Monday, April 14, 2008


Coffee Shop Talk - Letter to MP - (he did not reply)
From: pap_hiphop65 11:17
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) unread 120 of 122

173988.120 in reply to 173988.3

Your letter arr nothing but grouses

Contribute something more constructive

MPs are busy, has no time to read long-winded letters

From: 3stooges4 11:34
To: pap_hiphop65 unread 121 of 122

173988.121 in reply to 173988.120

she's making it like ah baey must have full attention in her ONLY.

even his walk about around the neighbourhood, she made it like she was the centre of attraction. it just short of demanding ah baey to date her out for some patho!

the rest of the residents are miscellaneous and not important. she was the star of brickworks!!! ah baey must pay full attention on her..and her alone!!


From: 3stooges4 11:36
To: pap_hiphop65 unread 122 of 122

173988.122 in reply to 173988.120

it should be my turn soon that ah baey visit me. i will definitely haggle for details about his unfortunate encounter with this whimpy fishmonger troll.

if i m not banned by then, u bet the authentic truth will be out by then!!

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