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Matters of the Heart - A Tribute to Dr Seng Kwang Meng!
From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 4-Apr 10:07
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Dr K M Seng, as I fondly addressed him, was my gynae for the past 11 years..

He was like a father, a friend, a mentor to many of his patients like me..

A many of a few words to many, but with me, every visit to his clinic, he will spend at least 5 - 10 mins chatting up with me..

All those 5 - 10 mins of chit chatting, I got to know this fatherly gynae of mine better, and through the years able to build that special bonding of trust between a gynae and a patient..

Trust that I know I am in good hands.
Trust that I know that he will place my interest above everything else.

My son was conceived and delivered under his care.
The pregnancy was tough as I was a complicated case..
He never took chance, and was always giving me assurance and encouragement to pull through some of the most difficult moments of my pregnancy..

After 2 kids, I no longer need to see him as often as I use to.
After a almost 3 years break..I went back to him last November.
When he saw my medical card, he came out of his room to receive me.
A tab on my shoulder and walk me in to the consultation room.
I feel so much at home in his clinic..
Familiar and friendly nurses and a fatherly doctor..
It was more like a catch up of old times, rather than a doctor's visit..
Sadly, that was the last I see of him..

A called from a friend, informing me of the demise of my beloved gynae, took me by surprise on Wednesday.

I am still coming terms with his sudden death..
He is only 68..(still so young, by papies standard, we suppose to live past 85)
I attended his funeral this morning, paid my respect and bid my final goodbye to a great doctor..

Thank you Dr Seng..
For helping me bring two wonderful children into this world..
You left footprints in my heart..
I thank you from the bottom of my heart..

You will always be fondly remembered by many.


from the msn of newspaper report:

女 方: 我 只 有“0” 水 准 文 凭, 已 不 是 处 女 身 了。 我 还 有 两 个 拖 油 瓶, 你 还 爱 我 吗?
男 方: 这 些 我 都 不 建 议。

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