Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a real sad story about a spg

she was once the "rose" of college. 36,24,38. a vital statistics matching a killer face that stimulated even an ED oldman. her bandwagon of admirers was overwhelming.

college over. many dated her and ended up as her trash.

suddenly, one fine day, we got wedding invitation. she married an ang mo ship engineer. it was like a fairy tale except the ending after a couple years later wasn't "happily ever after". it was like out of shape, out of look and sadly uglily ever after.

she was bloated now. vital statistics: 36,36,42! was left with 4 school going kids and the only thing missing in her life - her ang mo FT husband had ran away.

in her wildest dream, she didn't expect he ran away with her pinay maid!!

one spg's happy-to-misery story which many may wanna tell her:


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