Thursday, April 24, 2008

aiyo! just how low these creeps would stoop??!!

mimicking another netizens to sow discords. these are the type of people now profliferating in forums now. sinkies really make the worst netizen with the most self-deprecating internet etiquette!
Coffee Shop Talk - now who would wanna do this -AGAIN?
From: 3stooges4 21:05
To: ALL 1 of 2


observe the 'q' and the 'g'. i did tell u people about FLIRT & DESTROY and discords sowing, hor? click on 3stooqes4's profile and be aware of such despicable behaviour here.

Coffee Shop Talk - I am disgusted with my MP Low TK
From: 3stooqes4 16:30
To: Raffles1823 unread 14 of 16

175047.14 in reply to 175047.1

LOW should look at the characters of the people he allowed into WP

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From: 3stooges4 21:06
To: ALL 2 of 2

175165.2 in reply to 175165.1

From: 3stooges4 21:02
To: 3stooqes4 unread 16 of 16

175047.16 in reply to 175047.14

sowing discord by cloning me, 3stooqes4?

your 'q' cannot hides the 'g', my dear petty bitch.

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