Sunday, May 10, 2009

chinatown - an attraction of prc chickens and ducks

leetahbar reported:

2 lauhankus scheming on a prc mei mei


it was freaking hot yesterday. the wifey was doing some shopping in OG peoples' park. it was boring to shop with her. suggested that she shopped on her own while i waited at a nearby macdonald with my laptop.

it was a happening experience. got a cup of macafe and settled down to serve sbf. what else? in came 2 lauhankus and a humongous prc mei mei. she was a towering figure - fat with intense makeup and the style of dressing could make one puke!

blessing or misfortune, they sat next to me.

prc mei2: wo yao shu tiao....(i want frieds, spoken in such coyish bitchy manner).

lkh 1: hao, wo mai gei ni....(ok, i buy for u).

lkh 2 stopped lkh 1: don't buy for her (in hokien: mai ka buay, ho ka ki ker buay).

turning to the prc bitch, he told her: zi ji qu mai....(go buy yourself)

prc mei 2 dejectedly went to buy herself. while away, lkh2 told lkh1: don't pamper this fat bitch if not she would want more. later she comes back, i give her the price. want take it, don't want, ask her to fuck off! there are so many here , ok?

lkh1 nodded in agreement.....

well, the prc mei mei wasn't as stupid or obliging as they thought. she didn't return.

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