Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...and along comes the superglue turd

if the wedge chooses to unite instead of splitting the 2 pieces of bigger kayu apart, the unity of the 2 kayus can be further enhanced and reinforce.

that would be the job of the superglue. in this case our superglue is none other the turdy nerd ejay ng.

however, if superglue turd chooses to be playful, soon its turdy glue would be hardened up dry and renders itself a useless turdy blob.

when wedge serves its purpose to unite kayus. turdy superglue strengthens the unity. the united kayus can now take on the paps and spank their BUTTS properly.

then only it's kick the PAPS' butts time can begin........;9)

to join or to split, the fate of the wedge

actually during my school day's woodwork class, i had also learned that a WEDGE can also be a small piece of kayu that keeps 2 bigger kayus together firmly.

it all depends on this WEDGE whether to disunite or to unite 2 pieces of kayus.

to be practically positive or to be diabolically negative and causes more disarray of confusion among the kayus, it lies entirely on this little piece of kayu called the WEDGE.

chiatilik, gohmengseng and a wedge

ctl and gms were suppose to be ex comrades from the WP. whatever transpired between these 2 jokers is really quite interestingly and mysterious.
how come both were from the same party and after each going separate ways, they seem to be always at loggerheads.
this brings us to the 3rd lead in my thread title, that is the WEDGE.
the wedge is a small piece of wood that keeps 2 pieces of wood apart by driving itself in between them.
the woods or 2 pieces of kayus involved now is none other chiatilik, right kayu and gohmengseng - the left kayu.
then who is the WEDGE?....
she is none other the desperate housewife la mei.
now analyse the whole situation. what does a cbl or cho bo lan auntie housewife who professes that I M NOT INTERESTED IN POLITICS turns herself into a WEDGE and disunite opps candidate camaderie??
any idea any one?

Monday, October 15, 2007

horror MRT suicide......;9(

anything more horror than this clip?


sinkie man sliced into two by oncoming mrt in suicide bid.

CAUGHT LIVE!!...my god!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

working hard; working blind

to simply persist in working hard, but working blindly, does not necessarily lead to success.
one who does not know how to contemplate will learn nothing, even when he has spent all his life.
we earn money to live, but WE LIVE NOT JUST TO EARN MONEY.
only the cool-headed thinker can grasp the truth of life.

silent contemplation is the key to successful living.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

loving paps, tyrants & serfs

PAPS to serfs: this policy is good. that policy is even better for u....so just take the bitter pill and shuddup!!

...so serfs shuddup.

TYRANTS to serfs: u better do this...and do that. u make noise, we chop heads....so bleed and shuddup!

....so serfs shuddup.

any difference here?