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Coffee Shop Talk - the last meal ...
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yesterday morning marked the last meals my makan kakis gang had in mei ling hawker centre.

LTS had given us the name slightly wrongly. IT WAS MEI CHIN HC and not mei ling.

it was indeed a very pleasant bright, airy and spacious hawker centre.

goodness!! yesterday was the last day for operation...and the queues of some of remaining operating stalls were a sight to behold!!

luckily we went in to makan operations. each agent took others for each other and set off to queue at the individuals stalls as SELF SERVICE was the rule of hc now.

it was priceless that we gotta try the corner hainan's kopi/tea. but too bad, all the charcoal grilled roti and their kaya was sold out. the soft-boiled eggs was too.

many of the stalls have given up. the hawkers had decided to call it a day. for those who still wanting to operate, u can find thme migrated temporarily for a year to margaret drive hc.

we had the IPOH kuay teow for the pui soh. it was a long long queue. we tried all the offerings they had there: shredded chicken/mushroom, chicken feet, duck, mixed meats(chicken & duck) and their even popular pai kut or pork rib noodle.


then the white and dark version of fried carrot cakes. it was very delightful and suprising that all the prices remained unchanged. the bak chor mee already wound up operation. but next door the $1 peranankan laksa by 2 fattie brothers were still selling.

the queue at the far end where the lor mee stall was was indeed a sight to behold. then the ECONOMICAL BEEHOON near the toilet, another queue was growing.

one of us joker, queued there. no wonder the long queue! the beehoon/mee/bee tai bak sold for only 60c/80c! peanut congee was at 80c.

the NO SIGN BOARD duck stall was no more. heard it had already shifted to margaret hc.

another stall selling traditional char tao kueh had already wounded up. what a waste! this stall sold their food for only $1.50 n had 35yrs + history.

it was a nice day that we makan kakis finally gotta savour good, cheap n honest to goodness prices.

we wonder what kind of new breed hawkers who congregrate here and what food prices it would be like one year later when the upgraded hc is completed.

OF COURSE, we all had a delightful time listening to the crabby zany stories from the man who's most notorious and hated here - LEETAHSAR!!

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