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GENTING SHARES - just for the records

May 27, 2009
Genting S'pore shares sold
Shares in Genting Singapore fall as much as 21%
Sellers are entities owned by family that owns Genting
Sale aimed at boosting liquidity in shares

In Malaysia, shares in Genting Bhd, which is controlled by the family of Chairman and CEO Lim Kok Thay (left), fell 4.5 per cent. --PHOTO: BT

SINGAPORE - THE family that owns Malaysian gaming firm Genting Bhd sold about 9 per cent of shares in its Singapore unit to institutions on Wednesday, raising US$425 million, two sources with knowledge of the deal told Reuters.
A total of 853.8 million Genting Singapore shares were sold at S$0.72 a share, a discount of around 17 per cent to its last closing price, raising S$615 million.

The sale, through the family's vehicles Golden Hope Ltd and Lakewood Sdn Bhd, was aimed at boosting the stock's liquidity, according to one of the sources.

Shares of the unit dropped more than a fifth, inviting a query from the Singapore Exchange about the sharp price moves. In Malaysia, shares in Genting Bhd, which is controlled by the family of Chairman and CEO Lim Kok Thay, fell 4.5 per cent.

The Genting Singapore shares were sold at the lower end of a S$0.72-S$0.76 per share range listed in a term sheet seen by Reuters. UBS and JPMorgan are joint book-runners for the secondary placement, the sources told Reuters.

Scouting for investments
Analysts in Malaysia said it's no secret that Genting has been scouting around for investment opportunities in Macau and Las Vegas, but the Genting Singapore stake sale appears to be a deal to take advantage of the steep rise in the firm's share price. Genting Singapore shares had more than doubled since early March to S$0.89.

'It does make logical sense for the Lim family to lock in some form of capital gains from their own direct stake,' said Keith Wee, analyst at OSK Investment Bank.

Genting shares in Malaysia are up 7.6 per cent since May 20 when the gaming group said it and unit Resorts World subscribed for a combined $100 million worth of notes issued by MGM as part of its $1.5 billion fund-raising exercise.

'They've always said they want to enter Macau and Las Vegas. There's always the possibility that these are somehow connected, but I would imagine if there are investment opportunities, it would be done via Resorts World,' said Liong Chee How, analyst at Kenanga Investment Bank. 'They have a very strong, very clean balance sheet. There is no reason not to take advantage of that,' he said.

Resorts World had net cash of 4.65 billion ringgit as of end-2008 and zero borrowings. -- REUTERS

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your neighbour; you best friend?

how true this article is? well, read with discreet :)

pJUDGE2009 May-25 10:47 pm


Najib Razak's
Third link
Will his mentor, Mahathir Mohamad, who hates Singapore, go berserk with all these ‘concessions’, asks Raja Petra.
May 24, 2004

By Raja Petra Kamarudin,
Malaysia Today

An old acquaintance of mine who was once quite senior in the Fisheries Department related this story, which he said stunned everybody in the room.

The occasion was a briefing session and the man who was the target of the briefing was Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This government officer who was conducting the briefing tried to impress Dr Mahathir on what they were doing.

He went into great detail talking about their plans and strategies and how things are going to improve once these plans and strategies are in place.

And he concluded by assuring Dr Mahathir that it will work because this is exactly what Singapore is doing.

Dr Mahathir gave the briefing officer a long and hard stare and said, “Please never mention Singapore in front of me again. Don’t you know we are at war with Singapore?”

From that day on, word spread like wildfire that you must never, at all costs, mention Singapore in front of Dr Mahathir, unless it is in a negative light that is.

To say that Malaysia too is doing such and such because Singapore is doing the same is to invite disaster and a dead-end career in the government.

We both had a good laugh and I never thought about this incident again until 2006, something like 30 years after I was first told the story about the briefing session.

And 2006 was when I started my association with Dr Mahathir soon after the dialogue session that Malaysia Today organised at the Kelab Century Paradise in Taman Melawati in Kuala Lumpur.

“Singapore is just a little red dot,” Dr Mahathir would tell all and sundry, sometimes to a crowd of 1,000 or more.

Why is Dr Mahathir so upset with (former premier) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? Because Pak Lah tunduk (kow tow) to Singapore.

Why is Dr Mahathir so upset that his Crooked Bridge has been aborted, and at a price that is more costly than if they went ahead and built it on top of that? Because Singapore does not want it -- so, by aborting it, Malaysia is bowing to Singapore’s demands.

Why is Dr Mahathir so angry with Kalimullah (whom he calls Hindu God and Muslim Priest)? Because Kalimullah is a Singapore agent.

Why is Dr Mahathir so angry with Khairy Jamaluddin? Because Khairy works for Singapore and is being funded by that ‘little red dot’.

Anything and everything even remotely associated with Singapore is a no-no in Dr Mahathir’s books.

“Of course I can’t get along with Singapore,” laments Dr Mahathir. “I can’t go to Singapore and play golf with Singapore’s leaders and pat each other on the back like those in Pak Lah’s government.”

“Who cares if Singapore wants a new straight bridge to replace the Causeway or not. They can keep their half of the Causeway. We will demolish our half and build half a bridge.

And if half a bridge is too short then we shall make it longer by building a crooked bridge.”

“Lee Kuan Yew told me that Goh Chok Tong is too sentimental. That’s why he does not want to see the Causeway demolished.

So we will have to wait until Chok Tong retires and then, after he retires, we shall demolish the whole Causeway.”

“Malaysia fought hard to gain independence from Britain. We opposed the British and the British plan for a Malayan Union.

However, after 50 years of Merdeka, we are still not independent. We still can’t decide what to do in our own country.

Singapore tells us what we can do in our own country. So we are not really that independent after all.”

And it goes on and on - Singapore this and Singapore that. It is all about Singapore. And all of Dr Mahathir’s unhappiness is because Singapore is the cause of everything that is wrong with this country and all his plans are being torpedoed because of Singapore.

There are those in Umno who say that in 2006 I abandoned Anwar Ibrahim and then jumped into Dr Mahathir’s camp. Then I left Dr Mahathir and swung over to Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s camp.

And after that I left Tengku Razaleigh to return to Anwar. Why I ‘left’ Dr Mahathir is not clear because there was no quarrel or bad blood between Dr Mahathir and me. I sort of just moved on without any reason offered.

That is what the Umno chaps say and they say this openly enough in their Blogs.

True, I did ‘swing over’ to Dr Mahathir back in 2006. But come 2008, I was involved in the general elections and after that the Pematang Pauh by-election followed by the Kuala Terengganu by-election. In between that I was arrested for sedition and then for criminal defamation after which I was detained a couple of months under the Internal Security Act.

So that sort of kept me busy for the last year or so, in between going to the police station numerous times and the many court appearances.

Nevertheless, while I may have been too busy to personally go meet Dr Mahathir in his house and office like I used to from 2006 to early 2008, I still kept in touch by phone and by passing messages through a mutual friend.

I also met Matthias many times for lunch, tea or dinner to spend hours discussing matters of mutual interest.

And most times the messages would be passed to and from Dr Mahathir through these people.

Dr Mahathir understood that our association was only because we both wanted the same thing - we both wanted to see Pak Lah ousted from office. That was the one thing that united us.

However, after Pak Lah leaves, who should be the man to replace him?

Dr Mahathir knew that my choice of successor was Tengku Razaleigh.

In fact, I had personally gone to meet Dr Mahathir in his house during Hari Raya of 2007 to inform him about this.

Furthermore, we had a series of meetings with Tengku Razaleigh together with Mukhriz’s boys to discuss how Tengku Razaleigh could make a bid for the Umno Presidency.

I was not naïve in thinking that Anwar would be the next prime minister.

This was before the 8 March 2008 general election and we were not sure yet at that time whether there was even going to be a Pakatan Rakyat (or maybe there would be three- or four-corner fights with PKR, PAS and DAP all contesting the same seat against Barisan Nasional).

So the man who becomes prime minister has to be someone from UMNO and that would have to be Tengku Razaleigh.

But we were not really sure whether Dr Mahathir would endorse Tengku Razaleigh in spite of (Mahathir’s son) Mukhriz’s boys appearing to be backing him.

When we asked Dr Mahathir to his face whether he preferred Najib over Tengku Razaleigh, he did not give the impression he preferred Najib.

We never thought Dr Mahathir would want Najib because of the ‘Singapore connection’.

He is angry with Pak Lah, Kalimullah and Khairy because they are said to be tools or agents of Singapore. But then would this not also be so for Najib?

Mr Daim Zainuddin has personally told Dr Mahathir that Singapore possesses all the evidence that Najib, Razak Baginda and Altantuya met at the Oriental Hotel in Marina Square one year before she died.

This means, with the evidence that Singapore possesses, they would be able to blackmail Najib.

Surely Dr Mahathir would not want someone who can be blackmailed into doing Singapore’s bidding become the next prime minister knowing how he feels about Singapore and those perceived as under Singapore’s control?

Najib has just made a trip to Singapore and while in Singapore he announced that Malaysia agrees to build a third bridge linking Malaysia and Singapore.

Third bridge? If there is going to be a third bridge then there would certainly be a second bridge.

And we are no longer talking about crooked bridges as what Dr Mahathir wants. We are talking about straight bridges as what Singapore wants.

And Najib also announced that the New Economic Policy would most likely be abolished as what Singapore would like to see.

Hmmm…this is interesting. Does Dr Mahathir know what Najib is doing? Surely Dr Mahathir can’t agree to Najib giving in to Singapore’s demands like what is currently happening.

Are we going to see Dr Mahathir going berserk like back in 2006 with all these concessions Najib is granting Singapore?

Well, Dr Mahathir knows I support him in his move to oust Pak Lah. But I just can’t support him on the move to replace Pak Lah with Najib.

My choice of successor was Tengku Razaleigh and I never hid that fact from Dr Mahathir. Probably the whole of UMNO knows this as well. Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR people certainly do.

Of course, if Pakatan Rakyat forms the government, and Anwar Ibrahim becomes prime minister instead, that is also okay with me.

But back in 2006 no one imagined that Pakatan Rakyat would ever be formed, let alone win five states and deny Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in parliament.

So the choice was either Tengku Razaleigh or Najib and I never dreamt that Dr Mahathir would choose Najib considering he is so pantang about Singapore and would never accept as prime minister someone whom Singapore can squeeze by the balls - especially when this someone can be blackmailed about a very secret and sensitive meeting with a woman in the Oriental Hotel in Marina Square who is later found murdered.

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a real sad story about a spg

she was once the "rose" of college. 36,24,38. a vital statistics matching a killer face that stimulated even an ED oldman. her bandwagon of admirers was overwhelming.

college over. many dated her and ended up as her trash.

suddenly, one fine day, we got wedding invitation. she married an ang mo ship engineer. it was like a fairy tale except the ending after a couple years later wasn't "happily ever after". it was like out of shape, out of look and sadly uglily ever after.

she was bloated now. vital statistics: 36,36,42! was left with 4 school going kids and the only thing missing in her life - her ang mo FT husband had ran away.

in her wildest dream, she didn't expect he ran away with her pinay maid!!

one spg's happy-to-misery story which many may wanna tell her:


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pinkdots invasion in honglim hill

......successful, peaceful, happy and overwhelming!!

pathetic, miserable, hidden motive....arrested - SAD :(

Saturday, May 16, 2009

peasants love pink more than SDP

Straits Times Online, 16 May 2009
ST link

By Nur Dianah Suhaimi

THE greens at Hong Lim Park were awashed in pink on Saturday when about a thousand people turned up to participate in Singapore’s first ever outdoor gay event.

Pink Dot Sg, a gay interest group, organised the event.

The group was lobbying for a ‘more inclusive Singapore’ as well as the freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation.

Those who turned up wore different shades of pink, a colour synonymous with gay people. Many held pink balloons and umbrellas and lounged around on pink picnic mats.

At 5pm sharp, the group gathered to form a huge pink dot in the park.

The gay event was first initiated by Singaporean Mr Roy Tan, 50, who works in the health-care industry.

The event was initially scheduled to take place in November last year. But the date was later postponed due to overwhelming response from the gay community, according to Mr Tan.

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is the church helping or aggravating the matter?

is the church helping or aggravating the matter?


churches always ask their members to write "testimonials" to affirm their faith. i ve never understood that. since faith is a mutual relation between one and God, why do many churches demand such practice? imagine if ur innermost secrets written fall on the wrong hands, it would be a beginning to an unwarranted nightmare instead of communion with God.

Finding & Learning the Truth
by Shawn Tay

My mum was an angry and hostile woman. When I was growing up, she used to beat and cane me often. Emotionally, I was very hurt by her. Because of her constant control and verbal abuse, my self-esteem was very low. I harboured a deep resentment towards mum and felt very unsafe with women who behaved like her.

Dad was less antagonistic but was not involved in my life. He was busy with his own affairs. He did not know how to give physical affection, which is the way that I needed to experience love.

As a child, I was extremely nervous and insecure. Whenever a quarrel or fight broke out, I would have to defend myself because there was no one who could protect me. I felt vulnerably alone.

My attraction to guys began at the age of five. He was my neighbour - old enough to be my father actually. He was handsome, strong yet gentle. My family liked him too. Whenever he visited us, I would shy away from him. My attractions at this age did not make me a homosexual. I now understand that, at that time, I was unconsciously trying to meet my needs for same-sex affection and bonding, which was unavailable from dad.

At age 13, puberty brought greater confusion to my identity. I began to have sexual fantasies and desires for other men. Some friends said that every boy will experience a period of same-sex attraction; and that it is only a passing phase. I felt relieved to hear that but as the years ticked by, my desires became worse.

During an evangelistic rally in school. I became a Christian. Shortly after, I was introduced to a church in my neighbourhood. I remembered asking God to remove my homosexual desires but nothing really happened. There was no teaching on this subject except when homosexuality was singled out as an abomination to God. That only increased the guilt I already felt.

Although I did not embrace a gay identity, my conscience told me that something was wrong with me.

I started attending a charismatic church in 1991. There was much to relearn about God and it was here that I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I experienced fervour for the things of God and, for the first time, I really felt the deep love of Father God.

I attended a seminar on recovery from homosexuality but the shame and guilt of disclosure prevented me from seeking further help. Feeling trapped and lost, I continued to shoulder my dark secret. Not knowing what else to do, I buried myself in work. The successes and significance I derived from my work apparently helped to numb my emotional pain. Unknown to me, God was preparing a solution but He had to uncover the unfinished issues that I tried to conceal and forget. Things at work started getting out of control. I lost the favour of my superiors. Going to office each morning became a chore.

At this time, I got to know a friend at church. (Let's just name him "Terence"). He was mature and friendly and we quickly became good friends. We started to spend more time with each other and, for a while, I thought God was finally blessing me with a 'best friend'. Little did I know that He was unravelling a "black hole" in my soul. Inevitably, I developed an emotional dependency on Terence.

Sharing activities with Terence was the highlight of my life. Terence's passion was cycling, so I bought myself a bicycle to match his interest. I recalled cycling to his house to discover that he was entertaining another friend of ours. Being unable to cope with my jealousy, I quickly excused myself from the situation. I felt stupid and angry. "Why wasn't I invited? I was his best friend!" I tried to rationalise but my heart was possessive and unreasonable. Terence became so important to me that I would feel jealous if I saw him having fun with common friends of ours. My emotions were on a roller-coaster and I hated feeling out of control. I was depressed and very vulnerable.

I realised that my problem was getting too big for me to handle. I decided to seek help. I quit my job and enrolled in a men's residential recovery programme in the States. Subsequently, I returned to Singapore and continued to receive support from the Choices ministry at Church of Our Saviour.

The journey to wholeness is not a rosy one. I had to surrender many things which I thought were essential for my well-being — Terence was one. I recounted many occasions when I felt victimised and angry, but instead of seeking vengeance, I had to practise forgiving my offenders, trusting God to restore what was lost or taken away. Despite the tears and pain, God was always assuring me that things will work out well. I became aware of what was going on inside me and what contributed to the way I feel about myself and others. I decided to take responsibility for my life and stop blaming people and situations. I do not have to face temptations sitting down anymore. Through it all, the church has been a tremendous source of support and encouragement, without which, none of this will be possible.

God doesn't make people gay and then demand purity and obedience. It is not in line with His character. God's promise is healing when we choose to do it His way. No one says it's going to be easy but it's what we will be offering to Jesus when we meet Him.

There is no homosexual gene. What they should be looking for is the gene for sin. And if they should find it, everyone will have it in us.


Have you experienced the touch of God in your life as well? Share your story and give God all the glory! Please remember to include your full name, contact number, photo and any relevant documents with your testimony.

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The great Romantic poet John Keats once wrote:

It matters not what the crowd bays
Or what the angry gods may say
For all that matters is the heart
And the values you cling hard

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it happens again!! the bloody SGX!!

well! it happens again. TODAY! the sgx system cocks up. when i keyed in to buy, the system didn't show the deal was transacted until half an hour later. prior to that i had keyed to WITHDRAW order.

hence thinking, the order was withdrawn, i submitted a new BUY order. about an hour later, there was 2 orders DONE in my email!

how can SGX multi-million dollars trading system so goofup? financial hub? die lah!! more like a financial fuckup!

anyway, prices recovered and i m making double the profits - a blessing in disguise. but what if it would be contra loss? it would also be double the losses!!

SGX really needs to perk up, shape up or ship out!! it's charging investors "extra" for every buy/sell transaction and the way their system is running, they should be embarrassed !!

the reversal action, that is, keying a SELL order faces the same bloody delayed glitch. imagine this scenario. u key 10 lot ABC shares to sell at $1. it is done but due to the inefficiency of sgx computer system, the transaction isn't shown or confirmed DONE. you key WITHDRAW order because seem that ABC price is going to rise further. again, order isn't CONFIRMED.

you are left wondering whether ur inputs are already processed or not. as it's a very exciting volatile trading period. u presume order WITHDRAW is confirmed. you key in new SELL order at higher price for ABC stock and wait....

email beeps. u get a shock!! there are 2 orders transacted which means instead of selling 10 lots ABC, u ended up selling 20 lots. this is an excess of 10 lots which u possessed. MATI!! price goes up further. u r at a loss. market closes. liao!! 5 days later SGX sends u a fine of $1k for "short-selling".

who's at fault here? i think this could be another way SGX bleeds unwary investors. financial hub? or fuckup hub?

May 13, 2009
Investors hit by short-sale rule
New SGX rules impose hefty fines on those who sell shares they don't own

By Goh Eng Yeow, Senior Correspondent

SOME investors rushing back into the red-hot market have been caught out by new rules on short-selling and heavily fined for selling shares that they did not actually own.
They have been told by the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to pay fines of $1,000 or more within five days of failing to settle their trades.

The penalties were introduced last September to deter 'naked' short-selling during a period of near panic on global bourses.

Such short-selling occurs when a trader sells a stock he does not own or has not borrowed in the hope that the price will fall. This would allow him to pocket the difference.

But the SGX appears to be catching an increasing number of 'innocent' investors who fail to deliver small quantities of shares when a trade is due to be settled three days after it is transacted. The trades are usually 1,000 or 2,000 shares of a blue chip like DBS Bank or SingTel.

When investors fail to come up with the shares at settlement, the SGX has to buy the stock on a specially established buying-in market. It then delivers the shares to the buyer on the seller's behalf - as well as levies a hefty fine.

The number of failed trades has risen sharply in line with the rise in daily market volumes. They have more than doubled in the past month, from 1.4 billion shares to 3.7 billion.

Two weeks ago, the SGX buying-in market attracted trading in about 10 to 15 counters a day. By yesterday, the list of counters traded had grown to 50.

Many of these failed trades have apparently been made by retail investors returning to the market after a long absence. They are selling online shares held in Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts without specifying that they are CPF trades, or their accounts were not properly linked up to the SGX.

One remisier gave the example of a client fined $1,000 after selling 1,000 OCBC shares online.

sometime when sgp brags about how "excellence" it has arrived, u can be sniggering at such news.

it gives an impression that sgp is good at bullying the "little people" who are ignorant as to approach where to address their plight. it's very situational and circumstantial.

SGX lays the deadly computer glitching traps. many unwary investors just fall into it like my above examples have shown. simple investor thought he has done an honest trading. due to the SGX and far too delay response to a transacted order, a second transaction is executed and thus resulting in a unwary "shorting".

bloody SGX which impose a charges for every transaction now should answer and be responsible for such mis-cue. if anyone who should be fined, it should be SGX. then again, how to complain against them? MAS? and just where is MAS when u needed them to step in and exercise prudent justice??

look at LEHMAN MINIBOMB. the answer is very obvious. singapoe is a big financial fuckup hub!

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chinatown - an attraction of prc chickens and ducks

leetahbar reported:

2 lauhankus scheming on a prc mei mei


it was freaking hot yesterday. the wifey was doing some shopping in OG peoples' park. it was boring to shop with her. suggested that she shopped on her own while i waited at a nearby macdonald with my laptop.

it was a happening experience. got a cup of macafe and settled down to serve sbf. what else? in came 2 lauhankus and a humongous prc mei mei. she was a towering figure - fat with intense makeup and the style of dressing could make one puke!

blessing or misfortune, they sat next to me.

prc mei2: wo yao shu tiao....(i want frieds, spoken in such coyish bitchy manner).

lkh 1: hao, wo mai gei ni....(ok, i buy for u).

lkh 2 stopped lkh 1: don't buy for her (in hokien: mai ka buay, ho ka ki ker buay).

turning to the prc bitch, he told her: zi ji qu mai....(go buy yourself)

prc mei 2 dejectedly went to buy herself. while away, lkh2 told lkh1: don't pamper this fat bitch if not she would want more. later she comes back, i give her the price. want take it, don't want, ask her to fuck off! there are so many here , ok?

lkh1 nodded in agreement.....

well, the prc mei mei wasn't as stupid or obliging as they thought. she didn't return.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

welcome home, mas!!

it's been more than a year since last FEBRUARY. now then they caught him - embarrasingly by the m'sian police. soon, sgp shall welcome home MAS SELAMAT KASTARI with opened arm. wks should be exceptionally happy, pleased and able to sleep soundly.

Singapore's JI leader Mas Selamat reportedly arrested in Malaysia
Posted: 08 May 2009 0143 hrs

Photos 1 of 1

Mas Selamat Kastari

Related News

• Terror suspect admits to Singapore airport plot

• Analysis: When will Mas Selamat be caught?

• New detention centre at Changi Prison to be completed in 5 years

SINGAPORE: Mas Selamat Kastari, Singapore's Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) leader who escaped from Whitley Road Detention Centre last year, has reportedly been arrested in Malaysia.

Mas Selamat gave his guards the slip while he was being taken to the toilet at the detention centre on 27 February 2008.

His escape prompted a massive islandwide manhunt, including the offer of a million dollar reward by two businessmen for his capture.

Mas Selamat's escape also resulted in the dismissal of the detention centre's superintendent over security lapses. The superintendent's deputy was demoted.

The two were the most senior officers in charge of the ground management of the detention centre, and were among six Internal Security Department (ISD) officers charged over the escape.

Mas Selamat fled Singapore in December 2001 following an Internal Security Department operation against the terrorist organisation.

The militant leader had been on the run after Singapore authorities discovered plans to crash seven trucks filled with bombs at various locations around the island.

Investigations also revealed that he was the mastermind behind a plan to hijack an airplane and crash it into Changi airport.

Mas Selamat was arrested by the Indonesian police on Bintan island in January 2006. He was detained for using a fake identity card.

When he was arrested, officers found literature on bomb-making on him. Based on investigations then, Indonesia's elite anti-terror police then discovered he was the leader of the Singapore Jemaah Islamiyah network.

They then deported him to Singapore, where he was detained at Whitley Road Detention Centre under the Internal Security Act.

The 46-year-old father of four was said to be involved in JI's plans to mount attacks against foreign and local establishments in Singapore.

These included the US Embassy and American Club, the Defence Ministry headquarters at Bukit Gombak and the Education Ministry building at North Buona Vista Drive. - CNA/de

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same people different lives :*(

a very controversial and mind boggling posting....

Coffeeshop Chit Chat - Letter to the PM (forward) Subscribe
From: LauZoeTay 3:52 am
To: ALL (1 of 5)

12903.1 4996560671746
Letter to PM
The third posting addressed to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is from blogger FeedMeToTheFish
Dear Mr Prime Minister,
While you have your lymphoma, I have my share of heart attack and ventricular fibrillation.
While you are concerned about your mum’s health, I had the greatest understanding of the fragility of life and the inevitability of death while taking care of my dad (as old as your dad if he’s alive today) when he was down with his degenerative disease.
While you were growing up as the son of a prime minister in big but shabby Oxley Rise house (so said your sister [Link]), I was growing up with 8 other siblings in a $25-per-month-rented-one-room flat as the son of a Singapore Traction Company bus conductor moonlighting as a pirate taxi driver so that his family could survive.
You did Harvard and Cambridge and whatever you fancy, the best I did was Senior Cambridge Certificate (today’s ‘O Level’ equivalent).
Today you are the highest paid politician in the whole wide world earning $3.7m (excluding your BG and after-55-PM-pension), I’m making do with about $24,000 per annum hawking my skills as a self employed.
I have no pension and I’m not entitled to any of the benefits which your PAP so often makes a song and dance about at every election and/or Budget Statement.
Please do not tell me about my GST rebate as it’s nauseating since the GST went to your salary too.
No, I’m not complaining of my state of being. Being rich and happy is where your mind is at, not what you can suck out of others!
As my kids can take care of themselves, $2,000 a month is enough for me and my wife to have a simple comfortable life. My family and I are blessed with what we are happy with!
How much is enough?
Enough for what?
It depends on the individual’s sense of value, contentment, greed, sense of power and one’s one-upmanship. Does it feel good to be paid 6 times the POTUS?
You tell me!
Though we are of about the same age, we were made differently. I guess the only thing we have in common is that we are, born-in-Singapore, Singaporeans.
As much as I’m a pauper compared to your riches, I’m delighted that I do not have to bear the responsibilities that you do.
My wish for you is that you’d be blessed with grandfatherhood which I’m most grateful for when my child gave birth to another child.
When one loves life, when one truly cares and has the free will to do so without the hindrance of position, power and face value, one is always free . . . . . . . . even to blog until one is caught
I sincerely hope that the job you do now is the job that you love, not the job imposed by your father or whoever.
Though I have been told by those who know you that you are not as useless (ie. for the magic salary you pay yourself, people expect magic performance too) and callous as you appear to be, I still have my doubt.
From the pedigree that you were inseminated with (what with your dad laughing again at dummies like me for not having university education [Link]), I was shocked to hear of your “mee siam mai hum” and “fix opposition and buy votes”. Which devil made you do that?
You were silent for many days when Mas Selamat jalan.
You were silent for many days when Singaporeans were hurt by the Lehman fiasco and toxic financial products.
You were silent for many days when Town Councils burned themselves with Lehman too.
I have never written to politicians especially ministers level as I know what I write doesn’t mean squat to them . . . just another tiny voice in the wilderness.
However, I’m writing now to do my part as a Singaporean before I die from my next heart attack.
Mr Lee, please say something!
Yes, before I’m fedtothefish, I hope that as highest paid prime minister of the universe, you will do the gracious thing of investigating why your PAP MP Dr Ong Seh Hong is in such a fix right now with the Ren Ci CEO Ming Yi saga.
Silence may be golden but your reticence in commenting on the crucial happenings in Singapore lately is not helping you in your job.
It is not helping people to “Staying Together Moving Ahead” It makes a joke of your PAP manifesto. If you are still at a loss on what to say, Singaporeans will be wondering, “WTF is he doing?”
Please say something worthy of your salary and position for the benefit of all Singaporeans on Ren Ci/Dr Ong’s issue.
Even if you were to tell us that “it’s not an issue at all as he became whiter-than-white MP only after he cleared the loan”, we would still be happier than to have you keep your mouth shut again.
We look forward to it.
Thank you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

AWARE SHOWDOWN: Josie’s team quits

May 2, 2009 by kiniadmin
May 2, 2009
Josie’s team quits

THE new executive committee of the beleagured Association of Women and Research (Aware) has decided to step down.

Said its president Josie Lau, after a marathon extraordinary general meeting lasting over seven hours on Saturday: We have decided to graciously step down. We wish Aware all the best.’

The announcement came after members at the EGM passed a vote of no confidence on the new executive committee member by a margin of 1,414 to 761.

Ex-Aware president Dana Lam was nominated the new leader, and Ms Chew i Jin the vice-president. The honorary secretary is Ms Yap Chang Wi, assistant honorary secretary is Ms Corrina Lim, treasurer is Ms Tan Ju Hin, and assistant treasurer is Ms Lim Xiaoyun.

The EGM was attended by some 2,000 members.