayam....me and the laukuaybus gang will miss u during our happy hours karaoke times together....have a safe journey home to the LORD's....amen!
QTC that's the old man's name was quite a handsome chap during his younger days. he had many gfs but being petty, choosy and very very idiosyncrasis, none of the girls lasted long with him. he was also a miser. very very stingy and calculative...aggravating and speeding those cute mei meis to leave him faster than a speeding bullet!

in his later old age years, he was rather lonely. even all his pals deserted him after they were married. this toxic old man was foul mouthed and stupidly went to talk bad about people's wife infront of the husbands who were his pals.

hence, everyone shunned him.

the kindly lor soh had deep compassion for him cos she was sorry he was left alone....so desolated.

whenever we went makan with the other laukuaybus, we would call him along. but eating meals with him was rather a test of everyone's tolerance.

he was wasteful and quite inconsiderate. take for example, if we order a live steamed fish and it was deliciously cooked, he would devour the major portion of it disregarding the rest of the diners, us!

things like expensive sharkfins which one of the lkb tried and told us not to order cos not nice and definitely not worth it, he would insist of ordering. this sadly ended up barely touched. why?

IT WAS REALLY HORRENDOUS£¡£¡ so floury, tasteless, bland and totally devoid of any sharksfin. the miniscule fins also tasted unreal ...like hardened gelatin. but the price was super obscene too!

the generous lau soh would foot the bill but wasn't happy that expensive food were wasted...so just to make her happy, i would try to force as much into my piggy's tummy as possible and lightened up every lkb's mood by talking jokes and rots to amuse them .

recently we were dining again with one of the toxic old man's good pal. he revealed to us, that man might be infected with TB instead of what he claimed to be.

all the lkbs were shocked and said they would go for medical checkups just to play safe.

....soon he was admitted to the nursing home - the place where i brought that balless kelvin sotong to see him. that was where he got from this toxic old man all the lame terms to use relentlessly on this blur piggy.

later he was placed in a cheaper home. the latest, we heard he was admitted into TTSH intensive care.

he was infuriated. he believed in a china man who promised him good returns in some shady investment. in the end, he was cheated of more than 60K. he couldn't get over the loss. in a fit of anger, his health turned for the worst.

even in such a dire state, he still thought of the lost money. he engaged a lawyer to claim back from that china conman. for this, he would have to cough out more legal fees which aggravated his already poor health....and soon....he gulped his last breathe and died!

this morning about 10am 16 june '07. he was 67 y o.

sotong, he said he missed u....hahahaha...just joking!

but his death is seriously REAL!

someone called himself PAKLAOBEI from sbf kopitiam who cooked up the above story for the purpose of mischief and defamation. so sad that losers especially from the lame F4 can take the trouble to go so such deplorable despicable extent.

Friday, April 18, 2008

a lan see and deceitful fishmongering troll

this comment best describe such an irritating desperado laukuaybu...
From: 3stooges4 04:36
To: siao123 unread 3 of 3

174419.3 in reply to 174419.1

put everything simply. she doesn't wanna pay the summon after caught parking illegally.

how come she has this penchant to be defy the laws? like she doesn't respect or is indignant to any LAWS here. only people who are deceitful and thinking oneself as super chiobu got this type of fuck-up LAN SEE mentality.

the more she posted, the better we see a clearer picture of a fishmongering troll.

another super long winded complaint letter...

if the offence didn't bore those people in authority, her boring superlong winded letter will definitely proves fatal to the unlucky offier who read it! LOL!

Rights As A Resident To Purchase A Season Parking Ticket Was Denied By HDB / URA

I have a story to tell. This story is about the arrogance, high-handedness and incompetence of the civil service administration in the form of two government bodies: the URA and HDB.

I am a housewife but I have a business registered under my name. Under the business is registered a van. One of my drivers incurred a parking fine and failed to report / settle it. To make things worse, the letters of reminder sent by URA to the office were misplaced.

I only found out when a letter was finally sent to my home stating that a warrant of arrest had been issued against me for failing to attend a court summons from the parking offence. The letter stated that I had to attend at the Warrant Enforcement Unit to execute the warrant of arrest and then see the URA officer to review my case.

I then attended at the police station and executed the warrant. I was given a new court mention date and after that I went to the URA officer to appeal. The appeal in short was as follows:

1. I am a housewife and I am not at the office premises.

2. I never had notice of the matter until the warrant of arrest which was sent to my home.

3. Due to the fact that the offence happened some time ago, long delay from the offence till issuance of the court summons, failure to attend the court date and issuance of the warrant of arrest, it is no longer possible to identify the culprit in the company as there are 3 drivers in total and I would have to bear the amount.

4. This was unfair as I have paid many fines on time and I had never allowed any parking offence to escalate to such a stage in the past. . This particular parking offence had been escalated because of pure oversight by the staff at the office and I was not present there. As a result the S$30/- fine became a S$400/- figure.

The meeting with the URA officer was most disappointing. She never had the intention to listen to the appeal at all. She rejected my reasons stating that

1. one of the reminders which was a registered letter was claimed.

2. the only ground for an appeal is if the company has moved and changed address the registered letters were sent to the previous address.

3. the URA checks for latest ACRA registered address before the A. R. registered 2nd reminder is sent.

4. in any event, all A R Registered letters once sent out are deemed received whether or not anyone signed for the article.

5. The URA does not consider past records of fines settlement at all.

I was flabbergasted by her positions / assertions bearing in mind the following:-

1. It was URA’s own letter informing me of the warrant of arrest that expressly invited me to attend at the URA to review the case. The letter did not state the supposed strict and narrow scope of appeal which was used by the officer.

2. I am a mother with 2 young children. I had to find time for others to babysit my children before I could come to the URA. I went to substantial trouble before I managed to do so only to be met with a brickwall on attending before the URA officer.

3. their refusal to exercise their minds and not addressing or considering the points does not give fair consideration for an appeal.

4. If I had known of the criteria set by the URA, I would not have wasted my time to even bother to arrange to attend before the investigating officer.

I then wrote to feedback the poor workflow, poor case management by the URA. I stated my clear intention to bring the matter up to higher authorities of what the URA was doing in accordance with the officer’s words:-:

1. they had set a narrow scope of appeal yet not making it clear.
2. they wasted people’s time to attend before the URA only to be rejected.
3. In essence, the URA deliberately creates the illusion of hope of a successful appeal to patronize citizens.
4. If appeals were only granted on the narrow scope change of addresses, there was nothing to consider at all.
5. they were wasting a lot of taxpayer’s money having so many officers hearing false appeals.

Out of fairness, I stated my intention to criticize the URA’s management of such cases and offered the URA the right of reply before I bring the matter up further.

In supposed reply, the URA claimed that it had to consider facts and information available before granting an appeal but URA refused to reply to the other points.

However the URA appeals officer had clearly stated that there was only one ground on which the URA would entertain an appeal: There was a change in address with proof of such change in address.

The representation of the URA officer was not disputed by the URA. Therefore, there can only be two possibilities. Either:

1. the appeals officer had conveniently and irresponsibly and dishonestly abused her position and authority to misrepresent the URA’s position when she decided to summarily reject my reasons for the appeal; or

2. the appeals officer was telling the truth and there was indeed a narrow scope set for the appeal.

The scenario begets the question of what would suffice to move URA to grant an appeal bearing in mind that it was URA’s letter that urged me to take time to attend to present my case to the URA in the first place. This would have to be clarified.

However, the second scenario would inevitably lead us to the following questions:-

1. If the URA was indeed adopting a narrow scope of appeal and its investigating officers were acting as instructed. The URA could have simply expressly stated its criterion for successful review in its letters to avoid wasting people’s time.

2. But the URA did not make clear its strict scope for appeal. What does the URA hope to achieve when obviously it would be inviting many people to attend to review their cases only to be rejected by the narrow scope of appeal set by their officers?

3. Is the URA deliberately by creating the illusion of hope to the persons receiving the summonses? What is the URA trying to achieve here?

4. Is the URA intent on patronizing our citizens by asking them to take time to attend at the URA with the illusion that an appeal / review channel was available with some chance of success?

5. Is the URA wasting taxpayers’ money by employing so many investigation officers to review cases when in actual fact its scope for appeals is so narrow that the bulk of appeals would be eliminated had the appeals / review policy been clearly stated to begin with?

The URA’s reply did not answer the above questions.

Subsequently, I received notice from HDB on 12th February 2008 stating that URA had requested the HDB to refuse renewal of my season parking ticket for my personal vehicle (a totally unrelated vehicle and a vehicle which had no outstanding fines with any authority) until my parking offence with URA was settled.

This is made worse by the fact that the carpark that I use would be going ERP type of electronic per minute parking charges in a matter of less than a month.

This is clearly deliberately making things difficult for me and putting me in the position of incurring exorbitant per minute parking charges when I am denied my season parking ticket and when my car park is going electronic parking on 4th March 2008 .

I am surprised and disappointed to discover that the URA practices strong-arm tactics on Singapore citizens in such situations. Is the URA is acting in accordance with the law in doing so? Even if the URA finds justification in the law, does it think it morally right to do so?

Given the above aggravation, I do not have any choice but to take this matter up accordingly. The URA’s actions and refusal to address pertinent questions will only put it in bad light.


the proofs of a vindictive lying fishmonger troll

Coffee Shop Talk - proofs against the fishmonger troll
From: 3stooges4 03:53
To: ALL 1 of 1


i try to avoid her nic cos she would not hesitate to have me banned.

she bragged and whined that baey yam keng neglected her. now look at her own posting in her own blog. what a troll and vindictive ungrateful lying bitch she is!!

{I wrote to my trusted MP - Mr Baey Yam Keng..

He forwarded my email to CEO of URA / HDB..

From: BAEY.YamKeng@capitaland.com
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 16:09:41 +0800
Subject: Re: Rights As A Resident To Purchase A Season Parking Ticket Was Denied By HDB / URA


I refer to the following email from my resident Ms Goh. I would
appreciate it if both URA and HDB could assess the request favourably. Thank

Yam Keng

Sent from my Blackberry}

does anyone still remember she accused ah baey for trashing away her emails? well??

she's none other the pettiest and vengeful laukuaybu in sbf kopitiam. maybe she could be menopausing and suffering from hormonal inbalance.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

god is fool, man is idiot

From: 3stooges4 01:53
To: Nimrod53 unread 17 of 17

174373.17 in reply to 174373.16

god maketh fools of man....so man creates more gods and make a further idiots of themselves

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

short, sweet and damn funny! LOL!!

From: HaroldToh 06:52
To: DISCUS16 unread 296 of 296

173988.296 in reply to 173988.63

yes my dear comrade CTL.

now let me repeat: i am no gay.. go find empress' hubby (opps ex hubby) if u need a ass to screw. LOL

she's indeed a very difficult person....a troll!

finally, it takes some forummer to point that out to her....shame on the troll!!

Coffee Shop Talk - Letter to MP - (he did not reply)
From: Radiohead, The Libertines (The_Latest_H) 06:47
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) unread 293 of 293

173988.293 in reply to 173988.1

He won't reply because he knows you're a difficult person to him. So for him, blind promises are the best way out, no action is always recommended, and to him, to you, ignorance of you and your complaints is a bliss.

Ignorance is a bliss, and its clear that the majority of the PAP MPs don't give a darn about the complaints of the residents. Being even involved in a HDB walkabout is a chore to them because they know they will be floored with many, many complaints.

And that's the sad truth of today. We have got a bunch of bo-chap MPs as our MPs, who only care for the next ten-thousand dollar pay cheque. They aren't passionate about serving the people; they don't even give lip service in non-election years.

If you find them more frequently in the golf courses or in the country clubs, rather than at their HDB estates, you would realise why.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Coffee Shop Talk - Letter to MP - (he did not reply)
From: pap_hiphop65 11:17
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) unread 120 of 122

173988.120 in reply to 173988.3

Your letter arr nothing but grouses

Contribute something more constructive

MPs are busy, has no time to read long-winded letters

From: 3stooges4 11:34
To: pap_hiphop65 unread 121 of 122

173988.121 in reply to 173988.120

she's making it like ah baey must have full attention in her ONLY.

even his walk about around the neighbourhood, she made it like she was the centre of attraction. it just short of demanding ah baey to date her out for some patho!

the rest of the residents are miscellaneous and not important. she was the star of brickworks!!! ah baey must pay full attention on her..and her alone!!


From: 3stooges4 11:36
To: pap_hiphop65 unread 122 of 122

173988.122 in reply to 173988.120

it should be my turn soon that ah baey visit me. i will definitely haggle for details about his unfortunate encounter with this whimpy fishmonger troll.

if i m not banned by then, u bet the authentic truth will be out by then!!

watch this video clip.....doesn't the lyrics sound familiar?

of course, there is no reply....

look how intimidating she becomes. her vindictive pettiness began to show... baey yam keng is a very personable mp of queenstown. he's courteous and friendly. many like him...well, maybe this vengeful petty fishmonger's housewife who was ignored about silly problems until many have been immuned to.

From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 04:08
To: ALL 2 of 8

173988.2 in reply to 173988.1

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 18:33:33 +0800 (CST)
Subject: UNRESOLVED ISSUES ARISING FROM BLOCK VISIT ON 4th September 2007 - Final Reminder
To: BAEY.YamKeng@capitaland.com, yamkeng@pacific.net.sg

Hi Mr Baey..

Email send on 09 October 2007 - No reply.

1st reminder - 25 October 2007 - No reply

2nd reminder - 08 November 2007 - No reply
3rd reminder - 23 November 2007 - email bounce back
4th reminder - 27 November 2007 - No reply
5th reminder - 7 December 2007 - No reply
6th reminder - 27 December 2007 - No reply

Let this be my final reminder Mr Baey..

Good Day!


repeat petty bitching...there's she goes again

sorry for her really long winded boring bitching...u can skip after the lst few lines. it's rather anticipating.

From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 04:05


25th September 2007

Mr. Baey Yam Keng
Member of Parliament for
Tanjong Pagar GRC, Bukit Merah Division

Dear Sir,


When you came to my unit during a block visit on 04/09/2007, I raised several issues to you and we had the following exchange, set out below for your easy recollection and reference:-

1. My neighbour and I commented on the slow timing of the Singapore Police Force in response to our complaints listed in short as follows:-
There are Indian glue sniffers who often loiter at the staircase and hide there to sniff glue.
Inhalant abuse, a criminal act, is known to intoxicate the abusers who are then predisposed to committing more crimes.
This situation has occurred many times and whenever I call the police, the latter would take 30 to 45 minutes to arrive, by which the time, the suspects would have finished their glue sniffing and left the scene.
I shifted out 2 years back partly because of this situation as I was pregnant and I did not feel that the neighbourhood was safe at times.
I also raised another incident in which I spotted an axe-wielding Indian man sitting in the ABC hawker centre with his eyes fixated on the adjoining car park as if he was waiting to greet someone. I called the police and offered to help identify the axe-wielder.
The axe-wielder must have been loitering around on a frequent basis for the Indian man in your entourage was also able to describe him as limpy and short.
I told you that the police had reasoned that they had to catch him red handed for them to take action. However, in order to apprehend any suspect red-handed, the police must respond in time but they never did so.
2. You trusted the police not to deliberately take their own sweet time to respond and cited the lack of manpower in the Police force as the cause. An Indian male in your entourage who identified himself as a policeman seconded your view.

3. I responded that the lack of manpower was not a valid reason as it is the right of every citizen and resident to be protected by the Singapore Police Force.

4. The grassroots policeman had replied that the Police had other complaints to handle and that our wards have kept them busy. I grew up in Bukit Merah and I know the ward very well and I asked him:-
Whether he was asserting that Bukit Merah was very much unsafe and with a lot of criminal activity necessitating police attention and which leads to slow response time of the Police, and
Since there was indeed so much crime in Bukit Merah, why did not the Police deploy more manpower to cope with the cases?
5. You surprised me by asking me in return, "So Madam, what you think we should do? If no one wants to join the police force we can't force people to join right?¡±

6. To this unimaginative excuse, I told you very frankly that: -

As an MP, you have been given the mandate by the people to find solutions to our complaints; and
If you need me to provide you with the answers, what then are you supposed to do in your position as our Member of Parliament?

7. You quickly retracted your words and instructed your grassroots policeman to look into this matter. You also responded that since my opinion was formed 2 years ago, it might not be justified now as it may not be happening now. [I have since verified with my neighbour that the glue sniffers are still loitering around at times and now of course I am asking for a reply]

Town Council issues

8. Next, my neighbour and I brought up the following issue concerning the management of common areas in our block under the purview of your town council:-
I reside in a point block where the lift lobby area's natural lighting is dim. This is made worse by having doors installed at the staircases such that even during daytime it is dim and made worse when it is cloudy, rainy or overcast
On several occasions, my neighbours, our maids, our children and myself have slipped and fallen because the bad lighting prevented us from seeing that the floor was wet from the rain.
9. As MP and Town Councillor,:-

you asked your accompanying town council staff whether the lights could be switched on when it is cloudy or rainy. The town council staff replied that residents could just call and request the town council to switch the lights on. He added that he needed to check if this was feasible and would revert
You asserted that the doors were a design flaw which you could do nothing about. The staircase and door provides the residents privacy and therefore as residents we should give and take.

10. I replied that staircase doors cause more danger to residents as they provide cover for the glue sniffers. Furthermore residents could be ambushed by robbers hiding behind the staircase doors.

11. You then responded as follows:
to switch the lights on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week would increase the electricity bill and this cost will have to be passed onto the residents. You asked whether or not we would want that.
you cannot accede to every resident¡¯s request and that I would be very surprised at what some of the residents are asking for.

12. I replied that if I am requesting for TC to paint the wall in specific colours, then it is obviously unreasonable, but there is nothing unreasonable about requesting for proper lighting.

13. The Indian follower in your group claimed that in your block visit from the 25th floor to the 7th floor, no one complained about lighting problem except me and then blamed the poor lighting on my neighbour¡¯s bamboo blind.

14. My neighbour explained that the blind prevents children from climbing and rain from coming in but your entourage insisted that blind causes bad lighting.

15. If a mere blind can block natural light and cause lighting problems, what about the staircase doors then?

16. I then asked whether it was your position that since there was indeed nothing you could do about it, the residents would have no choice but to live with the inconvenience stemming from the fault of the person who designed the flats.

17. You then replied that you needed to check with the town council before you could reply to me. You asked to take leave as you had a few more floors to cover, but I managed to raise the following final issue.

The Compulsory Annuity

18. I asked for your position on the proposed Compulsory Annuity. To my surprise, you turned the question around to ask for my opinion. I replied that I was definitely against it for the following reasons:-

CPF money is our money. As owners, we have the right to decide whether or not we need any annuity. It is not for the Government to decide for us
In any event, what proportion of people live beyond 85 years of age? How big is that sector of the population in actual fact
I reminded you that not everyone is as long lived as our great leader Mr. LKY. Furthermore in our generation, with the degree of stress and pollution environment, not many can even make it to their 60s.
For the small percentage fortunate to lives beyond 60, the Government should do its duty to look after them and not pass the responsibility to others
Our generation, being more educated, will know the importance of planning for our future retirement, and we do not need the Government to tell us what to do and what to buy for retirement.

19. You replied with the extremely common tagline these days: "To wait for 17 Sept, when all the details are out before adopting such a negative view about this annuity scheme".

20. I replied that knowing the style of the PAP government:

By the time the details are released on the 17 Sept parliamentary hearing, there will simply be another rubber-stamping exercise, and the fate of all those aged 50 or below will be sealed
One need not look very far into history for examples of such arrogance: the GST increase, Presidential, Parliamentarian and Ministerial salary increments: Once the details are out, the decision is passed and our fate is sealed!

21. You then responded as follows:

You referred to statistics which purportedly show that almost 50% of the current population will benefit from the annuity scheme
You threw the challenge for me to walk around Block 3 to witness the large number of single old folk or those abandoned by their children and who have no one to look after them
You cited the need for the government to increase the pool of resources to help those who have no means of supporting themselves in old

22. You tried to lower my manifest resistance by commenting that you believe that I would not need to rely on the annuity because I would have planned for my own retirement.

23. I pointed out to you the following:-

The current older generation who could live to an old age would not benefit from the proposed annuity scheme as it applies only to those aged 50 or below
Furthermore, like my case where I have my own retirement plan, why is the government still making it compulsory for these people who are better-off to buy the annuity
Should it not be every citizen's personal right to decide how we spend our CPF money? CPF Money is after all our money AND NOT the Government's money.

24. You then tried to justify the compulsory annuity scheme's workability on the following reason that the cost would only be a few thousand dollars.

25. I replied that being an MP who makes $13.5k per month and maybe possibly much more, a few thousands is not a lot to you, but if you being the MP were to take a walk around Block 3 as you have suggested, you would realize that a few thousand dollars would be enough to feed several families for a single month.

26. You declined to continue the discussion on the reason that you had to take leave to cover the remaining floors. Before you left you advised my neighbour and I to read a well written article by a financial adviser who is not related to the Government who had given a good insight on this annuity issue in the previous Friday's Today newspaper.

27. I replied you that the article was all crap and that a number of my friends and I were going to write a letter to refute that article and that I would forward a copy of that letter to you. The letter drafted jointly with my friends on the compulsory annuity will be forwarded to you in due course.

28. In the meantime, this letter serves to remind you that the outstanding issues raised at the above block visit are still outstanding which I am now seeking your replies / action on the same.

29. My name, address and contact number was recorded by one member of your 10-man strong entourage, therefore I do believe that you would have not difficulty remembering me and the above conversation.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


and by the way...is that a song? the whole thing just keeps repeating 'china wine.....china wine...china wine..." :(

taiwan ah bian also got FIRE!!

this sort of taiwanese politics suit chee soon juan the best!!

she complains, he backstabs, everyone's doing it now!

just how sinister this sbf can deteriorates to.....

Coffee Shop Talk - Who pretended to be me??? Sinister!!!
From: cantbeassed 4-Apr 19:27
To: ALL 1 of 89


Recently a fake picture was posted of me on this forum, here is the link


and here is the link to the same pic that someone had deleted, obviously they did it so it would make me look like an asshole who whinges to sammyboy


and here is my email to Walt Howe (i deleted my email address)

Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 7:55 AM
To: tos@delphiforums.com
Subject: sammyboyforum

Dear Walt,

You recently deleted my supposed picture another forummer posted on the sammyboy forum. This picture was not me, but I would rather that the forummers thought it was me, hence it being posted on a fellow forummers website.

Why did you delete it? How did you even know that it was there???

Here is the link to the particular post...


Thanks in advance,



and here is Walt Howe's reply

We received a complaint from a person who said it was her picture and requested it be deleted. In such cases, since we are quite sensitive to copyright and privacy issues, we will take the action without further proof.

Walt Howe
Terms of Service Office
Delphi Forums

My question to you is, why would anyone be so petty and stupid to do such a thing?? Who the fuck was it????? What a complete loser...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

quote of the day.....

From: 3stooges4 22:43
To: Leongsam unread 40 of 40

173315.40 in reply to 173315.5

corruption is everywhere. it's an art of camouflaging it for a certain duration of time.

many other countries should learn from us.


must really thank a wacko pinoy pscyho from the sandy palawan bitch for directing to this YOUTUBE. take a look...

lies, bans and lovers flirts...

i think this joker started the CATCH WHO'S BEHIND THE CAUSE OF MOST OF THE BANS IN SBF....

Coffee Shop Talk - Confimed: I was banned by Lamei
From: kojakbt22 2-Apr 06:06
To: ALL 1 of 92


Dear bros,
I have just received a reply from Walk Howe of Delphiforums (tos@delphiforums.com). See below.

This has confirmed my suspicion all along that Lamei is the person behind my ban. The only pic I posted before getting banned is the one about Lamei (aka Go Hui Leng) holding one kid and carrying another participating in the SDP protest. There were no other pics. I can attest to this.

This also helps in some way to confirm some of the stories revealed by a forumer here that the so-called "F4" is behind a series of banning. If this Lamei went to complain against me for posting a public picture, what about all the other people who have been "quarreling" with her? It's extremely likely that I'm not her first and last case (I don't know about the rest, so I can only speak from whatever evidence I have on hand now). So, it's reasonable to assume that I'm not alone and that She (or her gang) must have banned others too.

Another interesting revelation is this. Walt Howe said, "avoid participating in attacks on other members".... what does this mean? I need help from you guys out there to find out the details of the Forum terms and conditions. Heck, from day 1 when SBF is in operation, everyday everyone is attacking someone! What kind of attacks is ok, and what kind is not? We must establish some ground rules. The word "ATTACK" is just too broad.

Cause if you want to define ATTACK very narrowly, then anytime you call Lamei names, that would be an attack. Anytime you say she is not a responsible mother who bring kids to protest, that's another attack. And if her complaint is entertained, what about the rest of the people? Then any minute infringement on say a person X, he can also follow Lamei's example and go complain. I tell u bros, if we allow this to happen, this FORUM will die cause this whole place would become like communist China in cultural revolution or the Resign of Terror in the French Revolution when any slight infringement would be reported to the authorities! This is even worse than STOMP! And if this FORUM dies, it's harder to start another like SBF again which has grown in stature with rich history. I dare say this, it would be a loss to Singapore and Singaporeans if SBF dies.

So BROTHERS, we must fight back. What I intend to do is this. Now that I have gotten the attention of Walt Howe, I would like to engage him further. My writings is not very good. I would like to start this thread here so that we can all compose a letter to Walt Howe to better define the terms and conditions of banning people here. The one word "ATTACK" is just too broad. Finally, pls submit in your email addr or nicks (I think email addr better cause it carrys more weight) to jointly submit this letter to Walt Howe. We need to put an end to this indiscriminate banning that's going on (esp I suspect it's only a few of these crying babies who are crying out for banning others they don't agree with).

For those of you who dont wish to reveal yourselves here publicly (for fear that you would be targeted by er... u know who, you can email me kojakbt@gmail.com.

- kojakbt -


Walt Howe to me
show details 1:22 am (10 hours ago)

I re-opened your kodakbt22 account. In return, I expect you to avoid participating in attacks on other members or posting pictures that are not yours.

Walt Howe
Terms of Service Office
Delphi Forums

Sunday, April 6, 2008

they had wanted to be arrested!

this posting summarises what a recent foolish protest was all about:

From: T1,T2,T3 or Control Tower? (Conspiracy28) 15-Mar 03:50
To: lockeliberal 10 of 467

170657.10 in reply to 170657.3


Sorli, you got carried away by all this excitement.
This is not bravery.This is pure stupidity.
What impact can those placard do either than giving
the poodles the opportunity to arrest.
You want to see peaceful demonstration, behave peacefully,
not waving dumb placards! They are such shameful bastards to
have the cheek to bring along their kids.

what if some skirmishes occur and the scene turned ugly, those
placards can be used as a weapon and such simple excuse can be made
by the poodles to charge for disturbing the peace.

They never use their heads, do they? or it was their intention all along to be arrested in order to gain sympathy from the 'outside'.
This is evil and best described as manipulative.

What's more, they are highly educated people? with high level of intelligence?

Shit. pragmatism is dead all along.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

F4 - the real teletubbies idiots full of nonsense!

if u equate of terrorism in the real world, the equivalent in the cyberworld sbf kopitiam terrorists would be F4 - terrortubbies!!

...the clearer picture finally showing....

Coffee Shop Talk - LaMei's SBF Release
From: 3stooges4 05:57
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) unread 276 of 277

172728.276 in reply to 172728.273

sad...really sad!!

the way u once harrassed and 'shake' friendly mp baey yam keng who out of courtesy (and super unlucky) visited you to 'get to know residents' walk about already showed ur petty resentment.

if u had kept it personal, at least u saved another title of being INDIGNANT or lan see in canto.

now the mata's visit to ur home due to ur 'participation in illegal assembly and procession',is to for purpose of 'investigation' and formality. even for that you still consider it's ur rights to hinder their duties to do that.

where's ur co operation with the police mentality?

would it be ok we we forward your this message to the MHA and see what they have to say for themselves if what u related was TRUE...NOTHING BUT THE ACTUAL TRUTH??

u don't ve to write silly letter to STFORUM or posting here to brag about ur injustice or rude treatment by matas. just write ur complaint to the MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS which is the proper channel to look into this matter and ALL WILL BE taken care of.

bragging that here simply exposes ur true intention, pettiness and gross foolishness.

and yes, do PM acitizen7. we know what u r up to now.....;9)

From: а²»ÄÜʤÕý (LaMei) 4-Apr 23:53
To: acitizen7 unread

Hi bro acitizen7...

welcome back..
It's been a long time since I last read your post..

As the thread starter, I thank you for your contributions in this thread. You fair and neutral statements lends more credibility to this thread which was otherwise infested with spams, finger pointing, baseless accusation being spewed all over..

For your benefit, (I guess you must have been away from Sin for awhile)..let me just briefly update you on the happening with regards to the 15/3 protest..

12 were arrested during the protest, their names being reported in the news, SDP webiste and of coz in SBF too..

6 of the protesters (me included) were called up by the poodles for investigation for participating in illegal assembly and procession.

The ones that were seen here and the other thread I started on my 2nd rejected letter condoning poodles behavior of banging the doors are of questionable characters. Not to forget, are not parents themselves yet(one whom due to his sexual orientation, will never ever be..) to comment that where got parents put kids to sleep so early..(how can 9.45pm be consider early for children?)..

Even that aside..should we citizens be treated in such a rude manner by our poodles? They seem to forget their basic role as a policemen..


more nics...more revelations....

From: Tyler Durden (太乐德灯) (KassemSaleh) 3-Apr 16:34
To: Leongsam 75 of 91

172747.75 in reply to 172747.44

>I agree that much of this forum is full of hatred and insults.

I couldn't agree more.

>My question is why do you have to contribute to the bitterness
>and hatred when you can spread friendship and goodwill instead?

Becos his behaviours are uniquely $in-gaporean.

>If everyone was nice to each other here, this forum which much
>more pleasant place to interact in.

This LEEtard hurled tons of racial slurs and vulgarities at me - that's how he ended up on my ignore list. Consider that he might not want this forum to be a pleasant place - he wants it to be like hell, where he rightfully belongs.

Now, I'm not sure if zafette is Lamei's old nick (she once told me that she had two kids), but she once chided me for my practice of putting people on my ignore list. She felt that it was necessary to continue engaging with people, even if the argument wasn't making any sense. I didn't see it that way, and I still don't. As I've mentioned a couple of times in this forum, I see that as a way of co-existence.

more news.....

IS SHE FOR REAL??!! posting like a kind and loving person here:

Matters of the Heart - A Tribute to Dr Seng Kwang Meng!
From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 4-Apr 10:07
To: ALL 1 of 28


Dr K M Seng, as I fondly addressed him, was my gynae for the past 11 years..

He was like a father, a friend, a mentor to many of his patients like me..

A many of a few words to many, but with me, every visit to his clinic, he will spend at least 5 - 10 mins chatting up with me..

All those 5 - 10 mins of chit chatting, I got to know this fatherly gynae of mine better, and through the years able to build that special bonding of trust between a gynae and a patient..

Trust that I know I am in good hands.
Trust that I know that he will place my interest above everything else.

My son was conceived and delivered under his care.
The pregnancy was tough as I was a complicated case..
He never took chance, and was always giving me assurance and encouragement to pull through some of the most difficult moments of my pregnancy..

After 2 kids, I no longer need to see him as often as I use to.
After a almost 3 years break..I went back to him last November.
When he saw my medical card, he came out of his room to receive me.
A tab on my shoulder and walk me in to the consultation room.
I feel so much at home in his clinic..
Familiar and friendly nurses and a fatherly doctor..
It was more like a catch up of old times, rather than a doctor's visit..
Sadly, that was the last I see of him..

A called from a friend, informing me of the demise of my beloved gynae, took me by surprise on Wednesday.

I am still coming terms with his sudden death..
He is only 68..(still so young, by papies standard, we suppose to live past 85)
I attended his funeral this morning, paid my respect and bid my final goodbye to a great doctor..

Thank you Dr Seng..
For helping me bring two wonderful children into this world..
You left footprints in my heart..
I thank you from the bottom of my heart..

You will always be fondly remembered by many.


from the msn of newspaper report:

女 方: 我 只 有“0” 水 准 文 凭, 已 不 是 处 女 身 了。 我 还 有 两 个 拖 油 瓶, 你 还 爱 我 吗?
男 方: 这 些 我 都 不 建 议。

Thursday, April 3, 2008

more defence & accusation...

more defence & accussation...

who's lying here? who's teling the truth? one thing for sure, it was because of her sowing of discord that creates so muc unhappiness, friendship breakups and disunity. yet, she still doesn't come to her senses

From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 06:12
To: Melvin_Tan 209 of 212

172728.209 in reply to 172728.188


I am rather shocked by the statements you made here..
"not forget to calculate the angpows and free hotel stay too?"
"Had I known that that was someone's belief beef, perhaps a better idea for wifey to engage someone else."

post with your conscious and pls check with wifey especially the ang pow statement.. You owe me an apology on that..

I made the statement addressed to WP members and supporters who have been going around labelling me as anti-wp and that I have an axe to grind with wp. I have refrain from mentioning the little help I rendered for a good friend's sake even though challenged more than once by them.

I do not expect any thanks from anyone from wp. But their actions are not in at all a way to thank me. WP and it's members here in SBF (don't deny their existence) need to reflect on their actions as to why they have lost even the support of a friend like me.

Last but not least..I do hope that the rest of the SB's sisters are not reading this. Time to do a bit of reflection.


Options Reply

From: Melvin_Tan 06:57
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 210 of 212

172728.210 in reply to 172728.209


My first and last response:

1) I am using my clear conscience and if one feels it is not a clear one, nothing has been cleared up with me to date

2) I don't owe any one any apology

3) Please don't quote me out of context

4) Other "sisters" do not express certain things to their friends thinking it's their right since they've rendered help and I need to repay this debt with my reputation; hence, I am still friends with them

5) I refrain from going further in order not to make this ugly


another nun and butcher tale...LOL!

i m in spasm from uncontrolled laughter after i read another NUN & BUTCHER story. check this out...

From: iPhony 07:09
To: 3stooges4 unread 5 of 8

172842.5 in reply to 172842.1

A biker goes into a butcher's shop, sees a nun walk in, place an order, and
walk out again.
He tells the butcher "I like her and I want to do it with her"
Butcher: "Evil thought, son, she's a nun. But every night at half past ten
she walks through the graveyard. If you pretend to be God you might just
get your wicked way with her."
Half past ten, the biker is in the graveyard when sure enough the nun
walks by. Biker jumps out saying: "Hi, I'm God and I want my wicked way."
The nun agrees to this, then afterwards the biker says: "I've got a
surprise for you. I'm not God, I'm that biker from the butcher's shop
earlier today."
The nun replies: "I've got an even bigger surprise - I'm the butcher!"

the nun & the butcher


once, a butcher lived next to a nun. both of them were good neighbours and decided to help each other.

the butcher needed to wake up early to slaughter his pigs. the nun needed to wake up early to do her morning chantng and offering. they decided to wake each other if one over slept.

finally, both of them died of old age.

guess what?

the nun went to HELL. the butcher ascended to HEAVEN.



From: sleepyman 05:48
To: 3stooges4 3 of 4

172842.3 in reply to 172842.1

Cos the butcher doing a good deed by helping the nun to wake up and chant, while the nun did a bad deed by waking the butcher so he can slaughter all the animals.

the fates of 2 depressed superstars....

leslie cheong committed suicide on lst APRIL. april fool joke it was not. samuel hui who also suffered from bouts of depression survives till now.

just listen to their songs after the demise of leslie really brings back memories of the late superstar's flamboyance and showmanship....

in every tunnel, there is a LIGHT at the end. after a heavy stormy downpour, the day should be sunnier and brighter.

have faith. have hope. have love...and feel it all around you. be positive and be happy.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bitch of a troll brags the most when giving a little help..

she was mingling within WORKERS' PARTY, mixing with prominent members there. she hated LTK to hate wp. he also hated LTK to hate wp. yet both of them were there. who was sowing the discord? who instigated who to resign?

WHY THEN WERE THEY THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?? if a wp wasn't up to one's expectation, why didn't they try to improve it? why must they now trying to discredit, defame and smear the good name of WORKERS' PARTY? ...sad, and they preached about human rights. my toes are really giggling!!

in her own long winded credit claiming thread.....

From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 2-Apr 02:19


I been seeing a lot of threads dedicated to me over the past few days.
Screaming, shouting for my attention.

Unlike a (pinkish coloured) clown who claimed he has a lot of silent supporters,
I am thankful for the vocal supporters who defended me..
Thank you for standing by and believing me...
(Deep bows to you all)..

I believe freedom of speech comes with responsibilities..
Respect every forumer's personal identity and family..
Recently we have been seeing more and more forumers vindictively posting personal details linking this forumer to that identity..
Is that necessary? Isn't that very low blow?

I do not see the need to engage people who are shit stirrers and obvious trouble makers..
Engage me if you want to, on the points I raised..
and not every now and then try to get my personal life involved.
My personal life is not an open book for everyone to pry at..


1) Master Locke. - you have proven not to check your facts first before shooting your big mouth out..your time having spent helping a lawyer ex-gf is wasted if even the very basic fundamental rules for lawyers still can't set on you..

2) GMS - you were the one who went for the protest after the event ended and when E-Jay mentioned it on SBF you demanded that he deleted that post. Yet you tried to implicate QXP without proof, of attending the protest to get him into trouble.. Why the assumption? You can't even prove that BHH was QXP and just so happened he was in red and you jump to that conclusion? Not forgetting that you accused QXP of having kopi with us on the Black September protest. You did not go for the 1st so I assume you were talking about the 2nd where you drag your poor nephew along...so tell me..which one was it that is QXP?

3) Jacys - princess snow white of SBF..you mentioned that "if one is really not interested in politics, why take part in the protest?" - does the price hikes only affect politicians? Is protest mainly for politicians? and if that is so..why are known politicians like yourself..locke..GMS not there instead? have WP organise any protest for 'politicians' like yourself to take part in?

From your below posting, I believe that you do agree..if one is well behave..they will not be banned!

From: jacys 17:00
To: handyplaster unread 20 of 20
172579.20 in reply to 172579.14
well i m sure ur nick had been banned too many times since u have to use such a new nick to reply me
and y m i not banned?
compare ur behavior with mime and the answer is there.
Send E-Mail
Add To Friends
Ignore Posts
Member Since: 22-Mar
Posts: 52
Last Visit: 15:04

4) LTS aka whatever you are now - Pathetic attention seeker..I have refused to lower myself down to your level to engage you.. I've been ignoring you for more than a year..but till to date..you are ranting non-stop at me.. That says a lot about your pettiness..not mine..now shoo..no matter how hard you try.. I will not respond to your pathetic attention seeking..

5) Kojakbt /0/11/22 - I never respond to you..IMO..I find you too vulgar in your language which I refrain from engaging.. Post responsibly..and you will not be ban..member or no member..

6) godlovespork / godluvpork - I don't even remember engaging you..why are you so vindictive to blame your banning on us?

7) to all WP members / Supporters in SBF - for one who have helped you get a affordable rental car through my contact for GE2006, and who sent my worker and lorry to pick up a helium tank when your were left stranded on WP's children day event, that's not the way to thank me.

8) to the rest of the nicks..be it clones or not that is out pinning the blame on F4 - get a life, there are more to do besides spending time watching F4.. don't make accusations that are not justifiable and baseless..

Let's all be gentleman, we all come into SBF to post our thoughts and opinions. We can have a engagement, even quarrel if our views are different. Appreciate forumers here stop posting my personal details / pictures / life, I don't see how it is related to our topic of discussion. LTS's picture was posted way before our 1st meeting, yet he can pinned all the blame to F4.

The forum doesn't belong to F4..everyday the likes of LTS / GMS / Locke / Jacys will name some nicks to accuse them of being our clones. This was refuted many times and still, the accusation goes on!

I believe old timers here will be able to tell the difference in nicks and clones. And I for one, have always refrain from replying to clones.

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting.

Edited 02/04/2008 02:23 ET by 邪不能胜正 (LaMei)

if she helps, u r beholden for life!

she emceed melvin's wedding. his wife was supposed to be her "best friend"....tsk..tsk...

From: Melvin_Tan 2-Apr 23:42
To: NgEjay 188 of 191

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Dear E-Jay,

You related to me, so here's my response.

Firstly, as far as I remember, that was the only occasion of help rendered. In addition, I impressed that this was done out of personal friendship to the one whom sought it.

Nevertheless, I believe, knowing my party comrades, no help rendered will ever be forgotten. Exclude SBF'ers GMS who has left, Locke and Jacys who are neither very active nor were present at that event.

Secondly, there is also help that you wish to calculate to the detail. Take your mention of a wedding. Gratitude is abound, no doubt, but a celebratory occasion as such, we want to go down to the details and not forget to calculate the angpows and free hotel stay too?

I have done the same, played emcee, played brother. In my view, this is not something calculatory.

Thirdly, just because you render help to someone once or twice doesn't give you the right to tailgate or falsity umpteen times or more anomalously, ditto on anyone I merely know or of no connection when help is rendered to just, say, me. Otherwise, this also means immunity to all SGX staff and PropNex agents?

Had I known that that was someone's belief beef, perhaps a better idea for wifey to engage someone else.

Finally, I do note tailgating of you guys but I am not even bothered about the same on me, or have not for a long time, doesn't mean I have not seen it.



hope after reading this, we could learn to FORGIVE, FORGET AND MOVING ON from there...

The Mayo Clinic writes that it is better to forgive and forget than to hold grudges.

Beyond the personal anger and resentment that grudges cause, it's also bad for your health: it causes high levels of stress, high blood pressure, more anxiety, and poor anger-management skills. Instead, commit to forgive and find compassion, even if forgiveness does not yield reconciliation.

Recognize the value moving forward adds to the quality of life. One who has finally forgiven someone will be more at peace, even if it is necessary to forgive again and again when memories trigger unhappiness. Ultimately, looking beyond the bad will bring much joy, and that is why it helps to achieve that much-needed closure.
Forgiveness: How to let go of grudges and bitterness
When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge or embrace forgiveness and move forward.

Katherine M. Piderman, Ph.D.

Nearly everyone has been hurt by the actions or words of another. Your mother criticized your parenting skills. Your friend gossiped about you. Your partner had an affair. These wounds can leave you with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness and even vengeance.

But when you don't practice forgiveness, you may be the one who pays most dearly. By embracing forgiveness, you embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy. Here, Katherine M. Piderman, Ph.D., staff chaplain at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., discusses forgiveness and how it can lead you down the path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What is forgiveness?
There's no one definition of forgiveness. But in general, forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentments and thoughts of revenge. Forgiveness is the act of untying yourself from thoughts and feelings that bind you to the offense committed against you. This can reduce the power these feelings otherwise have over you, so that you can a live freer and happier life in the present. Forgiveness can even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you.

Why do we hold grudges and become resentful and unforgiving?
The people most likely to hurt us are those closest to us — our partners, friends, siblings and parents. When we're hurt by someone we love and trust — whether it's a lie, betrayal, rejection, abuse or insult — it can be extremely difficult to overcome. And even minor offenses can turn into huge conflicts.

When you experience hurt or harm from someone's actions or words, whether this is intended or not, you may begin experiencing negative feelings such as anger, confusion or sadness, especially when it's someone close to you. These feelings may start out small. But if you don't deal with them quickly, they can grow bigger and more powerful. They may even begin to crowd out positive feelings. Grudges filled with resentment, vengeance and hostility take root when you dwell on hurtful events or situations, replaying them in your mind many times.

Soon, you may find yourself swallowed up by your own bitterness or sense of injustice. You may feel trapped and may not see a way out. It's very hard to let go of grudges at this point and instead you may remain resentful and unforgiving.

How do I know it's time to try to embrace forgiveness?
When we hold on to pain, old grudges, bitterness and even hatred, many areas of our lives can suffer. When we're unforgiving, it's we who pay the price over and over. We may bring our anger and bitterness into every relationship and new experience. Our lives may be so wrapped up in the wrong that we can't enjoy the present. Other signs that it may be time to consider forgiveness include:

Dwelling on the events surrounding the offense
Hearing from others that you have a chip on your shoulder or that you're wallowing in self-pity
Being avoided by family and friends because they don't enjoy being around you
Having angry outbursts at the smallest perceived slights
Often feeling misunderstood
Drinking excessively, smoking or using drugs to try to cope with your pain
Having symptoms of depression or anxiety
Being consumed by a desire for revenge or punishment
Automatically thinking the worst about people or situations
Regretting the loss of a valued relationship
Feeling like your life lacks meaning or purpose
Feeling at odds with your religious or spiritual beliefs
The bottom line is that you may often feel miserable in your current life.

How do I reach a state of forgiveness?
Forgiveness is a commitment to a process of change. It can be difficult and it can take time. Everyone moves toward forgiveness a little differently. One step is to recognize the value of forgiveness and its importance in our lives at a given time. Another is to reflect on the facts of the situation, how we've reacted, and how this combination has affected our lives, our health and our well-being. Then, as we are ready, we can actively choose to forgive the one who has offended us. In this way, we move away from our role as a victim and release the control and power the offending person and situation have had in our lives.


the moniker "chiatilik" in sbf is a dick used by many nics.....or rather a nic used by many dicks. whatever! read this and u will understand.

From: BAN!BAN!BAN!MorePAPthanPAP (GohMengSeng) 08:48
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 122 of 128

172728.122 in reply to 172728.49

Dear Lamei,

Wait wait, I am asking you whether reposting any photographs on the forums constitute anything sinister or not?

Frankly speaking, I am not interested in what LTS posted. I want your answers straight. If you say reposting photos of you is alright, then I can make all the collections of those photos on any other blogs. If not, then why F4, Ejay in particular, keep an archive of those photos of others?

As I have said, please show me where have I made any accusations on F4 banning others? Just like, I am simply stating what others have been saying, that's all. But yet, after so much bragging here, we still did not get a CLEAR answer from your good self, did you write in to ban anybody at all?

LOL! Talking about "association"! Now you say those supporters of yours are not "associate" while LTS, a nobody who are not even in my circle of political friends, is my associate? Please lah, stop and think what you are talking about! If Cumspitcobra is not an associate of F4, then I really wonder how come he is posting Tilik's message in this forum! Tilik has explained he told Cumspitcobra to "POST ON HIS BEHALF" using Tilik's account! Oh, if such a person which is so close to Tilik in whom he could trust his very own account for him/she to access is not an Associate, then I really don't know what to say! LOL!

And to think that if such a person, so trusted and close to F4 cannot be considered as your associate, then by what standards do you conclude LTS is my associate? You are pretty LAME!

Goh Meng Seng

The rife that many forummers were suddenly banned for speaking against sdp and sghuman rights people raise the ire of those banned monikers. LEETAHSAR has all along trying to enlighten all not to be misled and be misguided into a foolish petty extremist practice against our gov.

well, what happen? they protested in the name of 'higher consumer prices', overpaid minitoots and a host of silly issues. about 12 were arrested. among them F4 gang of chiatilik, go hui leng (lamei), ng ejay and of course the chee siblings and the rest of the la la gang.

it's becoming a common side-show now that many singaporeans just can't be bothered by it. this incident wasn't even show in tv news but protest as far away as TIBET was repetively screened.

strange country we have and weirdos idiots who are really lame brained! so pathetic!


look at what this forummer just found and revealed....tsk..tsk...and she still wanna lie further...^head shaking*

Coffee Shop Talk - Confimed: I was banned by Lamei
From: kojakbt22 06:06
To: ALL 1 of 9


Dear bros,

I have just received a reply from Walk Howe of Delphiforums (tos@delphiforums.com). See below.

This has confirmed my suspicion all along that Lamei is the person behind my ban. The only pic I posted before getting banned is the one about Lamei (aka Go Hui Leng) holding one kid and carrying another participating in the SDP protest. There were no other pics. I can attest to this.

This also helps in some way to confirm some of the stories revealed by a forumer here that the so-called "F4" is behind a series of banning. If this Lamei went to complain against me for posting a public picture, what about all the other people who have been "quarreling" with her? It's extremely likely that I'm not her first and last case (I don't know about the rest, so I can only speak from whatever evidence I have on hand now). So, it's reasonable to assume that I'm not alone and that She (or her gang) must have banned others too.

Another interesting revelation is this. Walt Howe said, "avoid participating in attacks on other members".... what does this mean? I need help from you guys out there to find out the details of the Forum terms and conditions. Heck, from day 1 when SBF is in operation, everyday everyone is attacking someone! What kind of attacks is ok, and what kind is not? We must establish some ground rules. The word "ATTACK" is just too broad.

Cause if you want to define ATTACK very narrowly, then anytime you call Lamei names, that would be an attack. Anytime you say she is not a responsible mother who bring kids to protest, that's another attack. And if her complaint is entertained, what about the rest of the people? Then any minute infringement on say a person X, he can also follow Lamei's example and go complain. I tell u bros, if we allow this to happen, this FORUM will die cause this whole place would become like communist China in cultural revolution or the Resign of Terror in the French Revolution when any slight infringement would be reported to the authorities! This is even worse than STOMP! And if this FORUM dies, it's harder to start another like SBF again which has grown in stature with rich history. I dare say this, it would be a loss to Singapore and Singaporeans if SBF dies.

So BROTHERS, we must fight back. What I intend to do is this. Now that I have gotten the attention of Walt Howe, I would like to engage him further. My writings is not very good. I would like to start this thread here so that we can all compose a letter to Walt Howe to better define the terms and conditions of banning people here. The one word "ATTACK" is just too broad. Finally, pls submit in your email addr or nicks (I think email addr better cause it carrys more weight) to jointly submit this letter to Walt Howe. We need to put an end to this indiscriminate banning that's going on (esp I suspect it's only a few of these crying babies who are crying out for banning others they don't agree with).

For those of you who dont wish to reveal yourselves here publicly (for fear that you would be targeted by er... u know who, you can email me kojakbt@gmail.com.

- kojakbt -


Walt Howe to me
show details 1:22 am (10 hours ago)

I re-opened your kodakbt22 account. In return, I expect you to avoid participating in attacks on other members or posting pictures that are not yours.

Walt Howe
Terms of Service Office
Delphi Forums


there she goes again....putting up more craps...FRESH LIVE CRAPS as usual in sbf forum about mata (policemen) visting her flat. well, let's hear what's her la kopi tale with the matas....

Coffee Shop Talk - 2nd Rejected Letter to ST - 15/3 Protest
From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 02:26
To: ALL 1 of 9


Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:48:20 +0800 (CST)
Subject: Letter to the Forum with regards to Police Intimidation
To: stforum@sph.com.sg

I was a participant in the 15 March 2008 protest organized by SDP along with two of my young children.

On 20th March 2008, at about 9.45pm, while trying to put my two tired kids to sleep, a loud bang on my door jolted them up.

At the door, I was greeted by two non-uniformed police officers who identified themselves and told me that I was under investigation for participating in an illegal assembly and procession.

My questions are:

1) Since they could identify me as one of the protesters, I am sure they are well aware that I have two young children. Did they need to bang on my door so hard? Yes, my door bell is not working, but my ears are. I am certainly not deaf!

2) Is this police way of intimidating citizens who are not afraid of exercising their constitutional rights to participate in a peaceful protest?

3) Do the police want my young children to see them as intimidating figures rather than as "friendly neighborhood policemen", as they like to market themselves to be?

4) What has become of our society if even speaking up is a crime, citizen are being intimidated for doing so, and yet limping terrorists are out on the loose?


maybe she should also mention, the matas drooled at her. what were they thinking of?!! bak kut teh tonight in balestier? or thank god! my mother, sister, gf or wife is not like this old bragging noisy laukubuay!

notice: she didn't dare to put up her REAL name. such a braggard!!