Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bitch of a troll brags the most when giving a little help..

she was mingling within WORKERS' PARTY, mixing with prominent members there. she hated LTK to hate wp. he also hated LTK to hate wp. yet both of them were there. who was sowing the discord? who instigated who to resign?

WHY THEN WERE THEY THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?? if a wp wasn't up to one's expectation, why didn't they try to improve it? why must they now trying to discredit, defame and smear the good name of WORKERS' PARTY? ...sad, and they preached about human rights. my toes are really giggling!!

in her own long winded credit claiming thread.....

From: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 2-Apr 02:19


I been seeing a lot of threads dedicated to me over the past few days.
Screaming, shouting for my attention.

Unlike a (pinkish coloured) clown who claimed he has a lot of silent supporters,
I am thankful for the vocal supporters who defended me..
Thank you for standing by and believing me...
(Deep bows to you all)..

I believe freedom of speech comes with responsibilities..
Respect every forumer's personal identity and family..
Recently we have been seeing more and more forumers vindictively posting personal details linking this forumer to that identity..
Is that necessary? Isn't that very low blow?

I do not see the need to engage people who are shit stirrers and obvious trouble makers..
Engage me if you want to, on the points I raised..
and not every now and then try to get my personal life involved.
My personal life is not an open book for everyone to pry at..


1) Master Locke. - you have proven not to check your facts first before shooting your big mouth out..your time having spent helping a lawyer ex-gf is wasted if even the very basic fundamental rules for lawyers still can't set on you..

2) GMS - you were the one who went for the protest after the event ended and when E-Jay mentioned it on SBF you demanded that he deleted that post. Yet you tried to implicate QXP without proof, of attending the protest to get him into trouble.. Why the assumption? You can't even prove that BHH was QXP and just so happened he was in red and you jump to that conclusion? Not forgetting that you accused QXP of having kopi with us on the Black September protest. You did not go for the 1st so I assume you were talking about the 2nd where you drag your poor nephew tell me..which one was it that is QXP?

3) Jacys - princess snow white of mentioned that "if one is really not interested in politics, why take part in the protest?" - does the price hikes only affect politicians? Is protest mainly for politicians? and if that is so..why are known politicians like yourself..locke..GMS not there instead? have WP organise any protest for 'politicians' like yourself to take part in?

From your below posting, I believe that you do agree..if one is well behave..they will not be banned!

From: jacys 17:00
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172579.20 in reply to 172579.14
well i m sure ur nick had been banned too many times since u have to use such a new nick to reply me
and y m i not banned?
compare ur behavior with mime and the answer is there.
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4) LTS aka whatever you are now - Pathetic attention seeker..I have refused to lower myself down to your level to engage you.. I've been ignoring you for more than a year..but till to are ranting non-stop at me.. That says a lot about your pettiness..not matter how hard you try.. I will not respond to your pathetic attention seeking..

5) Kojakbt /0/11/22 - I never respond to you..IMO..I find you too vulgar in your language which I refrain from engaging.. Post responsibly..and you will not be ban..member or no member..

6) godlovespork / godluvpork - I don't even remember engaging you..why are you so vindictive to blame your banning on us?

7) to all WP members / Supporters in SBF - for one who have helped you get a affordable rental car through my contact for GE2006, and who sent my worker and lorry to pick up a helium tank when your were left stranded on WP's children day event, that's not the way to thank me.

8) to the rest of the it clones or not that is out pinning the blame on F4 - get a life, there are more to do besides spending time watching F4.. don't make accusations that are not justifiable and baseless..

Let's all be gentleman, we all come into SBF to post our thoughts and opinions. We can have a engagement, even quarrel if our views are different. Appreciate forumers here stop posting my personal details / pictures / life, I don't see how it is related to our topic of discussion. LTS's picture was posted way before our 1st meeting, yet he can pinned all the blame to F4.

The forum doesn't belong to F4..everyday the likes of LTS / GMS / Locke / Jacys will name some nicks to accuse them of being our clones. This was refuted many times and still, the accusation goes on!

I believe old timers here will be able to tell the difference in nicks and clones. And I for one, have always refrain from replying to clones.

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting.

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