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Coffee Shop Talk - demise of the old man ...
From: leetahsar 15/06/2007 23:11
To: ALL 1 of 110


specially for KELVIN, the balless sotong:

YOUR TOXIC OLD MAN HAD PASSED AWAY THIS MORNING 16 JUN. his body is now lying in LAVENDER rd, s'pore casket.

you should visit him since u so concern about him.

the group of laukuaybus and i are having lunch meeting and will be paying our last respect to him.

OM MANI PADME HOM...may he rest in peace....ornitoufo....

one lau soh related the entire story how this toxic old man came to such a sorry state....sad...indeed...very sad....;9(

i recalled the days when he was healthier, the bunch of laukuaybus would drive me and this toxic old man for makan. then it was off to karaoke.

old man could really sing. he would even select 'difficult' high pitch songs and asked me to sing for them. it was happy days. we always 'toot' each other with sarcastic fiery remarks. however, it was all for the fun and laughter of such language.

when that balless kelvin sotong visited him, he was up to his usual verbal mischief. when the old man didn't realise was this bloody balless sotong was really up to no good.

i think if he realised that, he won't have said those 'nasty' sarcastic words. infront of me and the bunch of laukuaybus, we were already so used to his toxic words. we just took it in good sports...unlike that fucker kelvin!

now he's gone....forever....

PEACE BE WITH U Q T C or katek and the laukuaybus gang will miss u during our happy hours karaoke times together....have a safe journey home to the LORD's....amen!
QTC that's the old man's name was quite a handsome chap during his younger days. he had many gfs but being petty, choosy and very very idiosyncrasis, none of the girls lasted long with him. he was also a miser. very very stingy and calculative...aggravating and speeding those cute mei meis to leave him faster than a speeding bullet!

in his later old age years, he was rather lonely. even all his pals deserted him after they were married. this toxic old man was foul mouthed and stupidly went to talk bad about people's wife infront of the husbands who were his pals.

hence, everyone shunned him.

the kindly lor soh had deep compassion for him cos she was sorry he was left desolated.

whenever we went makan with the other laukuaybus, we would call him along. but eating meals with him was rather a test of everyone's tolerance.

he was wasteful and quite inconsiderate. take for example, if we order a live steamed fish and it was deliciously cooked, he would devour the major portion of it disregarding the rest of the diners, us!

things like expensive sharkfins which one of the lkb tried and told us not to order cos not nice and definitely not worth it, he would insist of ordering. this sadly ended up barely touched. why?

IT WAS REALLY HORRENDOUS£¡£¡ so floury, tasteless, bland and totally devoid of any sharksfin. the miniscule fins also tasted unreal hardened gelatin. but the price was super obscene too!

the generous lau soh would foot the bill but wasn't happy that expensive food were just to make her happy, i would try to force as much into my piggy's tummy as possible and lightened up every lkb's mood by talking jokes and rots to amuse them .

recently we were dining again with one of the toxic old man's good pal. he revealed to us, that man might be infected with TB instead of what he claimed to be.

all the lkbs were shocked and said they would go for medical checkups just to play safe.

....soon he was admitted to the nursing home - the place where i brought that balless kelvin sotong to see him. that was where he got from this toxic old man all the lame terms to use relentlessly on this blur piggy.

later he was placed in a cheaper home. the latest, we heard he was admitted into TTSH intensive care.

he was infuriated. he believed in a china man who promised him good returns in some shady investment. in the end, he was cheated of more than 60K. he couldn't get over the loss. in a fit of anger, his health turned for the worst.

even in such a dire state, he still thought of the lost money. he engaged a lawyer to claim back from that china conman. for this, he would have to cough out more legal fees which aggravated his already poor health....and soon....he gulped his last breathe and died!

this morning about 10am 16 june '07. he was 67 y o.

sotong, he said he missed u....hahahaha...just joking!

but his death is seriously REAL!

someone called himself PAKLAOBEI from sbf kopitiam who cooked up the above story for the purpose of mischief and defamation. so sad that losers especially from the lame F4 can take the trouble to go so such deplorable despicable extent.

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