Thursday, April 3, 2008

more defence & accussation...

who's lying here? who's teling the truth? one thing for sure, it was because of her sowing of discord that creates so muc unhappiness, friendship breakups and disunity. yet, she still doesn't come to her senses

From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 06:12
To: Melvin_Tan 209 of 212

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I am rather shocked by the statements you made here..
"not forget to calculate the angpows and free hotel stay too?"
"Had I known that that was someone's belief beef, perhaps a better idea for wifey to engage someone else."

post with your conscious and pls check with wifey especially the ang pow statement.. You owe me an apology on that..

I made the statement addressed to WP members and supporters who have been going around labelling me as anti-wp and that I have an axe to grind with wp. I have refrain from mentioning the little help I rendered for a good friend's sake even though challenged more than once by them.

I do not expect any thanks from anyone from wp. But their actions are not in at all a way to thank me. WP and it's members here in SBF (don't deny their existence) need to reflect on their actions as to why they have lost even the support of a friend like me.

Last but not least..I do hope that the rest of the SB's sisters are not reading this. Time to do a bit of reflection.


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From: Melvin_Tan 06:57
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 210 of 212

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My first and last response:

1) I am using my clear conscience and if one feels it is not a clear one, nothing has been cleared up with me to date

2) I don't owe any one any apology

3) Please don't quote me out of context

4) Other "sisters" do not express certain things to their friends thinking it's their right since they've rendered help and I need to repay this debt with my reputation; hence, I am still friends with them

5) I refrain from going further in order not to make this ugly


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