Sunday, April 20, 2008

a fake story full of mischief and lies by PAKLAOBEI

Coffee Shop Talk - Cursing A Dying Man
From: PakLaoBei 14-Apr 06:40
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Would you curse a dying man on his deathbed?

Well, the story goes like this...

This guy was actually dying of cancer. Among his acquaintances, there is this particular fella (shall refer to him as H) who has been leeching on him for free food and drinks in the past. Since it is a few $ only, he doesn't think much of it. But H was plotting something more sinister and wanted to cheat him of his savings. However his plan was exposed, and he call H a "conman". From that time onwards, H bear this grudge in his heart. When the guy was hospitalised during his final days, H visited him in hospital and seeing that this man was dying, actually curse this guy and say that he is better off dying sooner. H then goes on to make laugh and make a joke out of it in online forums, repeating his cursing, even though the dying guy did nothing to him.

Now what do you think of H? Is his behaviour despicable? Do you all think it is right to curse a dying man?

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From: Leongsam 14-Apr 06:44
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In a democracy, people are free to curse whoever they want regardless of the state they are in.

Get a Mac.. You won't look Back!

let's hope the dead old man would pay a visit to PAKLAOBEI during one of this misty nights.

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