Tuesday, April 8, 2008

lies, bans and lovers flirts...

i think this joker started the CATCH WHO'S BEHIND THE CAUSE OF MOST OF THE BANS IN SBF....

Coffee Shop Talk - Confimed: I was banned by Lamei
From: kojakbt22 2-Apr 06:06
To: ALL 1 of 92


Dear bros,
I have just received a reply from Walk Howe of Delphiforums (tos@delphiforums.com). See below.

This has confirmed my suspicion all along that Lamei is the person behind my ban. The only pic I posted before getting banned is the one about Lamei (aka Go Hui Leng) holding one kid and carrying another participating in the SDP protest. There were no other pics. I can attest to this.

This also helps in some way to confirm some of the stories revealed by a forumer here that the so-called "F4" is behind a series of banning. If this Lamei went to complain against me for posting a public picture, what about all the other people who have been "quarreling" with her? It's extremely likely that I'm not her first and last case (I don't know about the rest, so I can only speak from whatever evidence I have on hand now). So, it's reasonable to assume that I'm not alone and that She (or her gang) must have banned others too.

Another interesting revelation is this. Walt Howe said, "avoid participating in attacks on other members".... what does this mean? I need help from you guys out there to find out the details of the Forum terms and conditions. Heck, from day 1 when SBF is in operation, everyday everyone is attacking someone! What kind of attacks is ok, and what kind is not? We must establish some ground rules. The word "ATTACK" is just too broad.

Cause if you want to define ATTACK very narrowly, then anytime you call Lamei names, that would be an attack. Anytime you say she is not a responsible mother who bring kids to protest, that's another attack. And if her complaint is entertained, what about the rest of the people? Then any minute infringement on say a person X, he can also follow Lamei's example and go complain. I tell u bros, if we allow this to happen, this FORUM will die cause this whole place would become like communist China in cultural revolution or the Resign of Terror in the French Revolution when any slight infringement would be reported to the authorities! This is even worse than STOMP! And if this FORUM dies, it's harder to start another like SBF again which has grown in stature with rich history. I dare say this, it would be a loss to Singapore and Singaporeans if SBF dies.

So BROTHERS, we must fight back. What I intend to do is this. Now that I have gotten the attention of Walt Howe, I would like to engage him further. My writings is not very good. I would like to start this thread here so that we can all compose a letter to Walt Howe to better define the terms and conditions of banning people here. The one word "ATTACK" is just too broad. Finally, pls submit in your email addr or nicks (I think email addr better cause it carrys more weight) to jointly submit this letter to Walt Howe. We need to put an end to this indiscriminate banning that's going on (esp I suspect it's only a few of these crying babies who are crying out for banning others they don't agree with).

For those of you who dont wish to reveal yourselves here publicly (for fear that you would be targeted by er... u know who, you can email me kojakbt@gmail.com.

- kojakbt -


Walt Howe to me
show details 1:22 am (10 hours ago)

I re-opened your kodakbt22 account. In return, I expect you to avoid participating in attacks on other members or posting pictures that are not yours.

Walt Howe
Terms of Service Office
Delphi Forums

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IDOFOUR said...

Walt Howe is a hypocrite