Saturday, May 16, 2009

peasants love pink more than SDP

Straits Times Online, 16 May 2009
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By Nur Dianah Suhaimi

THE greens at Hong Lim Park were awashed in pink on Saturday when about a thousand people turned up to participate in Singapore’s first ever outdoor gay event.

Pink Dot Sg, a gay interest group, organised the event.

The group was lobbying for a ‘more inclusive Singapore’ as well as the freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation.

Those who turned up wore different shades of pink, a colour synonymous with gay people. Many held pink balloons and umbrellas and lounged around on pink picnic mats.

At 5pm sharp, the group gathered to form a huge pink dot in the park.

The gay event was first initiated by Singaporean Mr Roy Tan, 50, who works in the health-care industry.

The event was initially scheduled to take place in November last year. But the date was later postponed due to overwhelming response from the gay community, according to Mr Tan.

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csc could be a closet lesbo. how never heard that she has any bfs?