Wednesday, May 6, 2009

same people different lives :*(

a very controversial and mind boggling posting....

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Letter to PM
The third posting addressed to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is from blogger FeedMeToTheFish
Dear Mr Prime Minister,
While you have your lymphoma, I have my share of heart attack and ventricular fibrillation.
While you are concerned about your mum’s health, I had the greatest understanding of the fragility of life and the inevitability of death while taking care of my dad (as old as your dad if he’s alive today) when he was down with his degenerative disease.
While you were growing up as the son of a prime minister in big but shabby Oxley Rise house (so said your sister [Link]), I was growing up with 8 other siblings in a $25-per-month-rented-one-room flat as the son of a Singapore Traction Company bus conductor moonlighting as a pirate taxi driver so that his family could survive.
You did Harvard and Cambridge and whatever you fancy, the best I did was Senior Cambridge Certificate (today’s ‘O Level’ equivalent).
Today you are the highest paid politician in the whole wide world earning $3.7m (excluding your BG and after-55-PM-pension), I’m making do with about $24,000 per annum hawking my skills as a self employed.
I have no pension and I’m not entitled to any of the benefits which your PAP so often makes a song and dance about at every election and/or Budget Statement.
Please do not tell me about my GST rebate as it’s nauseating since the GST went to your salary too.
No, I’m not complaining of my state of being. Being rich and happy is where your mind is at, not what you can suck out of others!
As my kids can take care of themselves, $2,000 a month is enough for me and my wife to have a simple comfortable life. My family and I are blessed with what we are happy with!
How much is enough?
Enough for what?
It depends on the individual’s sense of value, contentment, greed, sense of power and one’s one-upmanship. Does it feel good to be paid 6 times the POTUS?
You tell me!
Though we are of about the same age, we were made differently. I guess the only thing we have in common is that we are, born-in-Singapore, Singaporeans.
As much as I’m a pauper compared to your riches, I’m delighted that I do not have to bear the responsibilities that you do.
My wish for you is that you’d be blessed with grandfatherhood which I’m most grateful for when my child gave birth to another child.
When one loves life, when one truly cares and has the free will to do so without the hindrance of position, power and face value, one is always free . . . . . . . . even to blog until one is caught
I sincerely hope that the job you do now is the job that you love, not the job imposed by your father or whoever.
Though I have been told by those who know you that you are not as useless (ie. for the magic salary you pay yourself, people expect magic performance too) and callous as you appear to be, I still have my doubt.
From the pedigree that you were inseminated with (what with your dad laughing again at dummies like me for not having university education [Link]), I was shocked to hear of your “mee siam mai hum” and “fix opposition and buy votes”. Which devil made you do that?
You were silent for many days when Mas Selamat jalan.
You were silent for many days when Singaporeans were hurt by the Lehman fiasco and toxic financial products.
You were silent for many days when Town Councils burned themselves with Lehman too.
I have never written to politicians especially ministers level as I know what I write doesn’t mean squat to them . . . just another tiny voice in the wilderness.
However, I’m writing now to do my part as a Singaporean before I die from my next heart attack.
Mr Lee, please say something!
Yes, before I’m fedtothefish, I hope that as highest paid prime minister of the universe, you will do the gracious thing of investigating why your PAP MP Dr Ong Seh Hong is in such a fix right now with the Ren Ci CEO Ming Yi saga.
Silence may be golden but your reticence in commenting on the crucial happenings in Singapore lately is not helping you in your job.
It is not helping people to “Staying Together Moving Ahead” It makes a joke of your PAP manifesto. If you are still at a loss on what to say, Singaporeans will be wondering, “WTF is he doing?”
Please say something worthy of your salary and position for the benefit of all Singaporeans on Ren Ci/Dr Ong’s issue.
Even if you were to tell us that “it’s not an issue at all as he became whiter-than-white MP only after he cleared the loan”, we would still be happier than to have you keep your mouth shut again.
We look forward to it.
Thank you.

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