Monday, August 24, 2009

kumar on pratam, famiLEE and racial harmony

[B][I]if only pinkie's ndp message is half as witting and humorous as KUMAR, 5 hrs drooling while he talks is simply NO PROBLEM!:p[/I][/B]

LTS donates cum today!

my li'l brother LEETAHSAR must be saluted as PATRIOT IN THE HIGHEST HONOR!!

mari kita up for him!!

after the BB'S COMING BACK THIS 7TH MONTH, LTS was motivated to do something to increase our populaton. this morning, i drove my li'l brother LTS to the hospital. no his kdineys aren't failing. his diabetic level is superbly controlled.

he hears the calling....the calling for TRUE BLOOD SINGAPOREANS progeny. our SPERM BANK is dry. LTS is merely doing his mandom duty to donate his 50K virgin unadulterated cumjuice as stud seeds for new breeding of TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREANS.

he qualifies. he's perfect! no bad habits. no smoking, drinking, bonking or obsessive/compulsive behaviour. and the best and rarest part: HE'S A VIRGIN!

so here i was waiting outside for LTS to enter a dimly lit romantic room filled with XXX magazines and XXX vcds/dvds.

about half an hour later, it was done. he exited from that "milking room" glowing as though he was greatly re-charged!

so horny and healthy guys reading this. instead of wasting your precious mandom juice, make an appointment: DONATE IT TO THE SPERM BANK. so something good for the nation as well as better utilisation of your precious mojo.

after the milking sexsion, my li'l brother LTS n i had our morning kopi of SPINELLI and some sandwiches and muffins.

and here the goon went peering into the future....

LTS: tahbar, they said my mojo damn solid. very active tadpole. sure impregnant any bitches' womb. hahahaha...

LTB: piangz! ur 50k magma that solid one!

LTS: there's one thing i m quite anxious and apprehensive....i can't help thinking and worrying about it.

LTB: huh? ...(lai liao...not again! pls dun make me laugh until i spew kopi all over my pants....please...tolong....)

LTS: u know la...singapore beri small right. i was wondering how many progeny will my seeds produce leh. if say 5 aiya kids i got time like 18 yrs later, i m sure i would meet them here in singapore. then how?

LTB: how? how i know how? (hmm....spinelli kopi really damn solid although damn expensive at $4 + a cup. and the warm crusty muffin....YUMMY!!)

LTS: do u think i could ask them: hi, are u my test-tubed babies?

choke..choke..choke...*cough! cough! cough!!*


LTS: then suppose i got 3 bitches and 2 horny pricks....suppose la... they meet, fall in love...then how huh?

COUGH...COUGH...COUGH!! big time choke!!

LTB: HUH? LI KONG SIMI?? WHO MEET WHO 18 YEARS LATER?...*cough...cough..cough!*

LTS: my progeny la! they are from my seeds what so they are er..sort of SAME FATHER DIFFERENT MOTHERS...half brothers and half sisters lor..and if they meet and fall in luv..and MY GOD!! do that XXX thing....HOW??!! it would be INCEST, right?

LTB: WHAT!! (kopi all spewed out!) what in love? what XXX? what INCEST??

after a quick wiping with the fast absorbent servette, i finally understood what was going in that funny goon's mind. he was apprehensive that his "offsprings" would meet in future and ended up having sex with each other. that would be INCEST!! they were theoretically and genetically "siblings" from one of the same aiya father, namely LEETAHSAR.

then how huh? how leh?

wow!! that would be an 18 years later story to continue! LOL!!

no sweat! LEETAHSAR shall get all his anxieties and premonitions answered the next round when he goes "milking" again

but for now, what would ur answer be? it's really a simple question but with very complex answers and probabilities!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 5

a strange real and eerie tale.....


i wasn't sure how to put it. i think i must have met bb in another human form.....

one fine morning, i was counting my money in my banks, suddenly the cellphone rang.

sound: hello uncle, this is BB. can i see u later?

me: huh? who? where u wanna meet me?....

it was a very mysterious sweet angelic voice that i heard. thought it was some cute mei mei lusting for this very handsome uncle here.

at the appointed time, i set off to the destinated place. true enough! there was a cutie standing there - tall, slender and fair with flowing hair. it wasn't very hot yet she was carrying a red umbrella.

bb: hi uncle! so glad u come. i m BB

uncle: hi BB! what's this all about?

i reached to shake her hand which was cold and icy. that ghoulish look of her eyes which was so doeful but it seemed that there wasn;t any whites. it was 2 very black eyes looking very soulfully and solemnly at u.

she gave a fade weak smile. "uncle, can u please let as many know how BB was murdered before i was born....please uncle...." she pleaded.

i was astounded. why did she suppose to mean? we went to a nearby park, sat on the bench and she began her heart-wrenching story......

my mummy was very pretty though my daddy was prettier. they studied in NUS together, fell in love and married. later mummy was pregnant with me and pretty daddy was always horny. but mummy couldn't oblige him. mummy scared he would hurt BB who was nestling inside her womb.

daddy was horny. daddy was pretty. daddy met a bitch. and daddy began to have fun with that bitch. i heard that bitch was a mother too. i just couldn't understand how a mother loved her own children by instigate daddy to kill others - ME, the poor bb.

mummy was sad. she found out about the affair between bitch and daddy. daddy suddenly turned cold towards her. he didn't care for her nor speak much cos mummy couldn't oblige him to appease his lust. the bitch subsitituted for mummy and seduced pretty daddy.

oh, daddy, why do u do such things to mummy and behind her back. don't u love mommy and me?

mummy was depressed. she didn't have appetite to eat. she couldn't sleep....and poor bb was starving inside. her womb where i nestled became very toxic. it was hurting bb very much.

one day, she awoke. she bled in between her legs. mommy, oh, mommy!! bb was dying already.....mommy was rushed to the emergency unit. after a few hours of distress, bb was removed from her womb. bb lied on the stainless cold pan - a mass of indiscernible minced bloodied meat.

it was ungraciously wrapped up and disposed. bb was no was dead..just like this. but bb was floating around in the air searching to return to mommy's warm safe womb. but where? bb couldn't find it. oh mommy! where are you, mommy!!??

pretty daddy was still having a swell fun time with bitch bonking exhiliratingly in a handy sexmobile. squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

daddy just didn't bother that bb was gone forever. he didn't bother about suffering mommy lying blankly in the cold lonely hospital bed. he didn't bother. all he knew was fun, fun and more fun! squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

daddy, oh, daddy! why would u do such a bad thing to bb and mommy? why daddy, why?

this 7th MONTH, BB SHALL BE BACK. are you ready to play with me bitch? are u ready to play with me my pretty daddy?

and here now u got bb's story.... squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

.... in 7th MONTH, BB'S BACK. she could be watching all the next round of squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 47th month of the hungry ghosts is a traditional old chinese religious practice to honor the dead ancestors or

7th month of the hungry ghosts is a traditional old chinese religious practice to honor the dead ancestors or any dead persons we are acquainted.

during this month, there would be many rites in "chow tu" or "rites to enhance the reincarnation for the deads" so that they could be reborn as human blessed with a better life.

but what about bb? he wasn't even born before his life was tragically and abruptly ended by his own mother for whatever reason his mum could come up to appease herself for such hideous sin.

what if bb was aborted and kill becos of discords sowed by a 3rd party bitch on bb's mum and daddy? then who was the killer then?


if bb wants revenge, who should he seek? ah......interesting deh!!



my late grandma used to teach us how to tell whether our dead ah gong was here or not during the 7th Month.

she said that if u burn the incense paper and the ashes spiral upwards instead of in an erratic pattern, ah gong is here to receive all our offerings.

brrrr....that's eerie!!

so when u burn your incense papers, observe how the ashes fly. if it spirals upwards, u bet something ghostly is nearby to u. buahahahaha.....!

believe or not - it's up to u!

di zhang wang, oh, di zhang wang....
oh great compassionate bodhisttava!
how have all the poor unborn babies fare...
under your care, under your loving compassionate care....
of all the hideous crime of their parents bear
where...oh, where....?
where do poor babies have to go?
lost in a realm, they never know
lost like a speck of dust in the air......



now why do all the nasty clones get themselves so agitated? is it they are involved with BB's affair? bb's already dead and this is the 7th mth so he comes back.

is there something wrong with all these evil cowards and losers? or are they trying to protect the killer bitch behind all such evil unseen and unheard crime?

like i said before:

ONLY THE EVIL-DOERS AND THE BLACK-HEARTED NEED TO FEAR. to the rest it's just another dead bb's story coming back for revenge during this ghostly month.

like that they also TAK BOLEH TAHAN!!?? what else can they tahan then? go and die lah!

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 3


your frequent road trip into JB to fuck around for free range chickens has better be careful this 7th MONTH.

those ulu desolated winding unmarked roads would be haunted by a very pretty malay lady. she is none other the dead pregnant PONTIANAK who loves to suck the hell out of u or release her bb upon horny bastard and pervert like u.

beware. don't say i din warn you.

this 7TH MTH season is especially spiked with hell of a YIN's the coldest yin mth the entire world is going to experience. too many unanticipated and unprepared deaths - the sze chuan big earthquake, the MORAKOT flooding in taiwan, the earthquakes, the much pains and angst happening in this miserable world.

it's payback time for the evil-doers and bb killers.

BB'S BACK!! let the fun begins!!

have u wondered why THUM BEING FUCK didn't go to his wake instead my li'l brother went there to sing the hymns with the congregation?

maybe that dead old man may like to visit THUM BEING FUCK. my li'l brother and that dead oldman had been buddies for so many years karaoke frequently.

the amount of info THUM BEING FUCK knows is simply marvellous. he only met the oldman less than an hour. what a perverted fucker that thum fuck is!!

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 2

the innocent and the simple minded would not understand this thread. this thread is dedicated to the bb killing parents, bitch and lovers. all the guilty ones shall understand it clearly.

come 7th MTH when the hell gates open to let off all the ghosts and spirits to roam the earth. they would be back to settle old scores or wrongs done to them or caused their premature deaths.

do not think u are christians, you would be spared.

the law of karma is universal. NO ONE IS SPARED - no sentient beings nor spirits.

buahahahahahahaha.....have a ghoulie, ghostly haunting eerie nights ahead....
bb being the purest sentient beings when brutally having their life snuffed out would turn into the most vicious ghostly imp.

for children loving parents who unfortunately unable to save their terminally sick bbs, do not fear. bb understands your plight. bb feels your love. bb comforts u and hope to soothe away your pains for losing bb. bb loves u. and definitely wants u to live happily even when bb is gone........

bb feels love and that is all that is enough for bb. if the affinity approves, bb might be back as your next darling bb.

so please do not be saddened by bb's misses mama n papa...but bb would want both of u to be strong and carry on living. bb always lives with u in the eternal memories and happy times we had together. so dear mama and papa, please continue to live your life bravely and happily. this shall make bb happy when bb sits on the lap of our loving almighty God.

but for those who mercilessly murdered bb, u better start praying hard, BB's coming back to get you!

now how would bb execute his revenge on bitch who sow discords between mama and papa and then stole away papa and cause poor mama to have lost me?

hmmmm.....she better starts praying too. her GOD wouldn't be able to help her. when she hears bb's crying in the lift at night or when she was hitting her orgasm....she would know BB IS BACK FOR HER.....

buahahahaha.....still is the night, a dead bb spirit wallow in sorrow: return me my life u mercilessly snuffed away...

so what's the nerdy nasty clones trying defend and protect. hey, nerd, bb would go for u for encouraging bitch to steal papa from mama. you are a nefarious busybody accomplice.

bb shall come look for u. so u better not to walk alone in dark, lonely desolated roads. don't even take the lift alone when u go home late. bb shall be there waiting for you, too. if u hear a bb's laughter or cry, do not turn your back or bb just happily follows u home!

all those directly or indirectly involved in bb's untimely death would be visited....

'tis the season to be ghoulie, fa la la la la la...
let this bb be your ghostlie, tra lalalala...lalalalala....
it's 7th Month, it's bb's back for revenge month.

bb can go ask the blurcock but spiritual li'l brother LEETAHSAR. he handles ghostly and spirits matter. he would be compassionate and delighted to help bb to get even but to be liberated into the next realm.

don't believe u go ask BLACKMAN. his home is infested with nasty ghoulies - the sins of his past probably. haahaha!

only the GUILTY need to fear for their sinful inhuman deeds done to innocent bb. the rest can just enjoy the roast duck drumsticks after praying.

bb coming back this 7th month - PART 1

it would be a great re-union for bb to come to his parents this ghostly 7th MONTH. but bb would be confused cos daddy is now with another bitch!

latest 7th ghostly tale starting soon.....

what would confused bb do? his own mum aborted him. his daddy went to another bitch and that bitch made mum so depressed, she killed bb. she painfully aborted bb.

who would be there praying for dear bb? who missed bb?

it's very hard to tell. everyone just put on a guiltless mask and acts like they were right to have done that. to have stolen other's husband and would-be father. to have caused the death of bb. is crying now. is confused. SOB ...SOB...SOB....BB IS REALLY MAD NOW. no more sobbing. bb wants revenge for the one who caused his premature death as a foetus.

go bb, go!! seek out the one who caused your suffering. make her pays dearly. make him pay for all his lustful sins. poor bb....if only bb meets di zhang wang...the bodhisattva of hell....

and next morning, the newspaper reported:


bb, did u do that?

oh, bb, bb, bb......the evil of lust wasn't killed by dead bb. it was killed by their own guilty conscience. again, it was due to such uncontrolled horniness.

would that be the end of their deaths?

NO. definitely NOT!

to hell, they would go. the adulterous couple would have to answer to the karmic law about their sinful crime of causing the death of a pure innocent bb. why do they go through such thrills just to appease and quench their thirst for lust?

zi zhang wang, the bodhisattva of hell would try his best to enlighten angry bb. he would sooth bb with his compassionate words and would be finally liberated to find another loving mum who would joyfully bear him.

as for the adulterous couple, they would have to go through the punishment of hell before they are thrown into the reincarnation cycle to be reborn probably as some maggots infested doggie and bitch.


the cause and effect of an action.....the eternal suffering and retribulation. sadhu...sadhu.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


here's why. ngejay has very good connection with TOC, WAYANGPARTY and the newspaper. all he needs to do is to post like a gentleman infront but behind rattle complaints. now u know why hor

56) leetahsar on Your comment is awaiting moderation. August 18th, 2009 11.35 pm what is really wrong with the so called opp parties members is not their agenda: TO TOPPLE PAPS. it’s the people preaching that agenda.

why do so many see LTK ineffective? is chiam effective then? is chee effective?

NO! none of them is effective. the reason is the opp representativs in parleement is only 2 out of the 82. how can it be effective?

to aggravate the matter, here we are slamming at our own opp leader LTK accusing him of ineffective management of his opp and his handling of parleement debates and whatever. tell me, if LTK says NO, how many YESes will there be to retaliate?

ngejay is a brilliant in writing but is not very balanced in views. he’s gifted with big bombastic words but the words are not used to enhance and strength the weak opp unity among different parties.

like for this instance, more doubts and aspersion are cast over the prowessness of LTK. if he’s out of the game, who would take over as the biggest opp leader? ngejay or chee soon juan is it?

the motive behind this article is very diabolical. TOC reminds posters not to attack personal and what is the writer doing?

the feud is rather personal. it’s definitely not stemmed from ngejay alone. it’s a ganged up carefully schemed slow attack on LTK. i do not find LTK in anyway less better than chee but i do find chee very much worst than he instead.

why do people support chee then? cos he dares to create public ranting and unfearful to being handcuffed? then you all are very very wrong!!

he wants to be handcuffed and hopefully manhandled then he could affirm his accusation and defamation against the gov. doesn’t anyone here already seen through his so frequent and similar antics?

SDP after chiam has never been for the good of singapore and singaporeans. it’s more a more sinister plot to bring singapore down onto its knee to some foreign forces probably backing chee.

we have to be alert not only to the terrorism lurking outside or nearby singapore but we must be made to be more aware and perceptive of the actual agenda hidden in SDP under the guise of citizen’s welfare and concern.

again, what good has chee contributed to singaporeans? practically NONE!

by the way, u do not see many criticism now in SDP website. go think about it…about their free speeches and all those craps!

the unholy 3some stooges

the unholy 3some in some unhooleey action!

our famous threesome - ngejay, chiatilik and lamei have never declare their political stance whether they are already SDPPIES or not. however, they can be seen in many of sdp deadwood forums and lame public antics.

suddenly it dawns on me the answer why they DARE NOT declare their stance.

yep! it all has to do with chee soon juan. again another or his insiduous scheme. you see, if the unholy threesome were branded SDPPIE, then their behaviour and postings would directly represent SDP's. these 3 stooges being very individualistic and self-centred surely won't want their limelight to be shared, stolen or diluted.

chee on the other hand can use either of the 3 jokers to hantam other opp parties especially the recent one where ngejay hantam low thia khiang. if ejay were to be a SDP, then that would put chee in a very awkard position.

the unholy 3some have from eon already bear grudges against WP, their chiefy low, sleepish sylvia and many of their prominent outspoken members such as lockiberal, melvin tan, andrew loh, shin long, swee bee and etc.....

why was there a grudge, a resentment and a vengeful hatred that is waitng and dying to "get even" with WP?

perhaps, some of the old timer like gohmengseng, ramseth and even jacys could share some enlightening insight.

unless we understand how this kind of petty and vengeful mentality were evolved, the feud and in-house fighting between the opp parties shall continue. on the surface, it appears as though they are criticising on THE POINT but the undercurrent shows otherwise IF u know the history of that sticky feud.

the unholy 3some has chiatilik at the tip over lamei over ngejay. however, the lowest is the craftiest while the highest is the stupidest. lamei is the go between. whatever chiatilik wants to carry out an instigation, he would F&D lamei who in turn F&D ngejay and out a bomb would explode at whoever or whichever opp party chia targets.

ejay is deeply obsessed with lamei who was super horny in chiatilik who dumps his own official wife who depressively aborted her unborn baby.

it's all about LUST. the power of LUST to utilise it to exploit, instigate and make use of others to do all one's dirty works.

ngejay is a brilliant nerd only good in figures - the mathematical one for heaven's sake. for the physical fleshy figure, he is a real fool who likes flat chested bosom and bony fragile frame bitches. the one that pretend to be more sickly the more he gets stimulated and would play super-nerd and tries to protect.

and so being at the bottom of the unholy threesome, ngejay would always do all the dirty works. if he cannot appear in his ngejay, he can deploy his unlimited nasty clones which are pooed out faster then he can cum.

that's how many forums like this ORIGINAL kopitiam and all its pirated version and others like TOC, WAYANGPARTY etc could be over run by this nerd alone.


NOTE: he did it last it. he repeats it this year. yep! again! why?

Monday, August 17, 2009

seriously, this is what i want in singapore

1. that the gov would NOT nanny us so much to even convert our CPF to become their cpfs. return us ALL OUR MONEY when it's due. dun stir up some craps to witheld it.


2. STOP asking us to reproduce. u have turn our lifestyle into such extravagance that there isn't anymore excess to breed TRUE BLUE SINGAPORE BABIES. the FTs that blend in, they could cos they were from cheapo country. once they landed here in our shore, they have found an haven for their breeding ground.


3. please STOP telling us GST helps needies and poor. just be frank with us. don't worry most citizens are already numbed with such craps. so just simply and franky tell us:


4. Cut the craps! cut cigarettes totally!


5. so u really boasted u wanna help citizens? why can't u start from the top? like reducing hawker centre's rentals....and everything shall come down naturally.


6. if there are obscene losses by GLC or tamasick, just be bold to admit.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WORDS LIKE "LONG TERM". citizens cannot live so long term to verify your words unlike the grand o' dame who can be expensively and indefinitely supported LONG TERM by the latest techno life support. to a normal singaporean, he/she would have been dead and reincarnated.

7. u speak of talents and yet u kill talents. u kill the local talents to appease the foreign talents. maybe their reproductive machinery is all that u are really after for.
LTs find it hard to build a family while the FTs breed like wild rabbits!!

8. u can tax us but u cannot prove your CLARITY & FAIRNESS.


there are more and there shall be more...but you forget how much MORE the citizens could take this and how much more and longer before the pressure cooker explodes.

would you guys love to see that day happening?

Monday, August 10, 2009


again, it's so bloody obvious!

SDP IB headed by the mastershapeshifter ngejay is deploying his nasty clones to distract readers' attention from this simple issue:

HOW MUCH DO U BELIEVE IN NGEJAY or the SDP which he's lingering in? strange isn't? he supports SDP but he is NOT an SDPPY MEMBER?

have u ever asked WHY?

i m neither in the paps or any opp parties cos neither interest me. i m only interested in making tons of money with the aid of my lil brother LEETAHSAR. but since i m a true blue SINGAPOREAN and love my country very much, i cannot sit by to let SDP n that bloody ccb chee soon bo lan juan bring my SINGAPORE down, can i?


do not allow him a slim chance to turn our SINGAPORE into something like our neighbouring countries such as KL or BANGKOK.



how much do u believe in NGEJAY & SDP?

if some who are still unware or new to this kopitiam, ngejay is also the famed notorious kaixin1 - cheongster of geylang lorongs. you believe that?

have u seen this shortie chap that looks like a blurcock nerd with a phd?


if ur answer is NO (same here), how much do u believe in what prejudices he write?

next. do u support ADULTERY? of course not! same here again. would u support the illicit liasion of 2 persons involved in such indecent affair? no right?

do u support abortion? this is a yes and no answer depending on the situation. say, if an abortion is caused by the intrusion of a 3rd party bitch. do u still support that bitch?

there are many actual happenings in our urbanite daily living. it's very strange that many still pledge loyalty to fake virtues, patriotism, duty to the country and all those SDP are good in preaching but display the least in practising.

why do people still wanna believe in them? many that's how some unfortunate fall into the ploy of cults, pagans and fake religions.

it's all about BRAINWASHING. whoever use the best detergents to brainwash those imbeciles shall end up with the retards' loyal support even in their hearts they knew that it was all a plot to sow disunity and disharmony to bring more sufferings to our society.


well, cheeism is a black cult that the gov has purposely allowed it to exist. their evil motive to destroy singapore is so obvious, there's no need to clamp it down. rather, it serves as a living learning for peasants to be able to see clearly what cheeism is all about and how they wouldn't fall prey into their ploy such as departing their hard-earned money by donation to them. donate to them? for what??

times are bad. if SDP had a PLAN - or a mere little constructive suggestion - they wouldn't be begging for alms or donation. again, ask yourself: WHAT ARE U REALLY DONATING TO THEM FOR? u r cracking your brain!:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Aug 3, 2009
Ming Yi's trial ends
By Carolyn Quek

Most of the last day was spent discussing a meeting held eight years ago between the Manpower Ministry (MOM) and Ming Yi (left). -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

THE criminal trial against Ren Ci founder Ming Yi and his former personal aide drew to a close on Monday. The judgment will be delivered in October.

Most of the last day was spent discussing a meeting held eight years ago between the Manpower Ministry (MOM) and the Buddhist monk.

The meeting in July 2001 was held to appeal against the minstry's rejection of Raymond Yeung's employment pass application.

This issue is a key part of the defence's case. Ming Yi claimed in earlier court testimony that it was at this meeting that an MOM officer told him how to circumvent the law so that Raymond Yeung could work in Singapore.

However the prosecution produced two witnesses to rebutt Ming Yi's evidence, namely the two officers that met the monk at the July 2001 meeting. Both officers denied having given any advice to the monk.

'When the employment pass is rejected, we do not advise people to break our rules,' said one of the officers, Mr Lim Chiang Wee, who now works for the Singapore Land Authority.

Read the full story in Tuesday's edition of The Straits Times.

Monday, August 3, 2009

suffering of wisdom

suffering of wisdom


"idiots! idiots!....and more IDIOTS!! why am i surrounded by IDIOTS!!??"

this would be a silent cursing of master chee dealing with his bunch of imbecile sdppies.

if u r wise, u suffer. WISDOM IS SUFFERING.....

u see what the ignorants do not see. u understand the REAL thing behind a fake show of FREE SPEECHES, HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY. u put forth your most sincere and honest views and u get only flammings, insults, humiliation and at times it get to be very personal.

when that happens, isn't it already evident that that certain brand of FREE SPEECHES, blah..blah..blah are already proven to be FAKE?

the wisdom of seeing things in deeper insight is inborn in everyone of us. however, due to our distraction of prejudices, biases and flatteries, such gift is usually being drowned in a sea of sweet nothing of FLIRT & DESTROY. u get flirted first and later be destroyed. you die pain pain without even knowing why and still think u die a "patriot in the highest level".

CRAPS! ALL CRAPS!! just like their craps of DEMOCRAPSY!!

what have those sdppies imbecile contributed to singapore besides making themselves a public fool? does chee is ever so ambitious that he hope to turn singapore into a public protest like what is happening now in KUALA LUMPUR? is that what every singaporeans hope for?

wisdom in us allow us and prevent us from falling prey into such mind-controlling betrayer in singapore. but the trouble is, not many apply that god-given wisdom. for those who are fortunate and wise to see through such ploy, in a way, we suffer for the sake of those misled brothers and sisters who are now more like zombied clowns. zombied because they are now devoid of a thinking brain - devoid of the god-given wisdom to think rationally.

to be wise is to suffer. however, to be foolish is also to suffer. while being wise, we suffer cos we see how the foolish suffer and still ignorant about it. they suffer even though deep within themselves, they know it's not logical and rather irrational. but they are now steep into such deceiving "causes" that their brains have been long fried and finally zombied and being mind controlled.

the wise see it and suffer. the imbeciles do not realise it and finally suffer a greater retribulation. and the best part, all it needs is something like this:


rest assured, the wise would suffer, no doubt but the imbeciles shall die pain pain and cock standing...and still do not know why it should be happening and ending like what they do not anticipate.